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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Australia's Transport Workers Union to vote on Qantas industrial action on Fiji-bound flights

FIJI INTERVENTION: Tony Sheldon. Below: Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh and Dan Urai.
Australian trade unions are taking action against the illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama.

Employees of the Australian airline, Qantas, will today be asked to take industrial action, including work bans on Fiji-bound aircraft, after the military dictatorship targeted airline workers in the draft Vital National Industries Decree, smashing workplace rights across the sector.

The Transport Workers Union says members will look at halting or disrupting travel to and from Fijian routes, operated by Qantas-controlled Air Pacific and Qantas subsidiary Jetstar, unless military-government sanctioned violence and harassment, including physical bashings and threats, towards Fijian trade unionists ceases.

In a statement, TWU secretary, Tony Sheldon, says in  recent months, the military junta have reduced freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, and "they now want to smash the basic-human right of getting a fair wage for employees and their families."

“The new decree will see wages drop significantly across the airline and sugar industry sector, as well as provide political strength to the regime’s friends through the destruction of workplace representation.

“Qantas and the Fijian government have a close relationship through their joint ownership of Fijian national carrier, Pacific Air, as well as through other business interests. It is also up to the Qantas board to denounce this decree, and protect its employees across the supply chain.” 

The TWU says real wages and conditions would be driven down for all workers across the aviation industry, which has already seen Fijian pilots and engineers leave the country for better paid work.

“A Fijian baggage handler working for Qantas currently makes between about FJD$290 a week up to FJD$380 a week with overtime and penalties, based on a 50 to 55 hour week," says Sheldon.  "The new regulation would see penalties gone, hard-fought for protections gone and that pay packet drop to about FJD$170 a week – that is less than AU$90.

“Fijian workers have only just received a 4 per cent pay-rise this year – their first since the Coup in 2006. This is despite Qantas’ record profits over that period, and a Fijian inflation rate of about Transport Workers’ Union 6 per cent per annum. The time is here for fulfilling Qantas’ obligations, not exploiting a system designed to attack the rights of families and individuals."

Fiji Trade Unions Council national secretary, Felix Anthony, Fiji Public Service Association
general secretary, Rajeshwar Singh, National Union of Hotel, Catering & Tourism Industry Employees general secretary, Dan Urai, are returning to Fiji over the coming week.

Sheldon says he fears for the safety of all three after state-sanctioned violence against individuals escalated in recent times.

“Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, needs to immediately communicate his grave concerns to the Fijian military administration and insist on the withdrawal of all recent Decrees that threaten human rights in this strategic neighbor. 

"If these Decrees are not withdrawn and normal democratic rights restored, the Federal Government should impose further trade and financial sanctions against the Fijian administration. This may be the only language the perpetrators of violence within the Fijian administration understand. It's now time to act."

This weekend, Felix Anthony told media: “With the imposition of decrees that have substantially weakened unions in the public sector and government owned entities and the abrogation of the constitution. We have then seen the Decree Number 21 which was imposed just a few weeks ago where workers in the public sector have been totally disenfranchised of any rights at all, including the most fundamental rights.”

Read the Australian Council of Trade Unions' Fiji Resolution



  2. thank you mr anthony, mr singh and mr urai

  3. Anthony,Rajeshwar and Urai are all the same people who enjoy living out of the contribution of union members but do nothing really for these poor guys.They were all once volunteer to work for the Junta....Anthony & Urai with FNPF before taking the Natadola projects until it collapsed, Rajesh was a member of and important Board advising the junta.They know nothing else but for ages have been enjoying trips and lucarative living styles on the sweat of union members in fiji.
    Not surprised with all the comments they making right now because the reality of these is to seek sympathy from the aussies preparing the ground work for their families to be politically protected and asylum in australia.Urai must be reminded to go and sort out his childrens' criminal activities in Lautoka.

  4. Its now time for the international community to box this dictatorship to a dark corner. They have manipulated the freedom of grassroots citizens of this country. Let the Unions start it. The UN should now put its process into action. Otherwise it will be a laughing stock. Every peacekeeping missions that Fiji involves itself with should now be relooked at thoroughly. May be this productive Fijian soldiers should be told to return home and make peace mada home.

  5. Fiji Sun says that there is this new decree from Aiyaaz and aunty shamimi regarding corporations and businesses..One question is..who gave them the authority to be drafting new decrees when the peoples charter is a major flop and the citizens haven't given their consent at their free will by voting for their respective representatives in govt?.Who are they??..Do they have a conscience?.Shame..I say..Make it happen now so the tourism minister can sulk in his woes for being a big 'wannabe'..Big looser.

  6. Hopefully there would be thoughtfulness on all sides of debate & consequences of any long term damages that may flow to people of Fiji whilst clowns of Fiji's neighbours gleefully benefit from the long term damage.

  7. Bravo! Finally this is what we have been waiting for, for real action to start.

    What this means is civil disobedience in support of the unions.

    All democracy fighters must now link up with the union movement, to drive the illegal Bainimarama regime out of office

  8. This is a start for bainimarama house of cards illegal regime will to start to fall.

    Thank You TWU Australia,Come on kevin Rudd start the workers rights.

  9. well said anonymous 9.57am, absolutely agree, these guys are parasites with high class lifestyles living off the workers contributions

  10. anthony, singh and urai are taking that daring risk to stand up against this dictatorship for our democracy yet people want to diffuse their efforts with their personal agendas...the fact remains organising a march which the fictu wants to wont change much in fiji, but the steps anthony urai are taking will have a much more significant impact to our country. i believe its time we supported these guys and dont push personal agendas..and mr urai's personal life is separate for what he is doing for this country. to whoever made that cheap shot come out and name yourself, that was low of you

  11. the only real trade unionist in fiji is attar singh and pramoed rae.they are the real warrior and not this two felix and urai, bunch of opportunist, we dont believe you two.

  12. Attar Singh and Pramod are more responsible. This is a very irresponsible strategy just to get the discredited former frank cheerleaders Felix the cat and Urai some credibility. The foolish things about this is that Air Pacific will lose customers and tourists wont go to Fiji. Will the unions provide the jobs when tourism and Air Pacific closes down???

  13. Attention All Fiji Citizens - My People.

    As a result of the unreasonable stand taken by the Australian Qantas Workers Union, all travel to Australia will now go through our friendly neighbours of either China, Sinagpore, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and South Africa.

    Your airfares will now be 10 times higher and the departure tax will be US$1000 to cater for the extra work by government. Airport taxes are to be paid directly to aunt Nur banow and no receipt will be given since all records are in her computer.

    This is decree #(to be announced after the many that are still waiting to be printed).

    sign. Ayaass Kaiyum, Taliban and Thief Extraordinaire, King of Fiji after my Baini, Na Kabothee Levu before Makutu, etc etc etc.

  14. The cowards in the Military are to frighten to rebel against the illegal junta. Time for the Fijian Workers to carry the load for change to Democracy while Military sit on their fat behinds and polish their guns.

  15. Go for it, we support this move, FIRE the ILLEGAL GOVT....

    Power to the People.....

  16. lets just get on the bandwagon and support each other for this AWESOME move......sort the other issues later!!

  17. Vinaka Barka keep on pressing vore/taliban is about to peka.

  18. Anthony & Urai may be hipocretes and using employers contribution to enjoy trips overseas and live in style....

    This is like soli for the Church. You have to look after the talatala and if he is happy, god is happy!

    Union members are the ones who have kept them there. If you want your leader to not go overseas and enjoy fruits of your contribution into the pool money....get someone that you want...

    Bottom line is when your representative gets bashed for they trying to raise 'YOUR VOICE', then they have taken opportunity to look after you...

    If the Fijian unionist did not dump the FTUC after 1987 to support the Rabuka coup, then those who are opposing the right thing as The Ului Mara is now doing... just f....off.

    Go and remain with AIAS and stay there as you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Sa Sucu Sa lutu..

  19. Who will be affected by this action? Poor fijians in the hotel industry.

    More tourist will fly through Pacific Blue and qantas no frills. This means losses for our Air pacific staff.

    Bottom line is that Felix and others have nothing too loose.

    Wrong strategy for our poor fijians.

    Hope Felix gets the same treatment like a few months ago as he is hurting the poor.

  20. Beware & Take Note!July 17, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    This is like the break of Communist in the Russian Block. As the rights of FNPF members, including soldiers too and not well accounted for, the time to explain misuse of FNPF funds is coming to an end. Air Pacific/Qantas link is coming to the end. Tourism will drop drastically as a result. Beware and take note! The basic fundamental rights you have encroached on in FNPF will come back to haunt you. Just dig out the bastards that misused the funds and through them to jail before election. Act now!!

  21. To those of you who are saying that the Hotel workers will suffer, yes, that will happen and it wont be long.
    For the regime to fall we have to look at ways to cripple the sources of revenue which the Govt is relying on. If the Union in Aus are going to stop working on the Qantas/ Air Pacific flights that will mean low tourism numbers and will affect the revenue.
    I understand the effect on the local ppl will be for a while as mentioned. At the same time the UN and other countries will impose sanctions as well which will speed up the process of the Junta to step down and be brought to justice and the return of Fiji to Democracy.
    After which everything will return to normal and more tourists coming to Fiji. Investors will have confidence to invest in Fiji after Bainimarama, ASK, Bano, Shameem and all supporting the Illegal PM are put away in jail for life.
    We have to look at the big picture. The first thing that we are trying to acieve is the toppling of the Illegal regime. That is our ultimate objective. To achieve that, we have to look at avenues to cripple the regimes power.
    So to all who are attacking Urai, Felix all others, you dont understand what you are saying and you shouldnt be in this site.
    Go Australia. Impose more sanctions.....

  22. people have to strike now.
    if not this regime will use fnpf funds /tax payers dollars
    time all fijians/indians joint a united force in fiji.
    gcc/church/santan dharam/arya samah united people force.
    than kick bai/ag taliban out of govt. .

  23. People speaking from all over have nothing to lose. Why are they fighting for poor fijians who are not complaining.

    People wanting to topple govt for their own selfish agenda and are using the poor fellas like Mafi from USA.

  24. this unionist are jest Parasites...living on others sweat...
    The problem with Suli and his lot is U are commenting and agreeing with those fellers..Rajeshwar and his lot not knowing wat the workers here in Fiji are facing...You are hell bent for the numbers to support your cause
    and look good to your cause...wat a laugh...good for nothing

  25. Mafi..
    you know nothing in Fiji...Let us fijians deal with our problems

  26. Pse tell Urai and those Unionist to come back to fiji to correct the NFPF saga...
    Chaudry,,,his rape case
    Mara with his sedition...
    Wat a Govt in Exile hehehehe.....

  27. felix has stood out again just as he did in 2000...a real leader

  28. Next will be the Port Maritime Union....TOSO VITI TOSO..... a total lock out for FJ, short but more effective. For those that want ACTION, its happening NOW!!

  29. Go ahead please..we the grassroots people in fiji are used to gunu draunimoli and tavioka..we will survive cause we are not used to the extravagant lifestyle some of those wannabe high flyers are used to..its time they be punished through these sanctions..there's always enough rourou and tapi to go around..so go ahead pliz..it will be well worth it..

  30. Please tell Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai to come and fix the problems they caused

  31. @ Kinoya Kid...
    I am a Fijian and I know what am talking about...what is happening in Fiji is something that I am concerned about and such measures will speed up the illegal regimes exit and the restoration of democracy in Fiji...
    If you are for the Illegal stupid, arrogant Pm, which you sound like then stay out of this site ..this site only for those who will contribute positively to the returning of Democracy to fiji...Not for the pro..FB like you!!!! Lako mada kei FN drau laki raica na nomudou i qaqi ni da mai Kinoya...
    Thumbs Up To Democracy!!!

  32. A strike by Qantas is so stupid. Who will lose and who will benefit?

    Just like the strike by the cane farmers and the mill workers by their master MPC and Felix, only the poor will lose.

    Felix just got back from globe trotting. Where was he when he was FNPF board member.

    If people can't see that then I have to say they are fijians, cos only they can see when they are used.

  33. Its time for war on the junta and its tin pot dictator who has two balls like all men and is coward who will run the cassava patch soon.

    Time for oppostion and revolution to get rid of the Gadafi in fiji.

    PER or no PER, how many people can the junta gail. People are 750000 and junta is 11 coward thugs and who are scam crooks.

  34. a brainless strategy devised by communists.

  35. Its time for real action in international sanctions against fiji to cripple the ecnomy to banckruptcy, which is already almost bankrupt under the junta. Time for action and not talk, the junta is gang of 11 thugs and people are 800000, power to the people, time to fight the tin pot gadafi of fiji not with words but action. How many can the junta beat and gail. scarficies need to be made to win the war on the junta to hold them accountable for their corruption.

  36. Felix Anthony and Dan Urai as FNPF Board members not long ago were the very ones that initiated and supported the idea of reducing the pension rate that will drastically affect all workers of Fiji.
    Felix and Dan seem to have short memories or conveniently lost their memories. Maybe they are just singing another tune because they are serving a new master. Ask the FNPF CEO about this.

  37. 7.26pm did rahen raped your daughter,sister or mother if not then shut up.

  38. well felix and urai are only compromising their families security in doing this, and ppl still want to come and push their own agenda by being ignorant on their efforts to restore back democracy..

  39. Everyone is barking up the wrong tree. The culprit here is the looser Airpac CEO David Flieger. He has several questionable work experiences and qualification, one as a lawyer which is why for the first time in Airpac's history he hired an in-house lawyer to help him. Back to Flipper sori Fligger he is the creator, author and promoter of the National Industries Decree. This moron thinks Fiji is America, where we have hundreds of airlines and jobs for the taking. I ask Tony Sheldon of TWU to put him and his crooked consultants on the Australian ban list and use his union network to report this moron to the US authorities and World Human Rights authorities. Whilst at it also throw in his boss's name, Attorney General ASK. These morons are poor excuses for human beings!

  40. What does Daniel Uraia, Felix Anthony and Rajeshwar Singh have in common with the hierarchy in the Methodist Church. They use the members money and soli to maintain their extravagant lifestyle. If they really cared for the workers they represent these union, so called leaders would not be seen dead in their BMW 4wheel drive (Rajeshwar Singh) and latest Mitsubishi Pajero (Felix Anthony). Union Leaders & Meth Church Leaders all the same - BIG SUCKING BLOOD LEACHES

  41. i hope Urai n Felix will side with RUM for good...rau dau liu muri tiko na lala qori. and CHaudary Junior? am now confused...io da raica lewa...qai tukuna ga ko gauna..but thumbs up to the Australian TWU ...stop the ground handling services ..vakadua..air pac will be further crippled..sa cripple tu mada..lol

  42. @Annon 10.43, Bro, you'd be surprised, not only the Methodist Church... Come check out the Catholic Church.. ppl running away to SDA or turning to charismatic worship for so called blessings ..

  43. Getting Qantas to take industrial action is a very bad idea. It has no direct effect on the regime, rather the poor airport workers and lowly hotel workers will suffer because of layoffs when tourists will go elsewhere. Urai, Anthony and Singh need to come up with a better plan that will minimize damage to tourist industry workers but make the regime take notice. Maybe an international ban when they travel overseas? On the "marriage" with RUM, this is like two divorcee eloping. Both sleeping on the same bed with one eye open all the time because they don't trust each office. Another bad alliance - you guys make the inept regime look good!

  44. Mafi This PM U called arrogant is doing wonders for Fiji.
    Thats why you want to comment on something U don't know.....
    God Bless

  45. Mafi...if you want to have positive contribution to Fiji...you have to be here in Fiji...
    kua ni o kodro toka ga mai vaka e dua na koli ni kai Idia mai na vanua o vuni toka mai kina qori...
    My staying on this site is my perogative...we'll have to discuss the real facts of wat's happening here in Fiji and not jest hia say...
    God Bless Fiji

  46. @ Kinoya Kid...

    You are supporting Frank Bainimarama because you two have the same mind set.
    You said that The Illegal PM is doing wonders to the country????
    You have to ask yourself why he did the coup in the first place. Did you know why he did overthrew the Laisenia Qarase and FLP govt????
    If you don't know it you are ignorant. He did it ti protect himself from going to jail.
    You didn't know how many ppl suffered when he did the coup. Hundreds of hotel workers who lost their jobs in 2006 are still without jobs until today.
    The European Union has stopped all financial AIDS to the country because of the illegal status of the country.
    The Fiji Dollar has been devalued by 20%. Civil servants were caught of guarded when they were told to retire at the age of 55yrs without any dialogue consultation. All they went home with was their last pay. This was shoved down their throat without any questions to be asked if not they will be taken to task.
    Rabaka and two other men died after being brutally abused by FB's goons and others were brutally beaten and were told to say nothing of what happened to them.
    The rights of speech has been taken away from all Fiji Citizens. If someone criticises the Govt whta will happen to him/her??? Tell me Kinoya Kid ...what happens to ppl who criticises the govt.
    Why is the Illegal PER still enforced???
    The Illegal PM is using the PER to cover his ASS. He knows that once it is lifted ppl will come out in droves and protest and which will finally end his rule and pput him right where he belongs. That is in jail for life.
    However that wont take long to materialise KK. And when he is in jail are you going to tell the authorities that you will go to jail because he has done wonders that you have said. You must be in La La land dude.
    The rural ppl in Fiji are just hoodwinked with all the developments that are being carried out by this illegal regime. He didnt do any wonders KK...I tell you that. If you are talking about the development being done in rural areas as wonders you must be kidding..
    The illegal PM and his illegal AG and ministers agreed to loan those money from overseas inorder to achieve their hoodwink projects and let the ppl in rural areas believe that they will provide all their needs. For how long will they be doing this??? The roads and all these developments that they will carry out will deteriorate in conditions in a few months and needed to be upgraded. Will the illegal do it as soon as the need is brought up?? Do they have the money for that??How are these loan going to be paid and by whom????
    And do remember somthing KK...Fiji is operating beyond its Budgetted Allocations now...And that is why the it is running out of money...
    The only one that will suffer are the poor innocent civilians. As for you..you will be okay cos you are on The illegal PM's pay roll...
    @ KK..try to look at things in the bigger picture rather tahn trying to comment based on your narrow arrogant assumption like the arrogant PM you have championed.
    He is just as stupid like you. Lastly, do you know that the man that you said to be the PM is not the one who is calling the shots for your country??? He is just there as a PM when the illegal PM ans Shammeem are drafting up Decrees after decrees...What can you say about that???
    You have to go back to Kinoya and get your facts right about the man you are trying to say do wonders fo Fiji. And I mean get it from the whirlpool near Kinoya village. maybe Frank will be able to help you in that.
    Again..you are just a self-centered pers like the dog you are
    harping about.
    Thumbs Up To democracy!!!!

  47. @ KK

    The fact is..The people of Fiji wants their FREEDOM and not to be led by an opportunist, arrogant, manipulative, DICTATOR like your stupid PM..
    The people of Fiji have been denied their Freedom of Speech- Facts, Will be made to pay millions of $$ loaned by your illegal PM to carry out his hoodwink development-Facts, The Fiji Times were told by ypur illegal PM to close down if they dont allow the 905 shares to be owened locally. And then a cement factory from China is now operating in lami fully owned by Chinnese- Facts, Verebasaga and Raka and another man were killed by your illegal PM's men under his orders-Facts, Women were brutallised and humiliated by your illegal PM himself-Facts, His daughter is now heading the Fiji sports council without proper qualification for the job-Facts, Military personnel replacing civillians who are qualified for the jobs denying them their rights for employment-Facts, Union workers and ppl who criticised the govt are taken and brutallised-Facts, Missuse of the ppl's money by going to HK 7's and singapore to watch rugby and netball-Facts, Drafting and enacting of illegal Decrees-Facts.
    Why does he have to go around with more than 10 heavily armed body guards all the time???
    Who is he afraid of. The civillians in Fiji have no weapons.
    You know what KK??? He instilled fear on himself thru his guilt conscience mind. He is gulity and afraid of his actions.
    As for you KK..I understand that it is your prerogative to be on this site...but you are barking at the wrong tree dude..
    Just to make it short..you dont have the interest of the common people in your heart. You just want to praise your illegal PM. Has he asked you to have dinner with him sometimes???? Never cos he didn't know who the F you are my man...Grow up dude....

  48. @ Kinoya Kid..

    No one has to be in Fiji to do a positive contribution to what we all want to achieve. You can be in NZ, Aus, US, UK or anywhere in the world and use the power of technology to bring about change or to positively contribute to the issue on hand.
    From what I could figure out in your comment, I believe you are under FB's skirt and never realise the power of technology.
    I didn't hide because I use my real name.You didn't even use your real name. Are you ashamed of your identity or the name your proud parents gave and was babtized with???
    The only thing that spring to my mind when I saw your name was the i "Qaqi ni Da in Kinoya" and I doubt that your parents named you after that.
    My comment in this site and with the positive contribution of the so many that want real Freedom to Fiji has given the Unionist the courage and also the support to carry on the good fight.
    Apart from the Unionist, there are certain NGO's and individuals who are working tirelessly behind the scene compiling reports of all the abuses of Power which the illegal PM is doing.
    In my earlier posting I have highlighted some of the Facts which you may have not known or knew it and deny it. But am sorry to say that everything that has been done by your illegal PM is filtered in the media. Wheather he and you like it or not. And one more thing, what I have highlighted are not hearsay. They are hard facts with concrete evidence to support it. Come his days in court he will face mutiple charges and multiple life sentences. I hope you will be man enough to spring to your feet and volunteer to help him serve his sentence.
    Lastly...You better have a another hard look at yourself..
    Thumbs Up to Democracy!!!!


  50. Well very very interesting times for Fiji ... unfortunately all these trade unionists (Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony, Rajendra Chadhaury, Pramod Rae, etc) with inclusion of Baledrokadroka & Roko Ului were all strong supporters of the 2006 coup and were all beneficiaries of the coup... took them this long to realise their foolish & pathetic act. Good luck to you for trying to reverse the clock!!!


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