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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fiji's illegal regime: everything okay until Adi Ateca's outburst

LEWENI: Unworkable situation
FBC - Wednesday July 13
Filipe Bole is the new chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council – replacing Adi Ateca Ganilau who was elected into the position yesterday.
The decision was made morning after government asked the Bose ni Yasana to reconsider the leadership of the Council – following an outburst by Adi Ateca against the Peoples Charter and the government at yesterday’s close of session.

Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni told FBC News government made it clear that assistance to the province and the people of Lau would continue and not be affected – but they would not be able to work with Adi Ateca after the comments she made. 

The delegates were asked to deliberate further on the stance of the chairperson – due to her outburst yesterday – in which she clearly showed her intention that she is not willing to work with government. 

That’s the gist of government’s message this morning – that if this is the stance of the chairperson, it is unfortunate and government will not be able to work with someone who does not see eye to eye with government’s development plans.

Leweni adds the Council was given an hour to discuss the issue and after deliberations appointed Education Minister Filipe Bole as chair.

He says they had no problem with Adi Ateca’s election as chair until she made the outburst. 

Prime Minister’s Office official Kisoko Cagituivei told FBC News Adi Ateca agreed to step down after Leweni told the Council government could not work with her. 

Fiji Village: The chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council Adi Ateca Ganilau who was appointed yesterday has stepped down from the post in the last hour.
As the final day of the Provincial Council meeting continues in Nadi, Education Minister Filipe Bole has now been appointed as the Chair of the Lau Provincial Council while his deputy is Roko Josefa Dalainauluvatu.
Adi Ateca Ganilau stepped down after one hour was given by Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni to the 40 official council members to sit together at the meeting venue and discuss the importance of development in the province and the benefits of supporting the People’s Charter.
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni addressed the council members this morning after Adi Ateca said that she does not support the People’s Charter and the leadership.
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni told Fijivillage after his speech that the Chair and members of the Provincial Council should think of the people of the province of Lau and set other issues aside that would hinder the developments in Lau.
He also said people should remember that the Provincial Councils are governed by the I-Taukei Affairs Act and are fully funded by the government.
The Lau Provincial Council had supported the People’s Charter when it was first taken around to the councils.
Lieutenant Colonel Leweni said he cannot say why Adi Ateca decided to reject the Charter yesterday despite the earlier endorsement of the council.


Anonymous said...

leweni another bai yesman.
Dictator think he is the man. who owns fiji.
Where is gcc/church/vanua now.
Pls wake up and fight now .
what rightly belong to you.

Anonymous said...

Wao it has been quite sometime this man with cock-eye is seen.how much low can you go BAINI VOAKA

Anonymous said...

I think Bainimara got this idea from TIV Sangam where YP Reddy's dictatorship is controlling the august institution,what say Anna?.

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell here in Fiji how is it that Felix Anthony got a visa to travel out of Fiji , who lifted his travel ban. He went to Wellington nz, he has been to brussells, Geneva, and now in melbourne today to get union support from the union and people.

We the members are paying for his travels, does not come from his pocket, running and dogging everyone down including frank whether frank is good or bad, he did wrong took out our to his benefits,.
He has not spoken once what he did wrong or neither apologized for the wrong he has done and ruined millions of us hard working people, our blood sweat and tears.

We disagree with the unions that are supporting him, can't they see he rortted the system, got rich himself and stuff the rest of the union members who supported him before, that is why people are pulling out of unions because of people I Felix Anthony, Daniel urai etc.
Please explain to us that are concerned that felix is loud mouthing around the world , I dare him to come back to Fiji and loud mouth here, he has not said a word while in Fiji.
Now shouting his mouth off outside Fiji. He needs to questioned once again. He is giving a speech from what I read in raw Fiji mnews, that he is in Melbourne talking to unions in Australia for support. Hah hah ha . What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adi..You are a hero..You stand up for what we all believe in..You are the strongest and most admired chief in fiji today as you wont take bribes and blackmail from some con artists that think they know what is best for this country..all other chiefs are a bunch of bum suckers,tabetabe and koli ni kawa ca..Kudos to you..you are the strongest woman chief fiji has ever known..

Anonymous said...

Kadhafi 'days are numbered':Clinton

A similar fate will follow for our pacific "kadhafi"

Anonymous said...

It is good to know that the villagers are now becoming more aware of what Bainimarama is doing. That they now are beginning to reject him.
I wonder how many other Provinces have now quietly rejected the Charter.

We know that the person enforcing the Charter is the megalomaniac Khaiyum.

He also produces the PERs.

All for the reason of bringing about his goal of turning Fiji into a Muslim country.

The problem with the Fiji Army is it is now a toothless tiger.
All bought with Khaiyum's money.
(well, not really his money but our money).Actually they still have teeth but now they are Khaiyum's tigers.

All you my brothers have to think hard what we have to do next , because the army has been bought by these two (Bainimarama and Khaiyum)and
we cannot rely on the army anymore. It is now 5 years and the loyal soldiers are nowhere to be seen.

Whatever you guys(FDFM)discuss on Saturday you have to understand what sort of enemy we are facing and what is the APPROPRIATE response.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Why the meeting in Nadi they should go to Lakeba cause they can do what ever they want . the people of Lau do not want the peoples charter only those who been given money by baini to shut their mouth but wen baini going to prison then who they going to tabetabe levu ga na liumuri.

convolutedexperiment said...

How righteous of the Regime to demand total loyalty !

Frank is a big sissy girl and aiyaz a total control freak !

But it does prove that they are frightened of the slightest challenge to their pretend authority, especially from a female.

I'm surprised that Frank didn't just have her taken up to the Barracks and bashed up !

I wonder if RUM can see the absurdity of his own involvement in the previous acts of torture against citizens of fiji, given that it has potentially come full circle to bite his own family on the arse, or near to close anyway ?

What goes around comes around and bad Karma as they say.

This proves that Aiyaz is the puppet master and like Frank the girly boy, fearful of women.

Anonymous said...

Sa kuvu na gusu ni dakai!

SEMI MEO said...

..well..easy..form a true Lau Provincial Council in exile with some of her executive members resident in Fiji!!.

Let's birth or resurrect alternative levels of government (in exile) to the stead of the corrupt and insane ones presently maiming the social and economic life of the our once Paradise.

Of course, many of us used to support the charter, (NOT THE SEDITIOUS ACTS OF 1987-2006) purely as a means and path we were led to believe would take us back to economic recovery and imminent elections.

The ball in now in my Tauvu Rear Admiral Bainimarama court to affirm or deny that he was the culprit and thug who assaulted and insulted our women in detention. His family’s globetrotting spending spree while our poor struggling to put together $1.15 bus fare or $1.85 for a 3 day old loaf of bread..mmmm breaks our hearts… To many of us, these alleged blatant act of cowardice and insensitivity to the blight of the majority of our people and the many hidden agendas throw the credibility of the very charter in the Kinoya whirlpool..we pity the few hardworking professional senior Military officers and Civilian Permanent Secretary who work more than 18hours a day and weekend doing their utmost to clear debris from the path way to democracy…debris littered by none other than the Co Prime Minister and their few elite friend s and advisors, both in Fiji an overseas….God help Lau…God help Fiji..

Anonymous said...

Taste of the Real pulse and oppressed views of the People...

Congrats Adi...What Guts...the only voice right Deep in Enemy Territory...Wake up Taukei's.

All in Gods hand and Time. Watch & Beware... Whats Next!!

Anonymous said...

Taste of the Real pulse and oppressed views of the People...

Congrats Adi...What Guts...the only voice right Deep in Enemy Territory...Wake up Taukei's.

All in Gods hand and Time. Watch & Beware... Whats Next!!

Anonymous said...

i dont knw why ppl are after anthony..he was not found nor trialed for any sort of corrupt practice even though he was incharge of natadola under the regime in 2009. he is now voicing us workers concerns and ppl still have a problem with that..someone had to have the guts to stand up so why not felix..he will return to fiji.

Anonymous said...

Latest reports are that the Lau islands are becoming depopulated. Its a mystery why the meeting is on Viti Levu - now some who came to meeting will overstay for sure further depopulating the Lau group. If you are a true lauaun pls go back to Lau before it becomes deserted rather than making smart talk on this blog.
As always, majority of political troubles since 1970 have been caused by Lauans ie non mainlanders eg Maras, Bole, Jale Baba, Joji in PMs office, Qarase, Nata etc. Maybe they need to get immigration clearance prior to reaching Viti Levu.

Anonymous said...

Clear indication to the illegal regime that no amount of white washing will change the views of the ordinary people of the government of the day. When it comes to democratic voting this illegal regime days are numbered. The people are only supporting the charter and government to get the development program. This is good enough reasons for the illegal regime to hold on to power for as long as they can. God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

i want to answer the question from ANON 7.46: Felix Athony is the MAN!- who has the guts to stand up to this regime reagrdless of being assutled by military. This writer smacks of FICTU/NFP affiliation and is getting jittery about the impact Felix is making. I urge the writer to follow Felix's actions so far and support him rather than being ignorant.

On the support for the regime, the only appointment he took was FNPF board and he took this appointment by virtue of being GS of FTUC. He has always stood up for common people and workers of this country. its shameful that while Fiji is going to dogs, some people are still using cheap shots to take advantage. no wonder Fiji is in such a pathetic state. People are the reflections of their nation and i am ashamed that people instead of rallying behind the cause to restore democracy to Fiji are pushing their own agenda.

To Felix, please march on and dont get bogged down by these cheap shots. you owe it to the people of Fiji to move on and give people what they deserve: Democracy, equal opportunities and and better quality of life to all its people.

Anonymous said...

Again on ANON 7.46. felix didnt waste millions of FNPF members funds if he is talking about Natadola. He saved the project. $80 million had already gone down the drain before Felix took over. if it had not been for Felix Natadola would have been another white elephant like Momi. Today Natadola is reaping in profits that our future generations will be proud of.

Korovou said...

It a pity the Lau Pr Council did not take the opportunity on our behalf to stand up to the illegal regime.

Although Tailevu, Naitasiri and rest of mainland Provincesetc etc potentially have stronger clout and resources to launch massive threats and successful revolt against the dictator, they have the are showing the least courage, principles, leadership qualities and "oomp" to do so against the gun-totting women bashing dictator.

However we still have faith in them to rise up and shake the military dictatorship to the bone and collapse. given the dormant spirit of revolt Speight exploited when ordinary run of the mill boys did not hesitate to take on soldiers who were armed to the teeth,

Anonymous said...

Colonel Leweni is asking why Adi Ateca decided to reject Councils earlier endorsement of Peoples Charter?

Peoples Charter talks about purported equal suffrage. And then asking 40 members of Council to endorse their opinion on the entire Lauan population is dictatorship and not democracy.

Maybe Adi Ateca has realised that the constitution is a living document and her earlier endorsement was unlawful because they do not have any legal mandate to talk about constitution change.

This is same as previous case law where constitutional review was stopped by the courst from case history coing from within Fiji.

Asking PC's to endorse is 'forcing' PC to legitimise this. Yet it is flawed and unlawful for them to even discuss this as this is not covered by the I Taukei Act in their role after the 1997 Constitution became a living document!

Colonel , you should know better then that?

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anonymous said...

This is secular totalitarianism!
"Leaders" in the political system use the power of the state to merge and forcibly control all aspects of the environment they're in. That control is enforced through military power.

Is this what we really deserve, Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Neumi Leweni is at it again. What an odious little band boy.

Anonymous said...

This goes to show that Adi has more balls than all men in Lau put together. Sa ra vala mai o ira na yalewa, na tagane e moce tiko ga

Mafi...USA said...

Wait a minute..."Lau should think about the benefits of supporting the People's Charter" That was the word of Neumi the band boy...
Which means if any Province is not supporting the People's Charter, there will be no development carried out in that province. Where in the world did that comes from??? Is that what is this Charter is all about???? Is that what the members of the Provincial council are afraid of and accept the people's charter????
The role of the government of the day is to foresee the development of the country as a whole, wheather the people support their Manifesto or not.
What I can figure our here is that Leweni is telling the members of the Lau Provincial council to accept the People's Charter. If they didn't support it then their will be no development in the province.
What Leweni is saying that the Provicial councils if under the I-Taukei Affairs Act and fully funded by the govt. What does that has to do with what Adi Ateca said. She has spoken out her mind so that the members of the council and the vanua of Lau should know of how she feels about the Peoples Charter. She said that because she knows that the peoples charter is not good for the people of her province and for the whole of Fiji.
What the peoples Charter is doing is allowing the Illegal govt to shove down every Fijian institutions throat whatever it feels is good for the people without allowing them to speak their mind.
It is really sad to see how far the illegal govt has stretched its illegal tentacles to subdue the people of Fiji.
The people of Fiji are Oppressed by what the illegal regime is doing and what a sad state our beautiful country is in now is beyond anyones belief.
To the People of Fiji and the NGO's, I am asking that you have to satrt lobbying the UN that the Illegal PM is not allowed to attend the UN meeting in September. He has breached the Human Rights and is a Dictator...I think it is about time that you make a very strong presentation to the Scretary General of The UN...
"Thumbs Up To democracy"

Anonymous said...

Theer are far, far better Candidates around than Adi Ateca! She has not proven herself in any sphere of Leadership for the Yasana of Lau! Or has She? When?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Adi for the courage. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

To those who like to spoil the Mara family as selfish etc. they do many good deeds behind the scene. Their late mother (RIP) used to donate all the mats etc to NGOs to support the street kids, the sisters would go and help out at St Giles Hospital and the Father Law Home. They also visit the sick regardless of race or creed. They do a lot of good work behind the scene just as their parents did. I am not from Lau but know of some of their good work. The problem with us is we only like to remember the fault of others and capitalise by judging others unfairly. I am also guilty of this but try to remember that none of us is perfect. To Adi Ateca, I salute you for your courage. To Roko Ului, please come back and face whatever the consequence like the courageous Imrana Jalal and her husband Ratu Sakiusa Tuisolia did. Just as Driti is doing now. Your late Ratu was a man of much courage who would've expected you NOT to be running away from your problems as you are doing now. Your late Ratu was forced to see his own people liumuri him forgetting all the good he had done not only for Fiji but for the whole Pacific region. Yalovinaka, kua ni ko yalowai. Lesu mai ka mai tomana na nomu veiqaravi kina nomu matavuvale kei na vanua. Ko na rokovi kina. And God will give you grace. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Anonymous said...

One suggestion that will surely backfire on VB's bribery. Why don't all provincil councils reject and rebuke the Charter to test the genuinety of this so called provincial development? I bet there is no development even if they support the charter so this all lies,s#$ and videotapes. This is what Ucu va koki will say, if you reject the charter I won't give back your tabua

Anonymous said...

Mara Rocks
Bai/AG.leweni stinks.

Anonymous said...

It is widely accepted that if you do not support the charter you will be victimized and even the civil servants will tell you. A village in the tikina of Nadogo is not under consideration for any development or assistance by this government for that very reason - they did not receive the team that brought the charter to their village. The members of this village have no intention of changing their stand, even if they become poorer and starve to death. Please Lau do not sell yourself short with a few $s and many false promises of developments. Boycott the PC.