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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Illegal regime to start fingerprinting minors for electronic voter registration

As with many of the illegal regime's ambitious measures for a so-called fair society, its plan for the next election (supposedly 2014), will require anyone over 15 to be fingerprinted and photographed.

According to the illegal attorney general and Minister for Elections, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, preparations for electronic voter registration in time for the 2014 General Elections, will reduce costs and improve sustainability for both national and municipality elections.

He told Fiji media the registration uniquely identifies every individual voter based on their bio-data and unique finger print.
“Using birth certificates or passports as the primary identifier or requirement for registration, the voting system is designed to speed up the process and help eliminate cheating for voter impersonation." 

Khaiyum says the new electronic voter registration system "will require conducting a nationwide registration exercise inclusive of fingerprints, and photographs of all citizens who are now 15 years old and above."

Electronic voter registration has been used in the United States, India, Brazil and most South East Asian countries like Bangladesh.
But critics say it is not fool proof and is not secure as paper ballots. It's also unreliable because of the possibility if electronic failure.

In Indonesia, where illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama was earlier this year discussing with election officials there how they could support the Fiji elections, critics say the system penalises people in rural communities who are computer illiterate.

In Fiji, many people, especially those in the village, have never even  used computers.

For the system to be fair, a lot of money will need to be spent on establishing the system and making sure people are trained to use it accurately and to make sure voters understand how it works.

In Fiji, where power blackouts are common, breakdowns could be a real issue.

Most countries that use electronic voting have huge populations; Fiji is just 800,000 - why does the illegal regime want this costly system?


Anonymous said...

Just another bogus reason to delay democratic Elections. The world can see through this smoke screen scam and the illegal junta are not fooling anyone except themselves.

Anonymous said...

Fiji government should leave minors alone- the UN definition of child is anyone up to the age of 18.

Varani. said...

It wants this costly system for several reason - it appeases foreign goverments with its link to "elections" - it also presents a perfect opportunity for a mammoth "IT rip off" - finally - these devices can be programmed to
obtain any result you want.
Whichever way its looked at its a sham - one Viti simply cannot afford - does not need

Stan said...

Penalize people who are computer illiterate....yeah rite...what do u think an electronic voter system will be asking voters to write a program to cast their votes. A simple touch screen with the options is all that is needed. Geez...some bainy wrote this piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Nearly every child in our country gets himself or herself to a school everyday.
Polling stations at schools during school holidays with voting being administered by teachers (still on the pay roll) once every four years is just to bloody logical and cost effect.

The electronic system will be rigged.
Bush stole an election in the mighty US of A , so it is possible anywhere.

The 30 million dollar elections that we have been having have in of themsleves been a way to buy votes as sure as the agriscam.
The hireing of hundreds of part time officials, vehicles and village halls has been quite an effective tool for the incumbent party.

I have just offered a cost effective election, with the opportunity to also scam some foreign exchange from western government funding without any outgoings.
Win Win.

Thumbs down!
on electronic voting

Anonymous said...

The MOST professional method of winning election

Anonymous said...

Why would Fiji want to be the first ?
Is it about eficient running of elections? ... or about a cruel power hungry Dictator completely controling the nation?
Australia does NOT have elctronic voting- World bank said in Nov.2004... "about 85% of E voting in developing countries had failed in some respect and 35% of those had failed completely" ... millions would be spent of borrowed money for what end?
This is just another opportunity for the thieving/murderous bastards to rip off the people by diverting money into their own accounts.
Studious Christians are well aware of One World Government (OWG) and how that future satanic entity will control the world by numbering every citizen of the world. Why would you volunteer to be among the first to put the noose around your neck... ask yourself ...where does Banana and AG get their inspiration for such an idea .. an idea that is totally unnecessary for the Governing of a small nation like Fiji.
Does Fiji want to be the First?
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Ask the people behind the global order. The leadership in the regime are just puppets carrying out orders from high up

Anonymous said...

AG wat a load of crap more taxpayers money goin to waste..
Someone some should just put an END to all this misery .
Doesnt take a rocket scientist to work that out...

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat here.Frank/AG can make some money with this system.
Also can rig the votes to win the election.
god help fiji.
Kai Suva

Anonymous said...

Changes that come with the advent of new and advanced technologies should be accepted for the benefits these bring.

However every new technology has to be considered very carefully for its merits and demerits in the light of the purpose of application (say electronic voting),environmental conditions it is to be used in (say geography, availability and stability of power supply, and for Fiji the intermittent power cuts which is happen too often for our comfort), mental and perceptive their level of education as voters) with state, stability and availability of other supporting factors.

We know electronic voting has been in use in Samoa but to what extent the public does not know. I tend to question the capabilities of those who went to Samoa to look at it. What do they kbnow about electronic voting with the team lead by someone who has no specialist background in IT.

What can Mr. Soro Toutou do with a background in sociology, history politics and youth development? No wonder we are now faced with the challenges of electronic voting now.

Based on population size alone, we do not need this. Unfortunately the whims and dreams of a few ambitious officials seem to dominate our government systems and processes. This issue have to be looked at carefully to analyse critical determining factors that may possibly negate its application

Anonymous said...

The method the junta has chosen is for a election scam.

No free and fair elections but evote means a scam to put the junta party in power.

Anonymous said...

tik tok tik tok..

aiyaz wont get to see this day..

tik tok tik tok tik tok.

ur time is very very near...

Anonymous said...

Because it is fair and responsible way of doing things. All chiefs are thieves and they will do anything to destroy democracy.

I want PM Banimarama and ASK to triumph on all these over evil. They are god to us and will save us from all idocracies and people and bigots like you.

Anonymous said...

Studious Christians..... what a load of Garbage! People were already numbered even before the time of Christ.... if you care to read ancient history, as for modern times-haven't you forgotten the numbering on Birth Certificates! Sa rauta na via quote tiko on the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Police and RFMF un-intelligent officers were seen searching Ro Teimumu's vehicle at the Jerusalem Rd/Bailey Bridge mini market/round about at 8pm this evening.

C4.5.check with your QEB sources for any updates.


Anonymous said...

I hope a proper cost benefit analysis has been done. The high cost of the machines, the expensive software and other technical considerations does not guarantee a fool proof voting system. It is reported that high technical complications and spiraling costs have already created problems in the adoption of sophisticated electronic procedures in new, fragile, and transitional
democracies.There are so many examples of how electronic voting systems are vulnerable to attack and manipulation and its interesting how some States in the US want to get rid of their systems and hope to sell it off to 3rd world countries. I hope Fiji isnt in that catergory!

Anonymous said...

Jake says.....

can somebody mission "yavato" Aiyaz khiayum - A SNIPER WILL DO.





Anonymous said...

Why above 15 years of age, cos they gonna be put in the data based and manipulated to give an election result in favour of the junta party.

A political party has been formed and manifesto done by junta and surprise election to be called with scam to win.

All political persons opposing to be framed with crimnal cases like chodiri and garse and disqualified.

A election scam by massive handouts is beginning by junta.

SDL and Labor must start election campign now.

Ratu Borogaga said...

will Frank stand for election?

Can other political parties start their campaign ASAP?

Will the PER be lifted so other political parties can tell the nation (esp. villagers) the truth about the real economic disaster that that we're in?

Will Frank take it as a man when other political parties tell the people the truth of what he's doing?

David Cannon said...

These machines can be rigged rather easily. It is quite obvious that if the regime allows elections AT ALL, they will only be under conditions that GUARANTEE the intended result.

Anonymous said...

Everyday we wake up to another stupid idotic idea from this government.There was nothing wrong with the old system that was working perfectly well for this country. If it aint broke , don't fix it.
This is nothing but another opportunity for Aiyaz and Bainimarama to rip off the people of Fiji by importing expensive equipment and software and they getting their cut in the process. I bet this business will go to another Taliban.

Kemuni na sotia sa dodonu mo ni rai tiko.
Sa na vakarau ni yadua na naba o kemuni kece na kai Viti me vaka sa volai tu e na i Vola Tabu.
Qase kei na gone. Tagane, yalewa.
Sa na nabataki o ira na luvemuni me vaka e volai tu ena i Vakatakila 13:16-18.
Sa na soli veikemuni na naba i Setani.
Sa oti na gauna ni wele.
Qo sa gauna me tamusuki laivi kina na ka e rau kitaka tiko na i lala qo.
Tukuni e na i Vakatekivu ni sa "vosa vaka qaseqase vei Ivi o koya na gata".
Io qo rau sa vosa vaqaseqase vei kemuni o rau o Bainimarama kei Khaiyum.
Kevaka ni sega ni kidava rawa tiko io e na dua sara na vanua ca ena tini kina o ira na nomuni kawa.
Ni yadra mai na sotia. Ni tamusuka na ka rau kitaka tiko na i lala qo.
Ni sogoti rau i vale ni veivesu baleta o Viti, me liu tiko ga o Jisu. Me kua ni liu o Setani.
Qarauna baleta ni mataka ni se baci "parade" tale me rau na baci vosa vaqaseqasei kemuni tale o rau na gata.
It's time to open your eyes and fight for Fiji.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a third world country and what is the e voting about if it is not to do with an election scam.

This is what african nations dictators have done to get in power after coups

Nadi said...

I will hack into the voting IT system and make Baku the Amzon gorilla win as leader of Govt and PM of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Well, we hope that a goo feasibility study had been undertaken by Toutou & Company before embarking on this E-Voter Registration Exercise.

As for minors,if a child is 15yr old during the time of registration (let say sometime around this year); he or she will be 18 in 20014, thus make their eraly registration valid and less expensive.

Whatever come may, we want a FAIR & FREE 2014 ELECTION!



SEMI MEO said...

Hold on…..where is the constitution to set the parameters for this supposed early pre 2014 election?

Should this, yet another C4.5 scoop, be a reality, then practical fundamental question need to be asked! Would the constituency boundaries encompass Dual Citizens and Fiji Citizen abroad? …now that they number about 200 thousands and are the major foreign remitter to Fiji, totaling 300 Million plus every year since 2005. How are they gonna vote should their Fiji Citizenship be of any worth. US election may have experienced a bit of discrepancies from electronic postal votes; absentees on Military duties abroad, and resident of foreign assignments etc.

But again, if the major voter registration targets are our school leaving population, then get ready for the Co Prime Minister's spending spree towards this younger generation. These may include generous educational and employment incentives to keep this new generation’s allegiance. Very liberal sporting and pop culture fundings, generous home buyers’ equity funds for young couples, may be compulsory para military cadetship or voluntary attachment with food and bus fare paid expenses to the Navy and Infantry during school holidays. Of course, the glamour of the camouflage uniform and starch stiff white uniform and the notion of being involved would entice many school leavers seeking a breakthrough into the work force and adult life.

Inadvertently, a generational gab conveniently created to distance the old anti-Bainimarama/Aiyarse generation from this young innocent breed of lambs to the slaughter.

Let the battle for the, soul and voters of our young begin!!...for tomorrow one of them may lead us back to sanity or up the creek..

Teleni said...

It seems that all we do in here is moan, groan, and moan some more. Nothing has been done and the goons are still in power. Vuaka was in Singapore and this would have been the opportune time to arrest Aiyarsehole and other illegal leaders, BUT, nada, nothing, zilch. Semi Meow come back to Fiji and be our PM.

convolutedexperiment said...

It's all about control and dominating the population.
Time for a bullet to Frank and Aiyaz temple !

Anonymous said...

Fiji always had vote rigging scams in place. Nowdays there can be the spy camera's in place and one location for single constituency or close by constituencies counting point.

So ballot boxes to be escorted to these locations with security personnel from each political party can be staying outside with recordings of vedeo from inside the secure placement of boxes.

NO gurad inside the room, not even police! As there will be temporary blackouts of vedeo recordings sighting power failure!

I remember being chased away from following the ballot box carrying police truck in 1977 and finding boxes not balancing after it arrives at the counting station is a normal in Fiji's past democratic elections.

So one scammer tries to be one up on the other! Real democracy in action...

Sa sucu sa lutu

Anonymous said...

Good on you anon @ 10.31am. Unfortunately, most bloggers are either unaware or just plain selective with the facts to know that what our current crop of leaders are doing were done from the beginning - Post Independence. Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Frank/ASK your days getting near the 6 feet grave soon or prison.
stop fooling us .
we dont need conman like you guys to lead fiji.

Anonymous said...

Can't win -you a have paper voting system and people complain-as someone who has seen how easy it is to rip off the paper system , (P&G) also Fiji-its the easiest thing to do! The electronic system is the most simple thing to use-as someone said earlier who wrote this garbage! I suggest since we can't make out minds up why don't we just go back to the good old days to ask those that support whichever candidate to raise their hands & move to one side then we just do a head or hand count-all over in a few days-new Govt, new constitution, new people (maybe)then we have another COUP! It will then be C5.5!

Anonymous said...

"Sa sucuc sa lutu" how very true-i was also around during those times -they were all in a small room, under the stairs in the upper building in Suva Grammar School, ticking away at blank ballot papers!

Anonymous said...

Photographed and fingerprinted like criminals... How interesting.

And just what will prevent anyone from misusing these data?

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for the electronic machine for students bus fare............now another new thing comes up..........pliz take one thing at a time de duatale e lua................

Anonymous said...

To The Critic (July 10-9.39pm)
...your scoffing at "studious Christians" etc you have missed the intended point.
Obviously ancient history records governments taking a "census", or a counting of the population, but certainly not with cameras and computers. So today we have a situation with computer technology whereby a normal "BENEVOLENT" Government uses it in a proper manner.
You apparently trust them, I certainly DO NOT.
Perhaps more so in Fiji than any other country, you alrready know what happens when a "DESPOTIC" government comes to power.
The reference was NOT to ancient history, or even a census, but to prophecies concerning "not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast" TOTAL ECONOMIC CONTROL... google it-you can read it for yourself. It is not far away in actual implimentation. They already put micro chips in animals in most countries, including Australia.
Any one trusting such power to a government will regret the day.
...it WILL COME, but I say again, why stick your neck in the noose.
...why would you volunteer when you already have a serious taste of a Despotic Ruler.
Wakey Wakey Fiji
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

For those harping about the way elections are conducted in Australia-still using paper instead of electronic media-haven't you seen the report on the amount of voters that have ticked the wrong boxes, ticking on the on the line instead of above or below the line.Its the first time in Aussie electoral voting history that they had such a large number of votes that couldn't be counted as no one could figure who the voter was voting for! The largest number was where Indigenous Commmunites voted!Food for thought.

Anonymous said...