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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Former Fiji regime supporters cosy up at Mara Sydney rally

 NEWLY-ALIGNED: Roko Ului Mara, Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony and Rajendra Chaudhry.

COSYING UP: Urai and Felix Anthony and Chaudhry Junior.

JOINED FORCES: Mara and Urai. pictures Matavuvale

The results of the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes in recent months by former regime supporters have been revealed for all to see.

As evidenced in these photographs from Roko Ului Mara's Sydney rally last night, new and all too convenient alliances have been formed between trade unionists Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Mara and Rajendra Chaudhry, the son of the former prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

Mara and his new mates presented a united front at his latest Australian meeting and are believed to be planning to form a Fiji government in exile.

The newly-aligned have been trying to drum up government and community support in New Zealand and Australia, all purporting to speak on behalf of the people of Fiji and the movement to bring down the illegal regime of Frank Bainimarama.

Discerning bloggers will know the newly-aligned have been trying to manipulate and steer support behind the scenes engaging in an aggressive campaign to pick up momentum but how much backing they have remains to be seen.

People want the regime gone but many are not convinced the unholy marriage between these regime remnants and others who've now joined the cause will result in the outcome we all want.

Editor's Note at 6PM: FDFM president Suliasi Daunitutu has since clarified to Coupfourpointfive that Anthony and Urai are not involved in the proposed Fiji government in exile and that that idea is being spearheaded by SDL members in Australia and people in New Zealand. Daunitutu says Anthony and Urai were invited to the rally by him in a bid to work in with ACTU, with whom he has been in touch with.


Anonymous said...

Some of faces of corruption and dubious dealings in Fiji for many years.Fiji Governemnt in Exile, what a JOKE!!

Varani. said...

Deeply suspicious of anything that includes the name Chaudhry.

Anonymous said...

Mandela/bose/talailama had govt in exile .
why cant fiji have one
now usa supports the libya rebel and support the exile govt./group.
time fiji people wake up and fight now.

Tic Toc... said...

"Those who are incapable of applying new remedies or are unable to initiate new tactics must expect even greater evil - for time is democracy's great innovator". Tic toc tic toc...

Anonymous said...

hahaha..so funny..these guys never did anything for Fiji and they think they have the support of the people of Fiji in forming a government in exile?? dreaming!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont think these people have any support back in Fiji.

Chaudhary in Sydney, spending some of his father's millions !!!

Anonymous said...

better to stand up and be counted than to lament later at not having done anything at all - like nero .... go felix, rajen daniel , mara and fdm. god bless.

Anonymous said...

Well...... The TIME is drawing nearer and nearer......

Bainiaiarse.... Be aware... Your Time is coming....

Waraka!!! Namaka!!!!!

Every Dog has his Day!!!!! Your days are numbered!!!
We're sick of your Butabutako and Viavialevu and
Lasulasu!!! The people of Fiji want their FREEDOM back!!
We want the restoration of The Constitution!!! not some bullshit "carapepa" charter?? and we want Election NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up Democracy Movement in Australia!! Good on you Guys!! Together we will Unite and topple these bunch of Thieving Thugs!!!

Kinoya Kid said...

Vayashnoi will soon join your group..Mara
s group of loosers...jest a group of parasites....
Bless them in Hell

Anonymous said...

kinoya kid is probably AG's supporter lol

kiwilad said...

Strange bedfellows, mara & chaudhary. They never got along in Fiji and caused much pain & suffering to ordinary people; wonder what their agenda is now?
Is chaudhary going to return the $2Millions given by the Indians ten years ago?
Even though Baini is not good for the country one has to be careful to create a revolution for the benefit of maras & chaudharys

Anonymous said...

The reason Fiji lost to the Japanese Rugby Team has been revealed according to a Tongan Friend. He said to me that Fiji deliberately did not want to win the game against the Japanese as the FRU Chairman jokingly said to the Tomgans at the After the Tournament Reception " Why should we give you the win, you took our Ului, you took our Minerva reef and you want the PNC too? No way!!!!!" Vinaka Mosese Tikoitoga {gone talega mai Tonga}..........wananavu!!!!!

Sorokaba Kid said...

We dont need the Urais, Anthonys and chodaryies to fight our cause.

Urai and Anthonys have lot to answer for the mess at NBRL, Momi, Tappoo city, Firca Building, TFL.

We will detail all their corrupt deals with Tapoos, Manubhai, Metal Works, ASA Naidu, Raghwan Construction and HLK Jacobs.

I prefer Vuaka over this coup apologists.

Anonymous said...

This is for Kinoya Kid.......

The Biggest parasites of all times are running our country right now!!!
At least these guys in Sydney are doing something positive towards restoring Democracy in Fiji!!

Fiji People are Fed Up!!

Thumbs Up for Democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, C4.5 you've explained how Felix and Dan came to be part of the proceedings - what about Rajend Chaudhry?

Ratu Borogaga said...

Foreign nations should recognise the exile gov. and foreign forces plus loyal soldiers in Fiji should help restore back peoples choice, not one that is chosen by Vore and his puppet master aiyaz.

Lasakau Navy said...

Dano's Dad bhadka paid the alleged rape victim $15K.

The victim was told that she will go in for 6-7 years jail( another additional year for making false allegation).

Poor drug trafficker had no choice but to agree to withdraw the rape allegation.

Can some organisation in Fiji help her.

John and FDM please disassociate with this alleged rapist and former coup apologist and Fiji Sports Council Board Member.

Anonymous said...

To anon 9.16

They are not fighting for democracy my friend but for their own selfish agenda.

Anonymous said...

Not with these crooks!

People here in Fiji NOT fools. The likes of Felix, Urai,and Chaudary are NOT for Fiji. It is for their OWN survival.

Sorry C4.5 - you lost the PLOT. Unfortunately the same with Roko Ului and JB. Or any other that were in the Military.

Let's put things in perspective:

1. The Military removed the Chaudhary Government - with Frank Bainimarama chickening out in the last minute, living "hero" George Speight on his own to take Leadership and responsibility.
2. Before all this Bainimarama's appointment was NOT liked by the likes of all the then senior military staff - that came out clearly when Filipo Tarakinikini was hunted by Bainimarama. All the current military personnel from that time until now know all these.
3. Bainimarama appointed Laisenia Qarase. Good start however knowing Baninimarama as a very average thinking yet stubborn fellow, and working back to revenge those who wanted his head - he aligned himself with Nazhaay Shameem, Aslam Khan's wife, with Aiyaz Khaiyum - All putting their heads together to get rid of Ballu Khan because Ballu had aligned himself with Chiefs and Fijians - thus misleading NLTB management to invest in his supplied IT system.
4. Qarase came up with programmes that would solve all this fighting and tensions as he was addressing the CORE of Fiji's problems, removing the legally marginalised Fijians, with legitimate Government acts and legislation, but the GREEDY white business men, GREEDY Indians of Indian indentured labourers took great advantage of the white's introduction of Chrstianity that the local Fijians had heartily, embraced and saw the benefits of a spiritual life to come out of their old cannibal ways. Because Hinduism and Islam are all about idol worship and making money it is also a great opportunity to work towards total domination of Fijians. The Fijians are very humble, communal and family oriented society the now learned Indians use the opportunity to create the unnecessary situation now in Fiji with the use of people like Bainimarama - below average to average intellectual capability.
The Fijians - Meaning the Kai Viti - got to do something now or forget about their identity and country forever. Never ever shuld it be allowed that any other people to be rulling Fiji - ONLY THE NATIVE FIJIANS - others are MOST WELCOMED to make Fiji home and do their business BUT NOT about RULING or GOVERNING Fiji.

So I say - If any has to make any thing to do ab out Fiji it is those of the TRUE LEADERS of Fijian Society - The CHIEFS !! - Not the likes of Felix, Urai, Chaudhary, Patels, Khans, Ali and so on !!!!!


Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata - Elders NEED to now walk to each other and determnine the direction of Fiji.

We Fijians are waiting for you !!

If you call NOW - We will come - Make that call !!!!

Anonymous said...

Government in exile will be fully funded by Y P Reddy.

Anonymous said...

Look at those four sitting there like they are king shits.
Let the people know Felix Anthony how you and your family gained from all the dirty money you were involved in.
You are doing this for your own gain. Wanting sympathy from people in Australia.
Come to Fiji and talk like you talking in Australia and around the world .
Face the people here in Fiji. Let us ask some real questions and see if you could honestly answer them.
You and yr crews are doing more damage than good.
What you are getting yr family ready to go to nz to the rest of yr that there getting people to transport money overseas for you. What a joke wake people see the light and what these odors are doing to us in Fiji . We will fight on but not with these four people .
Lock them up users and abusers.

Anonymous said...

These people are useless, what are you lazy no use spoiled brats trying to do.....Dou VC

Fiji Observer said...

Two schools of thought at play here...support those with blood on their hands to get rid of Frank or fear the return of those who've already been in bed with Frank because we're back to where we started. FDFM and Mara are assuming the people are for the first. With all respect to them and others wanting democracy can you really make that decision for us? I think not.

Thumbs Up said...

Mara trying to kickstart his campaign with fuel from the Chaudhry's and FTUC. To be expected but might be too hard for the people to buy into. They already had trouble swallowing when it was just him. Now we have MP Chaudhry, son Rajendra Chaudhry, Felix Anthony and Dan Urai. Are we all now expected to swallow some more without blinking an eye?

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

The moment I saw wee chaudhary junior and felix feeding off the limelight from RUM, I just switched off. Thats it. These are fine weather people who will now crusade for their own political asylum case to Aussie and NZ. They were only for their own and what about the chaudhary senior millions stashed in OZ, is senior/junior willing to pour that funds for RUM, after all it was for return to democracy. huh.

RUM - what is the strategy with getting the greasers on board now?

btw - where is Fullman?

Wailai - switched off.

Anonymous said...

i cringe when i look at top photo as i never seen any of them express any humility.........dont think these are fiji's leaders of of the future,,,,,,,to help bring frank down yes but for future leadership no,,,,,,they should stand trial later for treason.

Anonymous said...

"Qarase came up with programmes that would solve all this fighting"
1.If Qarase had his way we would have become something like South Africa ! Freeing Convits!
2.Qarase hated the Chiefly System!He was given a griding in Moala several years ago from the late Tui Nayau for turning up a day late to the Bose ni Yasana & had since had this hatred of the system!
3.If he was for the Fijians how come he was buying shares in 3 different companies under various guises in Fijian Holding?
4.The IT company of Ballu Khan had defunct software that could only be fixed by his satff from Sigapore.
5.Muslim don't worship idols-Next time you go to Church please look carefully -you might notice a CROSS-what do you think that is, or the idols in a Catholic Church?
6.Its the Indo-Fijians that made Fiji what it is today that is the Indentured labourere (slaves)-look at the other Pacific countries. Can anyone compare to Fiji? Why because the brunt of the "whiteMans" exploitation was felt by the Indentured labourere not the native Fijians who were shielded otherwise the Fijians would have suffered the same fate as Kanaks!
7.It appears when Fijians come away overseas they talk a lot of democracy but whenit comes to Fiji it only for them to run the country-good thinking, who do you think has been running Fiji all these years? Indians/Chinese/ Kai Loma?
Who made the Coups happen-Indians/Fijian/Chinese?
If Fijians want to run the country why don't you have it down in black & white, instead of making a lot of noise about it.
The Fijians are a humble people -"TRUE" but a humbleness that hides a terrible truth-"liu Muri's"!
Good in saying prayers but has no understanding of the meaning of their prayers-REsult-utter confusion!
Thats what your letter is 'utter confusion" , you make out evryone else is to blame except you-but look at youself first?
Thank God the Church arrived-or else we would still be chowing up the "bakolas" & taking women as trophys! Sa rauta mada na lasu-sa sega ga ni rawa ni toso o Viti baleta na iTaukei! Era sa qai yadra ga qoka ni ra qai kila nai yau na nodra vanua-i a me cakacaka taki e sega na kana loto!