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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sources: Driti still in Fiji but Anthony Fullman is reported to have left the country

It appears the excitement over the decommissioned former land force commander, Pita Driti, supposedly going missing has been misplaced.

Driti is still very much in Fiji and has not fled the country as thought by some locals in Suva in the past few days.

Intelligence operatives say the person who has left Viti is the New Zealander and the former head of the Fiji Water Authority, Anthony Fullman.

Readers will remember that Fullman was one of those questioned by Fiji police last month in connection with the escape of the former commander of the 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, to Tonga.

Fullman was interviewed because phone records showed he spoke to Mara just before the former military officer was picked up in Kadavu by a Tongan navy vessel.

Regional media reported there was concern for Fullman who is believed to have diabetes; and information made available to us a short time ago says the Kiwi has left Fiji with the help of the New Zealand embassy.

Driti is meanwhile said to have reported to authorities last Friday at Valelevulevu police station, as required. Driti is remanded at large and is to appear in court again soon on a charge of sedition and inciting mutiny.


Fiji Sun said...

‘Extradite ROKO ULUI’

writer : ILIESA TORA


The extradition attempts aimed at getting fugitive former senior military officer Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, known as Roko Ului, back into the country have been extended to Australia.
And the Solomon Islands, meanwhile, said they would not allow Roko Ului into their country.

Speaking to the Fiji Sun yesterday, the Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, confirmed they had sent extradition papers to Australia to extradite Roko Ului, who fled a sedition charge.

“I can confirm that we have sent the documents and DHL had confirmed they had been delivered to and signed for at the Australian Attorney-General’s Office at 8am on Tuesday,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

He said it was now up to Australia’s courts to follow legal process in having Ratu Tevita brought back to Fiji.

When asked if they were going to file for Roko Ului’s extradition to all countries he visited, the Attorney-General said they would work on the case on a situational basis.

“Now that he is in Australia, we’ve filed for his extradition.”

He said they would monitor the former senior military officer’s movements. Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the extradition papers were sent to Australia last Friday.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Danny Philip told Australia Network yesterday that he would not grant entry to the former Fijian military officer if he attempts to visit.

Mr Philip told Australia Network he could not afford to damage Solomon Islands relationship with Fiji.

“We have just made peace with Fiji and the MSG (Melanesian Spearhead Group) Group,” Mr Philip said. “We cannot afford to have anything else put some more cracks into that relationship.

“I think I’ll stick to my policy of embracing Fiji for some time.”

Government had originally sent extradition papers to Tonga, where Roko Ului had escaped to last month.

Tonga has since given him a Tongan passport to travel and Roko Ului has been in Australia since last week.

He is also scheduled to visit New Zealand next week. Roko Ului is wanted back home to answer charges of sedition. He had also been de-commissioned by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

convolutedexperiment said...

Can I get a refund on the Champagne bottle ?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Aziz a changed man,sooo nice and humble in office with other workers. Carries 5 FIVE mobile phones,wonder why ???/

Anonymous said...

@2:56 PM Lol! you're intelligent and funny Mark Manning!

Anonymous said...

Sanjjev Pal met Aziz at his home yesterday evening.not with halal goat this time,blogs are a worry to both of them as SANJEEV PAL has a big mouth and opens it at wrong places too .May be Aziz gave him a flick at the back of his ear

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 2:56 PM.


convolutedexperiment said...

Fiji's first Naval Submarine seen off Suva Bay :-


Trouble started after the crew had consumed a larger than normal amount of kava and started peddling backwards and ended up where they had begun !

Anonymous said...

Fijisun also said that the people of Lau are so happy with Vore. They are reported to have said that "leadership comes from God." (Hitler must've been sent by God to teach the jews a lesson). Fijians are learning that they'd better lick the boots of this oppressive regime or else suffer the same fate as those opposing it. Ului is a "Fugitive", Fullman is an idiot and Driti is a pussy. No balls what so ever! Don't count on him! Fiji has no alternative but to give in to Vore and Aiyaz. The army has no alternative but to stay out of democratic countries and tax payers of Fiji have no choice but to keep forking out more for the cost of this regime because FNPF is not enough for them!

Anonymous said...

oso...and here we were celebrating...we thought saraga he was picked up from Mosquitoe Island...heheeiiii...what a laugh that will be!

Anonymous said...

anyone in contact with john prasad, heard he will be the chief guest with his 12gb evidence in todays meeting...

Anonymous said...

Expatriates working in Fiji should not get involved in crimminal activites and the politics of Fiji. This is a good example of what should be done.
The premature celebrations of those supporting and colluding behind the scenes has killed of any chance of Driti running away now.Give yourself a pat on the back.
The MSG group will co-ordinate and facilitate the aprehension and extradition of crimminal Roko soon, in a show of South Pacific unity and consolidation with Fiji against Australia and NZ.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning
iko tamata lialia for advocating a war,,,,,,why dont you pick up a gun and go to fiji.....u gonna run into the cassava patch like yo hero.....
obviously ur not a christian and get easily defeated
maumau you fijian connection for wanting to pit spill fijian blood,,,,

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:24 PM "Fijisun also said that the people of Lau are so happy with Vore."

Fiji Sun is a branch of this illegal regime. Here's the true story:

Lt. Col. Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara - “The true story from Lau”:

I want to correct the statement released by the Ministry of Information regarding Bainimarama’s recent visit to Lau.

In the papers on Wednesday they led with a story “Mara Clan seeks Pardon!” That is not true. Firstly there is no Mara Clan. There are the Mara Family and the Vuanirewa Clan. What is true is that no-one in the Mara family has asked the PM for a pardon or an apology. I am proud of the stand that I have taken. I know I have the support and confidence of both the Mara family and the members of the Vuanirewa Clan.

This apology was made without the consent of the senior members of the clan and none were present at the Matanigasau. On Tuesday two junior members of the Vuanirewa clan met with Bainimarama the leader of the illegal regime in Fiji and apologized for my actions. They had no authority to do so. Not one of the senior members of the Vuanirewa clan of Lakeba was present at the Matanigasau.

This had only happened because the regime used a very strong “stick and carrot approach.”

The carrots we have seen and read in the papers every day. Bainimarama has promised the people of Lau boats, schools, jetties; in fact everything they have asked for.

The “stick” by Bainimaraa was a threat that Lau would be cut off from government funds if they did not show their support. To make sure all went to plan, Bainimarama dispatched a Lauan soldier called Malolo to Lakeba 1 week in advance. It was his job to make sure that a ceremony took place. Even using threats, he was only able to force two junior members of the Vuanirewa clan to attend. The rest was made with members of the Vanua.

I find this laughable and shows just how desperate Bainimarama is to show he has the support of the people. But now we know it is all show and no substance. The little he has, exists only because of the promises and bribes he makes using borrowed money.

In contrast the support for democracy is growing every day. The People of Fiji now have hope there will be elections and there is a real alternative to Dictatorship

Thumbs up For Democracy

God Bless

Lt. Col. Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara

Anonymous said...

@4:59 PM "in a show of South Pacific unity and consolidation with Fiji against Australia and NZ." DREAM ON.....

Samoa’s prime minister has strongly criticised academics who think the sanctions against Fiji should be removed. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi also thinks that Fiji’s soldiers should be given a “holiday” from serving with the UN. Tuilaepa who’s in Australia for a week-long visit, made the comments in Melbourne today. The Samoan prime minister also says that he would not have a problem with a visit from Ratu Tevita Mara.


Anonymous said...

More Military Appointments & Re-shuffles

Once again taxpayers, against their will, continue to pay for Bainimarama's illegal and treasonous rewards system that allows him to maintain loyalty and keep these armed men cocking their rifles against innocent and unarmed civilians. http://intelligentsiya.blogspot.com/2011/06/more-military-appointments-re-shuffles.html

Anonymous said...

John Prasad should be put behind bars together with these people:
Robert Khan-Radio Tarana NZ
Riyaz Saiyaz Kaiyum

These all are traitors who siphoned money out of FIji.

John Prasad, Aiyaz, Riyaz and Robert Khan are all drinking buddies. They brought into NZ the FBCL money. See how much upgrade FBCL has done...

Anonymous said...

Good work c4.5

Anonymous said...

Why is Fullman being called a Kiwi? He may be a NZ citizen but he is from Fiji (part Rotuman). Coincidentally he went to school at Marist in the same year as the AG...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i really wonder if we have democracy at heart or the whole process we are now facing in "saying" we want to help Fiji get back to democracy has being really thought out throughly.We all want democracy but which form do we want. The UK model, Aussie, NZ , USA, India etc? When we look at the goings on in Fiji now can one sincerely say we had a form of democracy? Although it was race based! Am i wrong in my assumptions? Was the race based elections in Fiji a form of democracy? Were we really selecting the best candidates to represent us in Parliament? Did these candidates do what they promised us during the elections campaign? Was there a fall back for those of us that were not happy/ disgrunted in the way politics of race was played out. No matter how genuine or sincere the opposing factions were on issues in Parliamnet it seemed to always come down to race. I know that it is the way to get people into Parliament but is it the type of politics that will bring all of the people of Fiji together? Today we see a democratic process played out in Australian Parliament. The opposition has no alternative answers but to oppose! Have the Aussies really elected a Govt/ Opposition to play out these child like games inorder to win approval from their supporters or are the constituents coming to the realisation that what we have are basically useless leaders!The selection of leaders or re-selection of leaders to head Govt is just another darn question one has to find answers to. We may say that this is the way democracy runs. But the issues of someones hair style can't be more important than the everday concerns of peoples cost of living! Why aren't these addressed as some major concern. Some my say we can always chuck them out after the next elections-and what have the type of Govt sitting almost on the fence with issues because it has to get approval from the independents? Reminds me of the last Govt in Fiji! The next elections could 4 years away-by then the damage has been done.Is the political scenery in Aussie going to change because of whats happening right now. Do the people care with whats happening? So what do we do if we went back to elections tomorrow in Fiji and say Labour came back into power! Are we going to except that or do we now go thru the whole process of 'fear' mongering once again. Have we now as a people grown up enough to realise for Fiji to move forward as the Aussies we need to stop playing the race card.That the future of Fiji really depends on the politics of unity not exclusion,that what we do & say now is not for our children but for Fiji, meaning my country comes first then and only then we can stand united. Is the gulf that was created by those who did lead us bridgeable or have we all come down that slippery slop, that getting back up is just not possible.Which begs the question what do we do if elections were to begin tomorrow? What form of govt do we elect? Do we go back to what we once had! Is this Cycle going to end? The question is when? Almost reminds of why it took the Israelist 40 years of wondering to find the Promised Land. Have we completed our wondering or has that Cycle just begun.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ului trying to preach democracy for Fiji when there is no democracy in Lau. Qarase wants to build a resort in Tota, Vanua Balavu - he was blantly told not to.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 7:03PM


Anonymous said...

"Captain Morgan" bisketi ... I know you will read this and from where.

Welcome 'back' to NZ. We support you and advise RUM to be careful of 'fine weather freiends' in Auckalnd, aage peeche !.

As for the kaiindias (Naidu, Rajesh Singh, S Pal et all incl Reddy clan etc) squabbling in NZ for the democracy Khursi 'chair', now that RUM is making world wide waves, go play with your selves, no different to what the similar leaders egos did in Viti for decades. totally F... ed it up all the time, every time, coup or no coup. You wanna do some difference, go there.

RUM is the biggest opportunity any democracy initiative has ever had since 87, now the gravy train starts amongst these so called leaders holed up in auckland,, lamusonas, period.

Give him rooom to move and get out of the way. Let the Taukai lead the way for the country, others are just hangers on looking for their retirement nest in Fiji.

No more Naidu's or Rajesh Singh's or Pal's or their proxy blogs here, we are sick of this crap.

Take your crap elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

can the former nadi mayor Shailesh stop writing about Rajesh and his own friends

Anonymous said...

Democracy for Fiji!
1. Could we start with a common roll and a first past the post electoral voting system instead of this complicated (to the rural and illiterate in the rural area) Alternative or Preferential Voting System, something simple and fair?
2. Maybe a Swiss Parliamentary System of a half direct democracy?

Worth looking into?

Anonymous said...

Yes I will confirm Tony Fullman is part rotuman. His nick name is Fatiaki. He holds dual Fiji NZ Citizenship. Tony is a good bloke and I enjoy his company when we catch up. Tony worked for the NZ Tax Dept in NZ Auckland & Wellington. IRD. His health is'nt the best. Probablv better for him to be in NZ safe at this time.
I wish him the best & look forward to a briefing on the events leading to his incarceration & questioning at the barracks.
Major Blank retired.

Anonymous said...

@Nadi Mayor Mudliar
The Nadi Town bypass road is incomplete because you mismanage/misuse the money. Running away to NZ was the only way out for you.

Observer said...

For the information of all, Tony Fulman is a man of many faces; maybe good to some but is an arrogant b.....d to others.

Ask the people working in the National Water Authority. TF usually came to work drunk and dutch-courage troublesome swearing at the workers.

He could be good to his drinking buddies; David, Billy, Johnny, Aiazzy and company...

Anonymous said...

I quote from an posting by Anonymous above with regards Bainimaramas visit to Lakeba"...two junior members of the Vuanirewa clan to attend. The rest was made with members of the Vanua". One of the so called junior members of the Vuanirewa clan as quoted in the fiji Sun is Talatala Logavatu(his Surname says it all) and so called members of the Vanua! There is no such thing as a Junior memebers of the Vuanirewa clan and anyone that says that doesn't know what they are talking about. The Vuanirewa clan came into existence from Niumataiwalu who was the 1st Roko Sau. The present Vuanirewa is his bloodline.So they all hold equal position-just as when they (Vunirewa) chose the next Tui Nayau.Well if the members of the Vanua attended what does that say for the major Chiefs in Lakeba who didn't attend? One would tend to think that if the people supported their Chief ie Roko Ului none of them would have attended-now wouldn't that be defiance? I wouldn't be too bothered if the Vanua came to present their sevusevu and matanigasau and there was no Chiefs around, but would be certainly worried if the Chiefs came and there was no Vanua around! Maybe the Vanua has had enough of the leadership style younger generation of Chiefs eg Roko Ului?? After all didn't Bainimarama tell the BVL Chiefs to go and drink grog under the mango tree! The last generation of the Autocratic Chiefs that held sway with the Vanua was Ratu Mara! As the americans say Period and thats not the monthly one!!!

Anonymous said...

Qarase wants to build are sort in Tota with whose money? Fijian Holdings? A driva e vale tiko!Ra tai!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:21pm Dont think we really care majors chief attend anything these days. Most no longer have the wisdom to guide their people. The common persons is more educated and awake now and make make decisions themeselves and for their children and know whats good for them. Chiefs are nothing without the support of the vanua.

Anonymous said...

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