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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Khaiyum: Australian TWU being fed lies by Fiji unionists who made election deals

The illegal regime's attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, is blaming local trade unionists for what he claims is a move by Australian counterparts to hit Fiji’s tourism industry.

Sayed-Khaiyum has told the Fiji Sun the Australian Transport Workers Union is not aware of the on-the-ground reality in Fij thanks to being fed lies by people like Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh, Daniel Urai, Parmod Rae and Attar Singh, whom he described as politcal opportunists.

“I urge the unions who are making this threat to fully understand and not just see one side. They need to talk to the Government about what is happening in Fiji. If you look at the history of all these unionists, they have all been career trade unionists so their motivation in defending so-called workers rights is very questionable."

He claimed for example that the decree approved by Cabinet in respect of excluding the application of the Employment Regulations Promulgation to civil servants was primarily to improve efficiency, to stop double dipping.

He said there was no way that civil servants were being exploited. “The Bainimarama government has in fact said that the conditions of the workers must be improved. At the same time we need to carry out reforms within our economy and various institutions to be able to provide sustainable jobs, to be able to ensure that government owned enterprises become profitable and that we can create more job."

Sayed-Khayium claimed the unionists only want to be in the area lucrative for them such as the civil service, government-owned companies and companies that has the Government as a shareholder.

He said they are absent in the low wage earners such as garment industry, printing, building, mining, security guards industries where the Government has increased workers’ pay in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

"The unionists are always being obstructionist and the Bainimarama government has not to date disallowed any collective bargaining, it has not banned trade unions and this government says we must look after our workers."

Sources say Kkaiyum and the illegal solicitor general, Christopher Pryde, have already made preparation for a special task force team to take Anthony, Urai and Singh in on their return to Fiji.

It's believed the regime will try to charge the trio under the Crimes Decree 2009 for inciting to cause public disobedience under the PER, giving false information to the international media and other organizations in a bid to disrupt essential services, and aiding and Abetting a fugitive wanted under the law of Fij. The latter refers to their presence at the Roko Ului Mara Sydney rally over the weekend. (original source The Fiji Sun)

Editor's Note: Khaiyum also told FBC Fiji Union leaders pushing for sanctions against Fiji represent the old ways and do not want a modern Fiji. He told FBC News there used to be an unholy alliance between certain trade union officials and previous governments.  He says the union leaders would make public posturing on workers rights but would actually do deals for elections and such. Referring to an incident in 2007 when the Fiji Public Service Association took various actions against the regime for lowering the retirement age, he  claims Felix Anthony approached him then and asked him to speak to FPSA general secretary Rajeshwar Singh to find an amicable solution. He says the three met at a Suva coffee shop. “I said to Rajeshwar Singh, why are you pursuing an appeal in the Supreme Court because in law we were correct, the government was correct, and he said to me, AG look – I have to go through this posturing. I know you are right, I know government is right, but this is the posturing I have to go through to please my members. So I will bring in a QC, so I will look good and it will seem like I am doing something for them. This is a fact.”  Sayed-Khaiyum adds union leaders have taken their members for a ride. “What that demonstrated was that the unions for them was a means for not just  self-aggrandisement but a means of living a fake system of employer-employee relationships. Squandering the money of the members – while driving a BMW X5.”


Anonymous said...

Just look at this PIG!
What a liar!!
Stop your lies A-Arse, you cannot continue to fool people.


Anonymous said...

The problem is Khaiyum and Bainimarama are living in their own Delusional Wonderland.
They say that Workers are given rights to collective bargaining and yet they write PER's to stop people from gathering together or protesting etc. etc.
In effect they have removed the Workers voice. They cannot even write letters in the media without being censored or harrassed. At times even threatened that they have photos and will do things to you and your family.

Aiyaz and Bainimarama say one thing but do the exact opposite.
They will talk to foreign governments and tell them how good they are to the people and yet take away their rights.

These two must think we are stupid like them.
Or they are really living in Lala land and being oblivious to the plight of the workers in Fiji.

Hello! 60% poverty rate.
Get a grip you two!

Their idea of making companies profitable is trampling on the workers rights and reducing their wages.
Well. Welcome to Stupidville!
That is exactly how to ruin a country.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

DOn't know who you fooling AK but we have all been getting information from ground level & unionists. Apply that rule on yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Khaiyum,

You are absolutely right. Ausralians' do not know what is really happening in Fiji. They are indeed fed with lies.

That lies are that people on the ground are very happy, given that their voices have been completely shut down. And those who do open their mouth are beaten like Felix Anthony.

And that the reality is if they come back you will use your decree that has no jurisdiction outside Fiji for making charges of disobedience outside Fiji.

So tell Aussies that your decree also extends outside Fiji's jurisdiction into Australia.

This will help them know really what is happening on ground. Will you be charging the Aussies for telling lies about Fiji to the Tourists?

Only Khaiyum knows what is best for Fijians and is implementing them illegally. That is the reality on ground, that you moved the power base from Military Council to your own control doing everything wrong for Frank so that he has no route back to barracks.

Afterall you needed to secure a long term job for yourselve given Aussies had taken away your passport. So reality on the ground, I can understand!

And now you accumulating $$$ for you two's escape to Cuba and take political assalum there with Chinese companies who got the contract will be kicked out as scam.

Mafi.....USA said...

@ ASK..

Did you say that the Unionist gave false information to the Australian Unions and other countries??
Will you please put on the local papers the report that was presnted by Vocea at the UN regarding Human Rights in FIJi???
Will you be able to put on the local papers the report that you and the Illegal Solicitor General and Shameem presented to the UN reps that were just in the country recently???
You are just lying with the Illegal PM. You even gave the internation coummunity false info and promise about holding an election in 2009.
Why should the Unionist be taken to task when Aust allowed them to exercise their rights in their sovereign Nation???
All the Decrees that you have designed and passed are only for you and your Pupetts benefits.
The nation doesn't benefit from it in anyway.
They are designed to anull the Citizens of Fiji to exercise their rights on their own land. You designed a Decree which denies the ppl to ask or challenge the regime in anyway,even if it is legally right to file a challenge. But the Decree has not given any chance to the people to do anything like in any Democratic Govt.
You mentioned that the Civil Servants will never being exploited. Did you ever mentioned that when you advice your Pupett for the retiring age to be decreased to 55yrs????
What is that?? Isn't that exploitation with the support of you illegal Decrees???
The Unions have tried to reason out with the Govt but you just bulldozed your decrees to anull any window of dialogue.
Now you want the Unionists to come and talk to the Illegal Govt???
You cant wield your whip all the time. Now is the time for the Unions to exercise their rights in Aus to support their counter parts in Fiji.
Now you realised how it feels when something is forced against your will like you and your pupett has been doing all along.
Kakua rere re. But sa levu tiko rere..you and Illegal PM...No wonder sa lebu tiko na Body guards...
Go Aus and NZ...apply more sanctions and bans....
Thumbs Up To Democracy...!!!

Anonymous said...

Statements from Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum reported on Radio Fiji exposes the salary and perks of the trade unionist but failed in his bit to tell the nation what his government ministers are earning legally and illegally through corruption.
Fiji will not improve even this illegal regime is gone, unless ethinic balanced military is maintained.
In order to get that done, overseas law enforcement official must come in like what is happening in Solomon Island.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

up until now this government has never done anything to make the ordinary worker feel secured. so mr. illegal AG stop making comments that are untrue because it only reflects on the type of person you truly are.

Anonymous said...

AK - better start packing your bags for Hotel Naboro........

Anonymous said...

Wat a load of rubbish" arse kaiyum

Anonymous said...

Rajen Chaudhry can you please cut this cut to to the size. I have noticed him in sulu maybe for the fast kind with Voaka. sick and tired of seeing his face

Anonymous said...

These unions are only hurting the people of Fiji at the end of the day - its like any other sanctions imposed on Military Regimes around the world - it just fuels poverty.
As for hanging people are under 1997 constitution, Rajesh Singh needs to be careful as he will also be hanged for all his corrupt ways - morally and otherwise. Funny how Rajesh Singh claims treason now but was supporting frank in 2006.
We need to separate the true freedom fighters from self serving failed politicians.

Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed that ,if theres a press rlease its always AK that will be commenting,is he the only smart guy in the illegal govt???

Anonymous said...

At least the union officials were chosen by the people they represent. They did not come to their positions through the power of the gun and intimidation, as did Kkaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Very true..

What is this dump head Khaiyum talking about....who gave you the mandate to talk about things that matter to the workers in Fiji.

You get to where you are because of guns and by illegal means M/F.

When the dust settles you and your family will swim and we make sure none is left in Fiji. Yuu're son of Satan & Lucifer.

Anonymous said...

Wow this ak is not only a psychopath but he is a deranged psychopath, these type of people really believe in what they are saying which makes them very dangerous, they will do everything to protect their interest . His only focus is him in the end he will dump everyone around him, even his family, re it's all about him.

Anonymous said...

So in the 2007 incident where Rajesh Singh says to Aiyarse that he was posturing to please the members, this imbecile didn't think to bring that to the publics attention but now that Rajesh and Felix are on the other side you bring up this story!? Who are you trying to fool? So posturing and deceiving the members is ok as long as they're on your side but now that they've jumped ship it becomes an issue for you? Aiyarse is the biggest two-faced disgrace to the law profession in Fiji. Don't treat the people of Fiji like school kids with this type of backstabbing, we know you're all a bunch of hypocritical liars.

convolutedexperiment said...

Should change his name to Craiaz !

Anonymous said...

Rajesh barking as usual. Well known con artist who was supporting the regime until his pockets ran dry.

Anonymous said...

same types - khaiyum, felix , urai n rajesh,,,,,,,no tact, no truth, no humility, no credibility, too much politics.
the pro dems shud not take on board baggage which will lower their credibility.
Voreqe n khaiyum have sacked hundreds of workers since they came in,,,,those workers are now having a meal a day. Most of them are poor and low income. Latest were the cleaners at CWM - so sad.

Solution is bullets not union sanction or talk. Talk is talk cheap no use!!! When we say bullets I mean soldiers. Ului , JB and all ex soldiers should plan for a military mission - FORGET THE BLOGS, PUBLIC MEETINGS ETC,,,,LEAVE THAT TO THE CIVILIANS LIKE DAUNITUTU.

Anonymous said...

Is he on dreamland?

Anonymous said...

So when the coup was instigated did the people involved and those who are supporting it now ever thought that it is going to hit the poorest first and will be the most hardest hit? You all agree that this is what is happening now? So what's the fuss about the effect of the foreseeable strike by the overseas trade unions?......arhe yar too much choot bolo. Wananavu!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


How naive and ignorant an illegal self proclaimed AG could be to criticise and belittle countries with the proof of credible mordern day democracy and proof of good governance.Australia and NZ has lead the world by example.
Shame on your educational qualification and the family you come from.

What Arse Khayium is doing is bringing shame and disripute to his parents who brought him up also educated him but he has turned to be a notorious educated criminal.
Infact the more he opens his mouth the more stronger the evidence becomes against his illegal appointment.

You will be interrogated day and nite for every statement you make you will be the worse one to cop the flak. Your sentence will be life in prison so enjoy yourself as much as you can that sulu will come in handy in the prison get as many as you can from the business community, You are a criminal that is what you are but in a protected way you luve ni powaka. Sa rauti iko ogo.

Lasakau Navy said...

We dont need this trade union coup opportunists trio.

Please let us fight our battle with vuaka and his illegal regime without Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Rajeswar Singh.

You three belong to Naboro with Vuaka and his illegal regime.

Rageshwar Singh should be investigated for his side deals during the construction of Sports City (FPSA complex) and his Kaba St house renovated by Western Builders.

Anonymous said...

AiyasAiyas! Aiyas! calm down my boy! Its okay for you to have bodyguards for every turn and corner and infront of your house, is it??(HELLO! paid for by the Tax payer!!wasting money on "bociguarding you"- what are you frightened of? where's the war?..where are the suicide bombers? lamu are you? why? cos you know nobody likes you ).....


.. its "not okay for Rajeshwar to drive a BMW??

O"cmon, just listen to yourself!!

...You and Bai are the ones who have taken away the peoples freedom and replaced it with "CRUEL RULE" via PER decrees. (Not the Union Leaders)...

So stop windging like a "nut" when our Union Leaders are speaking out for the sake of us "castrated" union workers in fiji. They are helping us by telling the world how horrid you are to the rights of the workers in Fiji.

You are Bai should just leave peacefully and vanish or else you will be sorry for the RAPE of Fijis constitution and the peoples freedom.

Anonymous said...


Fromthe unionists you have finally woken up to reality but a bit too late. It actually pains so much when your own jobs as trade union leaders are threatened.
For Attar Singh he has been normarl from day one speaking against injustice and undemocatic processes and practises.

but Felix and Daniel Hurai joined the illegal regime to line their pocket under the false pretence of protecting the rights of workers you hypocips. Who are you guys trying to fool. Also joing them was an alleged robber and rapist son of the vertran thug who globe trotted and collected huge sums of money for ther landless farmers and later deposited the money in his own bank account and was enjoing the interest.
So to save themselves now is to change the goverment. Yes the goverment will change but your files will be dealt with the proper court of law and all witnesses from overseas will be brought in to testify against the adultrous farmers con man leader bandi.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, urai,rajeshwar, bainimarama, khaiyum, mahen chaudhry, all same boat. No one will forget. overseas unions should know better than to trust them. Only attar fighting illegal gov from start. He suffered lot for us. The true leader for all us fiji workers. Trust him all the way. Go attar go. Vinaka turaga.