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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fiji's illegal regime shuts down FTUC over planned Aussie union industrial action

Ripples from the Australian union intervention in Fiji have already started. Several sources gave contacted Coupfourpointfive to say the illegal government have just shut down the FTUC.

The shutdown comes as a result of members of the Fiji Trades Union Congress being in Australia and New Zealand in the past week pushing for peer support.

Australia's Transport Workers Union has already pledged to support the Fiji cause and are believed to be giving Qantas until next Wednesday to support the call otherwise they will take strike action.

Illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum today tried to turn the table on unionists Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Rajeshwar Singh by saying they are feeding lies to the Australian Unions and had earlier tried to make election deals with the current government.

A group of business people today approached Frank Bainimarama and Sayed Khaiyum over the FTUC closure to try and plead with them but the illegal administration wouldn't budge.


Anonymous said...

Khaiyum has played into the unions hands by commiting the cardinal sin to close the FTUC office using military thugs....now you see the fun....no plan going fiji moce jo,

Anonymous said...

War is declared on the fiji corrupt and scam junta and its tin pot pacific styled gadaffi dictator, you can tell the chiefs to go and drink home brew and beat up women but know you kick the poor people and workers of fiji in their stomack with your crooks and scams.

We are 800000 and you junta cowards are 11 thugs abusing the security force command system. Now be ready to go down as the international sanctions are coming your way and lets see how big the dictator is and lets see his reforms of no school.

The decrees to eliminate the workers rights and bread and butter will not see the light of the day. There will be short term pain but long term gain for fiji people for freedom, justice, rule of law and media freedom and worker freedom and bringing the junta to trial for its corruption and scams.

How many can the junta arrest and who is the dictator. with sanctions the tin pot nature of the dictator will be seen now.

Challenge the junta to bring it on and see what you can do to the unionists, lets see your decrees, people of fiji rise up and workers rise up and fight for your right now.

The junta is gang of thugs and people have power and revolution now needed.

Beleive in cause and not method.

Anonymous said...

The junta can close the FTUC and FPSA and all unions in fiji but cant stop the workers power who will give the junta a real fight now for their monies and rights are been thrown down the drain by the dictator like the waila billion dollar scam. Enough is enough, its time for action, the guns will not prevail against the boycot, strike and international actions of the unions.

thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

Love it, game on.

Anonymous said...

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FSC given more time to pay back $86m loan
Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fiji Sugar Corporation has been given more time to pay back the $86 million loan it took from the Government of India to upgrade the Lautoka, Rarawai and Labasa sugar mills.

The Government of India through the Exim Bank of India had agreed to give the loan to the Fiji Sugar Corporation in 2005 under a Fiji government guarantee.

In an exclusive interview with FBC News - the Indian High Commissioner to Fiji-Vinod Kumar confirms that the $86 million has not been paid back as stipulated under the initial contract with the FSC.

Kumar says the initial contract had a moratorium of two years which has now been extended for another two years.

Low cane and sugar production as well as the failure of the upgrade works has seen the FSC unable to pay back the loan on time.

Kumar says the India Government has extended the moratorium for another two years and the FSC will have to pay back the loan at some stage as it is guaranteed by government.

Report by : Rajendra James

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I truly cant stop laughing at this Illegal Evil Corrupt Regime.... Shutting the FTUC is another Circus Show by the Evil Dictator Bainivuaka and his Regime... What a bunch of UGLY LOOKING CLOWNS!!!!

Bainivuaka and Khaiyum are the most ruthless corrupt individuals in the whole HISTORY of fiji.... And his soldiers BOW DOWN to him and believes that he is their true GOD....They even kiss his feet which makes me sick.... To all military personnels, there is no other GOD than their EVIL DICTATOR Bainivuka.....

The days of all Evil Dictator will come to an End.... And i cant wait to see this Evil Bastard ending up in jail for life or end up dead in the near future....

God bless fiji and all the long suffering people and curse the Corrupt Evil Leaders running our beloved country....

Anonymous said...

Fiji sugar prices to drop 13 per cent in August
Monday, July 18, 2011

The price of sugar is expected to drop 13 per cent from next month says the Sugar Ministry.

Permanent Secretary for Sugar Colonel Manasa Vaniqi says further reductions are expected later in the year – as Fiji will revitalise it’s sugar supply for local consumption.

Vaniqi says - they will make sure that adequate sugar is left for local consumption this season - so they wont make the same mistakes they did last year.

Last year - the raw sugar set aside for local consumption were all sold - causing a shortage in supply - leading to the increase in sugar price .

Vaniqi says he has received assuarances from the Fiji Sugar Corporation Executive Chair Abdul Khan that 30,000 tonnes sugar will be set aside for local consumption.

Anonymous said...

We need our workers in fiji to stand with FTUC on this one and be prepared to sacrifice a bit....

Anonymous said...

ASK is a dumbo like his boss Bai.

Anonymous said...

There would be no fun its the people of Fiji that depends of Tourism will suffer...How about wait for 2014 if election does not happen then, this would just be like another coup in Fiji may..God Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

The tin pot dictator and his junta of thugs with no school have been playing GOD for the last 6 years and finaly after their corruption, abuse of office, fraud and scams now have turned to take workers FNPF monies away and workers rights away by decree, its time to bring these thugs to reality and throw these thugs out by international union sanctions.

Days of the junta is numbered, one week of strike will collapse the fiji ecnomy.

Short term pain but long term gain to people of fiji.

Anonymous said...

They have reached the point of no return they will do anything now to protect their interest. Too much at stakes for k and Mahommad bainimarama

Anonymous said...

People who need to get out or into Fiji should do it now, The way its going no flight will be getting out of Fiji to NZ or Aussie, or even if they do. No way will they have enough feul to get back.

Where are all the hoteliers that were feeding the thugs can't they see what will happen to they bussines. Can't they feed some sence into these thugs. hahahaha

SEMI MEO said...

We may not be expert in Australia Migration Laws, but seems these Unionist turned FF…..uh..…Fiji Fugitives probable application for protection visa in Australia may be very weak; that is should they consequently decide to seek protection from the Australian Federal Government.

Protection from what??....weren’t some on them subscribers to the Rear Admiral’s Bainimarama’s own “democracy plans”??

Had they feared they safety and life, why leave it 5 years after the Coup before asking for protection? Our layman knowledge is that any activity on shore purported to gloss and assist their protection visa application may not be accepted. … 5 loong years before they deem it best to attempt International sanctioned…that’s more than 1,800 BAINIMARAMA days!!

We call on all former Fiji residents organizations in Australia, NZ, US, UK, Dubai, Germany etc to partition their Regional and National Union offices to abandon this grand evil plan to starve our people and increase malnutrition, increase prostitution in Fiji.

Simply, because this very offshore Fiji organizations and International NGOs will be relied upon in the comming poverty stricken years to provide food and basic necessities when Fiji’s economy tragically suffers as a consequence of this evil Union designs.

Sanctioned against regimes like North Korea, Zimbabwe and many others Dictators in Africa and Asia have not worked at all!! As we blog, Billions are poured into this countries through Food and other Aids, many of these Aids end up in the coffers of this regimes or sold in the black market, of course increases corruption.

Well, a breeding group for “Nigerian “Angola” or “Sierra Leone” chain letter type scam promising black money or Fiji gold bullion to the innocent. Thanks to the FTUC for assisting giving birth to new era in Fiji crime wave…yep…transnational crime!!...from paradise to black money minting hole for unscrupulous operators…God help Fiji!!

Let's partition out local members of State and Federal Parliament after pleading with the Aussie Union...

Why don’t we all go back to Fiji and talk it over?....should we fear..then let's meet at a neutral Pacific Island country..or do we prefer barking at each other like unfed dogs in the kennel…simplistic view??...of course, let not complicate thing any further…our people have suffered enough!!..let us KISS each other…uh… Keep It Simply Saints!!

Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy... Khaiyum is now finished...or is he..I hope!

Members are no longer represented.

SDL got finished...no affiliation withoutside...

GCC got finished...no affiliation with outside...

Cane Growers got finished.... Chaudhry's balls not big enough to call for intervention as NFU boss as $2m sits in his way to lobby - no credibility..

Go Felix Go.... the bus is kasso!

FTUC suspension is like Rabuka is back in the 1987 error...

Lets see what NZ Unions decide now as Frank and Aias have taken up the challenge..bring it on...

Chaudhry thisis same thing that you tried and suceeded when PSA & Nurses stikers lost out of favour when you were Frank's henchman.

Now lets see how good your ex boys have achieved. Time to hand over FLP leadership to Felix..don't you think so!

Anonymous said...

... and now the FUN begins!

In yr face aiarse... in yr face!!!

Kudos to the ftuc trio and about time too you acted.
vinaka vakalevu felix, daniel and rajesh.

God Bless you all!
God Bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

To the puppet master and hand puppet, no school tin pot dictator the pacific gadafi bring on the decrees to take the FNPF monies away from the hard working workers of fiji and workers of fijis legal rights and rights to unions. Dont talk but lets see what you got as this time in 6 years there is real opposition which will come like a cyclone and cripple the junta and put you behind bars for your scams for good.

PER or no PER, media censor or no censor, arrest and torture or no, beat up women union members at QEB or no, nothing matters, its war declared against the junta by international union sanctions.

Wake up call and one week the junta will be crippled.

Who is kaiyum appealing to?

no more fooling around.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news

The junta and its dictator now having emergency meetings in the illegal cabinet office and QEB office.

Contingency plans been drawn up and the puppet master got none to offer.

The dictator may just take ill health leave shortly and go to china for treatment.

The junta sa lamu, aint so tough as they pretent by PER, remove PER and then see the people power coming down.

Anonymous said...

The junta now needs a name change from bully boys to lamu boys, cant handle the union power.

united we stand and divided we fall.

Long live democracy, thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz you days are numbered. Fear God. The poor are hurting in Fiji because of you and your leader.

Anonymous said...

illegal puppet master makes media bull statement that there is no draconon labor laws in fiji?

Lies Lies Lies

The PER is draconion law, where unions and workers cant protest, civil servants COLA has been taken away, civil servants cant go to employment court, wages councils abolished, decrees coming to abolish unions.

most draconion is taking workers monies away by decree to reduce 60% pension.

Who is he fooling, bring on the fight and lets see who wins now.

The people are 800000 against these thugs who a junta

TURUKAWA said...

bloody childish bai and ag closing the FTUC office..well well well ,playing right to the Unions hand by doing this. cant see what you will gain from this?

more is to come Bai & AG,this is only the start.you idiots!!

Thumbs UP to Democracy!!

Anonymous said...

Advertise widely to your network not to travel to FJ for the moment until DEMOCRACY has been restored!!..We have to sacrifice for the moment but at the end it is worth it.....

Power to the People....

Anonymous said...

vinaka guys, lets get behind these brave few men taking us forward who dont just bark like puppets like other unionists stationed in fiji

Degei said...

This should be signal that this illegal regime does not care what the workers want.

It is hell bent to crush the peoplr's rights and it is up to the workers and citizens of Fiji to decide what we want to do.

We want to demolish the illegal dictatorship and reclaim our rights.

Please union officials and union members we want to take on this illegal government in support of you.

Take the next step and demand reopening of the Union offices and administration with proviso that if the answer is no, Fiji airports and ports will be closed as well as all services terminated indefinitely.

The people will be on your side to see this illegal regime collapse and beg on their knees.

I ask all the rural residents...kai Naitasiri, and Wainibuka, Namosi, Sawakasa and Ra to stand firm with the unions and work towards collapsing this illegal regime.

The illegal regime will physically be incapable of controlling the rural areas in times of uprisings especially people of central Viti Levu.

Lets make use of this in our support for the Unions who are fighting for the people's rights, our collective human rights.

convolutedexperiment said...

This action implies that Aiyaz is panicking now and that the Regime is running scared.

Another nail in the coffin of this Regime and the more they do to resist opposition, the more it will create an unstoppable opposition against itself.

Bring it on !