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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Khaiyum continues to defend 'record' of Bainimarama government from looming Australian union action

Editor's Note: Reports from the ground this morning say FTUC has been given a reprieve and is still operating. Fiji Employers Federation board members are believed to meeting now and we hope to bring you the latest information as we're updated. Meanwhile, the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, is using Fiji media to push the line that the illegal Frank Bainimarama government has not implemented any draconian laws in the country that has violated workers rights.

This story from Fiji Village: Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said trade unionists like Felix Anthony and others have been making these claims in Australia to gather support for the Australian trade union sanctions against Fiji.

Sayed-Khaiyum is calling on the trade unions in Australia and New Zealand to properly assess what is happening in Fiji and not just listen to the trade unionists like Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai and Rajeshwar Singh.

Anthony, Urai and Singh have met with the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Transport Workers Union of Australia and reports have emerged that they have asked the Australian unions to impose trade union sanctions.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the trade unionists need to think of the nation as a whole when the proposed reforms are put on the table.

Anthony, Urai and Singh are still overseas.

Meanwhile, in response to recent comments by the Australian Transport Workers Union to boycott tourism and flights to Fiji, Tourism Fiji CEO Josefa Tuamoto said any industrial action that adversely impacts tourism in Fiji would be devastating to the country and all of its citizens, and not just tourism workers.

Tuamoto said tourism is responsible for employing some 45,000 full-time workers and the benefits derived from visitor arrivals go far beyond the workforce and affect the day to day living of each and every Fijian man, woman and child.


Samu said...

Tuamoto's comments alluding to the critical importance of tourism in Fiji as it affects the whole country is exactly why it should be closed down through a general strike.

The illegal regime will be squarely and rightfully blamed for the suffering it will course.

The workers will be only reacting to the actions of the illegal regime who will be rightfully blamed.

General strike is simply a reaction to Vore's actions.

So the unions are justified in bringing the country to its knees as a reaction to Vore's actions.

I am prepared to suffer for months for the return of my democratic rights and democracy in my country.

I live in Wainimala and will survive the upheaval like the majority of our people who live outside towns.

Anonymous said...

The people of fiji have suffered under this Military Junta and are willing to endure more pain and hardship to ensure that the regime is brought to its kness and justice.

Tuamoto if you were so concerned about workers in the tourism industry why have you not fought for their rights like decent wages and working conditions because without them you would not be jetting around the world with the crooks currently in power.

NZ & Australia should have brought these tough economic sanctions earlier.

Anonymous said...

ag the swine, forgets about the industrial decrees that dismantles trade unions in this country...his frustration is showing the pig. thumb up to ftuc

Anonymous said...

Just look at the comments of the puppet master and hand puppet, these are lamu falls hiding behind PER and guns, now they got nowhere to hide and better show the world how to run fiji under PER and without unions and kicking workers in their stomachs. The circus is over, the game is coming to an end game. one week the junta which cant pay the FSC 88 million debt will go burst.

The junta are cowards, now bring the fight on and stop making comments in the media.

Order the arrest and buturaki of all union leaders in fiji.

See who has power?????

Power to the people and thumbs up for democracy.

Anonymous said...

breaking news from fiji

Emergency meetings in illegal cabinet, QEB emergency meetings,
hand puppet about to book a flight to china for urgent medical treatment with the union strike coming, puppet master ordering QEB goons to start arresting and beating all union officals but no one following his orders.

The war has began, this time its real oppostion, rise up people of fiji, fear not and oppose the FNPF cut to pension and decrees coming to wipe out worker rights .

The junta a bunch of thugs must be driven out and arrested and stand trial for tis crimes.

Anonymous said...

The junta has PER, so why cant the junta arrest all the union leaders now and beat up???

Now the real fight begins and the cowards show their real color, no balls to touch any worker or union leader cos the wrath of international sanctions will come like a cyclone hit fiji.

Challenge the dictator and junta not to talk in the media like cowards and lets see what you got or take your PER and use it to wipe...

Long live democracy and human and worker rigjhts

Anonymous said...

The FNPF pension reduction plot by the junta is a massive scam, its time to call a spade a spade, the reason the junta wants to save millions at FNPF from workers monies is to use to pay its lavish spending and borrowing which doesnt have monies to pay.

Why should poor workers of Fiji loose their monies?

Fiji is bankrupt and the junta should make annoucement and give itself up for thuggery trial and gail sentences for bankrupting fiji instead of raping FNPF monies.

All workers must fight these thugs now.

Anonymous said...

Back off or face the music

Bainimarama's illegal, terrorist AG should back off and withdraw the draconian anti-union decrees or face the music from international trade union action.

The idiotic illegal AG is talking nonsense to save his back from being kicked by Bai. His claim that the illegal regime has not promulgated any draconian anti union decree is rubbish.

The lying Mullah should tell the people the truth. What is the Employment Relations Amendment Decree 2011 all about? Is it not about taking away all collective bargaining rights of employees in State services and in statutory bodies?

Are we to trust the International Labour Organisation which has condemned the decree as contravening basic ILO Conventions or are we to believe the Mullah who is now on the backfoot?

What about PSC's threat that public service unions will lose their at-source subscription deduction facility if they criticise or oppose the regime?

What about the brutal beatings at the Rarawai Mill by Bai's thugs of trade unionist Felix Anthony and his colleagues.

The Mullah should not worry about the adverse effects of trade union action on the public. The people are ready to face all that so long as they can get rid of the oppressive regime. It is anti workers, anti poor and corrupt to the core!

The Army should beware that if the Mullah is not removed, he will certainly lead Fiji into civil strife which is very close to happening. Wake up!

The misery, pain and suffering of the people will speak when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

The felix anthony interview and TWA interview is hitting TVNZ like fire and international media, all tourists beaaware of flights to and from fiji.

Ratu Borogaga said...

Sacrifice mada na kaiviti. Bring on the union sanctions, let these pigs feel the heat.

Anonymous said...

BRING IT ON....drauni moli for tea, maumaki tapoile for 6 months!! kana rorou no meat,no butter,no chooks...maybe it will be healthy for FJ. Cut down health problems....

Anonymous said...

Tuamoto is right - how many of u blogging here are working at airport tourism etc ,,,,,NONE,,,,,,so start collecting money to send to people about to lose their jobs due to the labour party who are using FDM .....all ex frank ulukaus!
Fijians in FDM are being used for political purposes again,,,,ulukaus

Kinoya Kid said...

most of you are talking nonsense..they jest think of themselves and not the poor people of Fiji
most of you are not even staying here to feel the hardship the poor people of this country will endure if the strike do eventuate.
we are doing fine here in fiji...jest leave us be ....we can solve our own problem....
those trade unionist and Ului are there for themselves and they want to take revenge on the Govt because it kicked them out because it kicked them out of office and also are looking for or to be included in the political assylum....

Anonymous said...

Tuamoto is not looking at the long term vision...all will be well at the end....we just want these SUGURAKI GOVT to get the hell out of FJ leadership.......they are the worst of the worst......

kinoya kid said...

Tuamoto's right because he knows wat's going on here in Fiji,,,
Those trade unionist...Uraia, Rajeshwar and Anthony should be here in Fiji looking after the workers they represent...Yavu Kulina
To you Borogaga....try to be realistic...only the poor people of this nation will suffer....you are jest the same as those kulina who are thea for themselves

Anonymous said...

see below fools ,,,,fiji workers not even consulted n rajesh sa lamu!!!
Air Pacific secures injunction against Australian industrial action
Publish date/time: 20/07/2011 [18:08]

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Share4Fiji’s National Carrier, Air Pacific has announced that it has successfully secured an injunction against the Australian Transport Workers Union to stop it from pursuing unlawful industrial action that would have impacted the airline’s operations.

Air Pacific’s attorney in Sydney, Simon Brady of Clayton Utz, said the industrial action that was discussed in the press and proposed by the Transport Workers Union is unlawful under Australia’s Fair Work Act, and they are pleased for Air Pacific that the injunction has been granted by Fair Work Australia.

Air Pacific spokesperson, Samisoni Pareti said the statements made recently by Transport Workers Union not only threatened to harm Air Pacific but the Fijian economy and the people of Fiji.

He says the airline’s flight schedule and operations remain unaffected.

Fiji hotels call on Aust/NZ unions to rethink trade sanctions
Publish date/time: 20/07/2011 [17:11]

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Share Members of the Fiji Hotels and Allied Industries Employees Union
were not consulted before their General Secretary, Daniel Urai went to have talks in Australia in relation to trade union sanctions.

The President of the Union has today called on the Australian and New Zealand unions to rethink the proposed trade union sanctions.

Peni Finau said at the end of the day, the families will be affected especially through the reduced hours of work available.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The Hotel Employees Union's General Secretary Daniel Urai was in Australia speaking to the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Transport Workers Union.

He is back in the country and has refused to comment on the trade union sanctions.

Urai said the decision will be made by their counterparts in Australia.

Urai is also expected to speak to the union sometime this week on his presentation in Australia.

When questioned on whether he consulted with the union members before leaving for Australia, he said he had spoken to the board executives.

Anonymous said...

i spoke to a relative in Fiji working in one of the hotels and he told me it was news to them about the issues that were raised by Daniel Urai and company with the Australian Unions! Aren't Union members supposed to vote on such drastic actions before the Committee even decides to carry it out? These are a bunch of losers who supported Frank and are now complaining!Hopefully when there is no bread & butter on the table-when peopel lose their jobs and the members come calling on Daniel & his crew they will have answers-if not i feel they may have to get military protection from the irate workers in their Union!

Mafi...USA said...

More sanctions Aus...

We have to suffer a little to reap better things. In this case, we will go thru some diificulties inorder to topple this illegal regime.
Everything will go back to normal after this illegal regime falls and all this illegal PM, AG and all supporting it goes to jail.
As for Tuamoto, he knew how draconian the Dcree drawn up by the illegal AG regarding the Employment Relations Ammendment 2011. If he really cares for those very ppl who are working in the industry, he should have the guts to stand against it and tell the illegal AG how it will affect the industry if something like what is going to happen eventuate.
@ Kinoya kid..you are just one of those Pro Bainimarama and AG and just want the whole ppl of Fiji to be wrapped around the fingers of the illegal PM and AG.
The game is on...Thumbs Up To Democracy!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Kinoya kid - so you are not even bothered about the mass use of money from this current regime on all rural villages... Have you even wondered where it all came from... This is all reality of been pushed towards the 1 world Gov which Fiji a Christian state is right @ the forefront of having it implemented.... Think, all this has been predicted and we are towards the end soon...

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