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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Global unions condemn regime as regime owned station reveals unionists pay

The Fiji Trades Union Congress has today made public two letters sent to the illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama from two global umbrella unions.

The letters, from the International Transport Workers Federation and the Council of Global Unions, condemn the deterioration of civil and trade union rights in Fiji. 

Both urge the regime to stop it's attack of trade unionists and workers rights in Fiji and ensure that Fiji's labour legislation is in full compliance with International Labour Conventions. 

One of the letter also details the ugly attack on trade unionist by military. Mohammed Khalil was stomped on and dragged around in full view of his colleagues by two soldiers who then made him write a letter of resignation from the Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union.

Read the Council of Global Unions Letter

Meanwhile, the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation has revealed that union leaders like Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and James Raman, were paid over $100,000 in Director's Fees when they sat on the FNPF Board and its subsidiaries from 2007 to 2009.

FBC claims that according to audited documents by KPMG it has obtained, Anthony was paid $185,034, Daniel Urai was paid $156,287 and James Raman was paid $150,576.

Anthony sat on the board of FNPF and its subsidiaries Home Finance Ltd, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings, FNPF Investments Ltd, Natadola Bay Resort Ltd, Telecom Fiji Ltd, Yatule Beach Resort Ltd, and Vodafone Fiji Ltd – and was paid directors fees for all of these.

Urai sat on the FNPF Board, Home Finance Company, ATH, FNPF Investments Ltd, Natadola Bay Resorts Ltd, Grand Pacific Hotel Ltd, FNPF Hotel Resorts Ltd, Yatule Beach Resort Ltd, Vodafone Fiji Ltd, and Fiji Directories Ltd and received directors fees for all them.

And Singh received over $47,000 for being on the Home Finance Company Ltd board from 2007 to 2009.


  1. Is it true that just 10 turned up RUM Sth Akl meeting? 4.5, please pri ide photos.

    Thumbs up!


  3. Compared to the the overseas standard the amount these people are receiving is peanuts. Note the salry in Australian dollars Felix $97000, Urai $82000, James Raman $78000. If these brains migarate to greener pasture they will get double the amount. At lease Fijian workers should be fortunate that these officers has remained in Fiji to help the poor workers who have been reaped by government.
    The government and the Sugar Cane Growers Council along with Sugar Fund Authority is giving soft loan to cane farmers so that these poor farmers could plant more cane. This effectively means that the poor cane farmers will be bound to plant and supply cane even if they make no profit but to keep the industry surviving so that government could continue exploit poor farmers.

  4. Can they provide what the big fishes are getting? Like the REAR admiral and his co PM Aiyaz, as Semi Meo like's to call them.

  5. no wonder the cry babies ului, felix etc want to join fdm,,,,they lost their high paying jobs in the boards,,,,,these people are only in the fdm cause they got kicked out by frank......wake up guys they just using the unions and fdm for their own selfish smelly survival!!! n the people as pawns....USERS!

  6. so can you imagine what those other dipsticks are getting if this is anything to go by?

  7. Maybe get Aunty Noor to provide salary doc for VB & AK plus all other direcotrs fees they get from all the Boards they waste our $$ on...blooody leeches & parasites!!!

  8. Interesting how these unionists dues are revealed just because they are fighting for the rights of the workers and is against what the regime stands for. Whatever, they were on those boards and Justly had to be paid

    What about the regime disclosing what Bainimarama and Aiyaz received for the last four years.

    And the others i.e. Riaz, shameem, nur bano etc what about what they are receiving We have been waiting for sometime for this revelation possibly from the the ministry of infformation spokesperson I suppose we can dream on. That will never happen.

  9. Orignal FDM please get rid of these shady union leaders before they taint this movement.

  10. Sharon Smith Johns good you told us what these unionists got.

    Now tell us what BAINIMARAMA, AIYAZ, SHAMEEM, and NUR BANO get. Good girl. We are waiting.

  11. All this good for nothing are there for themselves....
    The present govt is really doing fine..
    Those good for nothing are thea for themselves....
    Most of you who in favour for what they are doing are also fools and can't see their motives because most of you didn't know wat's going on in Fiji....
    Try to be realistic of what's really happening here and not jest hear say...

  12. Riaz can you tell the people of Fiji through your radio station how much your brother who has never argued a case in any Court of Law is making today? and how about the $21m fit out for your TV station when the budget was only $11m. This regime did not address its salary issues notwithstanding numerous calls being made, yet is ready to demean Unionists brave enough to reveal its bluff. People are willing to sacrifice like Felix, Dan, Rajesh,Attar,Koroi and others.

  13. @ Kinoya Kid...

    Your comments are always shallow and just simply show your stupidity.
    You support the illegal regime dont you. Do you know the real reason why Voreqe Bainivuka staged the Coup???
    Let me tell you you thick head...To save his Ass from going to jail.
    Everything that is happening in Fiji now is thru his arrgonace and in pure Fijian..Lamusona..
    If it wasn't for his selfishness and Cowardness, Fiji should have been in a better position economically and development carried out faccording to Budgets.
    Ask your Stupid PM to reveal how much he is paid...They can reveal how much these hard working unionists are paid and why can't he reveal how much he is paid...
    You know what..he can only do this to others but he is not bold and Honest to tell the ppl of Fiji how much he is paid...
    Is he doing all teh jobs for the Portfolios he is holding...Nope and that is daylight robbery.
    He is a crook KK...
    Only you are a Fool KK for believing an arrogant man like Frank... You may be supporting him cos you are his clown...Shame on you!!!!!
    Thumbs Up To Democracy!!!! More sanctions will wake up some shallow minded ppl like KK!!!!

  14. Anonmymous said"Compared to the the overseas standard the amount these people are receiving is peanuts" Well guess what Fiji is not Australai-how many Drs, Nurses in Fiji earn that kind of money? It appears thes peopel are now grumbling because they were getting 2 or 3 sources of income. One from the Union & the 2 & 3rd from sitting on Boards! No wonder the Institutions these guys were sitting on have gone bankrupt and look at the Provident Fund! These people were sitting on Boards to look after the intrests of wolkers they soon found out that the Pay Cheque they were receiving was so good it was better they shut their mouths and go with the flow! Now they here overseas because they are only feeling they have lost their "pot of Gold" -Sega ni dua e lialia vaka na lialia!Dri Yani!

  15. How entertaining that they now go gutter when substance eludes them completely.

    Is this the best that the illegal and treasonous military regime can come up with?

    What are you going to come up with for phase 2, 3, 4, 5 etc etc when Felix, Rajesh, et al whoop your asses tomorrow? The same ol' tired song about BMWs and 200K while you bastards ride around in Pajero's, and steal more then you ever deserved?

    Get ready wankers. It's show-time. Time to make you sweat and pay for your sins.

  16. oh what a low blow!

    now tell us how much does aunti nur get?

  17. Sa sivia na butako !!!

    Workers leaders james raman, anthony, really milking it. Who approved payment of workers fnpf contributions to these wankers ??

  18. thot only frank n co were helping themselves,,,didnt know the workers reps were also helping themselves to the workers money......fiji is really is a black hole of immorality and greed ,,,,,on all sides!

  19. About time this information was revealed. FTUC don't hold back, you have nothing to lose. Reveal it all so the world can see.

  20. Know too much to support Anthony and Co but thank them for revealing this information and exposing the dirty regime for who they are.

  21. OK...OK....OK....




  22. The illegal PM in today's Fiji Live news shows how coward he really is. He was giving out info about how much the Unionists were paid while they were Board members of some company's. He did that while he was on another trip to Africa.
    Why can't he call a News Conference to announce that and allow the news media pers to ask him how much he is illegally paying himself, his illegal AG and all his ministers including the MINFO.
    He is really showing his big mouth while he is running awat just like when he was running down the cassava patch.
    Your time is coming Vore...The longer your will be there, the more charges you will face.
    You coward....
    I support the Unionists and all the hard working ppl in Fiji...Lets keep up with the good fight.
    Thumbs Up To Democracy!!!!!

  23. Yeah, everyone has just forgotten that speech made in 2006 Dec, Govt Ministers will not use Parliamentary Privaleges, travel assistance, mobile phones...etc....But the BEST ONE IS THIS How Come FBC never clears its $1.7 million Public Service Broadcast...now with AG's Portfolio....and now trying to start Television from Public Funding....oh and the whole Family Singapore visit...what next...or rather what has been happening

  24. We are indeed very thankful to the international workers' union for their concern and help for the Fiji Workers as expressed in the above 2 attachments.

    May God bless the international workers' unions.

    This clearly warns the illegal regime that enough is enough, you cannot willfully continue to torture us physically, mentally, spiritually and through your decrees etc brutally at will.

    We the Fiji citizens demand that you step down peacefully now and if not we will force you to do so violently.

  25. Funny that they have revealed the board salaries... that is not new.. most bard members sit on 20K to 30K per annum... thst is norm even with the current ones,, so whats the big deal on what they had.. Tel us what the current ones are getting so we can have a fair analysis of both,,, maybe all current board members are getting higher ones like the terrorist Vodafone board chairman (Mr Lionel Lee).. who has the love for money and conflict of interest....

  26. Naz says...

    Can we all publicise what we got out of poor tax payers pls.

    For felix & dan Urai & Aisake Taito - the illegal regime should be accountable for this by appointing these thieves on the super fund board.

    Hey look they accused mangers & executive of corruption BUT look at what they paid themselves.

    More then the previous CEO whom they fired without reasonable cause and justice and procedural fairness.

    Now they are crying to the world..

    Felix & Dan you're mongrels and thugs of people's money.

    Poor Olota & his executive team..they must be having the last laugh now.

  27. There is no question that many have profited financially from this coup, but in time, they will pay with their own incarceration.

    In the meantime, exposure by the Regime of its own dealings with these people, serves only to supply Democracy Advocates of the much needed evidence to convict them at an appropriate time.

    In the meantime, let's focus on the goal of 1st. restoring fiji to a Democracy so all can be held accountable for their illegal activities, not to mention Murder, Sedition and High Treason.

    The question remains, will there be anyone credible left to run Government in Fiji once everyone guilty of a crime is apprehended ? !

    Let's all remain focused on the task at hand currently and that is to first end this could and bring down this Regime.

    Aiyaz will bring out his supporters to slander others and no doubt some of that slander is true, but one needs to ask why is Aiyaz slandering the very same people he previously held in high esteem ?

    In admitting exorbitant amounts of monies were paid out to coup supporters, Aiyaz is simply implicating himself. silly bugger !

  28. where is MINFO-NYMPHO. She should also be revealing what her bosses are receiving, besides her under-the-cover services. Her poor husband. must have been painful to know what MINFO-NYMPHO was doing.


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