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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fiji's illegal government pillages FSC loan of $120 million

HIGHWAY ROBBERY: The illegal leader's fanciful road safety programme ... funded by some of the FSC funds?

The $120 million loan approved by the illegal government for FSC has not all gone to FSC this year. Sources from Finance say that out of $120 million allocated to FSC, just $10 million is available in the account and the rest has been used by the illegal Frank Bainimarama government on other projects, for which they don’t have a record. The $120 million was borrowed especially for FSC. 

PICTURE FOOTNOTE: One of the  dictator's decade for safety billboards. This one is on the Lomolomo stretch but there are about 20 all over Suva. Is it far fetched to suggest some of the FSC money has gone on this roadside 'tribute' to the illegal leader? Probably, not.


  1. This is one reason why the EU shouldn't give the sugar rehabilitation fund to this illegal regime. It will be used on their vesumona campaign.

  2. wait and see whats gonna happen to that bill board in coming weeks...

  3. Samurai says

    Billboard na elected by the people, tu mai vei o butako day light of peoples freedom & choices.

    What a Shame ....if this man ever has one.

  4. Ella mamaboci kaiyumJuly 19, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    I see the similarities between him and saddam hussein, wont be surprised if nxt on the agenda is his statues!!
    Remeber how saddam had his pictures and statues all over Baghdad, well the same is happenning in fiji too.

  5. Just like Saddam Hussein.....billboards all over the place.....and the North Korean Dictator.......

  6. Draw Graffiti on that Billboard!! bloody waste of $$, too much self-promotion....

  7. someone should just squirt or splash red paint all over his sorry face..

  8. Talking anon from the sideline will only fan and fuel the fire for the Regime...do something useful and lead an active role for change....or its too much. Better stand and make nosie from the sideline......

  9. Its finally here...

    You know what ppl of Fiji....This is what the Dictators do. They put up huge billboards with their pictures on it to remind them that he is their leader. That he is the one to be revered and rspected. He is like God.
    This is what they do in the middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya. Other countries like Cuba, Phillipines during the Marcos era and others.
    Am not surprised at all. People in Fiji might see it as just a picture of the Illegal PM. But it is a depiction of Dictatorial rule on the country.
    Its time to bring it down with the illegal regime. What a waste of money...

  10. probably someone should run over that billboard...

  11. Just paint a small hitler moustache onto the billboard !

    Aiyaz probably encouraged Frank to do this to allow him to bask in the accolades of building Fiji's infrastructure !

    If the retirees only knew that it is there hard earned money being squandered to repay these " cheap " loans to the Chinese Banks.

    I hope once Democracy is restored, that the Government doesn't have to pay back the loans, though I read somewhere that they still are obligated even if an illegal Government or Regime took out the loans.

  12. taba tu o vesomona !!

  13. Frank the crank .
    people wont vote you .
    frank sadam of the pacific.

  14. forks wait and see what I gonna do to that bill board....

  15. Me lauvana e na "hosepipe" ni Topasi

  16. Well that is really whats happening,this ilegal regime grabbing anything money wise to support his payments to the army boys and his supporters to keep them happy..

    i heard that after the lauan meeting in nadi, that he asked the lau provincial where is all teh money they have,someone said to him oh Frank Rt Mara put all our money on overseas bank account..looks like rt mara must have seen this is going to happen with Bai greedy hands.

    democracy will have the last laugh.

    as the russian proverb says:

    "So near and yet so far"
    Literal: Your elbow is close, yet you can't bite it.

  17. Frank Hussein Dictator Of Fiji 2011 - 2020. All Kaiviti lamulamu to much drink grog and too much talk...

  18. Vandalise the billboard!


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