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Friday, July 29, 2011

Court blocks Vayeshnoi from selling property or removing cash

The Lautoka High Court has issued a restraining order against the former Labour Party MP, Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, stopping him from selling, transferring or removing any of his properties or withdrawing money from his bank accounts.

Coupfourpointfive broke the story on July the 14th that Vayeshnoi had fled to New Zealand after trying to pay for $50,000 worth of jewellery with a dud cheque.

Justice Sosefo Inoke today said the restraining order was issued after the lawyer for the Director of Bhavani Jewellers Limited in Sigatoka, filed an affidavit  alleging Vayeshnoi owed the business money.

In the affidavit, Kishore Raniga said Vayeshnoi gave him a cheque for $50,000 in December last year but asked him to hold it for two months.

Raniga said Vayeshnoi picked up the jewellery on May 2nd this year and when he did not pay him, he took the cheque to a bank but was told Vayeshnoi's account was already closed and the cheque was dishonored.

Raniga said he reported the matter to Sigatoka police this month and decided to seek legal action after he found out Vayeshnoi was in New Zealand and intended to stay there.

We revealed earlier this month and again this week that Vayeshnoi is trying to obtain political asylum in New Zealand, despite his denials via email, and that two other people have come forward saying he owes them money.

It's believed he is currently negotiating to transfer his personal properties, car, money in other banks and savings from FNPF.

The Lautoka court will hear the case again on August 17.


Anonymous said...

BLOODY CROOKS- How quickly they joined the coup.
Then what was the dud cheque for?
Just like his GURU who also helped the poor with the huge donations that was also meant for the poorhehehehe
VOTE FOR FLP hahahahahahah

RATU SERU said...

This dude must be giving the kiwis something good..... Send his ass home to face the music Conman butako basterd

Anonymous said...

So Mahen Chaudary and this guy were the leaders of the Indian community.
This Raniga dude must be the only GUJI in Fiji that trusted the Fiji Labor Party oficials.
Every other GUJI would not touch FLP with a 10 feet pole.
THEY LAUGHED AT FLP ALWAYS for reasons best known to them

Anonymous said...

Jake says...

Good luck to this small shitty cane farmer...who was Mahendra Chor's bolly-trolley.

Serves him right for calling Frank Bianimarama a God sent....idiot.

Imagine these guys leading the indo Fijian community in Fiji....bolldy scrupulous parasites.....& blood suckers

Where is Felix, MPC & Dan Urai. Nail the crooks too.

These people sold the trust of the union members for siding with the illegal regime and supported their cause. Now they are jumping around...for what. pay for your mess up,,,dogs.

DASS-NZ said...

Mr Lekh Ram Veshnoi has told close friends in Auckland that this is all a NFP conspiracy. He is coming back to Fiji to clear his name, fix the NFP businessman backers (Gujeratis) and stand in the next elections to serve the Indian people
thru the Fiji Labor Party. He is very confident of winning his seat in Sigatoka. He feels Chhaudary will win landslide in Ba and together they will help and serve the poor.WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Anonymous said...

Now our brothers know who really they should vo

convolutedexperiment said...

Bad karma !

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji- DO NOT believe anything you have heard about this. Mr Lekh Ram Veshnoi wil be returning to Fiji to clear his name. ALL supporters of FLP,please support this man clear not just his name but also Fiji Labor Party and in particular Hon Mr Chaudary who has done so much for Indians in Fiji. National Federation Party was and always be a businessman's party .
Please send donations to Fiji Labor Party or Mahen Chaudary of Mr Veshnoi in person (if u r in NZ)
Once elections are over its only the FLP that will bring down VAT.
National Federation Party will increase VAT to suck the blood of the poor - AFTERALL IT IS THE GUJI PARTY.
Please send donations . Cheques to be made out to Honourable Chaudary,
our leader or FIJI LABOR PARTY.

Anonymous said...

Easy for Raniga to get his money now. Sell of LRVs assets and get his debts cleared. Kishore Raniga gets paid and everyones happy.

Anonymous said...

This is a set up, where the junta is trying to pin down all opponents by either FICAK, Police or other cases like this to malign the names or criminalse the oppostion.

The junta can do what they like but people will fight to clear their names.

The junta will one day stand trial with the puppet master and dictator.

People are used to give statements and be used by the junta.

Law of the jungle.


CHAUDARY will give the money that was raised for the poor to the poor of Fiji. Make no mistake. Veshnoi will payback to jeweller IF HE OWES THAT MONEY. These are our leaders and only hope.Chaudary will bring VAT to zero
and farmers in the west get all the goodies if they keep backing him.
Labor is the only hope.
Please donate generously to make sure FLP helps you.
PLEASE SEND DONATIONS FOR FLP to hire good lawyer (our very own Rajen) so that all these lies about Lekh Ram and Hon Mahend by NFP is cleared

Anonymous said...

Mahendra, Rajendra and Lekh Ram should be sent to Naboro. Bloody parasites. They cause all the coups in Fiji.

Raju said...

Send donation money to whom at FLP to add to their loot?

Do you think the people are stupid and blind!

Once bitten twice shy, baiya!

Anonymous said...

Instead of donations, can someone give Veshnoi a temp job in New Zealand, maybe as a toilet cleaner or pick up rubbish on the streets to save some $ to repay his debts.

come on please baiya!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Khaiyum's picture in fijivillage.com, he looks like PORKY PIG ha ha ha ha. His name should be MR PORKY PIG from now onward, getting fat through feeding off our taxpayers money, the fat bastard!!!! CREEDY PIG

Anonymous said...

And all donations must be over $1000 and sent directly to Chaudary bank account in Australia.

Anonymous said...

lekh ram to be charged for treason as well as the rest. john key dont give him any visa send him home to face treason trial with bai and aiarse. no one will escape the long arm of the law.

Anonymous said...

Somone should know that the illegal dictator and his arse kissing AG have stopped all automatic deductions of union fees from government salaries from 04 August 2011 as an attack on the Unions...strikes must happen now, this must be the start. Surely the NZ and AUS Unions would stand up now this action has been taken...an outright attack on workers rights!

Varani. said...

Sugest committed Taukei carefully read - contemplate all above postings - then ask yourselves this simple Q - do these 'people' seriously believe their capable of 'running' never mind 'administrating' Viti given their collective past form in the great Sugar fiasco? (mechanical).
Kai - these people couldn't even install a clock in a town hall without going to jail?

Justice said...

Keep on defecating all you FLP cronies. From the look of it, Vayeshnoi's $50,000 jewellery heist is only the tip of the ice-berg. And why should not he return to a country where the coup and Bainimarama were God sent. It is a land of milk and honey as far as FLP is concerned.

The only way Vayeshnoi can save himself now is by either coming to Fiji and landing himself in jail to escape the clutches of people he owes money to or commit suicide.

convolutedexperiment said...

If only the Fiji Courts could apply the same amount of energy to convicting torturers, murderers, rapists and thieves from the Regime !

Anonymous said...

Lekhram Veshnoi, Nardeo Mishra,Mahendra Pal Chaudary, Gaffer Ahmed etc

Anonymous said...

Nikhil, are you on pills? If everything is a NFP conspiracy, then surely NFP made Chaudary and Lekh Ram promote Bainimarama when he first assumed power. this power politics and party propaganda is the root of all problems in Fiji. Get real, but i guess you are so consumed by your own party ethics that you cant think what is best for Fiji. Our country. A country for every Fijian.

Varani. said...

International politics - FFA.

Confident most suspect what Vore & Kubuabolo's are about - but who's this UN guy - Thomson?
Has its reached a stage where Viti feels so intellectually hadicapped it must outsource foreign affairs -rent a diplomat?

Anonymous said...

Send this man back , New Zealand doesnt need conman.This man has full of ideas to cheat his own people.He should face the music. Come on N.Z Immigration, wake up and send this man back to Fiji on first Flight.I am a fijan indian and guy like him robbing his own people should be made accountable.
If he has done nothing wrong ,go home prove innocent and than come back.
Bula bhaia tum badh chor.

Anonymous said...

nikil please give account number and pin number for mahen my mans ozzie account i wish to make large depoist to support the cause pos my tummy rumbling

poor leako ram must ahve been desparate saw his godfather run away with millions thought he could do the same, this guy treated mahen like sai baba only goy married late in his life to young girl sent her to ozzie 4 studies last was seen in suva tryg to borrow from his contacts to send to young wify in the end i guess thought he could pull aquick one rest is history

Anonymous said...

mahen send leaky ram to buy jewellary for mahens girl premila but after that courts told mahen not to touch his goldmine account fiaca should investigate it is not normal 4people to accept chewues for large amonts and who buys jewellary woth 50 thousand

Soup Rice said...


Don't be childish. The people who elected this person could not predict the future.

Also, Mr. Vayeshnoi is innocent until proven guilty by the courts. At this stage, there is an allegation by one party. This allegation must be backed by some evidence, else the judiciary would not have frozen his assets. However, the court has not yet made any decision about the actual guilt of the accused. There will be a court case, after which a verdict will be delivered.

One hopes that justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

Labour party should be blamed for the racial divide in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Learnt from a good Teacher the MasterJi- himslef Mahen Chaudry! Slowly we see the rip off that was hapening in the Labour Party as Mahen & his croonies stared to rip off the supporters-collecting monies form the supporters overseas and banking it into his own personal account! When honest people like Krishna Dutt got up and spoke Mahen tore them down-now we have disgrunted & confused supporters and Labour leaders stil ripping off the supporters! What else do we expect-thieves will alwys be thieves even when they change their clothers! But Lek Ram is one of the pick of the crops form the old boy himself Mahen -so what is good for MaterJI is also good for the Mainboy student!
What a laugh that those who support the Labout Party can still come on & praise the Master & his pupil-open your eyers you have been duped! Doce!

Anonymous said...

Former Honest referee Nardeo Mishra is close friend of LEKH.NEVER TRUST
As Joe Singh would have said "BOY O BOY"

Anonymous said...

Please make all thousand dollar FLP donation checks out to C. Ash, which is the name of the new FLP secretary.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry is bada chor so Lekh Ram has only learnt it from his boss,

Anonymous said...

inflation is 10.3% reported by RBF as at june 2011. This is histroy for Fiji and peeple of the country are finished, fuel goes up next week and many thosands with such infaltion will fallbelow poverty line.

Junta has done well to bankrupt the nation, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Well he's just getting his come-uppance for playing the prophet. Anyone remember the 'sent from god' speech about Vore and his coup. Time to pay the piper!

Anonymous said...

sorry lekh... heard of the word TAINTED!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji deaths 'censored' to avoid scaring tourists
Melbourne Age

July 27, 2011

Fiji's military regime has been accused of censoring accounts of the deaths of two foreign men so as not to spook Australian and New Zealand tourists.

The blog site Coup Four and a Half cites media sources in Suva claiming they have been warned not to report details of the two unrelated deaths - the murder of a New Zealand businessman and the apparent drowning of an American executive.

The two incidents have gone virtually unreported in Fiji, where emergency regulations imposed by the military regime allow the Ministry of Information to censor news coverage.
Advertisement: Story continues below

A third death, the murder of a local man around the same time, has received comparatively widespread publicity.

The anti-government blog site reported that journalists were told "to downplay both incidents for fear of the repercussions on the country's tourism industry."

"Imagine what would happen if Aussies and Kiwis knew about one missing surfer and two murders in Nadi in the space of 10 days?" the site quoted its source as saying.

The government said the claims of news suppression were "completely untrue".

However, a scan of Fiji's top online news sites found only scant information about the deaths, with details appearing only in the men's home countries.

New Zealand's TV3 reported that businessman Tony Groom, who ran a charter boat operation in Denarau, had been beaten up. The former South Island resident, 55, died a week later on July 15.

A police investigation was under way but there were no suspects.

American Don Nicholas, chief executive of an anti-ageing medical institute, disappeared while surfing on a reef off the Intercontinental Hotel at Natadola, south of Nadi.

Mr Nicholas, who was in Fiji to attend one of life coach Tony Robbins' "Life and Wealth Mastery" conferences, had been advised not to surf in the huge swell but opted to anyway, according to media reports from his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

A strong surfer and former life saver, he was pounded by a string of large waves and did not resurface. His body has not been recovered.

His pregnant girlfriend Litsa Kapantais, who was holidaying with him, complained that the Fijian rescuers "missed a lot" in the crucial first 10 minutes and stopped their search too soon.

"I don't think that they looked enough. I don't think that they searched enough," she said.

She also claimed Mr Nicholas' sister had flown to Fiji to seek information but had been stonewalled by the resort.

The Fijian regime last week announced new regulations that prevent exclusive use of beaches by surf schools or resorts to encourage more surf tourism and boost traveller numbers.

A Fiji government spokeswoman, Sharon Smith-Jones, said claims the deaths had been censored were untrue, adding that she believed the two incidents had been well covered by local media.

"I can assure you that none of these reports have been censored," she said.

If media outlets are only reporting on basic facts then it's of their own doing."

She said the blog site was not a credible source of information as it was "well known for fabricating stories to discredit the government and with scant detail to the truth".


Anonymous said...

LRV needs Pranic healing to get rid of all his bad Karma.

All this goons who supported 2006 coup should enrol for pranic healing course.

Pranic healing will also fix all our FNPF mess.

Ask FNPF director seshi singh how he used pranic healing to fix the mess at FPPF and give as 8.7%.

Ross McDonald is also responsible for the current mess created by the FNPF Board as he was Seshi Singhs mentor at Prouds and Stinson Pearce/Jardine.

Former Employee of Prouds

Anonymous said...

Lekh chor has gone to NZ to consult that maha chor lawyer Sahu Khan (who now cant come back to Fiji)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Areh yaar. Planting and selling baigan too slow and hard - it was honest work though.
The labour party trained and upskilled him, from an ordinary baigan farmer to become a con artist with fast hands, quick feet and a lying mouth

Nikhil Singh - Clarification said...


After receiving a number of calls and emails in relation to a posting by one "Nikhil Singh", I would like to clarify that the comments are in no way, shape or form by the former Fiji journalist, Nikhil Singh. I now reside in Australia and can confirm that those comments were NOT mine. I have sent this calrification to the blog administrator as well.

lovey dovey said...

why did u even give LRV the money in the first place..!! wtf will LRV do with $50,000 of jewelry his wife is a plain type and won't wear it so wats the point, i am believing this is all bullshit as people r trying to make his life a living hell..!!