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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Illegal regime's pundit called on to tell the truth in 2008 ... and now

Lots of feedback have been coming in to Coupfourpointfive about Kamlesh Arya, the man described as having no principles for truth and justice after joining the illegal regime's campaign to scare off Australian and New Zealand trade unions. We have managed to source an opinion piece from Fiji Times, that was published on May the 16th in 2008, which  shows how Arya can twist facts to suit his agenda and his total lack of  credibility. Read on, folks.


Pundit, pray tell us the truth

Unusual ... soldiers on the streets of the capital after the coup
UNUSUAL: Sokdiers on the streets ofthe capital after the coup.
Friday, May 16, 2008
ON Thursday April 10, 2008, during the public debate on the People's Charter organised by the Fiji Media Council, pro-charter and National Council for Building a Better Fiji member Kamlesh Arya, vigorously defended the military.
This is what he said: "First and foremost, the military has sons and daughters of Fiji who have taken the oath to protect Fiji from all adverse situations. It is not ignorant of the law. Their law is one of engagement after all else fails. They are compassionate to the needs of the people. They rise to the occasion when Fiji is faced with calamities and if the military was opportunist then its members would not lay their lives for the nation.

"We need to search deeper than what is on the surface to find out what has been going on since 1987."

But what Arya, the president of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, said while answering a question from the audience totally shifted the blame from the military to certain people in the country for using the armed forces to carry out the coups since 1987.

When asked if coups or elections were more expensive to Fiji, Arya replied: "In my submission this evening (April 10), I said let us not blame the military for the coups. They were the henchmen I must say.  They were used to do somebody else's dirty job. Now in 1987 the coup was hyped up as a Fijian issue, right, for the Fijians.

"What did we get, what did the Fijian community get out of the 1987 coup nothing. In 1987 Fijians basically lost everything in terms of respect and dignity because somebody said he was fighting for the rights of the Fijians.

"In 2000 it was an indigenous issue again. What did the Fijian community get nothing. They lost much more. They lost the total dignity of people being able to apply the rule of law. Other communities have continued to stick their necks, stand and contribute to the development of the country each time there is a coup.

"So we have to do deeper soul-searching to find out why the military does, what it has done four times and I don't blame them. They are just there for manipulation by people who have vested interests."

There have been only two political parties in Fiji which have survived or experienced all four coups the National Federation Party, which was in a coalition government with the Fiji Labour Party in 1987, was removed from power by Sitiveni Rabuka in the first coup of May 14, 1987.

While the Labour party has opposed the three previous coups and called for a speedy return to democracy, it has made a complete about-turn and defended the actions of the military since December 2006.

It is therefore prudent to examine Labour's position on the coups in view of Arya's forceful defence of the army. In 2004, the Labour party and National Farmers Union launched Children of the Indus to mark the 125th anniversary of the arrival of indentured labourers to Fiji.

The book's cover had a picture of Chaudhry and his grand-daughter, taken after he and his colleague's release from 56 days of captivity after the 2000 coup.

The book, while describing the late Ratu Mara as a visionary and statesman had scathing remarks about his and the late Ratu Penaia Ganilau's roles in the May 1987 coups.

Page 144 of the book states: "It is clear there was an orchestrated conspiracy to restore power to the Eastern bloc (Lau/Cakaudrove). Rabuka was a favourite with Ratu Penaia who was his high chief. Certain events of that morning (May 14, 1987) arouse suspicion. Was Colonel Sanday deliberately lured to Government House to get him out of the way?

Second, when Speaker Militoni Leweniqila rang Ratu Penaia to inform him of the military takeover, he did not appear surprised. Also when Rabuka shortly after the takeover went to Government House to report the deed, his first words were: "Well sir, I have done it." Curiously enough, the Governor-General's only response was: "I hope you know what you are doing." Was Ratu Penaia in the know-how? It is a legitimate question.

Page 145 & 146 of the book states: "And how much was Ratu Mara in the know about what was to happen? Mara has always denied knowledge about the coup, yet he told the late Robert Keith-Reid, of Islands Business that he received a phone call at the Fijian Hotel at 9am on May 14, 1987 to tell him about the coup. 9am one hour before the coup took place.

Wasn't it his duty to warn Prime Minister Dr Timoci Bavadra, some members of Government or the police of what was about to take place?"

The above was forcefully explained to voters by Chaudhry during the 1992 election campaign who said that by entering Parliament under the 1990 Constitution would mean achieving the final chapter in the chiefs and the Alliance Party's plan to permanently entrench power in the hands of Fijians. Therefore, if Arya is right, Rabuka and the army were manipulated and used as henchmen by Ratu Mara and Ratu Penaia to carry out the 1987 coups. Following the 3rd coup of May 19, 2000, Chaudhry wrote an article in the Parliamentarian, the journal of parliaments of the Commonwealth. He spoke about the army and police in Fiji.

In the article, Chaudhry stated that the security forces posed the biggest threat to the stability of any democratically elected government in Fiji. His article was titled, The aftermath of a coup: Power grabs and destabilisation in Fiji'. He reminded fellow Commonwealth parliamentarians that he had been the victim of three coups in Fiji.

Chaudhry said: "The events of the past two years in particular have shown that neither the police nor the army can be trusted to uphold the Constitution and maintain law and order. No elected government that is not of their choice will ever be safe in this country if this situation is allowed to go unchecked. Indeed, if this situation is allowed to continue, Fiji will simply become another Indonesia where the military has formed an oligarchy with allegedly corrupt politicians and business interests."

Chaudhry claimed the police force had been infiltrated by the army and could no longer be trusted to maintain law and order. Therefore, according to Arya's theory, a unit of the army in 2000 was manipulated and used by corrupt politicians, unscrupulous businessmen and factional groups to topple Chaudhry's government.

But Arya, a Labour party MP for five years between 2001 and 2006 did not say who used the army as henchmen and manipulated them to execute the 2006 coup that removed from power Laisenia Qarase's SDL-led government.

To assist Arya in forming his conclusion, let me remind him of Labour party president Jokapeci Koroi's remarks during Fiji TV's indepth news on January 11, 2006. When asked by a reporter how did the Labour party view Bainimarama's threat to topple government Koroi replied: "I think he should do it because we're waiting, the Labour coalition government, we are waiting to complete what we started in 1999 and 2000. I know a lot of people will disagree with me."

Koroi, while claiming that Bainimarama was being intimidated by the government, said "I am not saying that I support it but you don't know what kind of takeover he is going to do and I have a feeling it's not going to be like the 2000 and 1987 coup, no."

While last minute talks brokered by then Vice-President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi prevented the stand-off between Qarase and Bainimarama into escalating any further, the coup eventually happened 11 months later on December 5, 2006 after the army's truth and justice campaign failed to prevent the re-election of Qarase and his SDL party to power after the May 2006 election.

Arya is a pundit and a man of God. He should live up to his status and inform the nation who manipulated the army and used the soldiers as henchmen to carry out the fourth coup on December 5, 2006.

Kamal Iyer is a former journalist and administrative officer of the National Federation Party.


Anonymous said...

time for fiji army and police to be disband,
we need ramsi in fiji.
army is always been the problem in fiji politics.
get rid of them once and for all.
no army no coup.

Anonymous said...

So where are all these labour party coup supporters now? Chaudary facing court cases, Vayeshnoi has run off to NZ, Anthony and Urai running around in NZ and Aus trying to drum up support for restoration of democracy. Well hope the lessons of the coup are being learnt, which is there is no such thing as a 'good' coup.

Anonymous said...

The fiji army needs to be reduced to 50 men doing customary role and functions, what is the war threat on fiji?

Apart from doing coups they good for nothing.

no army no coup

Anonymous said...

Mara Ganilau and Baini master minded the coup, but Bai double crossed them.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.15pm sorry mate urai is here in ltka driving around in this 4wheel drive....as for jokapeci koroi see what happen to her...all this labour and junta supporters will be slowly gone one by one...

Anonymous said...

REMOVE the army once and for all....they have been used to the MAX at the expense of the People.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Arya Samaj I think you have lost all the creditability [if any]. I suggest you should surrender from vegetarian to non veg.

Anonymous said...

water under the bridge and pundit 2will end up there u idol worshipa

Anonymous said...

Just pray hard for Y P Reddy on CID/HQ/PEP/128-2010. maybe organise one Trinaal this one is for 2.15pm

Anonymous said...

Quote from Koroi" "I think we should do it because we're waiting, the Labour coalition government, we are waiting to complete what we started in 1999 and 2000. I know a lot of people will disagree with me."
How can one assume that by this quote the Mrs J Koroi or anyone else in the Labout Party knew that a coup was already know to the Labour Party defeats me. If anything the whole of Fiji knew Frank was going to kick Qarase out!And the only way that was going to happen was Coup! What Ms Koroi was saying is exactly that Labour needs to come back and finish the job they were elected to do! Kamal needs to put things into proper perspective instead of trying to change the meaning of words to suit his position.As for the Late Ratu Mara & late Ratu Penaia Ganilau knowing-the statements made by both these Leaders-does not draw one to conclude they had for knowledge!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well written Kamal. Yes, kumi duka Arya tell us who bribed the army to carry out the coup? RUM was asked this question in aussie but he played dumb. We are still waiting for the answer!

Its only words-BGs said...

Kamal was fundamentally an excellent journalist, notwithstanding his political inclinations. We miss people like him in our non-existent political discourse. But kua na leqa, Kamal. Sa voleka. Now we just have the putrid drivel from ugly Sharon. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

KAI SUVA @ 3.45pm - Rajesh please stop this nonsense - I am surprised that you who called Democracy a foreign flower in 2006 - where is that now - has not served your self interest like Felix, Ratu Mara, Daniel, Chaudoo and most of SDL defactors and Labour Party - lets not forget business man like VINOD PATEL,PUNJAS,BALLU,SAHIL SHAH,SAHU KHAN and DAMODAR, we need to create a movement of true democracy advocates, not failed people who look in the past for answers. This 2006 coup is now a platform for two people and we dont want to change to 10 of such people - time for fresh start. Time for democracy with the real people who can take this country forward once for all.

Anonymous said...

From Fiji Village website :

Dr Sahu Khan reign slowly coming to an end
Publish date/time: 27/07/2011 [17:42]

Fiji Football Association, President, Dr Samshud-Dean Sahu Khan reign is slowly coming to an end.

Acting President, Sheik Ibrahim said that the parent body of soccer in the country no longer takes any instructions from their President.

In the Board of Control meeting yesterday, board members decided they will not consult Dr Sahu Khan anymore.

Ibrahim added that Dr Sahu Khan is also no longer Fiji FA's lawyer and Samuel Ram of Ba is their new lawyer.

Dr Sahu Khan has been the President of Fiji FA since 1985.

He has not given any indication if he will contest his post in October.

Businessman, Rajesh Patel is so far the only candidate for Fiji FA's Presidents post.

This is what happens to dictators and their puppets - like Khan whose friends include Rajesh Singh ( failed politican and not Unionist),Sahil Shah ( Fun World /Radio Apna),Viond Patel( Ba financier) and YP Reddy(Grog mate), the same will happen to the dictator and his friends like Tappoos,Arya,Sharon and Reddy.
What will you do then AYASS.
What goes around, comes around.

Varani. said...

Kai Dia politics - who will lead the Indians - fill vacant power vacuume? 2 currently overseas worth keepping in mind - Q being -will they or won't they return home?

Anonymous said...

Sahu Khan's epitaph -

Constitutional lawyer who excelled in tweaking FFA Constitution to remain in power for twenty-five years. A true self-serving visionary unequalled by anyone in the law profession.
His departure has bestowed peace on the FFA.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Boci @ anon 3.45;
Did Speight tell you he was waiting for Bai? Did Qaranivalu tell you?
If Bai is an asshole...talk about that to rid him ..but stop bull-shit. Ask Savua if your story is true!

Anonymous said...

Kamal thanks for putting out the facts right it will burn like jungli mircha to Arya chor pundit and the FLP chor and juhta unpardh gawar politicians.The false pretenders. Some of them are still dreaming of coming back to parliament go get yourselves a life and do something that you can be remembered for and not depositing millions in an overseas account and enjoying the interests.
The farmers are still suffering and their representative who once lived by the media support is not to be seen and can not be heard because of his gross abuse of the system. Doobh maro saale chulu bhar pani mei.
The ponga pundit should start his recitles now before beig arrestted and questioned by a legitmate goverment.

Anonymous said...

NFP - do some real work like this, kerekere baiya...
Cost of living continues to rise
[posted 27 July 2011,1600]

A quick survey of current prices for food and basic consumer goods on supermarket shelves show most items have gone up in price in the past six months, showing increases ranging from 5% to 55% (refer to table below).

The survey carried out last week, compared current prices of everyday items with prices in January 2011 after VAT was increased to 15% under Budget 2011.

The only good news is in the area of garlic, onions and potatoes which have all come down in price notably since January. Potatoes have seen a 40% drop in price – from $2.38 per kg in January to $1.49kg. Onions are down 20% from $2kg to $1.62 and garlic 10% from $3.29 for 500g to $2.95. Carrots are slightly down by 3%.

In the six month period surveyed, the four largest increases registered were for staple food items: sugar, sharps, butter and cooking oil. The price of flour/sharps shot up by 30% from $10.99 to $14.26 for a 10kg bag.

The price of cooking oil (Punja’s Soya Bean) rose 16% from $3.56 to $4.11 for a 750ml bottle.

Rewa butter registered a 21% hike in six months following the latest increase granted by the Commerce Commission which puts Butter at a prohibitive price of $7.34c for a 500g pack. Pre-devaluation (April 2009) butter (500g) sold for $3.29 - a massive 123% hike since then.

The price for sugar has jumped almost 90% in six months from $2.39 (2kg bag) to $4.50. We recall a time a couple of years ago when sugar was selling for 95c a kg.

Another shocker is the current price for cooking gas at almost $50 ($49 a 12kg cylinder) - a 31% hike from its pre-devaluation price of $37.50.

While on fuel, the price of unleaded Super has jumped 60% since pre-devaluation – from $1.57 a litre to the current price of $2.50. Taken over a 6 month period from January 2011, the increase is 5.5%.

The increase in the price of Diesel for the same period (since pre-devaluation) is even more shocking – up almost 80% from $1.33 per litre to $2.37 ltr. In the six months from January it has risen 15%.

In the beverages range, the cost of Milo has jumped 55% from $6.99 (500g) to $10.79.

In the meat section, lamb/mutton cuts have increased in price by about 5% while Crest chicken has gone down slightly - 1.6% from $12.59 to $12.39 for a size 15. Canned fish and meat have increased by between 5-7% in price since January.

Prices for one or two items surveyed have remained static over the six month period such as Cold Power laundry detergent and Breakfast cracker biscuits.

The survey did not take into account market produce, prices for which have gone up 100% or more in the past six months since VAT went up to 15%. Gone are the days when you could pick up vegetables for $1 a bundle – the $2 bundles are now noticeably smaller.

Tomatoes continue to be expensive fluctuating at between $10-12 a kg, tiny ones at that, despite them being in-season.

Price of Basic Household Items (21 July 2011)

Fiji Labour Party

Anonymous said...

pundit looks like osama molbi

kiwilad said...

The cause of ALL the current problems are due to the Labour Party & in particular Mahend Chaudhary. Study Fiji history and the role played by MC. He screwed the government by hiking the salaries of the civil servants beyond the ability of the government to pay the exhorbitant amounts. He manapulated the rules by giving the branch delegates 100% proxies who voted in his favour. Even when he became the Finance Minister under Bavadra he still retained his position as the GS of the civil servants union. (now Rajeshwar Singh; his lackey is using the same corrupt "rules" to retain his position - $150,000 + salary, BMW, etc-)
Bavadra was just a front for MC and on his death MC took over & brought in the politics of confrontation, first with Rabuka & later with LQ.Surprisingly he joined Baini as the MOF jsut to save his bacon - the $2.5 million - obtained from the Indians for the "poor" Fiji-Indians & deposited in his & daughter's accounts in Aussie.
Wonder why Baini kicked him from that lucrative Finance position?
Now his son (his personal assistant when he was the pm)is lobbying Australians against Baini to save his father from goin to jail.
Vashnoi,the crook from sigatoka valley, is here in Auckland with another crook junior sahu khan, looking for "political" asylum. (wonder how sahu khan got permission to stay here?). Someone mentioned that he carries a NZ passport for decades courtesy of MC.
The Samoan PM is correct in his analysis; forget about an election in 2014; I say not even in 2024.
The dictator has gelled his position with enough army personnel in the key government positions with ayarse doing his dirty legal work & the shameem sisters giving "free paid" advice on the side-line & aunty bano controlling the purse string.
Good night & sleep well for tomorrow may be a shaky day with Baini returning from South Africa having talked to AIDS victim rapist the current PM of SA - know his name? Not Mugabe stupid!

Anonymous said...

Great article Kamal.

Coup 4.5 can you also check archives and print support for IG by MPC, felix, urai, rajesahwar and rajesh singh when they were milking money.


Anonymous said...

Sahu khan Chutia come back and face the music in Fiji.

Should have a thorough audit of FFA !!

Kewal and other bag carriers who supported sahu khan should resign voluntarily and get Abdul Manaan and other former national reps to run the sport.

Anonymous said...

4.5 should do a story on sahu khan and his mate felix,rajesh singh and sahil shah - time to expose a soccer dictator and his goons just like fiji now - all good things in your mind come to an end aiyaz -learn from sahu khan and leave fiji now - look at middle east.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh and Sahu Khan are both crooks that deserve to be sent to fiji for correct punishment - its sad to hear Rajesh and Raju telling people that they are victims now but when they are back in power, they will sort others out. This approach takes us nowhere - same as bani - time for fresh people.

Anonymous said...

BA to BA hai... RINGS A BELL???

Anonymous said...

ba to ba raha mate.. whhith doc gone,the daughter no longer running ba,ba will go to where it really belongs.. fiji soccer will now see true competition