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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tubou villagers remanded in custody as regime keeps Lau in its sight

REGIME ALL AT SEA: And now bullying Lau people for Mara fallout. Peni Mapa (below) at court today. pic Fiji Live.

The two men the illegal regime intend to make an example of because of the Roko Ului Mara escape to Tonga, are spending another night behind bars.

Peni Mapa and Malakai Sabanaivalu were unable to post surety today and have been given until half past eleven tomorrow morning to do so. 

Both are accused of writing a letter with forged signatures to the illegal Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, telling him not to set foot in Lau. 

The regime says the letter was forged and elders did not say they didn't want Bainimarama to visit Lau, where Mara comes from. 

Prosecutors tried to say today the Tubou villagers were a risk and 'the case was of a serious nature and of national interest'.

The argument was shot down by the men's lawyer who successfully argued his clients have been co-operating with police and have not done anything to suggest they are a danger to the public.


Anonymous said...

Baini and Aiyaz, you days are numbered. Why are you upsetting ordinary people? I wish there was no coup from 1987.Apisai Tora.

Anonymous said...

Accused of writing a letter to the Prime Minister with a forged signature.

What sort of a crime is that?

Can't this be dealt with by the local Police?

Is the Attorney General really this stupid?
Why waste thousands of dollars of taxpayers money sending a Hunting Party to go get them and then locking them up.

Honestly are these people out of their mind.
How confused are these idiots?

Aren't there more important things to attend to?
What about the millions of dollars being fraudulently used on roads etc etc.Why aren't you locking these people up?

Now I know that there are Idiots in government. Idiots in the Police Dept. Just idiots everywhere.
Isn't there any voice of reason at all in this government.

This is nothing but a display of the pathetic and childish minds running this country.

Sharon can you please explain!
Why is writing a letter such a big crime?

- Valtaka na Dina.


This is a message to the Dictator and Puppet master DO NOT CXOME TO LAU OR WE WILL DROWN YOU

Anonymous said...

God Bless you both, Peni Mapa and Malakai Sabanaivalu!

Daucina said...

Mapa did something that require a great deal of courage.

His heart is in the right place. But its a lesson for us when we plan to do such a thing, to spend some thought, planning and gathering of as many support as possible. If twenty people actually signed the letter would present a different scenario.

But he has done it, he has taken many positive steps towards fighting Vore, its up to the rest of Lauans in Lau to back him up by actuallyspeaking up against the visit to Lau or even better shooting, knifing/spearing/clubbing Vore dead while he is visiting Lau

Anonymous said...

There is/was no justification of 2006 coup because no one was threatened. The country had multi-party cabinet and the country was prospering. In 1987 and 2000 the indigenous people lost the power and an immigrant race came in to power. So there was justification. It is time for the military to go back to the barrack. The whole country is suffering and the economy is in turmoil. Rabuka

Anonymous said...

Lau belongs to Fiji not Tonga.

Anonymous said...

pm take your buddy ag with you to lau..

definitely both of u deserve lau

Anonymous said...

when is the take over RU & COMPANY.? IS THERE REALLY GOIN TO BE ONE?NEXT WEEK IS TOoooooo long.pliz pliz do it now.there is corruption every where.2006 coup was no cleanup u made it more worse,somebody some where pliz do something now,Langman of Ficac,where a u hiding.a u a puppet also,if you a man enough you will reveal the truth to the people of Fiji of how you run your organisation,& all so call investigators in Ficac do you know how to conduct investigations or a u all lamusona?sa valoloma o viti.

convolutedexperiment said...

Thumbs up for Peni Mapa, Malakai Sabanaivalu and Lau !

Anonymous said...

This stupid regim is So desparate and Crazy!!

How could two villagers pose any danger to national security????


VereBau. said...

How big are these peoples egos - or how desperate have they become?

Risking a civil war in Viti in order that they stay in power - don't face future prosecution?

Remember Vore - you've already pissed off your own in Kubuna - now your risking conflict Tovata?

You have the gall of calling yourself a nationlist?

Double tap the vermin said...

Exterminate this bhaini-khaiyum vermin and all it stands for!!

Mafia...USA said...

It is sad to see that people who wants to speak out their mind regarding thi illegal regime are taken in and interrogated. Some of whom as we have known have been tortured and thus human rights have been violated and freedom of speech as well.
FB and AG have told the media and Vocea ( Ambasador in Brussels )presented a report about Human rights in Fiji are not violated. So sad to note that the people of Fiji are held on ransom by this illeagl regime.
There is no Freedom of speech in Fiji and no wonder the extension of the PER have been implemented to protect them.
My advice to the ppl of Lau, just disregard them. When they come over you just go on with your daily chores and let them talk to govt officials on the islands. Just don't conduct any Fijian protocol of welcoming to the Dictators entourage.
Laivi ira ga me ra sobu yani ki vanua ka mo ni dui qarava ga na nomuni i tavi e na nomu ni lak ki na nomuni teitei kei na vei tavi tale eso ko ni dau qarava e na veisiga.
Its a shame that this man is treating hos own ppl like this. I Understand that AG has come up with a new law for Fijians to be called I Taukei. What he is doing is that he wants to allienate the Fijians from being known as Fijians and Fiji is their country. what a shame...

nayacakalou said...

@ Anon......Lau belongs to the people of Lau,not Bainijidamunivore.The man is evil,what made him think,that he is welcome to Lau for what he did?Bainijidamunivore should publicly apologies to the people of Lau,if he had some manners.

Anonymous said...

Lauans has caused a lot of pain to the rest of the people of main land.

nayacakalou said...

Can you publicly name one and proof of what he or she did.

Anonymous said...

Choose you this day,whom you shall serve,
Democracy or Dictatorship?
The two Lauans have made theirs as 'men'.

Anonymous said...

bainimarama is not welcome in lau..we will spear him down if he puts his feet down on our land.

Anonymous said...

come on lauans,a big ship loads of big coming our way.lets dig the biggest lovo pit and roast the delegations

convolutedexperiment said...


nayacakalou said...

So you are trying to blame the two Oxford graduate,Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna and Ratu Sir K.K.T. Mara for where we are today?I have to remind you,that Ratu Sukuna and my namesake work very closely to make laws of the land for the I-Taukei,so that no drifters like you can access to it,and olso send Kamisese Mara to replace them when they are gone.When Ratu Mara went down,everything went done,and why?Only thing that was left is people like you and Bainijidamunivore.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:39 PM. AMEN. Well said. The 2006 coup had more to do with Bananamarama saving his own skin from prosecution by the SDL government for Treason and Murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 then blaming them for corruption.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:48 PM. Lauans are much much starter than you kaicolos.

Anonymous said...

Choose you this day,whom you shall serve,Democracy or Dictatorship ?
The two Lauans have made theirs as 'Men' .

Anonymous said...

Vore ga na Vore...

Anonymous said...


If things are indeed so great then why are you complaining?

You should be very happy with what's happening are you.

Anonymous said...

This thuggish regime, openly supported by Yabaki and other parasites like Barr and Crosbie Walsh, is now victimising school children!!

The regime dimwit Bole has stated that school children must abide by the khaiyum regime PER!!
What are you going to do Bole and Barr and Yabaki – SHOOT THEM????
Get a reality check you fools. As for your playing of the race card Yabaki – go fark yourself – you and the CCF are irrelevant you facist fool.

THUMBS UP FOR FREEDOM – Well done Fijian patriot school kids!! You will all be free again soon from this thuggish and cowardly repression.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Most of economic developments have been concentrated around Lau while Naitasiri areas have been left out.

Anonymous said...

They should go to Lau. Let's see what happens, they just might end up sending a "distress call/flare" - then they can wait for the Chinese Navy to arrive 2 years later to rescue them...hahahah!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys I draw the cartoons what abot some feed back on them?????

Anonymous said...

cartoon is nice..lol

do one where the lauans will pit roast bhaini-marama and his pinky

Mao said...


One million sperm.....and you were the fastest?

Oh...never mind!

Anonymous said...

"To ye prisoners on the earth and in an earthly body and among earthly companions, what says Zeus? Zeus says, If it were possible I would have made your body and your possessions (those trifles that you prize) free and untrammelled. But as things are - never forget this - this body is not yours, it is but a clever mixture of clay. I gave you a portion of our divinity, a spark from our own fire, the power to act and not to act, the will to get and the will to avoid. If you pay heed to this, you will not groan, you will blame no man, you will flatter none."

And then Epictetus said: "We must die. But must we die groaning? We must be imprisoned - WE MUST BE IMPRISONED! he said - but must we whine as well? What say you, fellow? Chain me? My leg you will chain - yes, but my will - no, not even Zeus can conquer that. You say, I will imprison you. I say, my bit of a body you mean? You say, I will behead you. I say, when did I ever tell you I was the only man in the world that could not be beheaded?

It is circumstances which show what men are. Therefore when a difficulty falls upon you, remember that Zeus, like a trainer of wrestlers, has matched you with a rough, young man. For what purpose? you may say. Why that you may beome an Olympic conqueror, but it is not accomplished without sweat."

Epictetus, Imperial Rome, two thousand year ago, the origins of philosophy, the speculative spirit of inquiry into the mysteries of life and the universe -

My heart is with Peni Mapa and Malakai Sabanaivalu who have suffered the price of being men with consciences. They have shown the courage of their convictions.

Lau, do they stand alone? Plato

Anonymous said...

Mr Blank - arehh bohoot lovely cartoons! very nice earing Baini vore got...and Nazzmimi in the bak with the fishing line all fucked up around the 2 goons in the front ...hahahhaha bout spectacular Mr Blank...hahah this is better than disneyland circus reh! bloody marvelus!!
Can you draw a new one for the "Cassava Patch Olympics"???

bhupen lalloo patel said...

Bhaini the hand puppet goose could mobilise a gaggle of geese in a cassava patch…unless khaiyum had his hand up bhaini’s butt!!! And then the hysterical geese would be paying $2 per head to khaiyum’s aunt’s retirement fund!!

Crank the Mobilizer said...

1. FSC is bankrupt
2. Sugar industry is dead
3. FNPF is bankrupt
4. FDB is bankrupt
5. Labasa and many other town economies are dead
6. 60 percent people live in below poverty

What is mobilizing the economy?????????????????

Bullshit to fool FMF officers and people of Fiji.

THUMBS UP said...

Beginning of the end for those who think they can destroy freedom and Fijian culture. Congratulations to those police and reformed military giving the thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

THUMBS UP indeed to democracy in Fiji and to Roko Ului Mara for having the courage of your conviction. Better late than never. Welcome aboard!

convolutedexperiment said...

@ anon 904 p.m.
Brilliant, love the nipples !
Can you do one of the Shameem sisters pulling Aiyaz strings, Aiyaz in turn pulling Frank's strings and Frank in turn with his fishing rod in his hand with the line in a tangled mess with Ului Mara in the distance on the horizon in a Tongan Navy Vessel and maybe with Francis Keane somewhere there too and the Police Commiss ?
All in full regalia of course.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea, Ratu Mara!

First we show signs of solidarity and unite. Then we plan our actions, then we take the oppressors down. The key will be to convince senior RFMF officers to end it all without bloodshed.

I’d love to see the thumbs going up everywhere. And I’d love to see Aiyaz and his thugs answering for treason and crimes against humanity. Switch on your TV Cassava Patch Hero! There you can see Mladic being in the dock for his crimes, you see Saleh the dictator of Yemen hurt by the people and you see the end game against Col Gaddafi. No matter how good your running shoes and how fast you dash down the patch this time, there will be no escape!

Anonymous said...

Latest news; Neil Shivam rightly gets boot by Govt from doing any work. Isa Neil, this is what you get for being a Aziz and Roko Masi poloist. Bet ya Bhavna must be laughing!


Thumps up for democracy

This has spread in fiji like a master virus and people in suva, nausori, lami, sigatoka, nadi, ba, tavua, raki raki, labasa, tailevu, dama, savusavu, villages, towns and farms and road side all doing THUMPS UP FOR DEMOCRACY.

its a peoples coup or peoples revolution to drive the FIJI Gadafi out of power and return FIji to its people, democracy, rule of law, transparency and save the nation from bankruptcy.

The overthrow of the junta has began

Al, people support the THUMPS UP FOR DEMOCRACY and spread it like wild fire throughout the land.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Baeka Lekh Ram is? And while we here how abt predictions for parties to take part in 2014 elections. How abt Atu Bain to lead FLP. She is goodm was orginl member when we set it up in 1985.

Anonymous said...

If those elders from Lau were real chiefs they would all stop grovelling to Baini and instead step forward and state, whether true or not, that they signed the letter. That would screw up the case.

Anonymous said...

Time for the U.S Navy Seals to take this Corrupt Regime out with their Stealth Helicopters like they did to Bin Laden and his terrorist Mates.

Anonymous said...

coup 4.5 thanks for the update
cartoons looks great.
thumbs up for fiji.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

First all the Media Censored and now watch out all letter writers, you better spell your name right or you will be arrested and put before the illegal courts of the Banana man.

Anonymous said...

Nice cartoons Major Blank.

Moro said...

To all kai Viti Levu...whether you are from Ono or Wainimala we are all Taukeis, and we all have common interests.

Right now we have a common national enemy number 1 in Vore and we must unite to overthrow him as quickly as possibel.

Please no disunity and tribalism. We are now in 2011 and under dictatorship that was forcefully imposed on us.

We should all TOGETHER pick up the momentum of Ului's fight against the dictator. All..Taukei, Indo-Fijians Chinese and all Fiji Citizens....we must reclaim our country back under democratic rule. GOD BLESS FIJI.

Anonymous said...

i like the cartoon mr blank...i laughed first when i saw the cartoon then my eyes skimmed the page to read the article...

now my eyeballs are back to the cartoon and im laughin again.:)

thank you for the cartoon

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice 'Thumbs up for Democracy in Fiji'
in the photo on the right?
The man behind police officer's left
shoulder has a thumb up!
Way to show your support!!

Anonymous said...

This just show how CONFUSED, TERRIFIED and SCARED Bainivuaka is... A letter of Freedom of Speech from two innocent, defenceless Lauan men have caused UNREST to National Security... This is the most Ridiculous, Laughable matter ive ever heard in my life... And its on the front page of newspapers as well...

This CORRUPT EVIL REGIME is just a big CIRCUS... Bainivuaka and his Evil Regime needs to start dressing up as CLOWNS, because the whole of fiji's FED UP with all this DRAMAS and he's just making a FOOL of himself...

Bainivuaka if you are reading this!!! Just want to say to you that arresting two men for writing a letter expressing their Freedom of Speech of how they felt about you visiting their homeland is a basic Abuse of Human Rights... ARRESTING THEM WONT SOLVE THE MAJOR PROBLEMS YOU FACING RIGHT NOW, OF HAVING SLEEPLESS NIGHTS...

Do me favor Bainivuaka you Evil Bastard, go and hang yourself, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT... Stop terrorising the Poor Innocent, Defenceless long suffering Fijian people..... YOU SCUM OF THE EARTH...

Matailakeba, c/o DEWALA, RA said...

Mr Blank....set nomu cartoon

Tavale Mapa and Mudrau Malakai...be strong...we are praying for both of you...

AG remember....when worse comes to worse, PM can be pardoned but not you...we know that the root cause of all this is you...

Anonymous said...

Well.... Love the cartoons!! Brilliant!!! Keep them coming!!!
Thumbs Up for Democracy!!! God Bless My Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

2 Chronicles 7:14:
"If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land"

Anonymous said...

send all lauans back to lau n tonga,,,,,,,,except the women....

Anonymous said...

@ Moro 11:07 PM. "We should all TOGETHER pick up the momentum of Ului's fight against the dictator."

"Plato," are you a Fiji citizen? Otherwise as an American with no real attachment to Fiji, I am disgusted and angered by your attacks on RUM and the MARA family.

Either get behind him 100% or butt out of our problems and get the fork out of here.

Anonymous said...

@ Matailakeba, c/o DEWALA, RA 11:49 PM. "AG remember....when worse comes to worse, PM can be pardoned but not you...we know that the root cause of all this is you..."

Pardon Baini? r u nuts? The 2006 coup had more to do with Bai saving his own skin from prosecution by the SDL government for Treason and Murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 then blaming them for corruption.

The body that could’ve protected Bai was the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC). That’s the body that protected Rabuka when he did the ‘87 coup.

Rabuka was really smart. When he took over, he quickly handed over to the GCC. So the GCC, the supreme institution for Fijians, said we agree with what he said and done, so we’ll give him immunity.

But now, who is Bai going to get his immunity from? Kai? (Lol) He’s abrogated the Constitution, dismantled the GCC, he can’t go to the church.

Anonymous said...

RE: Mr. Blank

You are doing a great job with the cartoons! Keep up the good work!

Actually, this would be a perfect time for the people of Lau to say that those ARE their signatures on the letter. Then the court issue becomes a non-issue. Stand united or fall divided. Plato

Anonymous said...

Sefanaia Sukanaivalu - Lau
Peni Mapa - Lau
Malakai Sabanaivalu - Lau
I'm not from Lau, but credit must be given where it's due.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Fiji will explode this year with economic growth. Lyle & Tate has almost doubled our sugar price for this year. Forward bookings for hotels looking great for southern winter. So it is go Fiji go. Doom and gloom merchants, feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

@Frank the Mobilizer

7. Coconut industry also farked
8. Dalo industry farked , farked
9 Local fishing industry farked
10 Timber industry farked
11. local airline industry - FARKED
12 FNPF - farked

what the fark is the use of infrustructure development when there is no industry.
more industry done on old gravel road and wooden bridge and no wharf...just load from the beach.

13. local BUILDING INDUSTRY farked, but not for foreigners giving kickback to the dictator and hsi cronies.

where is the

The money fank gives you is the PEOPLES money. are you bastards that you dont know who feeds you , your wife, you children.
economic cannibalism 100 million a year to eat, shit and sleep and
FARK the rest of Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ 8:04 AM "Fiji will explode this year with economic growth."

Hahahahahahahaha..... joke of the century.

By Frank the "Mobilizer", huh?

Fiji economy grew by 0.6 percent and inflation 7 percent. An country going backwards. NO SURPRISES when you're "led" by no-school retard

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:04 Unfortunately no one told the Pigs in Tavua about the increased sugar price. Already 10 canefarmers have stopped canefarming due to wild pigs eating their cane. There goes your Sugar Industry.

And unfortunately no one told the pig Pfilger about Tourism. He is going to wreck Air Pacific and with it Fiji Tourism.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Good story from NZ here about Keane and the rugby world cup in NZ


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8.40 Key reason why inflation went up was due to oil prices. We paying $2.50 per litre for fuel. So No country grow as much as 7% bar China and India. Look at the region, maximum growth achieved was 3.2%.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love you Valataka na Dina! Perceptive and quick on the uptake! Plato

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 2:09 PM. Hmmmm.... Love blossoming between "Plato" and Valataka na Dina... Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll go for a bright brain any day! Plato

Anonymous said...

Just to show you how big time liumuri the Fijians are-they now ambrace Ratu Mara as a Saviour for Democracy! Appears the democracy movement ran out of ideas and had nothing else do and say but grab the first Soldier that came along to now make him spokes person for the CAUSE! Have we become so desperate, we now kissing the hands that was just a few weeks back giving orders to torture our own relatives! Aren't we a lot of big time liumuris!Maybe we deserve to get someone like Ratu Mara, because now we have someone who has inside information, as he claims, but hasn't told us one thing we don't yet know! Who is the bigger fool Ratu or us!

Anonymous said...

Keimami sa madua na luvei Tailevu kei Kubuna vei kemudrau na yavu tamata macawa, nanumi kemudrau vakaikemudrau, kocokoco; Nailatikau kei Bainimarama. Drau veisau sapo!