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Sunday, July 17, 2011

FDFM: Fight for Fiji democracy has entered a new phase

SYDNEY RALLY: Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Jone Baledrokadroka.

This report from Suliasi Daunitutu for Matavuvale Blog

More than 300 people packed the Belmore Bowling Club last night and pledged their support for the FDFM and ACTU who will impose tougher sanctions on the Bainimarama illegal regime. The decree 21 that Felix Anthony explained to the people last night showed how little this illegal government thought of the workers or more accurately, their welfare.

Bainimarama last week took his family to Singapore on 42 million dollars of taxpayers money for a reunion while his advocate Aiyaz was slapping these restrictions on the common people back home.

This has progressed from DOKADOKA to VIAVIALEVU for Bainimarama and his family and I urge everyone to come together and put a stop to this. Our people in USA, please it is now time to put differences aside and help your brothers and sisters here in Australia fight this war. It can be won quicker if we all engage.

Vinaka Prez USA for your undying support and the continuous attack in cyber warfare, also naita Te, Fanny and Mafi for your contribution to this fight.

Last night the fight entered a new phase when the panel, with the exception of JB and I, consisted of former regime members who have crossed the floor. The fight has completely changed and the balance is slowly tipping in our favour. AK in imposing this suffocating decrees has unknowingly fueled the fire for their demise.

Now we have ACTU on board, this is the institution that will eventually spell disaster for them and they are ready and willing to help FDFM get this "Democracy" quicker to Fiji any way we want or propose. When they ban their Qantas workers from servicing Fiji flights, we will then ask workers in Fiji to boycott and abandon their jobs and go home. Tell your relatives back home that it is important, that they help us if they want jobs security, payrise and workplace freedom of expression to return.

A good meeting and very fruitful.


Anonymous said...

haa haa! what a joke is the ACTU, Felix, Dan, Rajen, RUM and JB. They flow either way. Hate against unionist is growing in Fiji as ordinary people now understand their silly antics. No wonder union membership in Fiji is decreasing big time. Air Pac will use other sources to load their planes. Lots of migrant workers working at airports now that are not part of the union. This is the beginning of the end of the union movement in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

nai ikuri walega ni leqa!

Mafi.....USA said...

Thanks Suli for the updates of the meeting neing held in Australia. It is very encouraging to note the awareness of the movement in Aus as the Roko Ului and the FDFM meetings continues. I have been following the rally in Aus and I would and glad to say that it has gained momentum and is in the right direction.
Thanks for the hard work and the untiring efforts being put together by the team in Aus. I salute you and JB and everyone who has been part of the fight for the returning of Democracy to our beloved Fiji.
With the support from the Trade Union in Aus, I believe for those of us Fijians who hold our country so dearly in our hearts, know that we have allies who are going to fight the battle with us.
If the Aus Unions, understand the position in which our workers are going to be denied of their rights to fair pay and better working conditions, I dont understand how in this world some ppl couldn't look at the bigger picture.
As Suli has said, it has to be a co-ordinated effort to make it more effective. When the Union in Aus refuse to work on the AP/Qantas flight in Aus, the Airport workers in Fiji should do the same and support from all the Union workers in Fiji should follow suite.
I believe with the Australian Union imposing thia actions, the other countries and esp the UN will be able to take note and re-look at the situation in Fiji.
We should lobby more to the UN to stop employing the Fiji Military in Iraq and Sinai because they have abused the Human rights and the Liberty of the ppl of Fiji. The same military they are employing for Peace keeping is the same military that is terrorising its citizens and has denied them their civil rights and freedom of speech.
I want to thank the President of the FDFM in Aus and everyone who has worked tirelessly, everyone who has given their time to come and listen during their presentations. We have gained the momentum and the phases of our war against this Illegal regime is begining to gain momentum.
When we fight for something good, we will gain allies along the way and together we will win the war.
And with God on our side, who will we fear. He will fight the battle for us. Thank you Jesus.
Lets fight for freedom than fighting amongst ourselves.
Fight and Freedom for Democracy.
Thumbs Up For Democracy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

guys - the business realities in fiji are such that costs have to be controlled. airlines are struggling all over the world. some of the agreements with unions and allowances are out of touch with the rising costs of jet fuel etc. you either cut costs or the business goes down. How many people in these unions run businesses? NIL.
What unions need to do is agree to measures to control costs and when things recover - return to their original agreement,,,,,,
these extreme actions will only victimise the ordinary worker ie no business no jobs. those of you overseas will relax.

Varani. said...

Best thing JB can do is leave AUS -return to Viti - lead your Kai?

Anonymous said...

what is happening now will return fiji back to democracy...mr anthony, mr urai and mr singh are ones with guts that stand for this country..

kinoya kid said...

you FDM wanna bes...listen to those on the ground...if not you'll loose out in the long run...
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Please get something positive. I hate seeing these people's face again. I think they should be in jail because of what they contributed to during the coup. We want to see people whom we trust. People who can take the country forward. I only have to type these peoples names in to google to see how much they were involved in the coup......plse wake up....if you want our support, then don't bring in photos of these losers.....some of them actually should belong in jail.....cheers to democracy

Anonymous said...

It will be a short disruption but more effective.....

Anonymous said...

I second that brother.

Felix and that tool Daniel will lead you ruins. They are very short minded people.

Mafi...USA said...

@ Kinoya Kid..
Who are the ppl on the gound??? The stupid PM and the Illegal AG???? Go Aussie..Impose more sanctions....
Topple the Illegal Regime and Thumbs Up For Democracy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka FDFM Aus! keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

PM spent $42m in singapore as your article said, you must be high.

Pls check facts and don't mislead people.

As for Felix, daniel urai, MPC junior, this is FLP you mutton heads.

Anonymous said...

What is a Dictator?

Dictators exercise arbitrary authority over their citizens and suppress the freedoms of speech and religion, and the right to a fair trial. They also commit torture, execute opponents, carry out human rights abuses and starve their own people of the basic necessities of life.

Modern Dictatorship usually come to an end just as chaotically as they began. Many end when the dictator becomes too weak or sick to continue on, or dies suddenly.

1. Adolf Hitler (Germany) committed suicide after the Allies beat the German Armed Forces.
2. Benito Mussolini (Italy) was shot by Communist partisans and his body stoned by civilians.
3. Vladimir Lenin (Russia) suffered a series of strokes and took lesser roles in government before his death. Josef Stalin also had a stroke and died shortly afterwards.
4. Manuel Noriega (Panama) was captured after the United States invaded Panama and is serving a 30-year prison sentence in a Florida federal correctional facility.
5. Saddam Hussein (Iraq) was deposed after coalition forces took control of Iraq and was later executed by the provisional government of Iraq.
6. In 2008, Fidel Castro stepped down as leader of Cuba (passing the presidency to his brother Raul) after several years of worsening health.

Whose next?

Anonymous said...

Its time for real action against Fiji in international unions not to load and unload non essential goods by air and sea transport to Fiji. It will take one month for the Fiji tinpot Gadafi dictator to collapse and be chased like a mangoose in the cassava patch.

Its time for real action and not talk.

Have to fight force with force, PER and human rights abuse and massive corruption raping the nations finance with scams has gone too far. Its time for revolution in Fiji and all pacific must help get rid of the tin pot dictator and his junta of 11 thugs who hold Fiji hostage.

There is no other way but force.

Anonymous said...

Suli are you really asking people to abandon their jobs?

Anonymous said...

Well! well - I can see an ugly reception awaiting these 3 musketeers when they disembark at Nadi - all the same I say they are very brave!

Anonymous said...

sega saraga ni dua a betena na vakasama vakalusigauna e kau cake mai qori suli!
the people in tourism, airlines, ATS etc will suffer with this proposed stupid action!
Suli n company will relax in Aust while people in Fiji will lose their income cause of this stupid plans!!!
Frank and aiiarse will relax ,,,,,no big deal to them!

Anonymous said...

As a matter of principle I do not support any previous, current and future supporters of the coups in Fiji and anywhere in the world. Full Stop!
Unfortunately all the so called democracy seekers that we see pictures of (Dan Urai, Felix Anthony, Rajendra Chaudery etc) were supporter of the coup who gained from it in a big way. Without them we may not have had the previous coups in the first place. It is no surprise overtime that they have fallen out with each other and parted ways with the creature that they helped created after stopped receiving the proceeds of the coup, they wish to be freedom fighters. Please read in between the lines and learn from our previous experiences as it is not unusual they use us hardworking Fiji public as pawns for their gain.
After the 2006 coup, Felix and Dan Urai sold their souls to VB and thought they had the world at their feet and unleashed devious woos on their enemies. It is no secret that recently VB treated Felix like a dog with its tail under its legs at the camp. Now Felix is crying foul. What goes around comes around baiya!
Dan Urai is a drunkard without too much intelligence if any at all. He is a ‘yes’ man for Felix. Just ask those who were on the same Boards as Felix and Dan Urai.
For their personal gain, now Felix and Dan wish to cripple Fiji and affect the livelihoods of the very people who pay their salaries.
I hope we are not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!...and creating bigger monsters like Felix and Dan!
If these self serving opportunists will be part of FDM, then many good and free thinking Fiji citizens will withdraw their support for FDM.
I support freedom and democracy in Fiji but not with these tainted and self serving individuals. I am sure Fiji deserves better than these cronies.

Anonymous said...

Who will suffer for 1 month. Can felix, daniel urai and suli be in fiji first.

Bati said...

I had been praying for the conditions to be created to materialise for mass workers' union and public demonstrations , industrial strikes and national civil disobedience to ignite.

We want a rallying point, a reference point, a common cause and unifying target to unite us rise up against the illegal regime.

Am certain the national workers unions can galvanise us all democracy lovers to fight against the removal of workers' rights as a reference cause.

We will put up a peaceful civil diobedience fight but we must be prepared to use force to resist the regime which is most likely to reply with brutal suppression.

We must be prepared for this eventuality and not be taken unawares.

Those of us living in Viti Levu highlands will close down Monasavu and paralise public transportation networks inland if the illegal regime want to suppress our civil disobedince with violence.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

United we stand and divided we fall, its time for unity of all persons in Fiji and abroad who believe in democracy, rule of law, good goverance, transparency, equality, human rights, justice, freedom, rule by the ballot and freedom from oppersion.

The junta is a coward group of 11 thugs with a sick and no school dictator, who are abusing the security forces chain of command under PER and Marshall Law.

How many people of fiji the 800000 people who want fredoom can they lock up and beat up. Its time to fight and win and its time for democracy and freedom of people of Fiji.

Force is needed and time for talk is over, real action and action that brings down the dictatorship who with the junta must stand trial for corruption and massive scams in Fiji, inclusive of the one billion dollar waila city development scam, the 10 million dollar vehcile lease scam and many other scams.

The junta us raping the workers and people of fijis tax monies with its corruption and abuse of office by use of gun.

So fear not and time to beleive in God and fight the evil few that hold Fiji hostage and free Fiji for its people and future of the many generations who are doomed with bankruptcy if the junta continues in power for any more time.

The corruption and evil plots of the junta must be revealed and the puppet master who is the real illegal dictator of fiji must be brought to justice.

Local march, protest and international real sanctions need to start now and all workers of Fiji must show their protest and all people of fiji rise up and fight.

there is no other way, beleive in the cause and not the method

Anonymous said...

Just look at the state of the nation under the dictatorship, its close to bankruptcy and so the snactions which will have short term pain will have long term gain by removing the corrupt and no school junta out of power and returning fiji to its people.

Anonymous said...

Unty Nazhet Shameem former high court judge and real unty of puppet master makes a significant junta announcement that a new corporations decree will be out soon.

Who is she to make this announcement???

The fact is the dictator is controlled by the puppet master and his two auntys' nur bano ali and nazheat shameem. The dictator indeed is no school and illhealth and a stooge and nothing else.

The two auntys have also done a new constitution of Fiji which the dictator will get rubberstambed and do e vote scam to win elelctions

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: TATA [Y P Reddy] got the approval from J RAM Reddy to fully fund the Fiji Govt in Exile.
vinaka reddy for your kind support.

Anonymous said...

Please use FADURS to name all the 3 union stooges who are now in Oz. Many are not including Rajeshwar Sing(RS). He was the biggest loser who made an ass of himself on TV in the CloseUp program in support of the coup, not long after the coup. Lets remember them all and all they did and we will judge them accordingly afterward. For all of them we will mitigate their prison sentences for helping to get back our country. We will reduce their sentences by half - 1 life sentence instead of two or 100years in jail instead of 200.

Long Live Justice!

SEMI MEO said...

@ 99.9% of us former Fiji resident may agree with several posts above in deploring the “stupid”, inhumane, “sega saraga ni dua a betena na vakasama vakalusigauna” (Anons)

Seems, hanging around a lot with the laughing Samoan has paid off, like their foreign mentor from Samona , these “ FDM wanna bes” ( coined by the Kinoya kid above) have just NOT bothered to “...listen to those on the ground...” (Kinoya kid)

As if the Co Prime Minister’s sabotage of the Fiji economy is not enough..goodness!!..now this evil plan to stave Fiji’s children by grabbing their parents jobs, cancelling whatever life /group insurance they have, putting at risk all employee long service remuneration, shredding all employment contracts…etc..etc...

Oh…aren’t these organizers of this transnational sabotage to choke our Fiji children’s welfare and basic necessities and put their families in the unemployment line paid hefty salaried and allowance to champion Fiji worker rights??????..waiting 5 long years until our economy is begging before they saw it opportune time to bring further grief to the nation??..we doubt they will they will agree to a 90% pay sacrifice.

Again, 80% of Fiji lives in Urban and peri-urban areas, only .0001% elite supporters of the Bainimarama/Aiyaz will not be affected, as come embargo days; they still tuck into their delicious meals…and well after the sabotage..they will be fatter…while malnutrition will be rampage like common cold in Fiji.

There must be a much better solution then all this stupidity!!!

Anonymous said...

Isa, some people were against the coup and its mad leader Bai from the start, some needed the courtcase to clarify, others needed a courtcase against them to see the light and others needed to be taken to a back room and given a beating to be set right. Welcome to the fight against the regime, the more the merrier I say. We can sort out our differences after the pig and his puppetmaster are gone!!

Anonymous said...

To all the negative comments above, we have to start somewhere and it takes time, courage and plan to topple the illegal government. If we all work together we can remove Bainimarama and have a fresh election. Don't just criticize and sit back.

Thank you Roko Ului and all for this courageous move.....

Anonymous said...

well Felix and Dan, is your trip paid out of your pockets or workers contributions!!!
the unions once again demonstrate irresponsible behaviuor. at the end of the day it will be the workers of fiji who will suffer if there are sanction, job losses, export revenue loss, tourism losses.
it doesnt worry the top brass of the unions as they pay pack will continue and they will be happily enjoying their lavish lifestyles.
bloody hypocrites, first you support the govt and than when you kicked out, you cry

convolutedexperiment said...

@ anon 1057 am
Felix, Chaudhry and the others have virtually put their lives on the line for the sake of the workers.
forget about the money !

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to rais funds for those working out of the job in Fiji - account for everyone....dont just talk the talk....

Anonymous said...

i urge, i plead and i request the people of Fiji to please leave your differences aside. if you want democracy then stand up for it and support people who are standing up for it. The very reason why every coup has been successful and in fact why we have gone through so many coups is because of we the people. First we can only talk about major issues around grog bowl but when the time comes to stand up be counted then we go into hiding.
It is realy sad indeed really very painful to see people are trying to score points by attacking Felix, Daniel Urai and Rajeshwar Singh. They at least had the guts to stand up for democracy. If anyone can make a difference then its these 3 gentlemen. They know very well the risk they are taking and we must respect and honor them for their stand. we have been shouting about democracy but when we have people doing something to achieve then the same people start derailing the process. Why? if you dont like felix, Daniel Urai or Rajeshwar Singh then fine but at the moment they are the ones building the momentum. our common goal is to restore democracy and who does it and how its done is a secondary matter. please people of Fiji stop knifing each other and lets work towards common goal. its the differences like these among the people that gives comfort and encouragement to those who have seized power from the people.
Please remain united and focused. If you dont like the trios then you can take care of them at the polling during next election and if union members are not happy then next election is there to show your frustrations. at the moment they and Fiji needs you to work hand in hand and thats what we all should be doing. GOD bless Fiji and its people.

Mafi...USA said...

@ Semi Meo...you miss the point in what everyone wants to be achieved. Why didnt you say that you are on FB's side. If the people of Syria, Libya, Egypt put their life on the line to achieve their freedom and oust the regime which has been denying them their rights and civil liberties, why cant we do the same in Fiji.
This is one way to show the whole world that everything that the Illegal Govt has been harping about are all tailor made...They present reports which are false and they are just trying everything to hold on to power to avoid going to jail.
Why can't we suffer for a little while to find Peace and get back our Freedom and people will work under better working conditions. Any citizen has the right to criticize the govt of the day. Does that happen now?? No...anybody who criticises the govt are taken to task, arrested, brutallised and raped of all his Human rights...
Is that what you want to be the norms of what Our citizen to go thru everyday forever.
The actions that will be carried out will show the illegal regime that they are no longer needed to run the govt and its time for them to step down,,,,
What I understand is that you and Kinoya Kid don't understand what we are trying to achieve.
WHich is the Freedom of Oppression for Our beloved citizen of Fiji...
Go Aussie and NZ..more sanctions please....
Thumbs Up To Democracy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Learn from our forefathers for the sacrifies they made for us and Fiji. we cant even take a small risk or face economic hardship which will result out of union actions for the betterment of our future generations. We are so selfish and have no vision for our children and grandchildren. we see today and have no interests in seeing the future. those who are crying for the hardship they will face because of union actions are selfish and and self centered. democracy doesnt come easy. you have to struggle and fight for it otherwise submit yourselves to dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

These people cannot save Fiji, the people that want fiji to suffer for "a short time" I suggest you stop work now, don't wait for others to be affected for your benefit. Tell the people you know and trust what your doing and ask them to join you, let it spread stop work, down tools for the restoration of human rights in Fiji. Fiji times should stop press and all business under the thumb STOP WORK NOW. Otherwise oppose these union based actions, and think of the people that WILL suffer

Anonymous said...


I read in an earlier blog that it was $42,000 and not $42 million that was utilised on the Netball trip to Singapore.

Calculated on the number of people that traveled, then $42,000 is reasonable compared to $42 million.

Anonymous said...

Rajeshwar Singh, Daniel Uraia, Felix Anthony and Rajen Chaudhary represent Fiji Labor Party. Unknown to everyone they have started their campaign for the 2014 elections. This is indeed brilliant, piggy backing on the FDFM. its free, its convenient and they have ready made stooges who can't think on two legs. No thanks we need to learn from the past, these unionists use people and dump them, just like VB and his cronies. The workers of this country deserves better. The strike will hurt the hourly paid workers in hotels and airport services.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anons at 9.47 and 4.34pm...$42 million quoted by Suliasi Daunitutu who wrote the story. Not a figure from Coupfourpointfive.-C4.5 Editor

Poker Player said...

Anon@1.13pm I would take your plea seriously if I didn't think it was you behind all the other anonymous comments. Now that's what I call over stacking the deck.

Anonymous said...

You want me to beleive that the lot shown in these photos are to lead Fiji in the future! We might as well as have Frank-at least Frank has the guts to say what he is going to do ! These mob are a bunch of liu muris, who always thought of themselves first, second and last! Same old , same old, same old! The only young face there is Rajendra Chaudry?? So far very very quite has he lost his tongue the young 'smart, know it all??? Give us some new faces, who have some new ideas on moving Fiji forward not the same bunch who were there when i was at school in the 80'!

Anonymous said...

To Rajesh Singh and Shalendra Raju.
Stop using this blog for Your fight with YP Reddy.
Your commercial interests in commission of $1m in this case should be taken to the courts this blog is for our fight for democracy.

Turukawa Kid

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo 8.47am

If how the brotherhood will fight would be another calamity imposed against your REAR admiral FB, so be it. At least it could turned out to be SOMETHING contrary to your NOTHING. If the whole sea & air is embargoed, total darkness all over cos Monasavu comes to a halt, our breakfast becomes tasteless because no more sugar, so be it.

What is your better solution? Stop it!! You have NOTHING.

Coup 4.5 said...

Re the $42million: Suliasi Daunitutu says the figure is an unintentional mistake. The one that should've been used is about $40,000 to $60,000.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Lets follow thru on the suggestions of Suli & the people in Fiji sit down or walk off their jobs? Than the whole stupidity of whats happening in Aussie & NZ will soon come to reality. The only way for the so called DEMOCRACY we had in Fiji to rear its head, that is if the people of Fiji want it -is for the people of FIJI to stand up for it. No amount of noise from across the waters of the Pacific will change the resolve of Bainimarama! It appears the DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT HAS NOT GOT A SINGLE THINKING LEADER to take on Frank??? Here is my suggestion:
1.You have to change the mindset of the locals in Fiji-not those who are in Aussie!
2.Leaders will have to come with a clean slate if they want to lead-no blood on their hands!
3.The coming together of the Labour Party, SDL, Army etc as you see in the photos-just shows you how desperate these people are. They couldn't talk to one another when they were leading the Fiji-now they can? What are we dopes to now believe them.
4.Whose gaining from all this DEMOCRACY ideals? Not Democracy thats for sure? The people of Fiji are just carrying on with their lives, to them as long as bread & butter is on the table-lifes OK!
5.When we had Democracy-we actually kicked it out?Now we don't have it we want to get back? Come on we got make our minds up!
6.Find a Leader to lead the Democracy movement-we don't want former Army personnels fighting for democracy-they are the ones that caused us to be in the situation we are now in!
7. Get people with vision & people who speak with some authority who have done the ' blood , sweat & tears " for Fiji not the politicians who caused us to be in the state we in right now
8. Where are the other races in this co called fight for democracy? Are they not turning up because they voted for democracy but you gave them a COUP in return! Now you want them to believe you really fighting & wanting to have democracy or is it just to bring back the “puppets”
How do you expect them the other races from Fiji to join the so called democracy movement when they are belittled even on this site as Muslim fanatics(when referring to Kaiyum), and foreigners! I don’t see you calling Bianimarama a Christian fanatic! Its best for them to keep away-so the only one you will get is Rajendra Chaudry & Labour Party Officials & he has only come reluctantly! Many won’t even both to give him the time of day.
9.Stop this stupidity of asking our people in Fiji to do things that will harm them , both mentally & physically. If Suli is really sincere about his call to walk away form the job-he should go to Fiji and stand up for Democracy there. Then we know he is a sincere Leader! Not someone thrust into the position & is only the mouth piece of my tauvu Baledrokadroka-who now appears to want to hide his face when they get photographed?? Dau tukuna o ira na Toga "Tu mai a tagata", mere tu mai o ira na noda tagane-kua na vesu mona tiko mai muri, me ra movoa ga o ira na noda mai Viti me qai cava? "Doko karikari" dau tukuni tu vei ira na Qase, sa laurai levu tu nikua! Any wonder why we in the State we in??DRi Yani.