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Sunday, July 3, 2011

FDFM defends inclusion of GCC in 10-point transisitional plan

The Fiji Democracy of Freedom Movement in Australia is sticking to its belief the Bose Levu Vakaturaga must play a crucial role in its plan for a return to a fair and free Fiji.

It says opposition to the Great Council of Chiefs being allowed to ‘reconvene to deliberate on the affairs of the nation’ is irrelevant and misplaced.

In a statement signed by its interim president, Suliasi Daunitutu, FDFM says criticism the Bose Levu Vakaturaga is unelected or a colonial invention and its track record in past crises is "irrelevant and misplaced."

Quote: "The BLV is one among many institutions in our national political and social life that has been dismantled and harassed by a government that wants to destroy all institutions of representation, association and dialogue, and has systematically used the public emergency regulations to achieve this.

Our No. 8 demand needs to be read together with the 7th, i.e, to ‘re-empower institutions of governance, including allowing democratic elections for such bodies as municipal councils, industrial associations, trade unions and statutory organisations’. ‘Institutions of governance’ include also other unelected bodies, like the civil society organisations, and it is important that all of these be allowed to meet and deliberate, including the BLV. At a time when the trades unions are threatened with an attack through the Critical Industries in Financial Distress Decree, we should not allow divisions or petty quarrels to undermine our unity."

The FDFM has also dismissed objections to its demand the 1997 constitution be restored saying critics claim the legislation's  provision for communal electoral rolls is flawed or that its electoral system is too complex, is unproven. 

Again, from its statement: "This is a longstanding debate in Fiji, taken up by the supporters of the Bainimarama-Khaiyum government mischievously again to justify and legitimise their continued rule. Others have objected that the need to make reforms ‘with an appropriate electoral system, including the removal of communal rolls’ is unconstitutional since only an elected parliament can make such changes. Again, we have sought to put forward demands that can unite our movement.

"The choice is plain: either we embrace the promised arrangements upon which deliberations will allegedly commence in 2012 or we build upon those which Fiji’s leaders from across the political spectrum agreed in the mid-1990s. There is no easy middle way, but our proposed way is to accept that the 1997 constitution is a living document, and that changes should be made. The time has passed when communal seats are reasonably necessary for the alleged ‘protection’ of the indigenous Fijian community, if they ever served that purpose. 

"We believe that this was acknowledged by all of the major elected political parties in Fiji. The recommendation for a reform of the electoral system was the only serious proposal in the regime’s ‘People’s Charter’. Unanimity could have been achieved around this through dialogue, sparing Fiji much trauma. Instead the Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime chose the avenue of confrontation and discord when they repudiated dialogue and abrogated the 1997 constitution. 

"So we have compromised in this respect, but not in others. To embark upon a course of accepting the regime’s proposed constitutional deliberations in 2012, if these eventuate, would be suicide for the cause of democracy in Fiji. Just as with the ‘People’s Charter’, these would be used merely as a method of tokenistic consultation, with Bainimarama and Khaiyum in fact deciding the outcome. We need an alternative moral compass. We stand by our demand point (3) for a restoration of the 1997 constitution."

The movement also urges people to be flexible saying "we need to broaden and strengthen our movement. Nothing is cast in stone. We appeal also to those who have weathered this storm within the regime hoping to exercise influence or sway the government towards democracy. So, our Ten Point Plan remains subject to negotiation and dialogue, and we will use these negotiations to build the necessary unity. The time is past when we will allow petty squabbles to divide our movement.

"This is the only strategy on offer to restore our country to economic security, political openness and public order. To those who seek continually to find fault with the activities of the democracy movement, we say step back and think carefully about your position. Whose side are you on? In theory, you back the creation of a future perfect democracy, but in practice you back a military dictatorship and attack those pressing for democratic government. We appeal to you instead to unite around our chosen programme, and build support for the transition to democracy in Fiji."

The 10-point transitional plan was revealed at the first pro-democracy movement in Canberra last month, featuring former military officers Roko Ului Mara and Jone Baledrokadorka as keynote speakers.


Anonymous said...

In my personal view all future governments should be multiracial. We need leaders who have nation at heart and don't use race card. BLV can replace senate. BLV should have nation at heart and not only concentrate only on fijian affairs.

Anonymous said...

BLV should very much be part of this.....there is no two ways about it.
Thumbs up for democracy!!!!
God Bless FIJI

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Let's not do things in a half ass way. I want real democracy so everyone in Fiji is the same without being born into an institution like GCC.

If chiefs come bak, I will back Frank to the hilt!

Anonymous said...

Let's b fair to Fiji. Chiefs were needed in the old days wen the common fijian wasn't educated. Now literacy rates r v high amongst common fijians or even higher than the chiefs. So we don't need chiefs.

LIbertarianFIjian said...

It's time to move on from the era of chiefs. If it releases individual Fijians from mental captivity to another individual encumbered with some kind of mystical authority....then its time to let go. This is the moment when the tawa vanua is set free from his social, economic and political prison cell. Without the chiefs it is one step up on the ladder of progress. After all, it is the individual Fijian who is king. This would comply with UN resolutions on indigenous peoples and also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights made in 1948. Somehow, someway the tawa vanua needs to be given a door to escape thru. THis may be the most historic act of good made by Baineee and Kaiyum. The GCC has no practical function in the globalising era. It is undemocrato\ic and promotes coups, nepotism, corruption, racism not to mention mental colonialism.

convolutedexperiment said...

Excluding the GCC would be like putting a sword through your child's heart !
The Family would never be the same and the child wouldn't survive.

If one accepts the premise that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, then one must accept, that like the hub of a wheel, the GCC is an integral and vital part of that same Constitution and without it, the Constitution won't function effectively.
In any effect, by Law, having accepted the premise of the Constitution being the Supreme Law, one must accept the inclusion of the GCC, there is no other option, unless or until, the Constitution is changed through a referendum or plebiscite.
The Indigenous Fijian's very existence, depends on the inclusion of the GCC within the Constitution.

To exclude the GCC, would be tantamount to genocide of the Indigenous Fijian, and this we all know, has been Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's goal from long before the coup d'etat of December the 5th. 2006.

Varani. said...

Working with the "existing" constitution appears the only path.
But until the thugs return to the barracks its all hypothetical?
Only way change will eventuate is via a counter coup from within the RFMF. Look at it this way (reality) - if you were in their (regimes) position would you surrender - exchange your freedom for a cell in Naboro? Change will eventually come - but it won't be sooon and it won't be peaceful.

Anonymous said...

democracy shld be allowed in Fiji. Frank must go, but BLV must never be allowed to return

Observer said...

I with like minded honest hard working Fiji citizens living here in Fiji have reservations about your FDFM 10 Point Plan.

First and foremost, the GCC has no place in the new post Bainimarama Fiji. It has no role in the new Fiji.

These so called chiefs have abused their positions wherever they serve at the expense of the people they are supposed to represent. Nobody wants this to continue in the new government.

The chiefs will never change their ways; being egocentric, snobbish, high handed, selfish, arrogant, etc thinking that it is their right, falsely believing that through inheritance, they can do whatever they like with what belong to the grassroots people - land leases, qoliqoli licence revenue, forest royalties, the best and most of everyting in the village, tikina and provinces.

Worst of all is the practice in most villages that being traditional leaders they have sole rights to make decisions for the community; still practised today at a time when COmmoners are better educated while most chiefs and their children, our so called traditional decision makers have degenerated into insignificance.

Frankly I would rather that all institutions are brought back but not the GCC and chiefs have to work for their living like everybody else. Maybe it is best thatb the village system be broken up with people to be settled on their own Mataqali land, subdivided to individual members.

Why keep the 1997 Constitution? Remove it and remove Communal Roll with it so as other provisions that provide for the chiefs. Through the Communal Roll, chiefs have manipulated the electoral system.

Yes, nothing is cast in stone and can be changed; particularly the 1997 Constitution that encourages tokenism, as you have said.

I am not opposing FDFM and I am not on anyone's side but my side and others like me who are bearing the brunt of the Fiji Government's recklessness, unlike you people barking like a dog from overseas

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs in Fiji are mostly crooks. We do not want crooks to run our nation. What exactly were the chiefs doing in the 1987 and 2000 coup's? They were the brains, planners and motivators behind the coups.

Why then should they be allowed to continue their evils acts.



Anonymous said...


SEMI MEO said...

Oh…..these are those you “eat, club and politik” their way to power in the last century…and only a handful of a selected few signed Fiji over to Colonial rule.
..and now many “kana loto and kana dua tiko” when paid mega lease money.

Unless…unless we have new brands of Chiefs…real Chiefs..humble and all encompassing, compassionate chief, NOT dictators….

And this time have Fijian Indian reps in the GCC..like Ratu Tapoo, Adi Bimla..

Fijiana said...

Lets look at the past record of "Great Council of Chiefs" or better known as "Great Council of Thieves". What are their achievements? Zero. They have been nothing but hindrance rather than help in Fijian politics, Fijian social life, and Fijians betterment. They are nothing but spoiled brats waiting for handouts from the government. What makes them superior to the rest of us Fijians? Lets face it, they have out lived there life. Just as in Britain, the general populace is now wanting the Monarch be done away with. There is call from Canadians to detach it self from British Monarchy. In India they did away with Maharajas long time ago. This shows that the Indians had better foresight than us. Time has changed. We Fijians are more educated and are more sophisticated. We don't need anyone by virtue of Chiefly family telling us what to do or how to live. We are matured. We do have sense. We can stand on our two feet and make decisions for ourselves. We do not need a "BIG BROTHER" to hold our hands. God Bless Viti.

Nucifera said...

In this modern day and age, the notion of having an unelected institution playing important roles in our governance is against the sentiments of increasingly large section of an educated population.

But in view of the importance of Fijian hierachial/chiefly system to the Fijians, perhaps a GCC with a role of overview on legislation affecting Fijian land and customs may be acceptable. No role in election of President and cost of running GCC to be minimized.

The people must vote for a President.

We should accept that the role of chiefs in our governance and lives is increasingly waning and will diminish more over time.

This is not surprising and it has happened in other countries. It is natural part of modernisation process.

Modernisation as history has taught us has brought about increases in individuals' choices and control over ones' life away from communal control.

Whether we like it or not if we want education and modernisation these changes will happen.

Role of chiefs will as a result wane, so our Governance practices must reflect this.

Our constitution must reflect this.

Anonymous said...

Good to see. Ig support for return of democracy without any chiefs. I think if most of us agree with this, I believe Frank can be talked into bringing elections a lot earlier.

Anonymous said...

There is no dispute for inclusion of GCC as part of the supreme law.

However, asking for changes to elecectoral system is bastarising the constitution and calling by major political parties as the basis of that change is tantamount to abuse of the law and sedition.

Any change WILL be inconsistent to the 1997 constitution. If GCC cannot and should not be removed, so should not be the electoral system. You talk on application of law so you stick to that fact.

NO political party has the mandate to make that statement period.

And NO political party is a major political party after having missed parliament for 6 months. Therefore their opinion remains invalid in process.

They need a fresh mandate and have the change to electoral system in their manifesto. Reason out to the voters for that and win their votes first before they can even dream about calling themselves of having mandate to support change of ANY provision of the constitution.

Only racist political interest wants this change so that they can have a grand Fijian coalition after the elections to advantage a permanent opposition of the Indians influenced political parties in Govt.

Please review your 10 point paln if you want to be within the ambit of law or might as well support Frank with pants down!

In the political dialogue forum, no politiacl party was 'major' political party given that they failed to appeal the summing up by the high Court that their becoming a major party was based on Agri Corruption.

So all political parties DID NOT support the proposed changes as outlined in the Peoples Charter!

Get your facts right.

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu!

nayacakalou said...

Anon and Llbertarian Fijian....to remind you GCC is here to stay and they have the right as Native People of this country to control the rights of the Native people and other races or citizens of the country.If people do not like it there are other places in the world to go to.To prove to you Anon,Bainijidamunivore is no Chief,not even a drip of blood,the respect of human beings that the GCC have,respected the cry baby and gave him another three years for his job and the price of respect from him,is to sack them and humiliate them,to go and drink home brew under the mango tree.To you LF,you said that you are the tawavanua,it means that you have no land and what are you crying about?The school is right next to you,go and study and be somebody and stay away from politics.

Anonymous said...

Despite this being an anti Frank site, it is good to see general agreement that we do not need chiefs. I believe this can be used as a catalyst to convince Frank to have elections earlier. Go on Murray and kev, give this as an incentive to Frank...I.e. General agreement by our neigh ours that chiefs are now sa ouchi!

VereBau. said...

"Taukei culture is kinship based and accepts communual co-operation and a traditional hierarchy for its developement and presevation.

Indians and Europeans tend to be individualistic and thrive on no holds barred competition where material success is of prime importance and kinship relations are of secondary value.

The Vanua (land) is of profound psychological value to the Taukei who have lost much of the best of it whereas to Indians and Eurpopeans it is viewed as a straighforward recource to be exploited again and again".


Suggest those who can't or won't accept Taukei ways and institutions such as the GCC contemplate emigration as an option to their obvious turmoil?

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Illegal Dictator first. The squabbling over the ten-point plan can be done at Democratic election time with a Free media and Free Speech. Do Not GET SIDE TRACK ON THESE ISSUES, concentrate on the main objective that is, to throw out the illegal regime and have immediate Democratic Elections. Other wise all this arguing is just ridiculous Waste of Time and Energy.

Anonymous said...

The GCC has been isolated by FB because of its non performance and lack of credibility as a cultural hierachical head of the whole of ITaukei cokovata. The GCC survives on the past glory of its forebears which in the past claimed to be representative of the yavusas. For example during land sales, leasing for the settling of debts etc etc. THe failure of the GCC in the era after seesion by the WHITEMAN was again repeated, after the 'sons of coolies', Gujrats and Punjabs had come into to fold of government in the middle of the last 100 years until now. The vacuum left by the Colonial masters was taken up by these fellow 'co-inhabitors', and sadly again they used the same tactics the colonial settlers did - BRIBERY, isolating chiefs and showering them with gifts etc etc. Now JB intends to include the GCC. If the GCC is led to come back (now that it cannot lift itself from the ashes (like a toothless tiger), it must be controled through an ethics and moral code of conduct. The GCC is not above the Law, it is a servant of the people and must device startegies for the sustainability of its yavusa resources - land, marine resources, its cultureal practices and not living to be serves with tributes as has happened in the past like feudalistic empires. GROW UP GCC and be CONTEMPORARY like a modern corperate organisation and be counted!!!

Anonymous said...

We cannot go backwards to where it all started.In moving forward, we need to ensure the indigenous rights is protected. No future democratic government can change or cause instability in indigenous affairs. Once we can assure the indigenous society that their rights is protected. We can do without the BLV and the Church interfering in politics. Every person has a right to vote and a true democratic government whether it be Indian dominated or not be allowed to govern......No more qoliqoli...no more divisions...no race votes.

Anonymous said...

GCC support 1987 coup and 2000 coup. GCC support destruction of democracy so GCC should be consigned to history. Roko Ului wants GCC as he himself biggest beneficiary of being a chief.

Anonymous said...

Will you put in place KPI and quality control measures to ensure all decisions made are just and made in the interest of the people and not of self interest.

Anonymous said...

WE need those who stood up for democracy-thats the first start! Those that abused the democratic process for their own ends should not be part of the process eg(Politicians),including those that supported George Speight & those that raped Democracy eg (Army Staff) should not even be heard-even if they have the best interest of the Nation at heart or even if they now claim they have found Christ! Then and only then ill this Democracy Movement begin to take the form and guidance it needs-right now it appears to have lost its way. !)10 point plans, GCC, ABC, FBC or PB don't mean a thing right now as even the GCC/BLV is tainted-so for them to be part of the process we need to have honourable Chiefs-not those that can be bought with a caneknife, motor mower or fibreglass boat! Then those of us who are the fighters for Democracy will stand up and be counted! Right now the Democracy Movement is clutching at straws, look at new recruits? Show me a reputable Leader-so i can die for them! Till then it will be just continue same,same!Hot air is OK but when it smells it STINKS!AS the old Fijian saying goes "dua e tara na dena e tukuna! Dri Yani.

Anonymous said...

Since the cane cutting season just began,the most noble deeds The Fiji Democracy of Freedom Movement in Australia can do to contribute positively to the restoration of our country to economic security, political openness and public order is first,they need to form a cane cutting gang,and help those farmers that need to get their farms harvest..cut their cane and stay with them for 6 month..experience their struggle,especially the cane cutters..ke sa sega ni rawa.. take your 10 point plan and throw it to the bin...levu ga nomuni gunu yaqona vakaoti qauna..RUBBISH

Anonymous said...

Frank is guilty of serious crimes, some in league with khiayum, others can be on him alone ... but many serious crimes ...
Human rights abuses-Torture/Assault
Obtaining Money by deception.
Grand Larceny ...
.... the list goes on, and on.
Now lets get this straight, which
person are we talking about? .... When it comes to volunteering to step aside and allow an election to take place and the rule of the Constitution and the Law Courts to take over and start prosecuting people for these crimes? Is it Frank Banana and Sayyes Kaiyummybum that you expect to walk into gaol ..VOLUNTEER TO WALK INTO GAOL? ... They have gradually dug their own graves, BUT they are not going to suddenly step into the hole! !
-----------------------------------WAKEY WAKEY-STOP DREAMING .... it simply is not going to happen like that.
They will have to be pushed. The "PUSH" will come.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Good debate for any against GCC.

How can one support democracy and still support an institution like GCC that is not democratic.

Also we must stop failed and opportunistic politician like some commenting on this blog above to be part of it as it is clear they are in it for their self interest.

Ratu Borogaga said...

Yes it's good to have Ratu Semi Pratap or Adi Nur Meo in the GCC as well.

Those chiefs that suck up to the dictator shouldn't be allowed in the new GCC. Only chiefs that stood by their people and for truth shall be counted in.

Anonymous said...

While I detest dictatorships, it is nice to be reminded of just how dysfunctional Fijian politics were prior to Frank's coup. The last thing Fiji needs is a return of the GCC. The GCC needs to be made purely honorary, and the money and power needs to be taken out of the hands of the chiefs. So long as the Methodists back the traditional power structure and the SDL, Fiji will continue to be a basket case even when Frank is gone.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs are noble born and god given heritage like the king/queens of other countries.
Who is bai/ag to tell them. they are not needed in fiji politics.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Post Bainimarama-Khaiyum Fiji is not for those who had / have been close to previous and present illegal governments incluidng the GACICI ((GCC)as well as the 1997 Constitution particularly the provisions for Communal Roll, that which provide for the GACICI to monopolise and manipulate the General Elections and the I Taukei Fijians' political rights and freedom.

Suliasi Daunitutu and Company - rethink yopur strategies very carefully if you want the support of grassroots Fijians. We are fed up with the mobnopolisation and domination of our lives by the so called ppoorly educated chiefs.

Thumbs Up to majority I taukei Fijian domination...

Anonymous said...

wether you like it or not...This is Fiji....Fijians need their chiefs...If you don't like it then move somewhere else where they have the class system etc!!


The 10 point plan is a good starter but ought not set in stone, what needs to happen is open and honest discussion amongst academics, intellects, contitutional experts, lawyers and other professionals who have Fiji at heart to sythesize and build on what's good from the constitution, while being open minded about the changes that has taken place amongst our overall community, pick the best policy. Invite constitutional lawyers from the Forum including input from the US model one person one vote and then come out with a democratic model based on American, Asean, etc framework-in other words a paradigm shift from the Westminister model to more progressive western model that jives with the modern times we live in. A critical analysis has to be made of the GCC's role and it place, relevance to modern contemporary Fijian setting. I like the Obama notion of analysing every issue to it's most basic common denominator to find the truth and relevance of how, what, where, when , who, why it is we need to be governed going forward. There's a lot of syhthetic work that is still yet to be done to correlate and reconcile our x's and y's to ensure we have a perfect union. For this, I recommend a special petition to the US State Department for a special constitutional team tasked with reviewing what we have whilst coming up with recommendations taking into account current and historical paradigms peculiar to Fiji. I like the idea of electing a commonly popular President chosen by common consent of all eligible voters. That President shall then form his Cabinet with professionals, lawyers, etc chosen from our diverse ethnic fabric. Parliment then shall consist of elected reps representing their various constituencies like Nasinu, Nausori, Tamavua, etc. Sa dri yani for now.

Anonymous said...

I say no to chiefs....bunch of butabutakos....well if they come in they should only play the role of observers and should not be given any decision making power. We Fijians are educated and the era for chiefs are long gone. We don't need them....basically because it is not democratic and they're a bunch of fakes! If this is how it will go then i'll have to side with Frank.

Say no to chiefs...thumbs up to democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs its chiefs [ ?warriors vis.?modern GCC ] when it travels the democracy debate. It's in the DNA / Tradition / Custom too much to be discarded. You have to watch your Pacific bros, sis & cuss!
Bula vinaka vaka levu! Namaste!

Anonymous said...

No Chiefs in Government? Then remove the Sea (Qoliqoli) and Land and let Government find their own resources to govern and gain Revenue from. Remove all the Legislations and Decrees from the Vanua (Land and Sea-Qoliqoli) such as the NLTB Act, Mining Act, Forestry Act, Fisheries Act, Tourism etc because you cannot govern with Air alone.
All anti chiefs in this blog site are racist and unrealistic about Fiji. Do you need a tradition less country like Rwanda or PNG that thrives on Commercial inside trading, Rape, Tourism less Industry etc.

Anonymous said...

Its is the "Great Circus of Chieves"

Anonymous said...

Just take a look at what's happened to Fiji ever since Bainiarse removed Chiefs and Church Leaders from power. And dismantled the GCC and persecuted the Methodist Church.

Camakau said...

The GCC is an outmoded relic of the past. It is a monolithic structure that does not gel with the modernizing networked society. It is repugnant to laud an individual as a result of fabricated folklore based on magic. To compete and survive in the electronic age, Fijians need to be well informed, nimble footed. A hierarchy that has a flat structure is far more conducive to modern times. The chiefly system, is a dynosoaur of the colonialist era that has been the linch-pin of ethno-nationlism and been a vehicle of exploitation. We have to leave behind institutions which have passed it's use by date. To set out on the roads ahead, we can adopt civic tools to more effectively achieve what little the chiefs did in the jurassic era. Face it everybody, the world has changed big time.

Anonymous said...

PER only operates and works in the city of Suva...The chiefs are the ones in control in every villages in Fiji!! Imagine if there are no chiefs...disaster!! Fijians submit and respect their chiefs that's just the normal Fijian way of life....It will be impossible to remove them because they already existed long before we all arrived!!
Real Fijians shouldn't be having any issues with the Chiefs.If you disagree I suggest you consider moving somewhere else because this is the way Fiji has been and will always be!!

Anonymous said...

PER only operates and works in the city of Suva...The chiefs are the ones in control in every villages in Fiji!! Imagine if there are no chiefs...disaster!! Fijians submit and respect their chiefs that's just the normal Fijian way of life....It will be impossible to remove them because they already existed long before we all arrived!!
Real Fijians shouldn't be having any issues with the Chiefs.If you disagree I suggest you consider moving somewhere else because this is the way Fiji has been and will always be!!

SEMI MEO said...

@Ratu Borogaga..lol....how Mrs. Adi Borogaga ??...she must love your "borogaga" company…poor woman..

Anonymous said...

No chiefs mean no culture n no identity and u'll just be another dog in New Delhi,,,,get the message?
Just look at the how the chiefly system is at work when the Farebrother Challenge was shifted to Labasa bringing joy to thousands. So all of u against chiefs go live in Timbaktuu!

Anonymous said...

The gcc had approved the 1987 coup so why bring them back

Anonymous said...

FDFM will have a bigger support here in Australia if it got rid of the BLV and the Church from its ten point plan.

Fiji Son said...

Get rid of Mara and JB along with the GCC and this plan might work

Anonymous said...

These Business thieves and Immigrants after making their Millions and life from the Vanua (Sea-Qoliqoli and Land)turn around to accuse the Chiefs of all the Political problems. OK, let these Racist Advocates form their own Government but look for their own Resources to create Revenue from. I am sure they will be the first one to run to the Chiefs and the Vanua to request for land lease or to request for land to be given to the Land Bank (Grab).

Ratu Borogaga said...

Ratu Mahen Sayed Kuboutawa stick to the topic will ya!

Anonymous said...

Fiji without the Chiefs invovlvement will be Rwanda, PNG, Somalia etc all over with all the looting, raping etc.
Just need to ask Speight and Group in 2000 when they could not control the Mob in Parliament and Kalabu and the Chiefs came to their rescue. Otherwise, Chaudhary and MPs would be dead by now. Fiji needs their Tradition and Culture for a sustainable Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Debate sees Chiefs voted out. Wai le!Even anti coup site backing Franks plan to make chiefs irrelecant. Clears way for democracy to return earlier.

Anonymous said...

That's where the problem lies, when chiefs 'claim' to own everything! I say kick out all the chiefs and form a committee for each villages and the committee to nominate the chairman. The committee will manage the villages operations and resources. This is better than a one man army system. The villages have to vote for people in their committee. This way the village leaders will be more accountable to their people.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:08

I totally agree with you. The Chiefs get to get everything thing while the commoners get nothing...what a rip off...there's nothing democratic about that! Get the chiefs out!

Thumbs up for TRUE Democracy!

Anonymous said...

anon@July 4, 2011 4:00 AM

If that's the case then does not need democracy either.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

@ Anon July 04 2011.

It is easier to "kick out" Bainimarama and his illegal and illegitimate regime than trying to "kick out" Chiefs. It is even more difficult to "kick out" the traditional Fijian Chiefly system.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum obviously have realized this. That is why they are trying their best to have the Chiefs on their side. But I doubt that many Chiefs realize that there is power within themselves to influence their people for good.

Bai may have disbanded the GCC but he cannot dismantle or fire a Chief from his traditional position and his responsibility to his people because they (the Chiefs) are not forgetting that these traditional obligations were passed down to them by their ancestors whom they worship almost as they worship God.

These are deeply rooted traditions more so than Bai's and Khaiyum's shallow figments of their imagination that are able to destroy why people from one vanua call people from other vanuas, tauvus, naitas, mataqalis, dreus, masekis etc.

SEMI MEO said...

@Ratu Borogaga...qarauna luvena....do not ever throw around that "Kuboutawa" name…your truly hardly uses that name…bhout bakarerebaki!!...KUBOU..na lovo TAWA tu kina na bokola vakataki Ratu Borogaga..

Let’s install real contemporary “chiefs”…men and women of honor, integrity with a heart to concede as EQUAL beneficiary of all the natural resources.

Really, what Chiefs are we looking to….NO Tui Viti,NO Tui Lau for decades now,,,..coronation of other kingship around Fiji is determined by alien adjustors to the Traditional and cultural i taukei systems..

Or do we have young breed of Chiefs ready to resurrect the once revered Chiefly hierarchy.

But, what can we say if have chiefs like Ratu Borogaga, Ratu Lasaituba, Adi Mateni Moce vakaveitalia…etc…

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family! All you ungrateful people should be happy that the Bainimaramas can go on holiday together. Their father is a very busy man. So it's kinda cute that he takes them all away now and again.

Anonymous said...

I am a Taukei Fijian who does not like the GCC and Communal Roll. These had been instruments of domination, manipulation, usurpation, selfishness, arrogance, etc.

The above and the Methodist Church have enabled the chiefs to influence and manipulate the Fiji political environment. what kind of democracy when this was allowwed to contnue?

May I request for those of you promoting the GCC and Communal Roll to come to Fiji...come and do your talking here, not in the comfortable surrounding of Australia, NZ or wherever overseas.

VereBau. said...

Suggest that those who are not accepted members of a functioning Taukei mataqali have no right questioning the rights of those that are.

Stated previously - those who don't like (accept - unhappy with)the GCC - eitheir shut up or leave.

Anonymous said...

GCC... Chiefs are a great part of The Fijian Culture!!
I rather, live under the GCC then by a wannabe Chief... who is the Biggest Thief of all time?? We were so much better off with SDL/Labour/GCC than by these bunch of Thieving Hooligans??
Bring Back GCC..Bring back SDL..Bring back Labour...at least when we were upset with them.. we could criticise and yell at them publicly!! but now... under this Regime...only our fingers are doing the talking...tapping away in our quiet conner??....and our mouths are zipped?? I want my Freedom Back!! Please God.. I want some Devine Intervention!!!! Thumbs Up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Talking about the Fijian Chiefly System...who here believes in 'nodra sau na turaga'??

Breaking News--The Bose Ni Yasana ko Lau was supposed to have been held this week in Nadi, but has been postponed, reason being - o ira na lewe ni bose kei rau na veitarogi vanua ko rau a lai dikeva na ownership ni qoliqoli mai Oneata ( the bukatanoa - i believe that's what its called). era vodo tiko e na Iloilovatu - which is currently stuck on a reef in the Bukatanoa...From what I hear the Bukatanoa e qoliqoli ni Tui Nayau.. koya ratou mai challenge taka mai Oneata..which recently has been given to them after the 'findings'of the two veitarogi-vanua.

Yesterday the 3rd ship was to have left Suva,attempts by two other ships to rescue the Iloilovattu were futile.

O kemuni kece na i taukei o ni volavola tiko mai na blogs qo..o ni saqata tiko na Fijian Chiefly System, please think twice of what you fighting for. The Chiefs are part of the FIJIAN IDENTITY.( na yacaqu o..noqu koro..noqu tokatoka..noqu yavusa o.. e na tikina ko...yasana o...Noqu kau na..Noqu manumanu na...NOQU I TUTU VAKAVANUA --au gonedau/bati/sau turaga/ turaga.) With the chiefly system - da mai kilai tani tu kina o keda e na noda i tovo ni vei vakarokoroko taki.Me kua ni levu ga na nodai lavo me da sa viavia levu sara kina.Da muria tiko ga na noda i yatu.Ia dina ga ni so na ka e ra cakava na noda turaga e sega ni vinaka. E na gauna vakaoqo e na vinaka me da vosa taka vakadodonu, direct your conplain to the person involved, and don't make generalisation.

Yes there are some good and bad chiefs, it doesn't give us the right to abolish the chiefly system.

Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Fijian chiefly system cannot and will not be abolish. I wish to remind those who are against to change their name to Kaiyumbai or Dalipkubuta.
A common and urgent issue at the moment is to move the country forward, to allow the people of Fiji the right to lead their country.

Puls said...

While a lot has been said about the alleged corrupt practises of our past and current CHIEFS it is important to highlight some facts:
Qarase during his rein realised the importance of the GCC in Fiji's future. But in order to move Fiji Forward, our chiefs required some re-education. Re-education in a way to modernise their thinking and habits to suit the contemporary environment that they have been exposed to (I am not only refering to intellectual but more of wisdom). To that end Qarase's policies were targeting the GCC and the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs. The $20 Million invested in FHL and the construction of the Nasova Complex were tools to achieve those goals (in the long-term).In time to come the august body will no longer rely on government handouts and thus become economically sustainable. This concept would then open doors for Yasanas, Tikinas, Mataqali, Tokatoka and Households to follow suit and thus forever changing the way how indigenous perceive themselves in the commercial world. Becoming better entrepreneurs will allow us to now better handle dealings about our sacred resources.Who will benefit? Everyone. Given the nature of the indigenous population
they will extend their assistance to the vasu's, Rabians, Kioans, Part Solomons,etc,etc, including the Indo-Fijian community. Amongst the Indo-Fijians those who can afford will be given the chance to buy land at the market rate and for those who are landless and pennyless will receive assistance from government. But Fijians are known to be kind and loving that some will benefit freely because it is a way of life. Wisdom at its best.FIJI will never be the same again. Our only problem; 'we did not ask and we did not wait'.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefly system came into existence as a hard & fixed method of Leadership & Governance when the British set foot in Fiji! Prior to that-it was the one that had the most powerful "wau" that led!Fijian Politics at the time-has it cahngesmuch? Families killed Families, the Eldest of the clan really didn't take over all the time because as soon as the Chief died, the so called Title was up for grabs, unless the annointed one had already proved himself! Here is a simple question, how many Chiefly positions in present Fiji is rightly held by the "ELDEST" of the Chiefly clans from those Chiefs that led the Vanuas prior to Cession? Here is a list of the some of High Chiefs:
1.Kubuna- Vunivalu-Cakobau (Eldest?) Position-VACANT!
2.Tovota-Tui Cakau. Lalabalavu( Eldest?)
b)Lau- Tui Nayau. (Eldest?) Position-VACANT!
3.Burebasaga-Ro TeiMumu ( Eldest?)
4. Tui Vuda.Ratu Eparama K Tavaiqia.( Eldest?)
5. Ratu-Ucunivanua.Eldest? position-VACANT
Need i go on?

The question is if not why? Simply because there are various "dirty" politics thats happened during Colonial times that removed the rightful holders of those that should be holders the Title? Some may say that the younger siblings were given the Title, that its the Lords will that this should happen! If you know Fijian history not the one put down by the those that could read & write in English-there is a different talanoa to tell. Has this been the wrong that needs to be righted before the "mana" comes back to the GCC! I leave it to those more knowledgable than me after all i am just from-a kawa ni tukuni from a clan that was once know as Virimana!

Anonymous said...

Amonymous...NOQU I TUTU VAKAVANUA --au gonedau/bati/sau turaga/ turaga.... What if you do not belong to any of the sub-clan you have mentioned. If i remember there were those who were classified as "Kailawadoko" where do they fit in? There is one who held all the power in the this classification which you conveniently ignored - Na BETE! Now what happens to them-still needed in modern day Fiji or you pretend they now no longer needed-theirs the power you should recognise. Funny in Fiji they pretend the Bete is not alive & well & no longer needed wheres in Indo -Fijian tradition they still respect & show humbleness to their BETE, something they know better than us!If the Fijian is to retain his culture & tradition and all the trappings that came with the system he has to retain the BETE! Hard pill to swollow-ask the Fijian from Nadi & the Hill tribes.

Ratu Borogaga said...

Ratu Mardeo Kubounimaruwana Meo, ke dua tiko na vugomu se luvemu yalewa me qai biu mai va qo i Delainabua, levu qo ra vaqara che tiko ni ositerelia me rawa na toki yani, sa vaivei momo.