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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sharon the Hyphen runs it up the flag pole

Fiji's illegal chief censor has copped it again for attempting to defend the indefensible.

The MINFO mistress has today tried to correct what she says is gross misinformation about Fiji's national anthem being banned. 

Sharon Smith Johns says the 'blatant lie' was put about by some pro-democracy people at the forum in Canberra and repeated by Radio Australia.

She says if truth be known, the Education Ministry made the flag raising ceremony and the singing of the national anthem compulsory in schools in 2007!

But what of other truths, Sharon?

Here's a wish from a truth-seeker.

"When the day comes, don’t forget the role of the middle-aged would-be redheaded former advertising space saleswoman, Sharon the Hyphen.  Her daily conspiracy with the Fiji Sun is aimed at wiping out The Fiji Times. Here’s how it works: the Government pays for 3000 pages of advertising a year in the Fiji Sun. In return, the Sun gifts 1500 pages of so-called editorial space into which is vomited the Hyphen’s daily rants.

"The Fiji Times gets no advertising - even from the few decent government departments who know the Times circulation is almost double its competitors. The Times has the decency to sub-edit the Hyphen’s rants but on-site censors make sure there is no criticism of the dictatorship.

"This censorship is uneven. There are many examples of the Times not being able to print material the Sun has printed, including the infamous Fiji Water announcement. These will be written by a handful of historians who can emerge when the Fiji nation calls in the criminals who have cast their shroud over all of Fiji.

"Let’s hope we include the people who over-powered justice with the hilarious charge of “abuse of office” against the Times chairman, Mahendra Patel.  If “abuse of office” is such a dastardly crime, then Baini and A2Z should get life when retribution comes. Or worse."

On a chatroom a day ago, the indiscreet Smith Johns the Hyphen said with glee: "... I'm sure more will come out of the woodwork and it takes some pressure of my team, he is getting getting it from Lau also, they have made a traditional apology to the PM today for his behavior. Tomorrows papers will be full of bad news for him."

She can only be referring, of course, to her number one enemy at the moment, Roko Ului Mara, who might yet have the last laugh. 

Click here to read Mara's The True Story from Lau


  1. Excellent write-up regarding Sun and Times and Times chairman - and the fact that The Fiji Times gets NO advertising from the government - although circulation is almost double its competitors. And the "hilarious" trumped-up "charge of “abuse of office” against the Times chairman, Mahendra Patel.

    The writing's on the wall. All the pieces are falling into place. The world knows the TRUTH. The the day coming as a thief in the night!

  2. I read the true story from Lau.

    Indeed, it was true.
    Vakamadua dina nai talanoa mai vua na reporter ni Fiji Sun.

    Au sa madua mada!!!

    Kaila tiko Lakeba...Cori ga na Sisi me toso ga na bula. Laiva na lasu me cici ga ena nona muana.

  3. Toso Lau Toso....Toso Viti Toso
    Sharon lai moce mada!

    Vinaka Coup 4.5 for your work. Let the truth be told!

    Kalougata tiko

  4. SharonColostomyBagJune 16, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    Sa dua na mataivalu macawa taudua!Rusa tiko na vanua, ra wele ga.

  5. Aiyaz wanted to buy Fiji times...he wasnt able to buy it as Mahen bot this. He could see it being run by mahen so aiyaz put mahen in jail...poor mahen..he should have stayed in australia..

  6. No trump up charges. Mac big crook from Mara days. One real choro falla. Good riddance.

  7. Mac Patel used to b on rbf board. Man directed us gang to buy all gifts from prouds. Talk abt conflict of interest.

  8. I hear support for IG gome up since Mac went especially amongst itaukei people. Same impact as getting rid of MPC. Motibhai sales going down too.

  9. Aiyaz, Frank and all your allies...Please leave the government ...military go back to baracks where u belong...

    All military personnnels have been appointment in higher govt post. Frank is too scared that other non-military personnels might not wok with him...thats y he has put military personnels there...

    Aiyaz, Frank and all ur allies..please resign....

  10. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!! Out of the blue and all of a sudden Bainivuaka has an unofficial visit to Lau... After 5 years of ILLEGALLY running our country into its WORST ECONOMICAL DISASTER IN HISTORY since his Illegal 2006 Coup takeover!!! Why didnt he visit Lau Before that????? It's all a Coincidence, isn't it!!!

    Whats all the FUSS of this ILLEGAL EVIL PM visiting Lau!!! Just to try and score points against Ratu Ului and try and forcefully WIN BACK the support of the Lau people with his ENTOURAGE OF SOLDIERS AND BODYGUARDS who are carrying M16 with loaded ammunition...

    To be honest this UNEDUCATED EVIL DICTATOR has borrowed so much money from China, Fiji's DEBTS has reached billions of dollars... Our country's Economy has DECLINED so quickly, its even reached rock bottom... And the EVIL REGIME'S Locally owned newspaper agent the FIJI SUN have to blaintly LIE to the Fiji public, that the economy is improving... WHO SHOULD THAT PEOPLE BELIEVE, the FIJI SUN(owned by the regime) or THE WORLD BANK REPORT which monitors every individual countries economy annual progress ???? Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out!!!!

    The money used for improving infustructure in Lau is not even the Fiji Illegal Government's BUDGET!!! The Illegal regime hasnt got any money at all in the Reserve Bank of Fiji.... What they are using is all the DEBT MONEY they borrowed from China just to make them look good...

    Bainivuaka YOU'RE JUST A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! Stop manupilating people with borrowed money from China... WHERES ALL THE THE TAXPAYERS MONEY GONE???? paid by the long suffering people of fiji!!!

  11. does anyone know wea john prasad is?

  12. Does anyone know where Roko Kapawai is these days? Remember his Rokdees countdown. In competition with Rickdees. And also where Pravin Spooky Sharan?

  13. Better to borrow from China than steal from FNPF like past Fiji Governements. This was done for Momi and many other failed projects. The problems today is inherited and is only made to look worse without aid from ew Zealand and Australia. But the Fiji Government has remarkably stayed afloat and shown great resliance.
    Unemployment figures are bad in Fiji and many places around the world..the Australian economy also contracted the last quarter.Many economies are still recovering from the global financial crisis. Look at the bigger picture.

    All military personell remain on military wages and salaries which includes Frank and his senior staff. This is one of the cost cutting measures amongst many others.

    The challenges faced by this Government is the most challenging yet in our history.

  14. I'm very happy because my prayers are being answered.
    These hopeless people will run Fiji to the ground, because of the debts they are racking up.
    When that happens Fijians will be so crushed and humiliated that they will march to Delainabua and burn it with their bare hands.
    My only prayer is every single idiot that contributed to this mess ie Sharon, Aiyaz, Bai, Gates, Pryde and the army etc etc be all called to explain themselves. I want every port closed so that none of these whores escape. They must be called to account by the Fijian people and they must pay every single cent they wasted.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  15. This government is wasting public resources to ensure this idiot of a dictator has a tit for tat with Roko Ului!! And what he is doing is so shallow and so obvious but he is blinded by hate and stupidity he cant even see that. Sa da vakaloloma na leweni vanua.

  16. @ anonymous 10:26PM

    "Better to borrow from China than steal from FNPF".... So let me make this clear, WHAT YOU'RE TRYING TO SAY IS "its better for the ILLEGAL REGIME to borrow money from China than for them to steal from FNPF"...

    JUST SHOWS HOW THIS CORRUPT EVIL REGIME abuses and misuses of the governments budget... No wonder you borrow money from China because of the bankrupt created by Bainivuaka and Khaiyum...

    Who the hell are you anyway, anon 10:26PM????? Are you this journalist LOSALINI RASOQOSOQO from the FIJI SUN that PRAISES and BOWS DOWN to this Evil Regime.... Another ignorant, stupid and hypnotised supporter of this EVIL CORRUPT DICTATOR Bainivuaka!!! YOU'RE A COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!

  17. hahahaha lots of people they jus moved likes wave's don't even knows where to stands for.writings all nonsens stories, n than after all da regime goes home n hi5 with all theirs groups, after they wer lying plus da goverment are illegaly.there extradition are illegal. no matter how they tries to change a writes.new shitty. should gets to everyones head its a illegal regime government.nothing but fraud n murder this government.

  18. Whatever one does, the truth always prevail and all will be taken into account, now or in your 100 and especially in the after life...DRANO BUKAWAQA...for GOD watches and listens...everlasting!

  19. If the Australian goverment was serious about helping the restoration of Fijian democracy why does it continually allow its own citizens to serve this regime?

    Where are the travel bans on your own deviates Rudd?


  21. She's a big fish in Fiji but who is she really? Just another Aussie sucking up to the regime so she can live a privileged life and stap above the heap.

  22. China is a good example of economic wealth, prosperity and military might. During the global economic crisis Australia and NZ begged China to keep spending big and buying to stimulate invesments and keep their economies afloat.
    Fiji is lucky to have them help us as Australia and NZ turn their backs. Offcourse this is a concern to USA for their interests in Fiji and the Souith Pacfic and hence the difference in approach to Fiji they have. Well done Frank in this vision. For those off you complaining about russians, chineese, indians, are the people we don't want in our society.

  23. @ Anon 4:28, Australia and NZ begging, lol. begging is your so called PM Voreqe going around with his tin cup begging for loans and charity from Asian countries, bad mouthing Aus/NZ with one hand and the other hand out still taking in there foriegn aid.
    Why does'nt khayuim and his muppet tell Aus/NZ and also the USA to keep their money and go at it alone with China.



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