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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fiji authorities rule on New Zealander's death but questions remain

Fiji police have decided to stop investigating the death of a 55 year old New Zealand man earlier believed to have died after a beating in the rough part of Nadi.

FBC is this morning quoting Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri as saying Tony Groom died from liver complications and not from the injuries of an alleged beating. 

Sokomouri says there were visible signs of injury to Groom’s body but any investigation into his death "will now cease as the post mortem has revealed his true cause of death" and that what matters in court is the results of the post mortem examination".

The verdict, however, may not be enough for the family and friends of the charter business operator, who have been asking questions about how he died.

The family of an American CEO, Don Nicholas, are also still looking for answers from Fiji authorities about the circumstances of his death.

Mr Nicholas was surfing at Nadi and didn't emerge from the water with the instructor.

His sister has been in Fiji for more than a week now, trying to piece together how the tragedy happened and what efforts were made to recover his body but has had little co-operation from authorities.
A source told Coupfourpointfive on Monday that media and police had been told to play down the two deaths for fear of spooking tourists. 

Fiji's military dictatorship has long been sensitive about what it sees as negative reporting and has been particularly uptight about coverage that could put tourists off from visting the country and reinforcing international community impressions Fiji is unsafe.

A source has since told Coupfourpointfive that lack of police resourcing could certainly have been an issue in the rescue efforts of Don Nicholas.

And he says there was never any question of retrieving Nicholas' body because 'we are ill-equipped."

Senior officers have been saying for some time Fiji's police force is in a dire situation with officers forced to pay for basic things like paper for police reports and uniform, like footwear.

They say they work with no standard or protective equipment and have been ignoring crime because they don't have vehicles or fuel to respond to call outs - claims which Fiji locals have backed up, via blogs.


Anonymous said...

media release by the junta is 74 million injection in fiji ecnomy by mining industry in 2009 and 2010.

What rubbish??

Where is the money, nothing goes to ordinary people lives who by thosands each month are falling below poverty line.

convolutedexperiment said...

Why doesn't someone just make a video of all the atrocities, those responsible and post it on youtube for all the world to see.
You could title it " Fiji, a Tropical Paradise " !
Then make sure the tour operators overseas have access to it !
With that done, you could shift the blame for anything happening to their clients, to the tour operators !
Don't forget to advise the current affairs and news outlets overseas as well.
The Regime wants secrecy, so do the opposite.

Anonymous said...

The hotels in Fiji need to be asked what role they play in the safety of those staying there! When it comes to water sports, do they have rescue facilites? Do they have competent peopel trained in search & rescue? We can't be blamimg Govt for evrything that goes wrong especially if its someone who decided to go swimming and find that they can't swim that well? What about asking the hotels what is their role in the safety of its customers?

Observer said...

It is really very sad that our authority particularly the Police to have to try and cover up these deaths of two overseas visitors to our nation.

This is morally and unethically wrong and I for one would not want their blood on my hands and this is what the Police and other relevant agencies have done; to taint the whole nation with the blood of those fro overseas who have been killed here.

Sokomuri, if you do not investigate that same blood is on you and you will never be forgiven for not doing the right thing or do things right.

It is better to be transparent and visible than to be caught out with your Police pants (oops! suluvakataga or pocket sulu down.

What is a few lousy dollars compared to national integrity, high morality and values? We are already poor and struggling now worsened by thieves in the prsent ruling Military Government who do nothing but steal from the national coffers.

Bloggers please: pass the word out that Fiji has not been a safe place to be since Rabuka's Coups of the eitghties.


Anonymous said...

Thats what Fiji doctors say. Why not families bring the body to new zealand and have our expertise look at it.Illegal regime may have dishonest people.

Anonymous said...

Typical Fiji police, marching to the beat of their dictator and over dressed COMPOL. No guts to do their proper job! Just collect pay ga and go home. Where's the honour and What about your oath to protect the people? This is also a version of corruption!!

Anonymous said...

Submissions must be made for no funds release to Fiji for the sugar reform by EU, first needed is reform from dictatorship to democracy and away with tranny and corruptions.

Varani. said...

Policemans lot is not a happy one.

Here's another.

Australian court authorities (state SA)have decided in their infinate wisdom that they won't be proceeding with an extradition request for current Viti resident Rocco Leo & Friends who fled Australia in the wake of pending fraud charges leaving behind a cache' guns - fuses - detonators - extendable batons? Oh and a small amount of ammunition - 35 thousand rounds to be exact. Given whats just recently happened in places North - who knows? Anyway appears they don't want them back real soon? So it looks like Viti's finest have been stuck with them? Good luck with this one.
Ni Moce.

Anonymous said...

tourist shoud vist nadi hospital b4 there check in they never will check in wife shoud sue intercontinental to allow surfing during high swells fiji govt 2warning sue

Anonymous said...

tourist shoud vist nadi hospital b4 there check in they never will check in wife shoud sue intercontinental to allow surfing during high swells fiji govt 2warning sue

RATU SERU said...

Thousands of of holiday makers die all over the world every year

To simplify UNLUCKY BOYS........

Anonymous said...

doctor love says normally people with liver complications fall ill and take aweek on average to die
they dont drop dead like this guy
somthing fishy i say

Frank said...

Native Land Trust Board will be scrapped. Its a useless organisation that have no purpose. All land will be freehold.

Anonymous said...

I really cant understand why this issue is so sensalised.Tourists are mugged/raped/murdered in all parts of the world.It also happens in NZ and Australia.But why pick only on Fiji.Is it just to discredit the regime or try to frighten tourists away.Guys 2 wrongs dont make a right.As such please stop shooting one foot while the other is bleeding.It will make you cripple.I hope you all get the message.

Tuwawa said...

Land belongs to the Natives, itaukei and shall not be taken away from us.It shall not and cannot be taken away from us. IF ANYONE TRIES TO DO SO, PLEASE MY HUMBLE ADVICE IS TO START RUNNING NOW. HAS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD EVER SEEN WHERE A CIVILIAN GRAB A GUN FROM A SOLDIER? NO ONLY IN FIJI.

Anonymous said...

what the f is this got to do with getting rid of frank???

Varani. said...

@ Anon 4:19.

Were trying too get frank to take up surfing.