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Monday, June 6, 2011

Too many hands on money pot for upgrade of Fiji roads

FIJI ROADS WELL IN HAND? It's thought not. Below: Fiji Village pic from bumpy-no-more story.

Inside information about the deal to upgrade Fiji roads between Frank Bainimarama's illegal government and the Chinese company tendered to do the work, shows it's full of holes.

Sources say locals would not be cheering so much at the promise of good roads (Fiji Village headline on Friday: Bumpy roads a thing of the past for Naitasiri) if they knew of the corruption taking place behind the scenes. Corruption which is said to be going all the way to the top.

In what smacks of political campaigning and kissing babies, Bainimarama last week presided over two groundbreaking ceremonies, at Saweni Road and Sigatoka Valley Road. 

But if the truth be known, the upgrade of roads or tar sealing, is not coming cheap to Fiji. It's costing Fiji taxpayers 80 million FJD, paid for via a soft loan from Exim Bank of China. The roads will be made with the Chinese workers from East Railway Company and their construction companies, at a hugely inflated cost. 

Insiders say the maximum cost for local companies to tar seal one kilometre of road is FJD 1 million.  Sources who've seen the tenders of Fiji local contractors confirm 1.5 million per kilometre of road was the going price. Add in the economic constraints and rising prices and it's possible it could double to FJD 2 million, but that's a hugely inflated figure. 

With both Sigatoka Valley Rd and Saweni Rd both getting 15 kilometres of work, a total of 60 million is being generated - all of which are going back to the Chinese, bar 20 million dollars.

Insiders say this money is being filtered by the Minister of Works on the order of Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. 

Information has it that the Chief Engineer overlooking the road works has refused to sign off on the weekly payments, because according to him the roads were not completed. The Minister of Works himself authorized the payments and threatened to sack the expatriate Indian Chief Engineer.

Sources say the defrauding over the roads is taking place on a very large scale and government ministers are accessories to the crime. Chinese road workers who come to work in Fiji are channeled through VIP lounges without proper screening at Nadi airport – suggesting the orders come from the top.  

Insiders says they've also received  information the Ministry of Finance has no legal papers validating the Chinese road  loans. They also say there's no breakdown of how these monies are channeled in and out of Fiji. All the records are handled by Sayed Khaiyum and his accountant aunt, Nur Bano Ali. 

Some bloggers have suggested the illegal Prime Minister has an  offshore account and that son, Meli, is the beneficiary of the $20 million. We have no proof that is the case but can see that Meli, pictured above, is not without Chinese contacts.


Anonymous said...

Sigatoka Valley Rd upgrade 15km for $40mil.
That's $2.7mil per km of tarsealed road.
That's daylight robbery!
Doesn't the public have the right to know how their money is being spent, since they are the ones who will pay this loan?
Can C4.5 get a breakdown of the figures from the Ministry of Works.
Who is taking most of the money?

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

This government is borrowing too much from China. Borrowing has costs attached. Remember borrowing to upgrade the sugar mills. I thought the money was borrowed and budgeted to repair the roads before. What Fiji needs is democracy as soon as possible. Few investors will be attracted to a country if there is a Military government. The 1997 constitution is a very good constitution. There is no need for a new constitution. Ratu Uli, rather than campaigning from country to country you should ask your brother in law - the President to bring this Military government down. Apisai Tora.

Anonymous said...

Why are they bringing in Chinese contractors, workers to do the job? The last time the Fiji Govt did that (road frrom Nausori to Natovi) the Chinese contractors couldn't finish it! It was a HUGE mess...I know as I was on the Patterson Bus going to Levuka from Suva in 2004 and 2006 and wondered if we would ever make it to Natovi! Something smells rotten, is rotten and will get worse! Excuse me, what experience does Bainimarama's son have in Public Works, engineering etc?

Anonymous said...

Why are these road repairs not coming out of Fiji's own budget? Is that not what the wheel tax we all pay yearly to LTA is all about?

It sounds like a switch and bait technique. And it is happening in every sector of business in Fiji. Money laundering ring a bell? Plato

Anonymous said...

leweni on his small stint to china opened some accounts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The figure I quoted above of $40mil for 15km of road is the one mentioned by Mr Iliesa Sokia of Ministry of Works in the Fiji Times today.
That is $2.7mil per km.Somebody is really defrauding the Taxpayers bigtime.

I find it disappointing that Bainimarama is talking about "mobilising the economy" and won't give this job to locals.

As usual Bainimarama says one thing and then does the exact opposite.
He says he's going to help the locals , then he turns around and gives it all to the Chinese nationals.
That is not going to help the economy.I can guarantee that 100%.

Sometimes I wonder about you Fijian soldiers. How can you live with yourself; Being lied to day after day after day. How do you keep taking it?

Why don't you walk into his office and say "Sir, I cannot live with this any more. You lie to us every day.I was not brought up by my parents this way. I hereby hand in my resignation."

Why don't ten or twenty of you walk up to him in his office and tell him and then resign.
Isn't that "dina, donu kei na savasava"?

Or have you all become like him? Living a lie and Living in denial.You have suppressed what your parents taught you.How long can you keep going like this?It's time to make a stand now.
Go now and hand in your resignation. God will look after you. He has promised us that. Don't be afraid.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of thugs in the photograph. They look like thieves who cannot be trusted. Time for the illegal regime to step down or be forced out by power.

Thumbs up for democracy! Bai/AG. You both suck horses ass. Time to say you good byes. The game is over and time to pack your bags for jail.

Anonymous said...

those hands in the photo have slipped into the pockets

Thumbs up for democracy

SERAFINA said...


Anonymous said...

Above picture looks so gay!!
wats with the holding hands???

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:36 AM

1997 constitution is not a good constitution.

It gives too much powers to the uneducated GCC, who interferes in the running of a elected government.

The elected government of the day should have all the powers to do what they have been voted in by its voters.

In a modern day Fiji there is no need for GCC. Chiefs should get elected just as MP's.

Anonymous said...

this is why the PER is in place

the emergency is to fill pockets

Anonymous said...

Bread taken away from local worker's children's plate.

Anonymous said...

@Apisai Tora
As the serving Minister you are as much to blame for the $30m Agri Scam, Sa curu ga o Bhika, sa vo mo muri yani. If you say you were not aware of the outgoings & spending by your ministry, then you must have been a puppet minister or a retard no brainer. So plz do not make any comments.

Anonymous said...

The illegal regime has to go!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows the id of the gentleman on the left

Enough said...

Freedom fighters in Yemen have shown their dictator that he is no longer wanted. When do we show Aiyaz that he is no longer wanted? When do we terminate the stealing and the corruption that goes on on an epic scale? When do take our dignity and pride back? When do say 'Enough is Enough'?

Anonymous said...

The FMF has been a mercaniary force since the day it went on paid peace keeping duties. This was the justification for keeping an army but it was also being trained by Mara, Ganilau and Cakobau to keep the Chiefs in power.
Frank is the present warlord in control.
He paid himslef and 40 officers back holiday pay and so they belong to him.
Last budget whole army was paid 40% increase.
The army is trained to be loyal, especialy to their paymaster.

The army is just being an honest whore.
At least that shows some integerity in our country where there is very little.

Anonymous said...

Leweni, et al are busying padding their overseas nests with stolen money. Why would Fijian nationals, who supposedly make their money here and live here - deposit it in accounts overseas?

The Fiji banks certainly limit how much money can be taken out of the country so we know it never even hit their bank accounts here.

MONEY LAUNDERING - clear and simple.

They steal our money and when the cupboard is found bare - replace it with gigantic foreign loans that the people must pay back - and can't.

Another favorite trick of theirs is to set up accounts overseas for products/services sold/received here. The puchasers send their money, assuming it will be forwarded to the appropriate places in FIji. In truth, it never arrives. It stays in the foreign bank accounts. The companies here (who are complicit in this theft)then set up a double set of books. It's called double dipping.

And everyone in power is now doing it or getting a cut to wink and look the other way. It is called financial genocide. Plato

Anonymous said...

Meli is cute !!

Anonymous said...

Thousands of people have witnessed the dirt road section on the highway at Vuda which was in fact sealed only two months prior .
It fell apart to sand and mud in less then two months
thats what 2.7 million dollars a kilometer might get you.

Anonymous said...

can some one provide contact ph # , email of aunt Nur Bano

sara'ssista said...

'Fiji injected $100 million to try and improve the sugar industry, but it did not work, says Fiji Sugar Corporation chief executive Abdul Khan'...oh well... it's only civilian money...but does put the agricultural scam $$$$ in perspective doesn't it?? So one was a complete and utter failure that fiji cannot afford and the other was corruption that was used a part of the 'pretext' for removing civilian rule....as a taxpayer...how am i better off??

Anonymous said...

Thumps up for democracy movement should move faster now , Mara please relook at your plans and make some urgent move-I am sure people of Fiji cannot wait longer to see Arse/Baini in Naboro

Anonymous said...

Thanks C4.5 - y're getting better by the day!

It has been said the Chinese have so much money they don't know what to do with it!

A portion sure is satisfying the appetite of one fijian family - and the pic shows it all.

Good laud, what next!

johhny groggy said...

While the remaining group is taken for tour and photos....the paymaster does another cheaque for the group leader....FB.

Thats why he is not seen in the picture plus it is deposited in his Chinese account on the same day.

God Bless Fiji and thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Chinese makes better and high quality roads, that will last for decades, then what local would be able to do.

Fiji needs to spend a lot on its infrastructure to attract foreign investments.

Since all productive lands have been reserved to grow jungle for future generations , they have to start somewhere.

Please give them some credit. They are not as bad as the opportunists from SDL.

TURUKAWA said...

The time for forgiving has gone now,if it was written in the bible(the old testment) that God helped the isralities in war to kill un-belivers then this is the time to cut off Frank & Kaiyum.

The debt is mounting & the stealing of the Fijian ppls money is in overdrive. We cannot take it anymore in fiji.

Please Thumbs up & cut the Serpent Heads off!!
Time for violence is needed now and not later to stop this ROT.Canon fodder can happen but this will stop & help fiji in the long run for the future of the next generation.

All diplomatic talks with Bai is finish now.

Sa tagi mai na toa nei Degei mai na Nakuvadra.

Anonymous said...

such a small country and every deal is worth in millions. surely this needs to be audited. It would have better to employ Fijian company with Local expertise to build these road. you dont to be clever to build roads. And why to Singatoka - is it because the Tappoopoos live there. Highway robbery I reckon.

Anonymous said...

it is very well known by lot of people that meli bainimarama does the collection of corrupt monies for the dictator in fiji and overseas-accounts

Anonymous said...

they look family-the dictator son is confirmed to be the agent or the collector of kick backs paid

Anonymous said...

Qarase will be unacceptable, to many as alternative to Frank.

There are no credible leaders.

Situation can be worse than what is now.

convolutedexperiment said...

Even a blind man can see that these large unaccounted sums of money comes from illegal sources and that the loans for infrastructure are a smoke screen for the money laundering by the Triades.
It's simply amazing that Fijians still don't understand what is going on right under their noses and that now they have to pay back interest so these thieves can legitimize their ill gotten gains which they raised elsewhere in the world on the backs of other poor sods.
In other words, the large loans are no doubt money from selling drugs overseas and the profits are made from the misery of turning people into drug addicts in Countries like America.
The illegal money is then used as a Legitimate loan and paid back so it's untraceable, where in turn, it can then be Legally lent to a 3rd. Party or used to buy legitimate companies elsewhere in the world.
The money becomes untraceable and many profit from the process, while others lose their hard earned savings.



Radiolucas said...

Why are they all holding hands?

Anonymous said...

no use us writing comments here, we need to bring this regime down by this friday.

lets get prepared.

the loyal soldiers, you know very well what to do.

driti, the time has come. This friday is the d-day for the corruption.

let's activate our plan.

what say?

convolutedexperiment said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon9:29 AM. cost of chipsealing in Fiji is 4 x times the cost in NZ. Labour cost only accounts to 20% of cost. Bitumen import cost is very high in Fiji due to lack of economies of scale.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys what is wrong with Frank. It is proven Ului was very corrupt and looking after his own pocket. ASK is good. Examples of good has done.
1. Setting up independent Legal discipline board which has seen prominent crook lawyer being disbarred. What Q Bale do, well he was crook himself so why would he do anything.
2. As Minster for Tourism for the first time has allocated money for marketing.
3. For the first time lawyers are not complaining about cases not moving. Cases are being hear daily and judgment coming out in time.

So please all. give him a fair hearing.

Anonymous said...

YOu gotta be joking!
Just look at Mahendra Patel's appeal case. AG taliban keeps moving the goal post you idiot. No Bail given. They have his passpost yet he is still in jail so he has no way of running off from the country. When is AG going to prosecute The Tappoos for their hand in FNPF coverup.

Anonymous said...

I think they are holding hands because they are in love, right? I, too, am curious as to identity of the man on the left. The face looks familiar but I cannot place it.

RE: Convoluted

Much of what you say, again, is true and I am fully aware of the drug angle. There's more but I am not going into it here.

Think money laundering worldwide and what its components are usually comprised of. Yes, it is happening here with the complicity of local thugs (right up to the TOP)and expatriate pirates who have come here to make a killing. And are.

The locals are feathering their illegal "takes" in out-of-the-country bank accounts for when they fly the coop. The other "outside" pirates are here for the short haul and have always had their exit plan in place.

The greed has gotten to all of them and they are not content to steal a little, bolt and run. Fiji is prime stomping grounds for criminals of this caliber. They will remain, especially now that they have gotten their hooks into the illegal regime, until they have sucked every last drop of blood from us. We are a small nation. We have been removed from the Commonwealth Nations (by design) and are backwards in many ways.

Our nation in only 41 years old. Children here learn by rote. Leaving laws on the books that governmental workers didn't understand, much less could implement and enforce has hurt us immeasurably.

For criminals, we are a "plum." Add to that, locals who have no regard or respect for their country but serve only one master -themselves, and it is an almost perfect plan to destroy a nation before it has even gotten up on its own two feet.

Do I believe we will lose this fight? No. No way. Fiji is now a multi-cultural nation and has learned the importance of education. I have seen how families are sacrificing to make sure their children get a real education. We have suffered and suffering always brings its own component to the table. There are horrific enemies out there but there is also a greater element of people born in Fiji, living in Fiji and those abroad who still have their roots here who will turn the tide.

And turn it we must. Plato

Anonymous said...

Tourists don't come to Fiji to travel of filthy, crappy roads that is an eyesore.

They do not want break their backs on sub standard roads.

Flecther and Grantham roads are a good example of the expertise that is available in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:21 PM

Follow the path of Martin Luther.

No violence. Cycle of violence never stops.

Anonymous said...

When RUM was a little by and his father was in power he was just like Meli. Collecting monies on behalf of his father.

Anonymous said...

who is meli bainimarama to hold hands and be in china unless he is there for collection of corrupt monies for the father

this is the truth

Thumbs up for Fiji democracy

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:54 PM

What bullshit!!!!

He has elimated his competition that's all. And as for cases moving forward - what would YOU know about it?! Nothing could be farther from the truth and I have the facts on that one also.

For fellow bloggers who have asked why FICAC has not responded - the AG is in charge of FICAC. They prosecute the cases he WANTS prosecuted and turn a blind eye to the ones that protect his own illegal enterprises. Consider it his own personal gestapo. Plato

Anonymous said...


good work sharon and frank's intelligent.

do you want to be named as well similar to how ITC Manager was named.

thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

put the members of this illegal regime in the pot holes in the road and make our roads safer for us to drive on.

Anonymous said...

during the eid ul nabi jalsa,corrupt AG presented a speech standing up for the pm as the chief guest.

after the official speech,the arrogant aiyaz started attacking the present muslim clerics and the criowd with his arrogance..

it was than the presented highly educated clerics present made a comment..

aiyaz has no respect for humanity and it is incapable of been an attorney general.

he has reached his peak,and his fall will come soon..

aiyaz remember what you said in ba..

your time is up..

Anonymous said...

@12.54 Its simple
They are not giving me a fair hearing.......
If they haed faith they would lift the PER , but simply put they will not give me a fair hearing. They have gagged me and have decided for me what is correct thinking, the reward for incorrect thinking is 7 days inside without charge and then some.
Was 150% supporter. if they are gone no tears from me.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon June 6, 9:41am

It is the hottest thing on the global circuit - SINOIMPERIALISM = Chinese $$$ = Chinese terms = Chinese labour = Chinese return $$$ + Chinese standard and quality (or lack of it) products.

Africa is just now waking up to this reality. The rest of the world will soon wake up too to the global tentacles of the giant Sinoimperialistic octopus sucking away at everything it can get hold off. Little Fiji? Long gone...

Nado said...

Thumps up for Democracy

Anonymous said...

If the Chief Engineer refused to sign off the weekly payments coz of the roads were not completed, its obvious that some fishy stuff are going on in the regime. Whatever it takes, please lets work together in bringing this regime down. The citizen of this beloved country cant afford to sit back and see these illegal leaders doing things for their own good. We cant afford to wait any longer, and my suggestion to all the youth of this beloved country, to work together and fight against this illegal regime. THUMPS UP FIJI...

Anonymous said...

@Anon June 6, 9:42am

Well, what else do you expect from a Banana Republic?

The question is - do you think you deserve better?


Why? So? ...

maca na wai said...

Pita Waqavonovono was taken up to the Fiji Military interrogation camp in the last couple days.

Anonymous said...

Aunty Nur Bano contact: Zarin Ali & Associates

Bhupenda Lalloo Patel said...

@Anon 2:23 PM. Taliban Interferes with the Judicial Process "Plato". nice choice of name... I'm sure the Greek philosopher would be most happy. NOT.

@Anon 1:04 PM. Precisely. But how can you even ask that question regarding Tappoo Poos. Talibans and Poos in bed together.

Tappoopoo said...

@ Anon 11:54 AM "is it because the Tappoopoos live there. Highway robbery I reckon."

Yes, coz Taliban Inc. financier and supporter HRH Tappoopoo lives there.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:22 AM
@ Anon 3:03 PM

China's Not a Superpower … and won’t be anytime soon, according to Minxin Pei, who says its political and economic situation is more precarious than it looks.


Another obstacle to China’s future growth lies in the country’s export-led growth model. As a middle-income country with limited domestic demand, China has relied on exports to increase its growth.

Unlike the United States, China will find its capacity to exercise power abroad greatly constrained by the lack of political integration at home.

Unless the Chinese government abandons its mercantilist strategy, a global backlash against Chinese exports can’t be ruled out.

A possible democratic transition is not the only thing feared by the Chinese ruling elites–ethnic secessionism may be even more threatening. For all intents and purposes, China is not a nation-state, but a multi-national empire with huge chunks of its territory inhabited by secessionist-minded minority groups.

Geopolitically, the limits on Chinese power will be equally severe. While the United States is blessed by weak neighbours, China has to contend with strong regional rivals–India, Japan, and Russia.

As a result of such geopolitical counter-balancing, China will be unable to become a hegemon in Asia–a power with complete dominance over its regional rivals. By definition, a country cannot become a global superpower unless it is also a regional hegemon, such as the United States.

It’s not that China doesn’t want to be a superpower. The simple truth is that it is not, and will not be one.

Anonymous said...

The challenges China faces in becoming the next superpower are truly daunting. Even as its economic output is expected to exceed $5 trillion in 2010, per capita income in China will remain under $4000, roughly one-tenth of the level of the United States and Japan.

More than half of the Chinese population still live in villages, most without access to safe drinking water, basic healthcare, or decent education.

With urbanization growing at about 1 percent a year, it will take another three decades for China to reduce the size of its peasantry to a quarter of the population.

As long as China has an oversized peasantry, with hundreds of millions of low-income rural residents surviving on the margins of modernity, it is unlikely to become a real superpower.

BIG TALK said...

At the moment, China is economically prosperous but ideologically bankrupt. It believes in neither communism nor liberal democracy.

Besides depriving China of a source of soft power, the lack of appealing ideals and visions for the world is also responsible for the inward-looking mindset of the Chinese leadership, which has so far paid only lip service to calls for China to assume greater international responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Gauging on the number of rework currently undertaken between Votualevu Rndabt - Nadi Town, one can tell all this overseas contractors are worse than PWD! The tarseled that have been poured after a week is taken off again and re-done! Bloody cheapline work.

Anonymous said...

We only wish there was no coup in 1987.Look at the state of the country now. There is no place for coups in modern era. Democracy is the key for investment and growth. Fiji needs democracy and good thinking leaders who have the nation at their heart. No more politics of racism. Baini and Aiyaz your days are over. You guys have lost the plot. It is time for to Qarase to take back the power. Apisai Tora.

Anonymous said...

Far from decline, the next hundred years will witness America's unrivaled dominance as the primary actor on the global stage. Another surprise: contrary to many pundits, Friedman believes that both China and Russia will collapse and crumble in the coming century. In the vacuum they create will rise Japan, Turkey, Poland and, in a whole different manner, Mexico, all as rivals to America.

George Friedman, The Next 100 Years; A Forecast for the 21st Century (New York: Doubleday, 2009), 253pp.

Anonymous said...

@ Bhupenda Lalloo Patel 4:36 PM Have you noticed the difference between Fiji Times and Fiji Sun? The Sun owners CJ Patel kiss arse big time, Times don't. I'm pretty sure the Sun, unlike the Times, does NOT have a goom in the publishing room checking to see if they have met the imposed requirements.

Anonymous said...

Not surpising in the least... A rogue taliban state in the South Pacific, Fiji, making deals with another rogue state, China... tra la la...

The world needs the U.S., not Communist China, for its stability and peace. Over six decades the U.S. has been in the Pacific-Asia as a protector & balancer for the region’s stability and prosperity ( after having shed so much of their blood to restore freedom & democracy here).

Now is the proper time for the U.S. to pay more attention to Communist China! China is far more dangerous to the world's peace than any other terrorist movement!

No More Coups said...

@Apisai Tora 5:13 PM. Amen."It is time for to Qarase to take back the power."

At least the country was propsering and there was rule of law under Qarase. And the people loved him too. Probably the first party in the nation's history that won by a landslide. Absolutely demolished Chodo.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:13 PM

Because Qarase played a role in the caretaker government in 2000, he should not have been allowed to contest any future elections.

This gave him an unfair advantage, thus he won elections.

This was Baini biggest mistake, which he had to correct in 2006.

He is a very low form of human being.

Mr Tora you have few years left of your life, so be happy, spend time with your grandchildren, there is no point in dwelling in the past.

Anonymous said...

China has 800 million peasants and is a guanxi-based society with little respect for institutions, processes, and laws; whatever new system that everyone agrees to must be able to resist the pull and power of the well-connected and wealthy

The Sad Truth of China’s Education
June 03, 2011: http://the-diplomat.com

Anonymous said...

@No More Coup 5:33 PM

In his time great Chaudhry delivered an economic growth of over 9 percent of GDP.

Qarase had no match for him.

Qarase should be awarded doctrate in racism.

Anonymous said...

RE: Bhupenda Lalloo, etc., etc. etc.


Dakuwaqa said...

QVS Old Boys, Auck and Sitiveni Rabuka

The Auck QVS Old Boys Assoc are inviting Sitiveni Rabuka to be their chief guest of honour on 1st July 2011

I respect that the Coup inventor Rabuka is QVS old scholar, but inviting this Fiji coup instigator to be chief gust is putting him up on a pedestal, glorifying him as a reputable Fijian and kind of repaying him for his infamous deed to us Fijians and Fiji in general...we have the right to speak against him and demand this withdrawal for what he did to our country.

In fact he is a low life. He has brought shame to our race and country.

The QVS old scholar, being an educated group of Fijians, should be the first to condemn Rabuka to the rubbish bin and not honour him.

He is the criminal who introduced coup into Fiji, the treasonous activity that has imprisoned and wrecked Fiji over the last 25 years.

I ask all Aucklanders to tell the QVS Old Scholars to drop the idea of honouring Sitiveni Rabuka as your special chief guest in July please.

Do the decent and right thing for our Auck community, our race and our for all our countrymen and women. This can only bring about division in our Auck community.

Anonymous said...

No Qarase please - otherwise we get Vinod Patel ruling Fiji again and the old wanna be politicians like George Shiu Raj and Rajesh Singh back raping the tax payer - Chodoo any day please.

Tivoro said...

What is the C*CK faced Meli doing with the Chinese Guy .... finding "nemo" his lost daddy is he. Besides what portfolio does he hold???

Anonymous said...

Jake says,

VB + Aiyaz Khaiyum = Malaysian $$$$$ benefit.

FICAC & POLICE pls investigate

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:54 PM Your "great" Chaudhry (Lol!) was one of the main culprits behind the 2006 coup, and kept pushing and pushing for a coup to overthrow government.

Wasn't Chodo stand in the 2006 elections? And didn't Qarase win by a landslide, the first of its kind in Fiji?

Your "great" Chodo is in reality a SORE LOSER, a TREASONIST, and a CRIMINAL who has stolen lots of other people's dough.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:48 PM
@ Anon 5:54 PM

Hey, I have a great idea, why don't we go all the way back to the very first coup and try and resurrect the Bavadra Government. That should solve all our problems.

Going back will not solve any of our problems, only open up old wounds and add more salt to the wound.

We Have to Draw the Line Somewhere!

As RUM has pointed out, the 2006 coup had more to do with Bainimarama saving his own skin from prosecution by the SDL government for Treason and Murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 then blaming them for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Com on bloggers, lets not bring the past to our striving for democracy now..it will only take us back..rite now all we need is to do the little we can.
Just a simple THUMBS UP for democracy is a little step that will go along way...

Its difficult to do big things like not attending work..that is not reality rite now,,,take one step at a time...SLOW BUT SURE..CHEERS my friends do not be disheartened we will get there...just take one step at a time...

Anonymous said...

They are holding hands coz the Chinese fella wanted to give a thumbs up and the 2 goons are trying to stop him.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:39 PM "FICAC & POLICE pls investigate"

In your dreams.... you think we live in a democracy and under the rule of law?!?!? GET REAL.

Anonymous said...

@Anons 4.49pm and 4.52pm

Whatever the case maybe domestically, the fact still remains that Sino-imperialism is a reality. Chinese economic interests can be found in all corners of the world today, including in tiny Fiji! As you both have pointed out, those interest are not grounded on solid foundation so can crumble at any time. Where would that leave tiny Fiji?

@Big Talk, 4.54pm

Yes, the "Sino - neither here nor there" position does not only feeds its ravenous imperialistic tentacles, but it also allows it to shirk its global responsibilities! China certainly are having their cake and eating it too BUT at everyone else's expense!

@Anon 5.15pm

America's status was never in question. The "pretenders'" sense of responsibility is.

So, who is more trustworthy do you reckon? Look North Policy???

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:43 PM

People who were responsible for the events of 2000 were also responsible for lives lost.

Bainimarama has nothing to do with that. He was nearly KIA while defending Qarase's government.

Therefore status quo should remain until 2014 elections.

Anonymous said...

The one on the left is Voreqe's bodyguard. He's from kadavu.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:41 PM

If government can change at gunpoint in 2000, why can it not change the sameway in 2006.

Chaudhry won a bigger landslide in 1999, only jealous people like yourself and Qarase did not give him a fair go.

Baini has settled all the scores for everybody, thus he deserves to go as long as he wants. I am sure we can take a bit of suffering for our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Mistakes of the past should be admitted and corrected before a new and fresh beginning can occur.

Anonymous said...

Sigatoka Valley should not have costed more than $100/m2 and only where there wqs any reworks is where $400/m2 is only limited to maybe 10% of the entire 15km.

These crooks have set m2 price based on complete new roads and using same formular with all existing roads where only tarsealing needs done with small grading works and slight preparation work.

BIG CROOKS and China pricing is adjusted to NZ market price justifying similar cost structure but not...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:41 PM "Baini has settled all the scores for everybody, thus he deserves to go as long as he wants."

You're forking OUT OF YOUR FORKING MIND!!! Who the fork is hand-puppet Bhai to settle "all the scores for everybody?" A no-school idiot with an IQ at the level of mental retardation.

The 2006 coup had more to do with Bai SAVING HIS OWN ARSE from prosecution by the SDL government for Treason and Murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 then blaming them for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Mental Retardation

* Profound mental retardation, IQ below 25/20 --- BAINIMARAMA

* Severe mental retardation, IQ from 40/35 to 25/20 --- AIYAZ

* Mild mental retardation, IQ from 70 to 55/50, to Moderate mental retardation, IQ scores from 55/50 to 40/35 ---- RFMF OFFICERS

Anonymous said...

If china continues bitching like a slut in heat it'll be gang-raped again!The Chinese countryside is dotted with sweatshops full of child laborers. http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/China

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:55 PM

Events of Nov 6 2000 should be entirely blamed on those people like you and Qarase who instigated the events of May 2000.

While I think compensation should have been paid to the victims families, responsibility lies with people like you.

Anonymous said...

Q.You see those repaired roads there?
A.No! Where?

Com.I'm talking about the roads/highways thats' just been repaired..

Q. Where?

A. It's in my pocket....

# qai kuria mada qo !!!! ###

Anonymous said...

Why the F are they holding hands? Sa voleka sara i ke na sodomy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those 3 in the pic look like triplets....or was it piglets..??

Anonymous said...

The redirection of the US’s focus after 9/11 away from China gave China the space to pursue not only its domestic economic growth and to build stronger economic and political ties regionally and internationally to support its growth and its growth model.

China would certainly have grown and succeeded had this not happened, but the rapidity with which China has become a major influential player on the global scene — and the speed/evolution of its growth — are at least in part due to the dynamics of the international environment that saw the US setting high-level foreign policy largely through the post-9/11 lens of terrorism (and Bin Laden). http://the-diplomat.com/2011/05/26/why-china-needed-bin-laden/#comment-12184

Mao said...

Does Meli know who his father is?

Like Shaft said: 'Today we find out who your Daddy is.....Me.....or the German Shepard!

Looks like a bloody Muslim kana vakaca luveni yali to me!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:04 PM "Events of Nov 6 2000"

There we go again... We had elections in 2006 and Chodo Lost in a Landslide Victory to SDL. TRhat sore loser then instigated the 2006 coup staged by dumbass Baini who was SAVING HIS OWN ARSE from prosecution by the SDL.

Now.... go ask Bhaini why he didn't reinstate the Chodo government after Speight was taken out. IN COLLUSION WITH SPEIGHT?

Mao said...

And what the hell is that thing standing on the left!

They (The two on the sides) must be really pissing themselves thinking - Oh Man! I'm getting my photo taken, and I'm holding hands with a Chinaman! No man.....No!

Meanwhile the Chinaman is thinking...After this gotta wash my hands with soap......Don't know where these queer looking guys have had them! Just take the photo Man.....i gotta get outta here!

Anonymous said...

Really great comments by almost all. However -

Anon @ 7:41 PM

I was here during that election and Qarase DID NOT win by any landslide. In fact, as I recall, icons were changed just before voting time and people who thought they were voting for one party found that they had inadvertantly voted for the competing party. People showed up to place their vote, only to find someone had already voted in their place (and name). Entire ballot boxes went missing in precincts where Qarase did not have the edge.

Even with all of that (and giving out the cheap pots and pans to villagers), Qarase barely edged into first place.

Come on folks, politics has been dirty here (and not only here). We need new leadership and not old farts with old scores to settle and private kingdoms to conquer/acquire.

China IS an upcoming superworld power and I will be the first to recognize it as such and I am an American. Good to see others with such high regard for the U.S.A. I hope that we can continue to be worthy of praise but also recognize that we (our government) has also made its mistakes and has sometimes worked at cross purposes with its citizens.

That being said, Fiji is our primary concern. It is our home. Its interests come first. It must be protected from pirates.

Regardless of our walk in life, we are united in this. United, we stand. Divided we fall. Hoorah FIJI! Plato

Anonymous said...

breaking news on fbcl

FICAKE officers will be with LTA officers on all road sides to see how much LTA officers recieve in bribes and check on how many people doing Thumbs up for democracy in fiji and then report to dictator


Anonymous said...

look at meli banana drunk photo on the suva street being kicked by a woman

Anonymous said...

How has Fiji build roads in the past?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I just noticed something,they're holding hands....guess what..........................!
they just screwed each other before this photoshoot..notice the big thank you from the man in the middle...the man on the right lost his hair in this episode...the man on the right..-look of satisfaction..my dad taught me well!!!!!

Anonymous said...

holding hands looks kinky .... wonder what else is happening behind close doors ...

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here?

Who the F... is Meli Bainimarama?

Why is he meeting people like this..

Little A.. H...

Being the son of a Dictotor gives you no rights..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon "China IS an upcoming superworld power and I will be the first to recognize it as such and I am an American." 10:00 PM

You're Full Of It! China's political and economic situation is more precarious than it looks.

For the foreseeable future, China will be, at best, only an economic superpower by virtue of its role as one of the world’s greatest trading powers (in this sense, both Germany and Japan should be considered economic superpowers as well).

Its geopolitical and military influence, meanwhile, will remain constrained by internal fragilities and external rivalry.

More than half of the Chinese population still live in villages, most without access to safe drinking water, basic healthcare, or decent education. With urbanization growing at about 1 percent a year, it will take another three decades for China to reduce the size of its peasantry to a quarter of the population.

China's willingness and capacity to exercise leadership will most likely disappoint those who expect Beijing to behave like a superpower.

It’s not that China doesn’t want to be a superpower. The simple truth is that it is not, and will not be one.


Anonymous said...

China’s economic growth has accelerated tremendously during the consumption binge in the United States. Now that that era is over, where will China export? The mythical domestic consumption?

Many people assume China will be the next superpower to rival & even surpass the U.S. Many nationalistic Chinese talk about 21st century as the China Century.

However, they ignore, at their own peril, the many social, economic & political problems that plague China today & will continue to plague China in the future.

The PRC today is not a nation-state but an empire but with large areas who don’t want to be part of the PRC Empire.

CHINA'S NOT A SUPERPOWER, and won’t be anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:00 PM "I am an American." Then what are you doing in this retarded political sh*thole? Judging by your irritating comments, it seems you've been in this coup-infested hole for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:00 PM. In the election, held on 6-13 May, the SDL won 44 percent of the popular vote (including 81 percent of the ethnic Fijian vote), and 36 out of 71 seats. All 23 Communal Constituencies allocated to indigenous Fijians were won by the SDL, most of them overwhelmingly; the party also won 13 of the 25 Open Constituencies elected by universal suffrage.

Anonymous said...

@10:00 PM Hoorah FIJI! Plato

Get yourself a Fiji passport "Plato" if you haven't already

Yankee said...

The Next 100 Years......

Forecasting is a fancy word for trying to predict the future, and it is, to put it mildly, an inexact science. But George Friedman, a political scientist who in 1996 launched the intelligence-gathering company Strategic Forecasting, has gotten pretty good at it. His one- and 10-year geopolitical and economic forecasts have become hot commodities at the Pentagon and on Wall Street. For his latest book, Friedman wanted to see how far into the future he could predict. So he decided to try the entire 21st century. Hence, "The Next 100 Years."

THE IDEA: Ignore the doomsayers, Friedman argues: the age of American power has only just begun. In the next century, the U.S. will fight (and win) a second Cold War with a re-emergent Russia; enjoy a midcentury age of opulence; and become the world's largest energy producer through a space-based system of solar panels.

THE EVIDENCE: With birthrates down across the industrialized world, a 300-year population boom is ending. Going forward, power will reside with the nations that are able to attract immigrants—such as the U.S. Computers are also key: because programming codes are primarily in English, English-based economies will have a clear advantage.

THE CONCLUSION: Expect the unexpected. In 1918, Friedman notes, it would've been absurd to suggest Europe would be at war again in 20 years. Similarly, predictions of America's demise suggest we're headed for the opposite.


Anonymous said...

This was taken at the oyster bar (gay bar) & that's why they r holding Hands.

Anonymous said...

Like the imports we receive from China (their castoffs) the quality of road repair we receive will be the same.

Other countries use lobbyists to control minimum quality expectations on imports and discounted pricing. The lobbyists (representing the recepient country) broker the deal between their country and the one wanting to do business by providing imports. If the quality is not good enough - then no deal. If a good price cannot be negotiated - then no deal.

Here, we have no such representation and China just dumps its junk on us but charges its highest prices. In fact it is worse than that. Here the deal is brokered by corrupted people, based on bribery and collusion, so that the only ones losing out are the citizens. China has found a market in which to dump its substandard quality merchandise, the crooks making the deal line their pockets, and we are left with the bill and something that won't stand the test of time. Plato

Anonymous said...

Wow, five responses all from the same person, though he thinks he is fooling everyone by making them each a seperate entry.

Just like he thinks he is fooling everyone by simutaneously using names or Anons.

If you can't bedazzle them with your brilliance - I guess befuddling them with your bulls**t will have to do! Plato

Anonymous said...

time will tell when enough is enough .They are just making a mockery of the economy runned by 2 who we thought were in for the cause but seems have been lost the plot over power.
Every one who grabs power in Fiji becomes greedy .Wheres the real leaders!!

George Tami said...

why are they holding hands..tubera na ligani gones..se vaqara bula tiko

Anonymous said...

Hey Plato I'm just wondering whether the Chinese are dumping Depleted Uranium on those new tarsealed roads.
Is anyone checking?
I mean, these people fed their babies with Melamine. Imagine what they could be doing to Third World countries.
Someone should check the roads with a Geiger Counter.
If there is increased incidence of Cancer to my relatives from Navosa then I'll go and do the readings myself.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

LTA...please advise us why there are new vehicles on the road nowadays without number plates and not been booked or taken off the road?....wananavu!!!!!Can't pay for the making of new number plates upfront.....eh!!No money sara ga.....Moce Jo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Qarase is the man! 5 years later and they still can't pin any corruption case on him. They've taken all the files from FDB, FNPF, NLTB etc, etc...they've got a whole department FICEKE dedicated to pin something on him to disqualify him from running in Elections and still nothing.
Chaudhary on the other hand, took them only a couple of weeks for charges and trial in progress. Once we get back to democracy it will only take a few hours to pin him for defrauding the taxpayers by approving Vore's $200,000 leave backpay and his part in the 2006 coup. Nothing but an opportunist thief who let his ego and ambition get the better of him!!

Anonymous said...

@6.23PM, June 6

"Rabuka to be chief guest at Auckland's QVS Old Scholars event"

Can the NZ Government not grant him a visa please!

Anonymous said...

RE: Valataka na Dina

Never considered that possibility but wouldn't you think with our MOST EXCELLENT Customs officers defending our entry points - they would make sure no dangerous poisons/metals get in here?

Oh, that's right, I still remember when they confiscated sealed, canned meat products from a box mailed to me because they were Sooo concerned that it might be poisonous. Yet they allowed the canned seafood!

Hmmmm, I know just where those cans of pate went - home with them, you scoundrels!

So, intriguing thought Valataka na Dina. Others have used the South Pacific to dump their highly toxic chemicals. Could and would the Chinese do the same? And just WHO would monitor them? The fox guarding the chicken house? We are expendable to those who have been robbing us. They all have an exit plan and it is NOT in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.04...you are absolutely right. Had they first paid compensation to the victims of 2000 as you have stated....the curse on the nation would have long gone.

This is all about -ve and +ve energy. When in -ve mode th eentire machinery becomes in -ve mode....so no end in sight.

Bible teaches Blessing as well as Curse. After all dalo theft and making people run away and return to a bush with no money in hand...certainly there will notbe blessing coming out of their mouths!!!

This was made clear by the victim families that the nation will have curse on it and no Govt will survive until they are compensated for their human rights abuse - under the 1997 constitution we all preach...

Savusavu said...

QVS Old Boys
@Anon 1.33 PM.....yes a good thought.

But wonder whether RABUKA is classified as military man in same category as current military personnel??

But as most agree that coups have been the worst events beffaling Fiji in last 20 years , and all agree that RABUKA is responsible for starting the coup culture, it would look logical that we should never entertain honouring the swine bastard bastard.

So, Auck QVS Old Boys please big kerekere, do your country a favour, do not invite RABUKA as you chief guest to your gathering.

There is so much anger and disgust against coup perpetrators amongst your fellow Fiji citizens

Anonymous said...

What about other piglets, How did they get their jobs, homes, Sa too much fancy again, next thing will be ringing the bell for dinner to be served