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Friday, July 29, 2011

Election promises from Bainimarama from far, far awayyyyyy

Noble speeches today from the country's self-appointed leader who continues to trek the international circuit playing the role of elected prime minister. He's been in Mozambique for the 12th Special ACP Ministerial Conference on Sugar, and from that country's capital has made a speech from the throne that is quite comical, such is its falseness. In the Fiji Sun today under the heading PM's Poll Path .... Bainimarama maps road to election, the dictator attempts to allay growing international fears  elections will not come to Fiji in 2014 as promised, and insists all is in hand.

THE GREAT PRETENDER: VB in Uganda last year.
We pick up the Fiji sun two paragraphs in: '“From early next year to 2013, Fiji will focus on political development issues, including electoral reform and formulation of a new constitution. From 2013- Sept 2014 the preparations for elections will be undertaken by educating the public on the new electoral system and the new constitution.”

He said he sincerely hoped that Fiji’s longstanding trading and development partners would appreciate his Government’s efforts to bring about genuine change to ensure sustainable peace, stability and democracy in our country.

The Prime Minister said that under the current phase of the roadmap, from 2009 to 2012, the Government would actively focus on economic and social developments.

This, he said, included rebuilding Fiji’s dilapidated infrastructure and increasing connectivity between urban and rural areas through building new roads and providing improved communication links.

“This will ensure that essential services reach isolated villages and communities which were long ignored,” Commodore Bainimarama said.

At the same time, he said, the Government is reforming its public sector to modernise it so as to respond effectively to global challenges.

He also updated the forum on the progress being made in the implementation of the Roadmap to Democracy, through a Strategic Framework for Change for a Better Fiji.

“My Government has pressed ahead with the implementation of this wide-ranging reform programme which addresses the country’s fundamental and deep-rooted problems,” Commodore Bainimarama said.

Meanwhile, the sugar ministers from the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states have urged the European Union and the European Commission to ensure that the funds earmarked for Fiji are immediately released to assist the affected farmers and the sugar industry, as a whole, in their adjustment and adaptation process.

At the conclusion of the 12th ACP Ministerial Conference on Sugar this week in Maputo, Mozambique, the conference noted failure in the release of Accompanying Measures Support Programme funds has had significant adverse impact on the Fiji sugar industry’s reform and rehabilitation programme.

The European Union had earlier said that it wanted a clear roadmap of Fiji’s return to democracy before considering the release of sugar funds.(original source Fiji Sun)          


Anonymous said...

There is no election cos the dictator got no where to run, he cant be president got no respect, he cant win an election who will stand with him and who will vote for him, he cant go back QEB as future governments will investigate and charge him for the junta scams and corruption.

Either he hangs himself and komanda Kaiyum or gives himself up to stand trial.

Dictator has killed fiji ecnomy and cant keep PER for ever, once he removes this he will be removed by force and not election.

He has lived by the sword and will die from the sword.

This man is the worst disaster to hit Fiji which will bankrupt Fiji.

Why cant win and election is SDL and Labor just need to campaign on restoration of FNPF pension rates and will wipe out the dictator at the ballot box for good.

This man is force line PM, has no respect and a lier and thug, its the 50 thug guards armed who keep him in power, he aint got anything or schooling to have the brains to offer Fiji anything in terms of real reform and is operating by fear tactic. He is in it for himself to skin corrupt monies by scams and doesnt give a f... about Fiji.

Dicatator and puppet masters game is now coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that the European Union are fully aware of this criminal Dick poo tators crimes and are not about to send aid dollars that will be stolen and skimmed off into the juntas private bank accounts that are already bulging with the peoples money.
Can someone see to it that the EU are made aware of c4.5 web site.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

There will be no elections in Fiji till Khaiyum is there. He cant afford it. All his corrupt deals will be exposed if there is elections. basic common sense. They must be shot dead. thats the only way.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to hear the EU reply to the statements. Commonwealth member countries of African nations too.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you people wake up to the fact that the "powers that be" are behind the reforms and the military is the way to bring that about, in Fiji or anywhere else in the world.
Watch the world news and check out what is happening around the world and what has happened in the past. The new words are

Global Order
Ecumenical Movement
Re-distribution of wealth

get the drift?

There will be a general election

Regardless who wins,

Fiji will be a puppet from then on.

That is the democracy you crave.

America was a Republican and a blessed country. By dancing with wolves from pagan nations, her downfall was iminent.Shes ready for the scrap heap now. So much for equal rights which really mean "I submit to you to do with me as you please".A broken puppet at the end of the day

noqu kalou noqu vanua said...

funny to read baini saying "my government" - what a load of bull. he has no official authority. the power is with the president who rules by decree. or is it? lets get off the illusions of grandeur baini - your adminstration is illegitimate - a bastard i think is the proper term in english and which i use to describe your illegitimate so called government of 2..... times almost up my boy. naboro waiting for u and assk and suva womens prison for nazhat, bano, mary and your daughters. tik tok tik tok tik tok.

Anonymous said...

Levu ga ni dai!!!

Frank you won't escape the peoples justice one way or the other it will reach you.

Anonymous said...

i have no doubt the EU office in Fiji is fully abreast with the behaviour of this government. They are on the ground and they know the Charter and stragetic framework is on paper only. in practice, its a sham. what is the FB talking about. there has been no progress since 2006. in fact we are going backwards. I can understand FB's ignorance because thats what gets fed to him by Khaiyum. Ask yourself, will khaiyum ever want an election? he has the the limelight now and tasted power. he is the power. people in all circles know that even if you want to meet FB it has to go thru aiyarse. Naliva and Rokoura are his lap dog in FB's office and consult him before allowing anyone in fb's office. aks any businessman. if you want something from the government go to aiyarse. if he finds out you went directly to FB you are finished.
Everyboy knows that when a good smart and competent man starts getting close to FB aiyarse cuts them off becasue he doesnt want to lose his influence and power.
Poor FB wake up and deliver to Fiji what you promised. You will be answerable not the military anymore because you have destroyed the military Council and their vision for Fiji.
EU please be consistant and be concious of the real situation on the ground here in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe vata kei nona jamu ou vuaka mei kania ga na sidhini. There is no other way to save Fiji but to terminate these two and that is the only answer to Fiji's problem.

This illegal junta is taking the international community for a ride.
Now they are getting the EU aid money which will be redirected by the junta into some other fund.

Pls someone just do a smoke bomb and he will collapse and die because he is a big lamu sona.
He is so scared that he is paying $200.00 a day to his close protection officers and the order is shoot to kill.

convolutedexperiment said...

smells of aiyaz !

Frank said...

There will only be elections if I am gurantteed to become President and my buddy becoming PM.

I do no want to end up in Naboro. I want to enjoy my retirement with this big salary I have that 200000 in leave payment.

Come on guys wake up.

Momo Sami. said...

@ 1:35.

Must keep taking medication.

Democracy is about giving everyone dignity and respect by extending them the right of selecting their own leaders & all parts working - these are not end days.

Anonymous said...

Frank, you're FIRED!!!

Anonymous said...

Given their past experience with dictators - confident nowhere in the EU hand book of good governance does it say - "military dictatorships - especially those run by sailors - are a good idea".

Anonymous said...

breaking new

The puppet master busts the unions by removing no union fee deduction by junta from now.

This is union busting, vindictive and abuse of power.

Now it is war on the thug.

Anonymous said...

my point always: the regime wants to create a crisis so that they get an excuse not to have an elections. the stopping of deducting union dues is exactly the point. ok unions show your strength now or you are finished!
you are the last hope for this country and its people. this country belongs to the people and our future is in your hands. c'mon Felxi and Rajesh time for talk and threat is over. get into actions. show the brotherhood of unions!

Anonymous said...

YES.. c'mon Felix and Rajesh!
And Mr Chaudry..
it time now to bring the regime down to its knees!

Anonymous said...

Why should any employer (including the goverment) be expected to collect through pay and pass on to a union an employees union fees. It costs the employer to do this. Any employee can still be in a union but simply has to make their own arrangements to pay their dues as is general practice worldwide. It will only be 'union busting' if employees choose not to pay their dues but that's the indaviduals choice.

Anonymous said...

Ag please extend rule to all govt owned entities like fsc, fea, lta etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Remeber folks there will never be an election because the illegal PM Knows fully well that he wil be charged for Treason. Therefore lets not be fulled. We have been fulled for a very longtime........

Anonymous said...

My predictions is there will be elections! The issue to discuss is will Frank stand? I for one can't see that happening for various reasons and one of them is that:
He has to have some deal done that what the military done will not leave them open for court martial etc! Not only that-who then runs the miliatry thats the power base incase no has noticed?

Anonymous said...

The illegal dictator Bainimarama seems to be doing his utmost to sound statesmanlike.

Except his reputation as a heavy boozer is following him around.

I hope he did not do a repeat of what happened at the Fijian Hotel at the time of the Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress in June this year when after lecturing accountants he drank himself silly at the MD's residence to the point where he wet and dirtied himslef much to the embarassment of his host and hanger-ons.

What a shame. A pig will always remain a pig no matter how hard he tries to reinvent himself.

Anonymous said...

All Civil Servants from monday will go slow on the job protest oppose leak records sit down not cooperate campign against the junta

since 2006 there is no annual COLA of 6% no pay increase infaltion now annula 10 % devaluation 20% nothing happening cost of living very bad food and rent high now union busting happening

civil servants will now do silent strike from monday in response to puppet master cut the union deduction and collapse the junta of thugs

Anonymous said...

The guy is thug and changes his face and talk with difeerent people in differnt ways and times not genuine man a crook and thug and slimery charcter

calls himself pm no respect will not even win 10% of national seats if he contestss election

there is no election and only way is a coup to arrest him and trial him

Anonymous said...

@July 29, 2011 4:46 PM

Suckers like you are taught to believe that. There's a name for that "the willing ignoramus"

Anonymous said...

Anon..9.51pm....for your information,all union subscriptions processed by Min of Finance is being paid for by respective trade unions.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


There will be an Election and it will be the people's Election. Frank will have nothing to do with it. Ena sega ni lewa na nona moce... sa veitaqataqai tiko na mena pills... and he will just OD himself to eternal sleeeeep!

VereBau. said...

Big picture look at recent changes within Fiji.

Sugar industry in shambles - AirPac
tethers on brink - media gagged - institutions formaly viewed as places of sanctuary are now used as instruments of oppression - look what they've to Ratu Inoke and the Roko? Those trusted to protect us take woman up to their camp and bash them? Only person right now in all Fiji who understands anything about money in these stormy economic times is exiled in Vanuabalavu. People once looked upon as Viti's closest allies and confidants thru shared history - kinship - blood ties and tradition have become sworn enemies - young turaqa now seek refuge on their faraway shores - and people still que endlessly at exit points?

This Fiji - not Viti.

Anonymous said...

no soldier regardless should be spared from the wrath of vanua, church and matanitu for the misery they brought to Fiji and its poeple.


An Ode To Nashat, Aiyaz and Bainimarama said...

Fiji my Fiji; yester years I smiled; and laughed all the time; living the Fiji Way flag-bearinbg the Pacific ; men drank yaqona to relax and enjoy but it is the forum for gossip, no more 'coro' for fun; women of the villages go about their chores, smiles with no care nothing to stress the mind with the family barely managing but is economically afloat but now no more with cteeply rising cost of living abound;while before men bludge under the mango or vuni-uto tree most probably drinking home-brew, now more and more of them are dying of heart attacks; Now this is our Fiji reality and what should we do? sit, mope around and do nothing, yes that is what we are doing BUT I for one know where to turn to in my time of desperation, for all in all we are accountable to him; everyone you, me Bainimarama, Aiyaz, Nashat, Mary Bainimarama, Epeli Nailatikau, Padre Inoke Kubuabola, all who are doing Bainimarama's dirty works including those in Government as the Ministers and PSs; YES TO ALL OF YOU, YOUR DAY WILL COME..

Anonymous said...

tamata magai jinana qori