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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fiji's illegal PM and AG supping well as nation grapples with hikes in food prices

LET THEM EAT CAKE: The well-paid treasonous Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Voreqe Bainimarama and their mates are doing well. Can the same be said for the people?

SATED: Dictator and supporters.
Some food items and basic goods have gone up 55 per cent in the past six months according to a  Fiji Labour Party survey.

Last week's survey compared current prices of everyday items with prices in January 2011 after VAT was increased to 15% under Budget 2011. 

Garlic, onions and potatoes have come down but  staples such as sugar, sharps, butter and cooking oil have gone up. The price of flour/sharps shot up by 30% from $10.99 to $14.26 for a 10kg bag. The price of cooking oil (Punja’s Soya Bean) rose 16% from $3.56 to $4.11 for a 750ml bottle. 

The survey found that Rewa butter had gone up  21% putting at $7.34c for a 500g pack. Pre-devaluation 500g of was $3.29. The increase has been put at 123%.

The price for sugar has jumped almost 90% in six months from $2.39 (2kg bag) to $4.50. In recent years it was  was selling for 95c a kg. Cooking gas is almost $50 ($49 a 12kg cylinder) - a 31% hike from its pre-devaluation price of $37.50. 

FLP says the price of unleaded Super has jumped 60% since pre-devaluation – from $1.57 a litre to the current price of $2.50. Taken over a 6 month period from January 2011, the increase is 5.5%. 

Diesel is up almost 80% from $1.33 per litre to $2.37 ltr, rising 15% since January.
Milo has jumped 55% from $6.99 (500g) to $10.79. 

In the meat section, lamb/mutton cuts have increased in price by about 5% while Crest chicken has gone down slightly - 1.6% from $12.59 to $12.39 for a size 15. Canned fish and meat have increased by between 5-7% in price since January. 

Prices for one or two items surveyed have remained static over the six month period such as Cold Power laundry detergent and Breakfast cracker biscuits. 

Tomatoes continue to be expensive fluctuating between $10-12 a kg, despite being in season.

The FLP says its survey did not take into account market produce, prices for which have gone up 100% or more in the past six months since VAT went up to 15%. (original source FLP website)

EDITOR'S NOTE: FSC hierarchy has promised sugar pices will drop soon. But as reported by sources recently, things are not rosy at the Lautoka and Penang sugar mills. Both have had production problems his week affecting the amount of sugar being crushed.


Anonymous said...

3 blind mice running a country full of cowards

Anonymous said...

doc reddy you talk of floating fea who is gona buy shares ina loss making business like fea only ayzse kind of business men whoose first business venture in1986 after he returned with his degree from ozz he started a kabab business downtown suva which failed within weeks now his franks saivour business adviser jho god bess fiji

Mrs Lord Haw Haw said...

The useless dimwitted Fiji military have simply sold out their own nation. The term peanuts and monkeys rings a bell.

Anonymous said...

oilei!!!!!!!!!!! eda sa mua tiko ki vei........

Anonymous said...

We should call a spade a spade. There is no excuse for the rise in sugar price. The IG and FSC are to be blamed for it.

But to blame the IG for food prices such as flour, oil and petrol is ridiculous as is sue to world prices that we have no control. Check the inflation rate any where in the world and its the same. See india, germany china, nz etc.

In addition price rise is due to stronger NZ$ and A$.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Mandela once said; "non-
violence as a tactic should be abandoned when it no longer worked".

Mahatma Gandhi, who is supposed to be the 'father of non-violence' famously said, between cowardice and violence, he'd choose violence any time!

Our fight for democracy must be taken to another level.

C'mon FIJI!!!!

Diners Club said...

Let them eat cake...hah the famous words of Mair Antoinette. Off with their heads,I say!

Anonymous said...

"Check inflation anywhere in the world".
In NZ food prices have gone up 4.8% over the past year and some of that is due to a GST rise (offset by income tax reduction).
It is only those very badly run countries, whose economies are collapsing, that have rampant inflation. e.g. North Korea, Burma, Somalia and Fiji. In these countries segments of he population are experiencing dire poverty and those without the means to grow their own food are facing starvation.

Anonymous said...

Folks, you're missing point. ASK and VB are well-off cos they'e earn megabucks, thanks to the dirty deals and excessive salaries. Yes, cost of living high in other nations but we gang not earning anywhere as near as much as them. Think of China ... there ordinary people, too, struggling cos of cost of living cos their earnings are well below food prices etc etc. The well-to-do, well-connected to govt and therefore opportunities, are meanwhile doing extremely well.

Anonymous said...

Is this 2000 all over again, remember Mahen and his Fijian support - watch it bani - your kolina Ayass is out of control-just like Rajesh Singhs wife -make Sir Jone president and Pm and he will sort it - bring back good people,not toxic like Felix,Choddo,Qarasi,Rajesh and all othet failed monkeys.

convolutedexperiment said...

The photo of the cake reminds me of how all dictators feast, while their own Citizens famine !

increase said...

Increases are also high outside of Fiji...

Anonymous said...

3blind mice in picture but the biggest cooks frank is seen with hafiz khan and sher franks lucky school mate sher runs naim our multi million dollar road contract loan from malay govt also hafiz h
kunt is the original dictator cos he has held fiji muslim leaque presdienty by usuing thugs at agm he also used taukei at tokayoka hotel ownershio scam ficac shoul investigate his loans at fdb

Anonymous said...

@ all those who are talking about increases being high outside Fiji.

Yes, but look at their earning power and what their dollar can purchase. Most of them earn upwards of $10 an hour while here in Fiji the majority will be lucky to get even $3 an hour. Let's compare apples with apples.

We can say our imported items are now quite expensive - but this is because of the devaluation and the dwindling value of the F$ vis a vis Aust, NZ, US and so on. So here again devaluation has hit our common people hard. But the price of local fruits and vegetables are twice or three times as much as they used to be. What do we blame for this - isnt it the ever rising cost of living under the current rulers? Come on guys, most people in our country are struggling to put decent food on their tables;

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10.27.

Hear hear! I am with you all the way but how do we get the ball rolling. Or putting it differently - who will bell the cat?

Anonymous said...

AK - do not exhaust all your energy cutting cakes.

Save some energy for Naboro. They are short of good bakers and chef.

You are a perfect fit for this.

You deny people of their freedom under PER, yet you continue to have your voice above everyone.

Anonymous said...

Funny how people switch alliances. HAFIZ KHAN who used to be an ardent supporter of Qarase is now pictured with Bainimarama.

I suppose he is a clever businessman.

Anonymous said...

"sugar, sharps, butter and cooking oil have gone up" Guess what, except for butter all the other products mentioned are useless anyway. Nutritional value to help your body big fat zero! Sugar is the number 1 cause of ill health right now, sharps is bascially the left over from white flour-more of this product gets you into a state of obesity quicker, as for soya bean oil you better off gettng Virgin coconut oil! We have ample fruits & greens in our markets in Fiji to stay healthy maybe this could be the change we are all looking for to reduce the comsumption of these useless products and start eating healthy and reduce the incidence of Non Communicable diseases.

Anonymous said...

Anthony has made valid public statment.

Who appointed kaiyum.

Kaiyum not elected but union leaders are.

FNPF not kaiyum or bainis fathers bank or monies but parliment set it up.

How much kaiyum getting in salalry and al;lowances and who pays and why.

Why should people of fiji put up with kaiyum decrees.

Who is he?

Frank said...

But Anthony did supports us when he was in good terms with us.

Anthony is a hypocrite, does not what he stands for.

Dont listen to him.


semimiau said...

Its so unfair the high flyers.Agree with "anonymous",the two shitheads running a country so full of "Cowards & Lamusonas".Painted a dull pictures of our courages men of hearts who had services with distinction around the world in any field.Lets stand up together & fight for our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Will Fiji become known as the Islands of the Cowards? To scared and frighten to stand up to a small bunch of evil thugs and criminal cowards. The Future generations of Fijians will be ashamed that their parents and grandparents were too timid and lazy to fight for freedom.

Anonymous said...

OOOoooo! The Labour Party very concerned about price hikes. Well you helped bring it about you hypocrites!

Your people were in the initial IG setups just to take lucky dips in the kitty.

Anonymous said...

Bread prices to increase
Friday, July 29, 2011
From FBC:

Consumers can expect an increase in the retail price of bread from this Monday the 1st of August.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the approval for changes in prices is based on a submission by the Commerce Commission.

The increase is due to the movement in the price of flour which now costs more because of an increase in global wheat prices.

The last review of bread prices was done in 2009.

Report by : Edwin Nand

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:33 increases definately overseas too, but they have wages to match it to minimise its impact on families. Unlike Fiji we've been reduced to beggars!

Anonymous said...

Why are we all getting so hipped about it.In NZ a litre of Petrol is $2.09.Flour is $24 per bag.Power Bills are nothing less than $250.00 per month.Rent for a decent 2 bedroom flat is $300.00.Rice is $15 for a 5kg bag and the list goes on.Stop the lark guys.Difficult times are all over the world and not only Fiji.Stop this angle of tirade to belittle this regime.Try something else.Iam surprised nobly is complaining about the Chinese invasion in Fiji.Ver soon you will have slant eyes kids where Chinese investment is taking place

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1258 - I would not put too much hope in China. China made big investments for 20 years in North Korea, another military regime on their border, but it is estimated that over a million people died of famine there in 2009 due to crop failure and poverty. That is because in the end the money ended up in the pockets of the greedy top brass, not the people. That is what always happens in military dictatorships everywhere, including Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.58, Wonder then why the NZ'ers are not up in arms considering they are democratic. Perhaps its because they are getting the right amount of pay to pay for those items.

Rishab said...

Prices are going up all over the world. Fiji has little control over what prices are in international markets where we source most of our products from. As for local products its our own supply and demand. We have so much idle land...why don't we plant tomatoes...if we grow more tomatoes the mechanics of supply and demand will make the price cheaper...it will no longer be $10/kg....instead of flour eat more root crops...and to have it at a cheaper price we need to grow more of it....Fiji is being impacted by high prices coz we do not produce enough food for our own consumptions...butter prices are up coz we do not have enough cows...

Anonymous said...

this two act as if they're gods, increasing prices of everything including their wages