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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Air Pacific threatens NZ and Australian unions: statement

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions has received a letter from lawyers acting for Air Pacific threatening damages if workers take any action in support of human rights for Fijian workers.

Peter Conway, CTU Secretary, said “it is hypocritical for Air Pacific to rely on employment law in New Zealand to try to prevent any support for restoration of fundamental employment law in Fiji.”

“This will also make people think twice before using an airline that won’t stand up for the most basic human rights.”

“The CTU has stated from the outset that any action is a decision of members and that we would consult with employers and the NZ Government before this took place.”

“This heavy-handed and threatening response from Air Pacific is unwarranted and is designed to intimidate New Zealand workers before they even have an opportunity to discuss the crisis in Fiji, including decrees removing worker rights and beatings of union officials”. 

The CTU is calling on Air Pacific to support the people of Fiji against the military Government and work with organisations in New Zealand to demand labour laws be restored.

Peter Conway said that the CTU will instruct it’s lawyer to respond to the Simpson Grierson letter.

Editor's Note: Dave Pflieger needs to be asked: Why is Air Pacific competing with budget carriers when it is not a budget carrier itself? Like Qantas did with Jetstar, perhaps it is time Air Pacific rebranded and becomes a budget carrier or turn Pacific Sun into a budget carrier by repainting one of it's 737 aircraft. Then we will be on a level playing field. Pflieger can then ask passengers to pay for meals, drinks and entertainment and no-one will complain. There has also been a lot of back tracking from Pflieger in recent times. No word on voluntary retirement packages. And his recent comment in the Fiji Times about "not having a girlfriend" is classic case of foot in the mouth. Why mention it at all unless his conscience is not clear.


Anonymous said...

Air Pacific Management and CEO are living in a lawlessness country but are pointing figures to others that they should follow rules because those people have them. Is this the same as 'Do as i Preach, but not as I Do'? Hypocrites Big Time!!!

Air Pacific should take FTCU and other respective Fiji Unions to court not CTU, on the other hand CTU does not have any agreement with Air Pacific but FTCU & FICTU. Anyway, the call to Air Pacific to support the Fiji people against the illegal Military Regime will be genuine test to Air Pac.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nik Naidu should intervene to resolve this dispute.

Anonymous said...

Challenge the junta of thugs dictator to order the arrest and torture of all union leaders in fiji. From bully falla he has become lamu falla.

A pacific solution is needed to the gang of thugs in fiji holding government hostage and raping the nation inclusive of massive scams and corruption.

International sanctions is needed to boycott loading and unloading of goods to and from fiji, by air and sea, except medicine.

It will take one week for the gang of thugs to give themselves up for trial and allow rule of law and democracy to return to fiji.

The pacific styled gadafi dictator's time is up, as its time for workers of fiji revolution and people of fiji fight against the junta.

We dont need people charter under PER, remove PER and see who wants peoples charter?

We need people power, thumbs up for democracy and long live democracy.

Anonymous said...

The patriotic duty of every Fijian is to keep Air Pacific alive. Any threat to the airline is a threat to every Fijian. Why? because without it we are hostage to other airlines that can be withdrawn from Fiji in an instant. Our jobs and out futures depend on maintaining the tourist flow, no matter what the political circumstances. If things turn really bad in Fiji, the other airlines will fly off and Air Pacific will still be here. Stop attacking it and get behind Dave Pfleiger's efforts to save it.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the news today, the junta a gang of thugs is down on its knees already, the Gobells says singh out?

Singh is acting on council directive.

The QEB goons lamu to arrest any unions and torture anymore.

The dictator looks like a fool gone mad making statments and also the puppet master cos they know their end game is nigh.

International sanctions is needed to end the circus in fiji.

dictator has PER so where is the action?

Sa lamu

convolutedexperiment said...

Maybe they should call it, " Hot Air " !

Anonymous said...

The junta of thugs ship is sinking and the cronies in it are ready to jump ship, soon the dictator will find himself isolated with liumuri all over the place and even the PER will not protect him. The end is the cassava patch for him.

Anonymous said...

Look at the junta today, they have no option left but gutter level politics to try and remove the union leaders by using some members, unions operate under democracy and constituion and not dictatorship, resolution of unions are mandate for leaders.

The junta looks like bunch of school kids with their statements.

Bring on the fight and lets see.

This not GCC drinking homebrew under mango dree.

This not methodist church in court under PER.

This not women who can be beaten at QEB.

This workers and people power of fiji.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pfilger is nothing but a loser. Air Pacific has lost its image ., thanks to u Pfliger..Bai pls sack him.Oh m sorry ...i forgot that Bai , Pfliger n aiiyarse are 3 in one ..Trinity.Dou veitauri kau mada dou yavu Bavulu

Anonymous said...

fools - sanctions will only affect ordinary workers and children,,,,,are u people gonna send money to them.
anyway,,,,union action on air pac now deemed illegal in aust,,,chk fiji village fools!
looks like another hot air plan like that released by mara in canberra....
what u bloggers shud be organising is an armed attack on cabinet when they meeting,,,,,not hot airs on the web! TOO MUCH TALK ,,,LEARN FROM THE ARABS ON HOW TO DO REGIME CHANGE NOT ULUI who did a runner!

Anonymous said...

An illegal JUNTA with out any legal right to be in Government filing Lawsuits is laughable. Crying out about illegal behaviour makes them two-faced hypocrites and shows how idiotic and demented the Clowns of this illegal Regime Circus are.

Anonymous said...

Injunctions can be dissolved.....

Anonymous said...

The injuction is likely to stay.

The TWU recently was fined (2010) for an illlegal strike by TWU baggage handlers in Adelaide.

Qantas took TWU to court. TWU was fined $35,000. That case sets precedence and TWU would be infuriated.The Australian workers are not an agrieved party and therefore their strike would be illegal.

My 2 cents.

Akuila said...

I had always travelled Air Pacific untill one year ago..

Since the appointment of the current American CEO, the Airline has begun to bleed through the treatment dished out to its local workers.

Because of this I have stopped travelling by Air Pacific.

I work for a very large international engineering company in NZ and have taken all the opportunities to persuade my workmates and friends not to travel Air Pacific. Over the last year i know of at least 65 of my contacts who had changed travelling away from Air Pacific.

We will continue to recruit more to leave AP until the current CEO leaves the company

Anonymous said...

David Pflieger I beleive is the asshole that brought these decrees and gave them to his friend illegal AG to process against the Unions and the workers. Dont run away David when the shit hits the fan - and it will be very soon.

Anonymous said...

David Pflieger is a looser and the workers of Air Pacific should put a big boot up his behind. Since his arrival in Fiji we have had nothing but problems, resignations and no future. In his stupidity he fails to understand Qantas' power. One swipe they could destroy Air Pacific but like a lap dog he is trying to please his political master ASK. Pflieger go home and make amends with your wife you low life. Be a man and do the right thing - stop fooling Fijians, we know you can't manage an airline, let alone your family your hypocrite. Tick, tock, tick, tock, we are coming after you fake!

Anonymous said...

Well done Air Pacific

convolutedexperiment said...

I suppose the questions remains, can an illegal entity demand that the letter of the Law and Judas Prudence be forthcoming from others ?

For the People, of the People and by the People :-
In America, one must stand for Election to become Attorney General, but not in Fiji it seems :-

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 8:52am

"The patriotic duty of every Fijian is to keep Air Pacific alive. Any threat to the airline is a threat to every Fijian. Why? because without it we are hostage to other airlines that can be withdrawn from Fiji in an instant. Our jobs and out futures depend on maintaining the tourist flow, no matter what the political circumstances. If things turn really bad in Fiji, the other airlines will fly off and Air Pacific will still be here. Stop attacking it and get behind Dave Pfleiger's efforts to save it."

The duty of EVERY PATRIOTIC FIJIAN my friend is to uphold the rule of law and defend democracy such as that protected in the 1997 constitution.

All other arguments are moot because everything coming home to roost now is a result of ANARCHY because we are not being governed by those we elect, neither are we governed by the set of rules that we all agreed to ie the 1997 constitution.

Tell Pfleiger to suck it up - he's a lawyer and should know full well the deal here. This is one airline where his sterling record will fail him - welcome to coup-coup land.

This is the sucker punch.

Mafi...USA said...

@ Anon July 21,8:52am

Who told you that it is our ptriotic responsibilty to keep AP alive????
Where did you get that stupid idea that any threat to AP is a threat to every Fijian???
Who fed you those shit??? The existence and the thriving of the bussiness aspect of AP solely relies on those who are paid to run it.
Have you been paid any dividens from AP???
Get your facts rights. The AP is our National carrier and the Govt has the major share, not the ppl.
With or without AP tourism will still be a thriving bussiness and the most revenue earner in Fiji. But for AP to play a major role, it has to support the local workers thru their Bargaining Agreement. Not taking side with the illegal regime..
Do you ahve any idea what Dave has done to AP's experienced engineers??? He sacked them and replace them with overseas engineers who are paid more than the local eng who has been loyal to AP for more than 20yrs.
The AP will only lose out with the current Chairman..Dave..
Thumbs Up To Better Pay And Working Rights to All Workers In Fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

We would like to keep Air Pacific alive as it is our national Airline and the CEO will have no problem doing that as he will just get expat workers to replace the locals.Whatever he has reported in the media is a load of bull.Many Air Pac staff compared to jobs of the same description in the region are way way way,underpaid and get far less priveleges compared to overseas counterparts.This guy is such a lying bastard painting a bad picture of locals to gain support.Many locals will leave as they lose their union rights or get told to leave once the company is able to do whatever it wants to Union members in the Airline when the decree is passed.The Government was supposed to stand up for the locals but it appears that certain individuals in govt would support an expat over a local.The local staff have no where else to turn and this is probably the end of the road for many of them.A sad time indeed for local workers who are union members.The locals are way more skilled and have far greater work ethics and cultural knowledge and awareness compared to these expats who make out they know everything when really they know S#$T but get treated like Kings walking on red carpet.Unfortunately cultural awareness and knowledge will all be lost in our national airline when locals leave for greener pastures and heartless expats are left to run it,this is meant to be Fiji's National Airline!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news..Right now Pfilger doesnt care abt our frustration talks on the blog re: the Union Issue..He is enjoying bonking Ms Shenaaz Voss( Pac Sun CEO with no qualification but SEcretary experience from Fiji Air), in return for the Hertz rental deals she makes with Air Pacific. As i speak all air pacific consultants are enjoying their party sessions in Denarau n driving posh hertz rental cars while staff of air pacific are shivering with fear about their bleak future. To Aiyase n Dave : busy doing 3sum with Shenaaz while Mrs Pfilger is in the US, wondering what her leka hubby is up to in Paradise??(lost)..

Anonymous said...

Consultants getting FJD60k a month paying no witholding tax...n driving Hertz , staying in Denarau with accomodation , meals , entertainment fully paid by air pacific, wow! while Air Pac is sinking..what a waste of money. These consultants are just those ordinary staff from other airlines pretending they have airline knowledge, they dont!,, and certain bumsuckers withing the airline sucking up to them to kip their jobs so that their bosses can be kicked out..mmmm...U WILL SINK WITH THE AIRLINE !! REM that AND THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE LAUGHING... DROMU YANI..

Anonymous said...

They should also bring some blondes to be the airlines flight attendants.Service suckSS!

Anonymous said...

Patriotic duty to keep ap alive hahahaha what a joke your patrioctic duty is to see Fiji get back democracy you idiot, freedom freedom freedom

Anonymous said...

In reponse to twu being fined . Mate that's called democracy where everyone has the right to challenge one in the court of law, so now explain to me do u have the same rights in Fiji ?

Anonymous said...

good job airpacific on the injunction,,,,u did your homework while felix et al did their on the media and tv in aust which in the end was sweet bugger all,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:52 You said, "It's the patriotic duty of every Fijian to keep Air Pacific alive"
Bainimarama was trying to sell off Air Pacific. Does that mean he is not patriotic?
May be you are right?
Sorry to wake you up from your Dreamings, but Air Pacific is bleeding badly. Thanks to Pfliger who hasn't got a clue.
He has even hired, more intelligent (supposedly) consultants, but they still have no clue.
They don't understand that Air Pac is a niche operator and it has survived mainly by the goodwill of its employees and its passengers.
But Pfliger has come in and kicked these same people in the guts.
Well what result does he expect?
He's an idiot.
All he wants to do now is divide Air Pac and sell off its business arms and give some money to Bai and Aiyaz.
Lucky for you,my nostalgic friend,no one wants to buy (including the Muslims).
The idiots now running the place have no clue. Air Pacific will go belly up soon.
They should have read Drysdale's book.

-Valataka na Dina.
"Tu ga na i nima luvu na waqa."

Anonymous said...


Yankee Go Home said...

Kamlesh, thanks for standing up for your union members. Your CEO, David Pflieger has the typical American, "one size fit all" approach. Seems he has not taken the time or liberty to understand the airline business and its intrinsic link to the tourism industry and the people of Fiji. His reliance on consultants and spin doctor Sami Pareti, is a poor reflection on his ability, professional competency and leadership skills. As a Union Leader you need to consider and ask yourself the following:-
1. Is CEO showing staff that he understands the difficulties they will face in a major company strategy shift (has he explained new strategy?) or the introduction of new products or services?
2. Is CEO giving the staff the information they need to understand the business case for change?
3. Is CEO giving staff the opportunity to express and discuss their concerns, feelings about the transition?
4. Is CEO inspiring ALL staff with a detailed vision of the company's future - and what matters in getting there - and providing both practical and emotional support as they work out their new roles?
5. Is CEO involving staff at every level in translating the company's NEW vision (is there one?)into new operating procedures?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your Board of Directors employed the wrong CEO in Pflieger