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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why is Bainimarama emailing Mara? See the correspondence below

First it was Jone Baledrokadroka, now it's Roko Ului Mara.

The dictator, Frank Bainimarama, seems to be spending a lot of time reading blogs and collecting talking points to send to his former military officers.

Just before the Canberra forum, he dispatched to Baledrokadroka (his former land force commander) an email from his iPad. It was his speech on Mahogany, the one Aiyaz Sayed Khayium had written.

This time, the information he's sending to Mara (his former 3FIR commander) comes from MINFO mistress, Sharon Smith Johns, and concerns a story penned by coup apologist, Graham Davis.

Start with Mara's lead in to the emails:

On Sunday afternoon, the dictator Bainimarama forwarded me an email. I can only imagine that he had a bit too much to drink at lunch and thought he was being clever. It is an email exchange between Graham Davis, “reputable” journalist? Smith Johns, Miss Information, and Bainimarama, leader of Banana’s Republic.

There are a number of points of note in this email. As you will see it was all sent by iPhone and iPad from iDumb, iDumber and iDumbest.

1) Bainimarama, despite his protestations about the pro democracy movement being a waste of space, spends his Sundays worrying about us. I hope we give you indigestion
2) Smith Johns, the Australian, thinks it is funny to talk about attacking her own country, ha ha! Planning your next attack on your country of birth with a dictator who is unfriendly to Australia. Now that sounds like sedition to me
3) Smith Johns, the hypocrite, forced the Fiji media to listen to her tirade about the blog sites a few weeks ago. She ranted “I must stress to you all that reading these blog sites is not a source of credible information, these sites are run by politically motivated individuals who are mostly failed politicians and a smattering of disgruntled journalists.(Graham Davis?)”. Not only does she read them, not only does she believe them but she plagiarizes them because she can’t come up with an original thought herself
4) Graham Davis that “independent and respected journalist” is thanking Sharon for a favor. We now know he writes stories to her instructions to return the favour.
To quote Smith Johns again “They (blogs) propagate rumors and stir up emotions to destabilize this country. Suffice to say the local media have unfortunately fallen for this trap and have used false information to lend false credibility to these stories.”

For this to make the most sense please start at the bottom with the email from Davis to Smith Johns and work your way to the top. To confirm this email is forwarded as received but with my comments at the top.

Thumbs Up for Democracy
God Bless

Ratu Tevita Mara
June 21

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Frank Bainimarama
Date: Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 1:33 AM
To: Otto Limmput

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Sharon J
> Date: June 12, 2011 16:00:12 GMT+12:00
> To: Frank Bainimarama
> Seem he has done himself more harm than good, the comment below was posted on a blog site, and supported by a few others. I like the last sentence, i might use that in my next attack on Australia. ha ha
> I think Mara has had his time in the limelight. He is saying nothing new, same old crap as the SDL party, he is now the 'Puppet' to cronies such as Kaitani and Qarase. It is interesting to note that Australia and now New Zealand are supporting the very people who were involved in the 2000 coup, they are also supporting the extremists who want to return Fiji to the way it was, Fiji for Fijians and the rest sod off. And to top it all off the Australia government is paying the likes Frankel and Lal to stir up more hatred and race based politics. Something smell rotten here.
> Where is the voice of the Australian opposition, they need to be demanding answers on why under the nose of this government, they have allowed a fugitive to enter australia and proven coup supporters to all gather and pat themselves on the back whilst encouraging a violent return to democracy.
> Answers from the Australian Government please or is Rudd still sitting with the map of the world trying to find out where the hell FIJI is!
> On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Frank Bainimarama wrote:
>     Exactly what I told Rokolui in my email to him last week.....that his complaints are those of the SDL and for which we removed Qarase and his party for.
>     Sent from my iPhone
>     On Jun 11, 2011, at 23:19, sharonsjohns@gmail.com wrote:
>>     This is well worth the read. Opens up a lot of questions that the Aussies can't answer! Link is below
>>     Sent from my iPhone
>>     Begin forwarded message:
>>>     From: Graham Davis
>>>     Date: June 11, 2011 9:48:00 PM GMT+12:00
>>>     To: PS Info , Sharon J
>>>     Subject: #28 UNHOLY ALLIANCE ON FIJI
>>>     Hi Sharon,
>>>     You'll be interested in my latest Grubsheet posting. And thanks again, for helping Wooley.
>>>     Cheers,
>>>     GD
>>>     http://www.grubsheet.com.au/?p=448
> --
> Sharon Smith Johns
> Permanent Secretary
> Ministry of Information, National Archives & Library Services of Fiji
> Ph (+679) 3301806 | Mob (+679) 9905558 | Fax (+679) 3305139 | Web: www.fiji.gov.fj |
> GPO Box 2225, Government Buildings
> Suva, Fiji Island

Editor's Note: Mara says his mother-in-law was dragged in for questioning this morning by Fiji police. She's alleged to have sworn about Bainimarama in a heated discussion with a former boxer who did not like the way the discussion had gone so went to the police to denounce her. Mara says a witness was able to report that Lewai had only said nice things about Bainimarama and has now been released. 


Anonymous said...

I guess wirh Fiji now holding a very famous aussie fugitive, could we have a prisoner swap?

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot... who cares about his motherinlaw being taken in for mouthing out. That's his freekin problem and not for the public. We dont want to know about his family's involvement.

What's happened to the rest he was supposed to spill? Sa oti tale? Macawa ga.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davies and Sharon should be ashamed of themselves for being associated with a Dictator who hauls people to the police station just for saying derogatory remarks about another person. And this sort of behaviour is happening now (not last year but now!) These are the kind of two-faced a...holes we are dealing with.
IRB should have nothing to do with people like this.
UN should have nothing to do with Bainimarama.
Here he is , still harrasing women. How shameful!
I'm even ashamed to be called a fijian. This is embarrasing.

As for you Sharon and Graham you two have the collective morals of a cockroach to still support Voreqe.
How shameful of you two. Your mothers would be ashamed if they knew what kind of government you were supporting.
Why don't you go back to where you came from and do something useful.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Is this pm idiot didnt mean to send this train of chats out it means they cant even figure out how to use an iphone.

And if you cant even use figure out an iphone how the bloody hell do you expect to run a country.

Mata-ni-ta-boka ..... stick with "alcatel" guys it matches your level of intellect.

Thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

@anon9.25 ,why should that lady be taken in @ all ?? this shows how low this Swine will go ....na cava tale o via rogoca ?? Qo mo kila- o Voreqe Bainimara a mona taka na Coup ni 2000 !!! ia qai cici levu tale ni sa lako i loma o GP.....nona levu ni S...na lEvu e taura jiko kina vakaukauwa na matanitu niku.....oti ra qai muri tu nai lawalawa Sotia MACAWA era tu qo !!! Vore o na MATE !!

Anonymous said...

wait bro..he is addressing nz on 2nd july...

Anonymous said...

what do people want to hear?

there is more than enough information that he has spilled,but it is not going to the grassroot..

Anonymous said...

very techically advanced illegal administration..courtesy of aslam,the monkeys using ipads and iphones

Anonymous said...

peoples revolution wil take place

Tomaniivi said...

Vore's emails add credence to the bilief that he is indeed maniacal, kookoo, haw!haw! and deranged upstairs.

One does not normally expect one to be emailing a prime enemy like he has been doing.

In addition to his compromised mental state he is surely habitually drunk, the pig!!!.

This idiot to be the leader of Fiji????? my God. Lets get rid of the low life as soon as possible guys.

Anonymous said...

Alleged swearing by little old ladies is now an offence in Fiji. Fijian People cannot swear in public without being hauled off to Police Station by the Cowardly Dictator Goons. How stupid and pathetic this illegal regime looks to people around the world. They bring shame to the people of Fiji and may God forgive them but I doubt that.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

hahahaha really dumb and stupid,it's obvious that he doesn't know how to use an ipad...what a shame!!

For the two idiot Australians Sharon and Davis what are you both getting out of this?You should be a shame of yourselves for supporting an unelected regime, dictator and a women basher!!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of confused idiots!!! Sharon & Graham Davis must be yellow in their pants to find their emails posted in this blog! Good on you Voreqe for working against yourself!!! Kaila?

Anonymous said...

Illegal AG speaks to nz media on elelctions in fiji under PER, all political parties and people of fiji must boycott any elections moves or take part in anythins cos this will not be free and fair under PER.

Who is illegal AG to speak about PER and not the home affairs???

The fact is the junta knows it removes PER it will be out of power within one month and will not be able to push through dictatorship scam corrupt elelctions on people of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Grubsheet is full of shit!

Observer said...

My concern is our present leadership is a reflection of the kind of mentality we have...reflecting very badly on the nation as a whole; that this government's leaders have allowed themselves to be conned, conned big time by under qualified dimwits for instance Sharon the Pissing Hissing PS of Mis/DisInformation, John Prasad, the present PS Public Enterprises to hold positions in our Government.

This is so deflating to see people who can not deliver being part of this government. Hissing cannot even deliver a media brief of substance, all empty rhetorics...

Sharon, you only look good because English is your first language but nothing else...this is really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

who exactly are the grassroots?

It is US the urban people that matter... we will then take it to the "grassroots"...

Mara does not have it in him to give us want we want - and that is to topple Bainimarama. Who needs this crap about his motherinlaw. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

"all sent by iPhone and iPad from iDumb, iDumber and iDumbest."


Anonymous said...

@ anon 9.25PM Rokoului's mother in law is not the point. The point is that profaning Bainimarama's name in a private conversation does not warrant a person being cross examined like a criminal. The AG should school the police officers on his draconian decrees so they don't waste tax payers money on childish accusations made by insecure individuals. I doubt very much that profaning the name of Bainimarama in a private conversation will destabilize the regime or maybe the regime is so unstable and insecure that even a comment from an old lady is a threat. If the regime is this fearful and unstable, then maybe they are not the right people we want leading Fiji forward.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank see you are not in charge of Fiji . I see you did not get to open the new USA Embassy.
So that said it all Frank , You are not welcome . So that must hurt your ego , So hurry up and go to the USA and see what happens Frank .

Anonymous said...

People should begin to wake up to the contemporary modern era of politics associated with the competition of business stakeholders internally and externally across borders. Remembers what the colonial powers did. They see you sitting on something you want - natural resourse, the sale of which rakes millions and for the businessmen it achieves the ability to accumulate wealth and advocates 'indivdualism.' They make an enemy of you or your unpopular 'lazy lifestyle' and try and make policies either to push you out or force you to sell - with the other hand flashing luxuries. The iTaukei now should begin to wonder why a number ex-patriates are embedded in the whole political mechanisms of Fiji. A career? The help orchestrate the Khayum thesis? Either way...when the dust settles and an election is achieved what do we have...for the Itaukei. They will continue to sit around while politicians try and change the policies on their land and marine resources, make an enemy out of their 'communal - killing time lifestyle', shove taxes in their faces, and slowly drive them out from their villages to the urban village...and create policies under the guise of better use of resources. Lets hope Mara and JB's ten pointer have something ENDURING for the iTaukeis generations to come and not just - power competition for indivdual gains and accumulation. Itaukei friens stay awake!!!. - D'vicco

Anonymous said...

So that idiot Sharon is saying we shouldn't have 'fiji for the Fijians'? I thought they decreed Fijians is everybody....this is what happens when people put out idiotic decrees without thinking. Can't even change their own vocabulary especially being the government mouthpiece and expect others will change theirs...idiots! This also exposes what kind of low life idiots these three are, especially exposing Graham and Sharon who seem to be treating this like some high school gossip session. What a bunch of idiots!! And people don't bother going to GD's grubsheet or blogsite, you're only giving him credibility by the number of visitors he gets when in reality the only people reading it are him and Sharon....not the "please read my blog and see how smart I am request" to Sharon...pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

When u look at this whole charade I agree with M Field but dont think a coup is being planned. RUM and JB will not achieve much. They have a credibility problem - ie RUMs commitment to 2006 coup reasons (hasnt apologised to Qarase) and JBs involvement in 2000-02 suppresions and anti rebel operations during CRW mutiny. People were killed under RUM and JBs watch.
The Pro Dems in Canberra said that they will pursue non violent means. Realistically how will they achieve this? Frank will not talk to them so they are really at a dead end. Frank has indicated that negotiations will start in 2012. He had already convened a roundtable with politicians 2 yrs ago so its not impossible.
So really will RUM n JBs group achieve much - dont think so except harden Frank against them.
The way forward is not RUM and JB but someone who can communicate with both Frank and the International Community. As the economy deteriorates and inflation worsens, Frank will soon be inclined for a exit strategy.
The coup is too entrenched to be dislodged by a revolt and rebellion which bloggers keep on dreaming about in their wet dreams!
Time to confront reality guys n stop dreaming.

Anonymous said...

"Why is Bai emailing Mara?" Because Bai cannot go to sleep peacefully as Mara travels the South Pacific and thence to the US.

Anonymous said...

Frank, step down you're making an idiot out of yourself and everyone serving under you. Khaiyum, lako tuba koli taliban. Sharon and other expats go home. Ratu Epeli, form a caretaker Government quick so this country can get back on track, it's already too late to save Fiji from ruin! Moce yani Vatulele Resort!!

SEMI MEO said...

Breaking News from within the WITHIN...my tauvu Rear Admiral CO Prime Minister Frank J Bainimarama is on 4 medications...he is a very very sick man...so sick that he starts to curse at all close to him and himself...

...his emails may just be his cry for help, though he may not be able to express..sure, he has to put on a brave demeanor…to receive the salutes and prop up Co Prime Minister’s hope in him….

Could someone talk to him…may be Ratu Mara and Mr. Baledrokadroka??

He is only phone call away!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is desperate and frustrated lol!! toso tiko freedom fighters!

Anonymous said...

This isn't about Roko Uluis mother in law, it is about hoq idiotic franks runs his corrupt, bankrupt kaput illegal gov. It is just pathetic to say the very least.
How on earth are you able to sleep at nights just baffles me.....must be dead freakin drunk every night huh....vakaloloma dina na nomu bula voreqe.

Anonymous said...

Same old garbage between Vore/Gusu-ni-kubu Sharon and Graham Davis...

But have you noticed the mode of communication between Sharon and Vore???? No sir or PM title. Just a normal email between someone who is close to the other.

For all we know and with Sharon's reputation for being a man-eater, Vore must be plugging Sharon.

Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Namaka ni na yaco e vuqa na veika vei ira na wekamu RUM .......... e bale vei iko na veika era sa sota kaya tiko qoka na wekamu........... lamutaka na lawa.

Anonymous said...

30km road, been built for $99million ...


article from Fiji Sun

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:52 - noticed that as well, the communication between Sharon and Vore is definitely not that of a PM and a PS. Unprofessional to say the least with the "ha ha" and the "where the hell fiji is". Just goes to show the level of education of these two idiots or as you aptly put it...some 'plugging' going on somewhere.

Anonymous said...

99 million china road deal is 3 time the price road work cost in fiji/nz.
frank/ag is filling his bank account on tax payers back
mo nailumu from heaven..

Anonymous said...

News to hand. AG has just gazetted new Decree called Capital Punishment. This will allow Suva to unleash punishment on Nadro on Saturday. Go Suva go!

Loyal Aussie said...

Does anyone know who Wooley is that Graham Davis (pro regime extraordnaire) is thanking Smith Johns for? PS Clear implication here that Davis, contrary to his 'professional badge', is in be with the military dictatorship that is oppressing Fiji people under draconian decrees and the PER. Disgusting.

Radiolucas said...

@ 4:40pm

Indeed - and he has the gall to call himself a journalist - what integrity Mr Davis.

Anonymous said...

semi meo
ur right,,,Frank looks sick
chk out his legs in the photo with the netball team in fiji sun 21/6.
It doesnt look normal ie white spots, lumps etc. Leg problems can be linked to kidney, heart or diabetes.....
hope the disease doesn't affect the netball girls.
Meo - suggest you go and cure frank for good with yo expertise in vakadraunikau

Anonymous said...

At anon 4.38pm funny.....asked for by Kean! hee hee wai le!

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anon.. June 22, 2011 5:28 PM ….God forbid. He does NOT need vakadraunikau...all he needs is a dose of saving grace, available to all who genuinely repent and resolve restitution.

Again, we ask the pro-democracy Guru to attempt talking to him…

..se vaevei..drau ni salato...