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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten-point plan to return Fiji to democracy first step in move to oust Bainimarama government

A transitional plan to return Fiji to democracy has been revealed by the Australian democracy movement and the organisers of tomorrow's Canberra forum.

It's hoped the forum will be the catalyst for a strategic alliance with SDL, FLP, Vanua, Church, Unions and Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Leaders Forum.

The 10-point plan includes the removal of the Public Emergency Regulations, the restoring of the 1997 Constitution and the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

It also touts a caretaker prime minister and the reconvening of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Significantly, the plan calls for the military to disengage from a civilian role and to return to barracks peacefully.

The plan has been released ahead of tomorrow's forum which is being hosted by the Canberra-Queanbeyan (NSW) chapter of the Democracy Movement.

Mara, who is already in Australia and who has joined forces with former land force commander Jone Baledrokadroka, is guest speaker.

Transitional Plan for Democracy in Fiji
A statement by the Fiji Democracy Movement of Australia

Fiji’s 2006 coup has reached an impasse. The economy is stagnating, international relations are deeply troubled, human rights have been violated, and political life has been stifled. The original promise was of a short interlude of military rule paving the way for a vibrant multiracial democracy. Fiji has instead lurched towards a long-term military dictatorship. We urgently need a new way forward to pull Fiji back from catastrophe. The Fiji Democracy Movement stands ready to lead this struggle.

1) Remove the Public Emergency Regulations (PER) to allow political life and dialogue to emerge afresh in Fiji.

2) Allow freedom of speech and immediately cease all media censorship.

3) Restore the 1997 Constitution with an appropriate electoral system, including the removal of communal rolls.

4) Respect the verdict of the Fiji Court of Appeal, and allow a caretaker Prime Minister to lead the country to fresh elections in 2012.

5) Restore full diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries, the Pacific Islands Forum, Commonwealth, European Union and the United Nations.

6) Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to initiate a national healing process to ensure that no community in Fiji is victimised.

7) Re-empower institutions of governance, including allowing democratic elections for such bodies as municipal councils, industrial associations, trade unions and statutory organisations.

8) Allow the Great Councils of Chiefs to reconvene to deliberate on the affairs of the nation.

9) Restore public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary and the civil service.

10) Disengage the military from civilian roles and to facilitate their orderly return to the barracks.

Tomorrow's Forum Venue: Ukranian Hall Queanbeyan, just outside Canberra starting at 2pm.


SWM said...

The Solivakasama Worldwide Movement for a better Fiji is right behind you FDM and will make sure that all our members are informed.Thank you.Thumps up for Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Fiji should and will get back to the Paradise it was. Please restore confidence and democracy and live like civilized people. There should be fairness and transparency in the judicial system which can be trusted and not how it has been until now.
Baini and ASK need to face the music which they have been "touting" to other people. Thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! Restoring demorcacy will fix fiji up. Yeah right. See what Sdl did with 5years of democracy. 36 member cabinet of corrupt and inept ministers. I will have military jaunta for another 5years. Thanks for suggestion but no thanks. No chief|thieves pliz. Chiefs aint real democracy as one has to be born into it.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah ! Restoring demorcacy will fix fiji up. Yeah right. See what Sdl did with 5years of democracy. 36 member cabinet of corrupt and inept ministers. I will have military jaunta for another 5years. Thanks for suggestion but no thanks. No chief|thieves pliz. Chiefs aint real democracy as one has to be born into it."

Reply to above quotation:

Well, I am sure that was better than what Fiji is going through right now, don't you think?
Think before you judge other peoples' comments!

Anonymous said...

The "Great Council of Thieves" and corrupt leaders in the Methodist Church has been two institutions that have kept Fijians in bondage and slavery for generations. Fiji needs to develop its own home grown solutions not listen to Fijians who seat in the comfort of their sitting rooms in Australia and New Zealand and try and dictate terms to us. Get a life this is the reality of Fiji today. And as for Roko Ului, the truth will reveal itself one day. Enjoy the ride and your 5 seconds of fame.

Anonymous said...

Point 1 & 2 to be restored ASAP. Can we get contact details if this forum in Australia?

SWM said...

Dear Bloggers the puppet Master himself His AG Kaiyum is commenting above.They are really shaking,they can smell the shit running trips in Naboro already.Fire tiko kuroniji

The End is near for you Bainimarama.your bodyguard reported that you only went to bed for half an hour and you stayed up all night.You even yelled at Marry your wife to "shut the fuck up"
thank you boys for the message.
Thumps up for democracy.

free fiji said...

mara needs to also tell how much fb and ask made in the panadol repackaging deal from china via fiji to australia

convolutedexperiment said...

It's now 550 a.m. sydney time, friday the 10th. of June and I'm just reading the 10 point plan.
Being fully aware that Ratu Ului Mara is currently in Canberra and that he has probably contributed to this 10 point plan, my initial reaction subsequently to this is that it's inappropriate and that a person who was part of the coup d'etat, deserves no say in the restoration of Democracy in Fiji and that these measures are potentially draconian and inappropriate at this point in time and should be dealt with and decided, only once government is restored, not before.
They should be dealt with by the appropriate people, already elected to represent the population, not by people who initiated and took part in the coup.

Varani. said...

Only one person capable of achieving any of this -
Roko Tui Bau - Ratu Joni.

SEMI MEO said...

Of course many of us advocate peaceful transition to “the way the world should be”, but some primary and pertinent questions ….who or what entity is going to enforce all these glossy democratic revolution strategies.?..within or without??

We believe, for full restoration of our beloved nation to be ultimately achieved, has to have retrospective consideration. Hence, a form of reprieve must be offered to all political prisoners…ALL!!..

Lest we forgot that victims of the first Coup have swallowed pride and taken the bullet and patriotically resolved to move on after the generous reprieve of “necessity” was the portion for the perpetrators of Coup ’87. Many of these victims’, individuals and corporate /NGO entities may never see any form of compensation. May be time will heal and future leaders consider revisiting victims of all Coups and compensate forthwith.

But, how would the present Co Prime Ministers be processed out of control..”ya sa viavia wadrega”

With all due respect to the efforts in tomorrow’s meeting in Canberra, still, us lay ordinary citizens asks.. how?? and when??..who??..or will it be another chin wag of nothingness.

Do not forget though, that the pro- Co Prime Ministers machinery of support runs deep into Fiji Community overseas,deep into certain State and Fed MP ears who're anti all things the west standsa for…some may just be lurking in the midst of tomorrow meeting.

Anonymous said...

@anom 6.41am Spot on mate! Btw watched Abc news, nothing on Roko Ului, clearly shows how his a non event. Or perhpas abc doesn't wanna show the hipyrocsy of aust govt.

Anonymous said...

Why swear at Mary...leave her alone you boci...if she is telling you to do the right thing you should listen to her...thanks c4.5 for the message from the bodyguard

Anonymous said...

People. Beware, Chinas tainted milk powders is on its way FIJI.
Would replace all baby milk formulas. NZ has lost its supplier deal (SMA) due to unreasonable demands from Fiji. Thanks to our AG for lucrative deals with China. Please pass this on.

Anonymous said...

Don't like frank n co. But didn't like sdl, flp, chiefs and church. So let's kick him out once we get an alternative.

Proud Digger said...

It is now 6:56am in Qld as I make my way out of Biggest Military Base in Australia Coming towards the Gate I noticed a sign which says "Proud to serve the Australian People"

Fiji military are you proud serving your people?

Anonymous said...

Make sure none gets away! Capture them all and lock them up in Naboro for a long long time. An example has to be made out of this group. They must not be left to walk away like the 1987 lot. Anybody tainted with coups should be excluded from all measures to restore democracy.

Anonymous said...

Why the great council of Thieves? Who are the chiefs to tell us what to do? When will the i-taukei who generally follow the Christian faith realize that their faith tells them that their is but one king and that is Jesus. Why are we always going back to these so called chiefs most of who have no idea how to spell democracy let alone understand what it means? The very idea of having another human being make decisions for you just because it’s is his or her birth right bestowed some 2 or 3 centuries ago destroys the very essence of democracy, fair play etc. If this is what most of the contributors to this site want then please shut this website down as we are all just wasting time talking about democracy. The i-taukei and all Fiji citizens really need to understand the basic principals of democracy. Please look it up. For those who still don’t get it look at the United States. This is the best example. Australia and New Zealand still regard the Queen as head of state which again is not democratic as she was never elected. I say no to any form of interference to our political system by the chiefs. I believe Fijians in general are now educated and mature enough to pick good credible leaders from all facets of our society regardless of race color or creed. I think the last 20 years of upheaval in our country has been gods strange way of opening our eyes and teaching us a lesson. We all go to places of prayer and learn that to love our neighbor is gods will but seldom have we practiced this. As soon as we have to choose our leaders we resort to politics of hate racism etc. Is this what Christianity teaches. If I am wrong and we have learnt nothing from the last 20 years then only god alone can help Fiji for we are DOOMED.

Anonymous said...

@ ProudDigger...the fiji military's sign would say "Proud to beat the shit out of Fijians"

Anonymous said...


The fiji Military's sign would say "Proud to beat the shit out of Fijians"

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 6:41am, 6:51am and 6:57am

I know you are keen supporter of this CORRUPT EVIL DICTATOR Bainivuaka.... Stop all your NONSENCES because you are the sort of people that havent got a CLUE of whats really happening with this CORRUPT Evil Regime.... Who knows you're probadly ONE OF THEM....

There is no point commenting here on this blog because the 99% of long suffering people who HATE Bainivuaka and his boyfriend Khaiyum doesnt give a DAMN about what you've got to say... A fool can only fool another fool.... But not us.

Dont you DARE think you're smatter that me, you WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT.... because we've hacked and traced where exactly you commenting from and we've pin-point the location where you using that computer from and we also know your Computer IP.... And we know who you are!!!!


Go on reply to my comment, i dare you!!! Your Name and where you live in Suva will be all over this BLOG today...

Anonymous said...

The million dollar question is, why is ASK so influential and given alot of power? This question itself reveals the WHOLE truth about Vore's coup.

What makes ASK a powerplayer because he is the legal counsellor for Vore. He deals with Vore's worst fear......going to Naboro.

This Coup was all about saving face from the beginning. Vore would sacrifice anyone to prevent jail time.

Well newsflash vore.....if you like or not you will be in Naboro....you and Kaibum. And you two will be Speight's bitches.

Anonymous said...

thumps up for democracy.
all the best guys for your meeting in auss.
we looking forward to host mara/others in nz meeting next week..
yes we can change the illegal fiji govt.
people have done that in middle east .kicked the dictators out.
people power.
united we stand divided we fall.
god bless.

Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 6:57am......do take time to have look at the stats/visits on the top left side of the blog. It will show that majority of the visitiors are from Fiji
@ Semi Meo....cola vina, read the article about your son playing footy in Aussie, I assume.

Anonymous said...

WHY WHY WHY removal of communal voting system as suggested in item 3.

This is confirmation of basterising democracy for I-Taukei to control government always!

Any deviation from the 1997 constitution is called dictatorship and NO ONE has the mandate to change the provision of the constitution. Otherwise we are only changing from one to another under disguise of democracy.

Only review of the constitution can take place AFTER the election under the 1997 constitution or else you all are the same as Frank and SDL.....

Selfish agenda.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu..

Cias said...

it's seemz lots of people don't understand whyas going on in fiji.part of da regime enjoying breads with butter.ad up blink blink.n da rest jus stay putt in da corner. sucks ur thunms can't say much. before u going to jail.this is what we are believing for change.to democracy.i don't care what else saying. we need to change our lives in fiji.n have freedom for all of us. no need those unfaith baini with kaiyummm slaves us for ever.

Anonymous said...

please dont bring back the old players..we need a fresh start,a new beginning.you cannot pour new wine into old wineskin.we need a fresh perspective.not the same old limited mindset that will take us through the same crap that got us into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news! Interpol warrant out on Mara. Aussie federal must arrest him as per interpol protocol. Note interpol is international and run by a body in France. Getting very interestimg jist like chess, AG makes a move!

Dismember RFMF said...

Great stuff.... Excellent 10 points. Congratulations RUM. A Great Start...

The only problem I have is with Point 10:

"10) Disengage the military from civilian roles and to facilitate their orderly return to the barracks."

Maybe for the immediate time being..... But we MUST dismember and destroy the Fiji military. No other way! Otherwise there won't be an end to this vicious coup culture.

5 Coups in 24 = 1 COUP EVERY 4.8 YEARS!!!

Anonymous said...

@10:12 AM Easier said than done! Just what have YOU and the likes of YOU done in the last 4.5 years besides blogging and commenting? NOTHING. Now that we have a solid action plan, and the end is nigh, all you can do is whinge and whinge. Get behind RUM and his plans and stop this bainarse whinging at once!

Fiji Games 2011 said...

Let the forum be the catalyst for a strategic alliance with SDL, FLP, Vanua, Church, Unions and Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Leaders Forum.

Let the Game Begin! Bhai and Khai are indeed very rare breeds. Soon to be made extinct.

Anonymous said...

away with all the old players in the past and the here and now..away with the communal voting..away with the military...away with the GCC ..and all racial institutions...one government and thats it!

Anonymous said...

why is it that politics almost always attracts the devious kind?what really motivates politicians?is it really to serve or to 'lord over',to control,to manipulate.i see a dictator in everyone who have tried to use their sphere of influence to dictate how things ought to be.

Nanise said...

wud any1 nou if this Forum in Canberra 2moro is open to da public n whereabouts in Canberra n da tym plis...sum of us here in Sydney r interested in attending

PUAKALOA said...

A Chief is a title compared to a CEO of an Institution called the VANUA. The VANUA represents the Land (Below and Above), Sea, Flora, Fauna and the People. The Vanua hosts everything from the Business, Government and NGOs communities.This traditional concept was adopted by the British in 1874 during Cession, Queen Victoria in her Majesty's 1881 letter to the GCC, 1970 Independence, 1997 Constituion and the UN Declaration on Indigeneous Rights.
Therefore, this is not a "RACIST" issue but it is a "PROPRIETORSHIP RIGHTS" issue as declared by the UN.
In an Economic Productivity Model, Productivity= Land + Labour +
Capital, you can see that 2 of the factors above Land and the majority of the Labour are owned by the VANUA and headed by the Chiefs. You cannot remove the Vanua from the Chiefs because the Chiefs are the Stewards of the Vanua and it is like a Bird to a Nest or a Lion to a Den or Fish to a Sea. If you want to Cage them like an Animal in a Zoo and accept them to be a Tokenist in a "Modern Fiji", then you can have ALL the weapons in the WHOLE WORLD and all the combined ARMIES of the SUPER POWERS including our own Fiji Army, including the combined IQs of all the PROFESSORS and ACADEMICS but that will NEVER, EVER, BE ABLE TO SUCCEED IN TRYING TO DISMANTLE THE VANUA AND CHIEFS INFLUENCE IN FIJIAN POLITICS because it is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY. It would be ILLEGAL to do otherwise because it has been Legalised by the British in 1874 during Cession, Queen Victoria in her 1881 letter to the GCC, 1970 Independence, 1997 Constituion and the UN Declaration on Indigeneous Rights.

The Government and Business communities operate on the Vanua domain (Land and Sea) and the NLTB Act, Mining Act, Fisheries Act, Forestry Act etc are all founded on the basis of the Vanua. You will all agree that No Government setup and Business setup can survive on AIR alone without the Vanua Base (Land and Sea)and the Legal Approval of the Chiefs.
I guess the issue now is about Chiefs Leadership Crisis. We only have a fingure count of Chiefs like the Roko Tui Bau who have Wisdom and Class,Caring for the Good of all the citizens of this Country etc. The Chiefs involvement in Fijian Politics have been criticised over the years for their inability to Lead, unacceptable Characters, lack of wisdom and qualifications and I guess that is where the above Bloggers have been criticising the Chiefs for.
However, the 4 or 5 Coups so far have revealed the urgency of having a Leadership Academy for Quality and Merited Chiefs before they can graduate as Political figures so that they are Modernised in Outlook and to move with the Change in Times but at the same time, to maintain that Age Old Authority and Manah that is God Given. If Japan and England can maintain theirs and have Capitalist success and Economic Growth, why cannot Fiji?

Anonymous said...

When this is all over,when Bai and Co. are history, the new Fiji govt should be elected under criteria guidance from citizens who are-

- qualified and learned in all areas., politics, finance, economics, culture & industry. (university levels FROM usp and definitely o/seas unis)
- with good clean police records
- with high IQ levels
- with a minimum of 20 years of successful work/business experience
- with good family status
- with respectable attitude, high social ettiquete levels.
- shows good wisdom and balance
- must be an excellent public speaker.
-must have excellent command of English and Fijian.
- excellent levels of morals and values
- must be a non-smoker
- must be healthy and a non-drinker.(or allowed 1 glass of wine maximum with dinner)

This is a reasonable CRITERIA for Fijis next Leader, in my view.

I cant find any of these qualities in the current lot lead by the most unqualified one himself- Bainiwhatever...and his boss Aiyarsewho..

I can think of 1 person who fits perfectly...my pick is Rt Jone Madraiwiwi. He would make an excellent leader.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who is the owner of the SMI sompany whose been granted the Mahogany License, it would be interesting to know who owns this license

Anonymous said...

Great direction and thoughts @ 11.26am
I agree .
Our downfall is the lack of education and experience.
It is essential for our chiefs to become wise political leaders.

Anonymous said...

I agree most with the plan- but no GCC and removal of communal voting for time being- Call for fresh election under 1997 constitution with Refrendeum to abolish communal roll , from there then decide

Bainivuaka Family said...

Mary Bainivuaka yelling at the Vuaka hubby is nothing new so let's not make her out as the good wife. She wears the pants obviously and lives for her spending sprees at taxpayers expense!!

As they say behind every idiot is an even bigger idiot!

Mai yaso Mary Bainivuaka! tic toc...

Anonymous said...

The 10 point plan must include one more point that is use of force to remove the fiji junta and its dictator- the answer to the 2006 coup where the nation's treasury is raped by a gang of 11 junta thugs is a counter coup.

There is no other way.

Believe in the cause and not the method for this eleventh point.

Anonymous said...


Japan and England only have figureheads and their monarchial rulers are educated. Unlike the bulk of our chiefs in Fiji...the vanua dont need them....Fijian;s dont need they. They are a grasping selfish lot and believe in a right of entitlement...coups of 87, 2000 and 2006, is a testimony of the selfish serving interest of the chief. It was never about their people or being good stewarts...from kubuna - burabasaga to Tovata, except for a few highly educated upstanding moral individuals like Roko Tiu Bau, the rest were shown to be scum. Fijian's and Fiji does not cheifs not the GCC....make it a figure head with ceremional role. For one thing the 2006 Coup has demonstrated the dismentalling of the GCC has had nonegative impliaction on the Fijian way of life.Fijians would be better off without them. AND I AM NO Supporter of the COUPs. When a new regime is being set up...the communal voting system must go, the military disbanded under supervison by the UN, the GCC reduced to a figure head, advisory ceremonial role. NO one one involved in previous govts/coups can ever be allowed to hold high office, or serve in key positions of govt.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is waiting to see the change we all deserve, sa dede na noda tagi.. Bainitoa and your master ,the countdown begins.

Cias said...

reply to da comment of not bringing the old prayer. hey it's ur problem not us. n if u can't mixed the whisky with wine. n than stay were u are. jus drinks grog. n sleep lets ur axxxxxxbe some where. everybody wants to have a peace of mind.

Cias said...

thumps up. go get it.

PUAKALOA said...


Well, let Time meets Destiny....God is our Guide and let WISDOM prevail for the Good of All.

Anonymous said...

@11:29 AM And must value indigenous rights (in accordance with theu niversal declaration of indigeneous rights) respect and uphold Fijian culture and institutions....

And must, when he is elected to office and takes his first shit, use Arse's "thesis" as toilet paper.

Nakauvadra Oracle. said...

Puakaloa - you sound like RUM.Are you? For your information, the monarchy system in Brittain and Japan has been deconstructed.It is merely a symbolic representation now, just a miniscule fragment of its once predominant and overarching role in their primitive societes. In Brittain during the 16th century thereabouts Kingship was abolished and Charles 1 was brought to trial. The English people got sick of their rulers for "...the encroachments made upon the rights and freedoms of the people and their wicked design totally to subvert the ancient fundamental laws and liberties of this nation...". The Act of Abolishing Kingship (1649) found that the "...the office of King...is unnecessary, burdensome, and dangerous to the liberty, safety, and public interest of the people."Furthermore, "...it is therefore enacted that the office of King in this nation shall not from henceforth be, whereas a most happy way was made for this nation...to return to its just and ancient right of being governed by its own representatives".

In reality, the rights that once were reserved for the aristocracy in England were then accorded to all citizens. Liberal democracy was the baby that was born here for the first time in the world. Thus, the English monarchy from then onwards became a mere rubber stamp for parliament.Turning to Nippon, the Japanese Monarchy had its legs cutoff by the Americans after world war 2 and they established the democractic parliament there in Tokyo as the main powerhouse. Yes, in Brittain parliamentary democracy arose spontaineously and in Japan's case it was born from some coercion. Consequently, the monarchy in Nihon is just a cardboard cut-out symbolism now.But in Fiji, any move to justify some mythological justification for priviledge entrenced in primordial constructs of vanua and lucky chiefly families is bullcrap and belongs to a bygone era, that has been responsible for all the recent coups in Fiji. Any move to re-install the chiefs and narratives of Vanua/Chief structure smacks of elitist groups of old taking up position to reclaim their lost ground. If re-established it will spell more trouble for Fiji. A case of new yaqona being poured into the same old tanoa again.

Thumbs up Fiji said...

A good and simple plan. It can be fleshed out, but for the time being let us rally behind it.

Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, how are these fools going to make this plan happen ? You can only make it happen with someone forcing voreqe out or negotiating with him. Whose gonna force him out when even ului and jb couldn't even do it? Franks not gonna negotiate with Ului n crowd.
This is a most useless plan I've ever seen and totally impractical.
Have ului and crowd consulted our overthrown leaders? I doubt it.
The other thing - where have all the money collected by the Aust Pro Dems gone to???

Anonymous said...

By the way, Fiji needs strong leaders not Rt Joni who couldnt act against Voreqe when he was VP even though Minister of Home Affairs had recommended ,,,,,,coups happen because weak leaders cant deal with situations and call a spade a spade!

Anonymous said...

The two greatest institutions of the Fijian races are the Methodist Church and the GCC. As RUM rightly and repeatedly pointed out recently.

They will be resurrected and will again be an insepable part of our lives and culture - whether you like it or not. NO MORE ATTACKS ON INDIGENEOUS FIJIANS AND FIJIAN INSTITUTIONS. Bocis.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Democracy movement realise how silly it is to suggest in this day and age that a bunch of non-elected chiefs have a role to play in all this? They have less credibilty than the PM. Talk about a possible retrograde step back to the past.

Anonymous said...

@12:31 PM that beecoz our beeluvad Frenk, hee so samart, he eemoovabal mobalieza....

the "immovable mobilizer" is about to get a taste of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Another point must be in the plan for national justice where an independant commission of enquiry is appointed with powers to prosecute the junta and the dictator for its crimes.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Inoke says Australia’s action in welcoming a fugitive from Fiji risks escalating the tensions in Fiji-Australia relations.

I Say: Yes, Inoke, go for it! We are all pleased that the moves of Ratu Mara and the help of both the Tongan and the Australian governments irk you and your master Aiyaz. Go ahead and retaliate against Australia! Go to the UN and prevent Australian soldiers to be peace keepers, go to the International Criminal Court and file charges against Ms Gillard for harboring a fugitive who is charged with uttering ‘Fuck Frank’. Go to the Forum meeting in September and argue that the democracy movement of Fiji is run by terrorists who need to be exterminated Bin Laden style. And don’t forget to ban Australian travelers to enter Fiji. You have the power, just do it!. And while we are at it, you should also send a letter to the pope of Rome asking that he supports Frank’s wish to travel to the Rugby World Cup. I am sure that these actions will teach these Aussi bastards a lesson.

Oh and I should add another piece of advise: Make sure that the money that you have stolen while serving a dictatorship is safely stashed away somewhere in Asia because you will need a little nest egg when the full brunt of the law comes down on you.

Anonymous said...

Finally we are getting somewhere! This 10 point plan based on the Appeal Court ruling and the 97 constitution is a very good start. It is simple, it has a sound legal basis and it is achievable. The only real hurdle is to convince a majority of RFMF officers that Fiji and themselves will be a lot better off as soon as this nightmare ends. Aiyaz and his 10 thugs need to be arrested and charged and at this point, only RFMF can do it. The reconciliation commission would have to ensure that all those who turn against the dictator now will be forgiven crimes committed under the dictatorship. But they have to act now!

Good Men (and women) Doing Something.... said...

why can't this just be a gathering of the common Fiji people? Why does it have to be SDL, FLP, GCC etc etc etc?

I for one think we need new blood in government in Fiji. Enough of all the old leaders/politicians. We have seen what they can do already, and I don't think they have what it takes to raise the living standards in the islands.

Anonymous said...

Well what we read is that something is happening. After all these years something is bloody happening. How its happening may not be everyones way but something is bloody happening. Thank you Roko Ului and JB and everyone else involved in this. Please go all the way with this, no looking back!!!!!These crazy wannabes in power need to be removed. Thumbs up!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 1 and 2. Should be implemented as soon as possible.

In modern day Fiji, there is no room for GCC. Chiefs days are gone.

Only elected MP's be allowed to decide the future. Former chiefs should contest elections if they want to play any part in deciding the future.

Only elected MP's can give a free and fair representation to everyone.

Anonymous said...

It is rumored the taliban illegal AG is hatching plans to close down Australian Embassy in Suva for oz to give mara a visa, the hand pupprt will just follow the orders given to him as no school dictator.

Watch this happen- is this for best interest of Fiji or for personal vengenece of a taliban in fiji.

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHHHH NNNOOOOOO GREAT COUNCIL OF MACAWAS we don't need useless brainless chiefs at helm of leadership, just tell them to sort their house in order bunch of pedophiliacs they can't run an organization for monkeys sake- useless, we are now a literate, Think on our own ppl -uluilakeba and baleidrokadroka wil be in that council that's for sure-u both need to earn our respect you losers. SDL you want to get that BALLLESS QARASE useless impotent racist weak puffer just keep fishing in ur village u better off there.
KEEP THE CHURCH AWAY they just need to go look for their backslidden sheep and not meddle in politics. FLP- Bugger off who needs use by date boring mynahs- What a laugh this pro democracy Meeting,just has hall mark of SDL losers and their Agenda, using the prodemocracy campaign to impose their useless selves- dou lai kuvui kece na drau ni salata, We don't need your help! You and your meeting full of fart and hot air....oh my gosh just bark from there- you guys dont matter.

BainiVuaka on borrowed time said...

Anonymous! 12.31pm

One does not negotiate with terrorists - they just simply get driven out, completely.

Sa rere tiko? lolz! tic toc..

Ukrainian relations said...

Bright idea linking up with the Ukrainians for tomorrow's veiqaravi. ( spelling 4.5! )

Mara, Baledrokadroka and the rest of these losers look like a bunch of east European thugs.

Anonymous said...

The last thing we want for Fiji is the Great Council of Chiefs. They are the biggest obstacle to the development we are seeing in the rural areas. They have their place in the Vanua but not in the governemnt of the day. They are the very reasons why people have been so deprived.
I guess you guys seem to be in panic mode that if elections are held in 2014 Frank will be the democratic PM. Better for you guys to stir the hornets nest now.

Its too late. The people of Fiji realise that no past government has ever done what Frank is doing now. Few beatings here and there we don't deny to keep you all in line is okay.

You guys meeting in Canbera better be really carfeul about jumping in the Roko Ului and Baleidrokadroka band wagaon.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh is making so much noise as if he is a very important person in the NZ Fiji Community structure. All I know that he has no job and living on handouts & conning people. Lai vaqara job mada and stop walking around the Westfield Malls and taking up space - like the guys that use to sit around FNPF Dolphin Plaza trying to look busy & important.

Anonymous said...

The GCC and the Methodist Church are the two greatest institutions of the Fijian people. As RUM has rightly and repeatedly pointed out. They need to be resurrected and preserved and strengthened.

And those advocating the GCC's removal are indulting the Fijian people and their culture and no different from the present regime who have silenced the church and abolished the GCC.

Both paramount instititions will play a significant role in the new Fiji. So get over it. No more destruction of Fijian values and institutions.

Anonymous said...

@1:16 PM
@1:18 PM

That you again Meli?

"Few beatings here and there we don't deny to keep you all in line is okay."

Goodness gracious. Such arrogance and attitude and cruelty. Where will such arrogance and cruelty end? SOON. VERY SOON.

convolutedexperiment said...

Thank you Admin. for publishing my contributions.
Though often seen to be negative, controversial, insulting, mischievous and anti-Traditional in content.

I am hopeful though, that many see them for what they are, a sincere attempt to engage Fijians and to stir their consciences, so that they may enjoy the fruits of a lively, long lasting, strong, vibrant, truthful and fully functioning Democracy.

I choose to be the Devil's Advocate here and though controversial and at times distasteful to your Community or parts of it, alert Fijians to other possibilities and perceived problems etc. rightly or wrongly.

In regards to the restoration of Democracy in Fiji, at this point in time, it is my view, that we all must practice due diligence, and delay gratification and that this must also apply to the Leaders of the Fijian Community and that our emotions be kept in check, especially given the gravity of the current situation and the possible consequences of any decisions made on behalf of others unable to either voice their opinions.

Who decides for whom, on what basis are those decisions being made and under what, whose and which Authority ?

In our haste for a return to Democracy for Fiji, we must ensure that we don't complicate things further by introducing changes in advance of the establishment of a sound and Legal Government..

Fijians can't afford to build their house on sand, the future consequences of doing so, are too dire !

I suggest that any changes contemplated by the Fijian Community, only be made, " after ", not before or during, the re-establishment of Democracy in Fiji.

It would be a backward step to try and implement changes in advance of a Legally Elected Government and the re-establishment of Fijian Institutions.

" Any " proposed changes, must be made under a Legal Framework, in consultation with the appropriate Fijian Institutions, those changes, having already been discussed and decided upon, by the Community.

convolutedexperiment said...

Anything less, would be a coup d'etat by stealth.
A Clayton's coup, if you will !
The coup you have when your not having a coup !

In so far as re-establishing Democracy in Fiji, it's my firm belief, that it would be a grave mistake to revert to Traditional Practices.

The suggestion of forgiveness and reconciliation is totally inappropriate because it makes a mockery of the Democratic Process, the Constitution and the Rule of Law, while serving only to enhance Traditional Practices, which in turn, denies Fijians their Rights under the Law and the Constitution and shifts the balance of power from the " We the People of Fiji " to a handful of Fijians, a coup by stealth yet again !

Should we revert back to these practices, the coup cycle will continue and Fiji will have lost it's 3rd. chance to embrace the 21st. Century and a true and meaningful Democracy.

Anything short of due process under the Law is inappropriate.

In essence, the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, has no mandate from the People of Fiji, to implement the above proposed 10 point plan.
We are advocates for the Restoration of Democracy to Fiji, not a Government in Exile and we have absolutely no " RIGHT nor MANDATE " to impose or implement our will over the People of Fiji.
That is the reality here, though we can and perhaps should, make recommendations.
To do otherwise, invites criticism, as it should, division and derision !

Democracy for Fiji and its People, must be restored under the Constitution of 1997 and the Rule of Law and consequently, it must be done under the Westminster System of Government, not under the Chiefly System, per se.
Though each has it's place and each its function, both should remain separate, if my understanding is correct.

Traditional and Cultural sensitivities must be considered, but not be allowed over-ride the Democratic Process.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law in Fiji.

There is, in my view, absolutely " NO PLACE " in Fiji, for a " TRADITIONAL REMEDY " to Fiji's current and past crises' !

convolutedexperiment said...

Vested interests, that is, peoples own reasons for wanting a " perceived " Traditional Solution, must be taken into account here.
By implementing a Traditional Solution, do some in Fiji desire to re-establish their own balance of power, to remain Elitists within the Fijian Community consequently and do others just wish to return to Government and regain their Title, pay and conditions there too ?
Are their motives honourable and do they have the interests of the People of Fiji at heart ?
Are we, by allowing the implementation of a Traditional Solution, inviting them to do so ?
I suspect only time will tell.

One must take into consideration, the possibility that Ratu Ului Mara's motives may be self serving and that his contribution, if any, should be scrutinised, at least !
What guarantee do we have, if any, that he hasn't just chosen to continue to pursue his original mandate and self serving interests ?

It must be said, that Ratu Ului Mara has much to gain if he can persuade fellow Fijians.

Personally, I would look upon his contribution, if any, with much suspicion and scepticism and urge Fijians to be cautious.

One must take into account, the reality that he was instrumental in implementing this coup and therefore is partly responsible for and perhaps was even party to, atrocities which have transpired under it.

You wouldn't take advice from Heinrich Himmler would you ? Hitler's 2nd. in Command.
Or would you ?

There is no place in the restoration of Fiji's Democracy for anyone implicated in the coup d'etat of December the 5th. 2006, full stop.

To include them, is an insult, not only to the People of Fiji and the " Victims " who have been illegally harassed, detained, tortured and murdered and their Families and loved ones, but also to Democracy itself.

I believe, though well intentioned, the 10 point plan to be both an emotional and hasty response and potentially seriously flawed.

It has already been established has it not, that " a Truth and Reconciliation Commission " is illegal under the Constitution ?
So why is it being contemplated again under this plan ?
Who proposed it again and who has the most to gain from such a thing and why bother, when it has already been established as being illegal ?

convolutedexperiment said...

This 10 point plan in it's current format, though it's motives commendable, is a recipe for disaster, in my view.

I commend the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in Australia and its Members resolve in helping restore Democracy to Fiji, and am a part of it myself, but I disagree with its 10 point plan and many of these points.

This is my view as to what needs to be done to restore a " viable " Democracy in Fiji and the necessary steps and in what order they should be implemented :-
In accordance with the Constitution of the Islands of Fiji of 1997, that the GCC established prior to the coup d'etat of December the 5th. 2006, be reconvened, if possible.
Where none already "Legally " exists, and I refer specifically to the Legally Appointed Vice President of 2006, a President and Vice President, be appointed by this August Body.
In accordance with the Fiji Court of Appeal Ruling of April the 9th. 2009, a " Neutral " Caretaker Prime Minister and Cabinet, be Appointed, pending Elections within the specified time as Ruled by the Court of Appeal.
If Legal, possible and appropriate, the Commander of the RFMF Frank Bainimarama be fired and arrested, along with all other coup perpetrators and under the recommendations of the Cabinet and Caretaker Prime Minister, a new Commander of the RFMF, be Appointed.
This should be done perhaps with a sunset clause, say a 6 month tenure or until a new government is installed, and that strict guidelines and rules of engagement be imposed.
Consider declaring a State of Emergency and temporarily implementing Martial Law, at least for one month, to ensure a safe and peaceful transition back to Democratic Rule in Fiji.

All other considerations etc. would be a matter for the Elected Government.

To propose implementing changes before an Elected Government is installed, is not altogether that different to a coup d'etat itself, in my view !

Anonymous said...


Please do not make a fool of yourself, RUM has been granted a VISA to set foot here in Australia, who the hell are you to say that Interpol will arrest him. Please know your boundaries and speak for yourself, you have no right to speak about the democracy movement in Aussies- Please go to school!!!!

Anonymous said...


RFMF doesn't have a sign because they can't read!

J Vuki said...

My e mail to franciscopancho168@gmail.com

Mr PM you are the fool and a bloody liar through and through. All the eloquent promises
to clean out coruption, good governance, transparency and true democracy were mere
empty undertakings to hide you true motives.

You are a sad relic of a senior military let alone a Commander of the RFMF. Remember
your generations after you will pay for the way you have deceived and stole from the
people of Fiji.


Puls said...

@11.29am Unfortunately, there is no such a person in Fiji.The criterias you set out only befits an 'angel'. All this talk about One Fiji and No racism is all B..S.Its all for show. There is an element of racism in everyone whether you are Green, Red, Yellow or Black. We must accept that we are humans and that we are different.Look at our school system, private sector, civil servants, military, etc,etc. Fiji is a long way from any real PEACE. The solution is to have an ALL OUT Civil War. When man, woman and children are sacrificed then we will learn our lesson. So many are angry at the moment. When Blood is spilt by the masses, only then will the true nature of our forgiving HUMAN spirit soar higher.It is in our nature to forgive. Those who are unwilling to forgive will lose out.Remember we are all related so the usual unleashing of frustrations on each other will only make us stronger and to it we will say; NEVER AGAIN.'Forward Fiji'. There are no angels on EARTH but HUMANS....

convolutedexperiment said...

Just working it out :-
3,000 Soldiers divided by the $10,000,000,000 lost to the Fijian Economy, equals $3,333,333 for each Soldier !
Way to go RFMF !

Anonymous said...


Just a warning to those of you wishing to give your support to Roko Ului and Baleidrokadroka.Both who have no loyalty to country or vanua or family.

Don't waste you time.

You will be considered an enemy of the state.

This is not a popularity contest.

A few years of discomfort, before 2014 compared to a generation of government corruption and failures.

Drastic times calls for drastic measures.

There is no future for SDL and GCC. You keep this up and there will be no elections for Fiji soon.

We have the support of the people, in our hearts and minds campaign. We would rather give them everything they want to better their lives and see the economy fall.
Too long have they cried foul.

You will all be watched in Canbera.
All of you.

Anonymous said...

@1:53 PM Nice email but I sncerely hope you did NOT use your regular email, one which they can easily identity, but a different one prefarably one not used often or one you cannot be identified with or one you created solely for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

@1:59 PM The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure. JEFFERSON, T.

A bit of cleansing and bloodletting won't hurt but will in fact be of tremendous benefit.

Mark Manning said...

I am confident that once Democracy is restored, the reality of what could have been, in regards to the possible loss of Indigenous Land Rights in Fiji, will become known.

I'm also confident that a new Government will establish safeguards to ensure that it never happens again and that anyone who tries to commit Sedition, Treason or withdraw those Indigenous Rights, will be dealt with swiftly.

A new Administration in Fiji, must create stronger Laws to protect Indigenous Rights, but must also implement changes in order for the Authorities to enforce those same Laws.

A Homeland Security style Bureau within Government and a Police Unit specifically Commissioned to deal with matters of National Security needs to be established, in my view.

Given that these are emotive issues and that from time to time some off us may respond passionately, we need each other to calm each other down.

I don't believe that all non Indigenous Fijians are happy with the coup nor support it, anymore than I believe that all Indigenous Fijians oppose it.

There are good and bad in each !

I think part of the problem is in the implementation of the Laws already in place to protect Indigenous Rights and the lack of willingness in the Community, to enforce those same Laws.

The solutions can be found through a Democratic process and Government and should be.

If you think about it Loru. it is the indigenous fijian soldiers and commander who have raped Fiji on this occasion, not to exclude their acts of barbarism, torture and murder.

In recognition of some in the indian community, many have spoken out against the Regime, at great risk to their own personal safety and their families.

Let's not allow ourselves to descend to Frank and Aiyaz level.

I suspect Loru. that most here agree with you, but differ in opinion as to how to resolve Fiji's problems.

All voices need to be heard, and we are hearing you loud and clear !

Keep up the good work Loru.

Mark Manning
White on the outside
Fijian on the inside

Mark Manning said...

Bula brother in arms !

Yes the day is fast approaching for Frank and Aiyaz and not a shot fired, yet !

I believe that the time to close off all the ports in fiji is fast approaching, as i suspect a mass exodus is about to take place now.

Incredibly, the Non Indigenous fijians seem to have shot themselves in the foot yet again, do they eve learn, it seems not !

I suggest that those who are not happy living in fiji under the current arrangements under the Constitution, that they consider leaving fiji forever and starting a new life in a new country, but one where Treason won't be tolerated as it seemingly is in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Should have democratic elections a year after Bainimarama and his corrupt friends and allies are ousted from Power so every one Fiji can celebrate the day even more.

Mark Manning said...

By the way, the non Indigenous Fijians have had since December the 5th. 2006 to show their opposition against this coup, but seems to have neglected to do so, except for a handful. not my problem I'm afraid !

Anonymous said...

People like, Mahendra Chaudhary, Riyaz and Aiyaz Khaiyum really do need to be dealt with accordingly for their crimes against the people of Fiji. Especially that Aiyaz Khaiyum person.

Anonymous said...

Add in the 10 point plan, plan 11- since the dictator has been doing a night job of beating up helpless women at QEB, for all women of Fiji who are 350000 to gather in suva with their broken umbrellas, broken shoes and hand bags, broken brrom and old mops and buturaki the junta a gang of 12 thugs out of office and into the sea doing a coup de tat which the pof FMF obbicers cant do cos lamusona

Thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

No dupilcate governments, either GCC or the military.

Anonymous said...

Annon 9:32 AM
Please leave the Fijian alone with our CHIEFS and Chiefly System to decide upon because it is part of our indentity, tradition, culture and customs founded in the Bible and of which I referred eight(8) Bible verse quoted herein.Jesus Christ is ONE Chief of Chiefs of Fiji according to Ephisians and 1Peter.

(1) Genesis 24:2 NIV;.He said to the Chief Servant in his household, the one in charge of all that he had, "Put your hand under my thigh

(2) Genesis 40:20 NIV. Now the third day was Pharaoh's birthday, and he gave a feast for all his officials. He lifted up the heads of the Chief cupbearer and the chief baker in the presence of his officials

(3) Isaiah 2:2 NIVIn the last days the mountain of the LORD's temple will be established as Chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and all nations will stream to it

(4) 1 Chronicles 27:5 NIV.The third army commander, for the third month, was Benaiah son of Jehoiada the priest. He was Chief and there were 24,000 men in his division

(5) 2 Chronicles 11:22 NIV.Rehoboam appointed Abijah son of Maacah to be the Chief Prince among his brothers, in order to make him king

(6) 2 Chronicles 19:11 NIV."Amariah the Chief Priest will be over you in any matter concerning the LORD, and Zebadiah son of Ishmael, the leader of the tribe of Judah, will be over you in any matter concerning the king, and the Levites will serve as officials before you. Act with courage, and may the LORD be with those who do well."

(7) Ephesians 2:20 NIV.built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the Chief Cornerstone.

(8) 1 Peter 5:4 NIV.And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away

Since you do not have a chiefly system in your country of origin so be it and we respect that but if you do have one in Fiji then please do kindly and humbly go and tell your Mataqali and Yavusa through the Bose Vanua to abolish your Chief and chiefly system and not through us.

I for one will stand for and support my Chief including Roko Ului and all the Chiefs of Fiji. There are more better educated and non corruptible young Chiefs today then of yesteryears. Many thanks, Sir.

The Scarlet Pimpernell

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs have farked us up well and truly properly. When they were in a position to stop the coup they didn't do it. They made it worse.
Ratu Iloilo
Ratu Ului Mara
Ratu Epeli Ganilau
Ratu Nailatikau
Ratu Inoke kubuabola.
I say we tell the GCC to farrrk off.

Anonymous said...

I second the call for "NO MORE CHIEFS"

No more ganilau's, mara's and esp the no school cakobau's that threw their support behind speight just in case he succeded so that wont miss out in the new government. No more aligning with the church.

The average fijian is now well educated and informed enough to get us out of this mess and lead us into the future.

Anonymous said...

The GCC/Vanua/Lotu is a fundamental and essential part of the Fijian culture and is the Fijian identity.
Not having it is just like going to Buckingham Palace and
kicking Queen Elizabeth of her throne - that's the identity and culture of the UK. What's Fiji without it all?
Bring back the essentials of the Fijian identity and culture and not enforce that macawa thesis of Khaiarsehole.

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...


You can keep your GCC/Vanua/ Lotu separate from any future government and its decision making. You have been a bad influence and rotten to the core.
How do you finance these institutions too?? Like the exhuberent Methodist Church solis which has been banned. Families struggle to pay this and deprive basic needs and wants for their children.
Your days are gone. It is these rotten apples that are stirring things today that will bring this back that cannot be allowed and will not be allowed.

@9:32am. I agree. There is a place for the chiefs and there is a new era of them who have despised what their fathers, granfathers and mothers have done before them. They have seen the corruption. In the past they only make riches for themselves. They go in Government with nothing and come out with houses, pajeros, business deals,scholarships for families, ships MV Sullivan ( Rabuka and Sulueti) and the pajero you didnt want to give back.

For now the rule of the iron rod and fist needs to continue.

You can see the very voices now screaming democracy are the very individuals whos interests are under threat.

There will be a democratic Fiji. Just not yet

Anonymous said...


What is your definition of "Strong" leaders on Rt Joni. Ratu Joni was "morally" strong and that is the reason why he was removed. He was not "physically" strong because he did not command the Army.

PUAKALOA said...

Nakauvadra Oracle, I am not RUM but I am a descendant of a Liberator that once Police around Fiji and to save the various Vanua from any Uprising through my code-name. However, you sound like Khaiyum or one of the Accountants or Lawyers who have been manipulating our Fiscal Policies and pushing for Tax Concessions at the expense of the locals. Io se Wara?
All your historical touch up is well understood but unfortunately you have a different understanding of a Fiji without the Chiefs or GCC in the political system. It is Legally entrenched that the Chiefs be the Stewards of the Vanua and the Vanua is the basis of the factors of Economic Productivity
P=Land (+Sea and including flora and Fauna)+ Labour + Capital that the Government and Business rely on to make $$ and rule. Now with your suggestion to totally exclude the Chiefs from Fijian Politics, the Vanua can pressure the Chiefs (Stewards of the Vanua)to protest and withdraw their Vanua Economic Productivity (Land + Sea) from the Government machinery of Economic Growth and to collect their own revenue base from business communities. Now, that path of Self determination by the Vanua is not a good way of solving Fiji's political system. The issue and main priority is how to correct the actions of the failed Chiefs of the past and come up with a mechanism to rectify this problem such as a Leadership Academy for Traditional Leaders before they are allowed into the Political scenario where Unity, Good Governance, Transparency, Economic crash course, Moral upbringing etc are part of the training. To totally eliminate Chiefs from Fiji's political system because of the failures of a few in the past is like
1. removing the post of Prime Minister from future political involvement because of the failures of past Prime Ministers.
2. removing the Lawyers and Accountants from future political involvement because of the failures of past Lawyers and Accountants in influencing decisions on Fiscal Policies and the scams and blunders and excessive Tax Concessions Claim that drained our Revenue base including our FNPF.
3. removing the non Fiji Residents, Dual Residents, Influential Hoteliers and Businessmen from future political involvement because of their shady deals and that their heart is really where their money is and not on Fiji s welfare.
4. removing certain Diplomatic Corps from future political negotiations because of their subtle involvement in the past by pushing their political propagandas in Fiji's Political system through NGOs, Army, Businesses and other Operatives.
5.removing certain Political Leaders, Ministers who have been influencing Multi million dollars Govt contracts

Fiji have gone through 4-5 Coups and the people are more politically matured now than in 1987 and 2000 to identify that not only are the Chiefs responsible but other groups and factors to name a few that are identified above are equally responsible for Fiji s Political problems.
Let us be United and Understanding in order to build a Sustainable and Stable Fiji.
This anti Chiefs stances are more Racists and Illegal than what they are accusing it of.
That is all from Puaka Loa and may I remind you Nakauvadra Oracle, you definitely is not a True Blue RA Man with your views.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know guys Bainimarama is Anonymous 12:31 and 1:09

Yes, him and Aiyarse both blogging.

Anonymous said...

i thot soldiers act not talk. So why jb and ului talking? Leave the talking to Brij Lal and act like soldiers ului n jb!

Anonymous said...

I find the immediate surrender to the politics being played by RUM by some of our contributors quite startling. This is the same guy who has robbed you of democracy (although a farcical one) by supporting Frank. His father orchestrated the first coup in 1987 and started the whole coup culture in Fiji. This family is hell bent on ruling Fiji come hell or high water and you i-taukei seem to buy it every time. This has been the Fijian way; believe any sweet talker who says what you want to hear. It appears that my assessment of the maturity level in Fiji has been a little bit premature. Maybe we deserve Frank after all. Looking at the racial comments and obvious hatred towards the Indo Fijian community spewed by many i think i will stick to Frank any day rather then the alternative. At least he acknowledges equal suffrage although he may not practice it.

Mahendra Chaudhary if you are reading this, please make amends for all your misdeeds and as the last elected leader of the indo Fijian community try and seek resettlement options for the remaining Indians in Fiji in another country. This may be your legacy and atonement for all your sins.
Judging by the response of many on this website I believe that is the only option left for the Indian community in Fiji. I am quite happy to leave the Vanua, the Chiefs, and all other cultural inhibitions to the taukei’s progress into the 21st century with them to continue with.


Anonymous said...

Here we go 1987 and 2000 revisited. The son of Ratu Mara is like "the pot calling the kettle black". Sour grapes perhaps, Where were this people during the first and second and third coup. Oh sorry it was only directed at the Indo Fijians.

I also like the suttle way of placing Khayiums name in there. What will be next is the Indians with only 35% population will be somehow blamed again?

This is nothing but a disgruntled overgrown immature who has never had to earn a dollar telling us what to do in Fiji. You have to remember Ratu Mara the instrumental chief was greatly involved in 1987 and look what happened to him. there are only a few in Fiji who every 10 or so years put their head up to take advantage of poor and uneducated people.

Maras son get a life and perhaps stay in Tonga. And for all the people overseas in their security and comfort leave the people in Fiji alone. You with your high and mighty morals have forgotten or perhaps are turning a blind eye to the injustice that happened in 1987and 2000.

Anonymous said...

So far so so good for democracy in Fiji. The GCC Must be restored but their role must be confined only to directing the Indigenous culture to greatness.They must be taught leadership skills that is tailor made to suit this modern age.Leaders are not born. They are made.
All those who partake in the Illegal Administration must be taken to task. Justice must be the order of the next administration - only than can we restore confidance to the world and we are setting a precedent for the younger generation that what had happend ever since 1987 was wrong. We must acknowlege that any coup was wrong and everybody who are part of it erred in their judgement.This acknowlegement will free us.

Anonymous said...

We need new people, new thinking and a new vision for new Fiji. More and more people in the urban and rural communities are now being told of the truth. Frank and Kaiyum it is very wise of you to do the honorable thing.....GIVE IT UP NOW B4 YOU ARE HUNTED DOWN AND your families are the ones who suffers the most. We are now spreading the news to the rural communties of the lies you have brought upon us citizens of this nation by brainwashing our minds with your rural initiatives. For us in Labasa and Vanua Levu please wake up to the power hungry, greedy coakroaches. All right thinking citizens please let us unite to remove them. To you Frank only the truth will prevail.That time is around the corner. The more you build your wall and the higher you go the further you will fall.It is better for you to give it up NOW!
Right now you are having sleepness nights. How Asprins do you need? As days goes by you might have to increase your capsules. A strong mix of wiskey will dialute it nicely. You must know that the all flowers will boom and wither away. The withering moments are near.

Mary please what are you doing? Do you advise Frank of the right path to take? Please if you care about your husband advise him of the right path to take. His Mind is way to congested to be thinking alone.
Aiyaz you are a SCUM OF HELL.I have a mission - ie I wanna get hold of you myself. It will be my response to your Thesis. Right now. I mean NOW Start booking your flight.

Anonymous said...

Yes surely the rural communities need to be told of these lies. Frank knows that he is also loosing his hold on the rural people because they are more and more aware of these lies.