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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Khaiyum continues to pump out the lies

Messages of support have come in from intel and police officers as the illegal regime continues to try to scare off unions in New Zealand Australia from taking action in support of Fiji workers and trade unionists who've been targeted by the military government.

Intel officers and people in the government security division are rightfully outraged at the current efforts and the barefaced lies of the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to derail the FTUC campaign for  Kiwi and Oz support.

They are particularly scathing of the puppeteer's call for trade unionist Felix Anthony, who was beaten by the army, to return and report the matter to Fiji police.

A source says recent history will show that from 2007, after the appointment of Esala Teleni as commissioner and now with Ioane Naivalurua, the Fiji Police's foremost task is to deny and protect all military illegal activities and to uphold the illegal decrees that gives army officers who beat up people under the PER, immunity.

Intel and government security workers say Fiji police cannot register any complaint against the beatings by the army and the PM's taskforce, and that Khaiyum well knows this. Yet, he continues to threaten union members saying they will be sacked, with intimidating army visiting their homes, terrorising their families.

A source told Coupfourpointfive: "As we have reported earlier, these people will be charged when they return home. The current legal action by Air Pacific in Australia to stop unions has ceded.

"We want to plead to the Australian unions not to bow down to legal pressure by an illegal enterprise. Go on and strike. We the people of Fiji will suffer if you walk away now and these union leaders might be never be able to return to Fiji or loose their lives back home, their families will be terrorised and raped by the illegal army.

"We plead with the Australia and New Zealand governments to silently support the unions in their country to support our cause. This illegal regime can only succeed in a legal democracy in your country where law and order exists - to fight evil, sometimes we have to overlook our sincerity.

"The strike, which can last just two weeks, will see this regime fall instantly and the new government will withdraw any charges against the Australian and New Zealand unions. How much more can we lose when Air Pacific is already making a 90 million loss, like it did last year? A few weeks break will instead see a savings!"

The illegal AG and MINFO have in the past two days tried to counter the FTUC and Australian Transport Workers Union campaign for planned strike action against Qantas and Air Pacific by revealing 'damaging' information about Felix Anthony, Danie Urai and Rajeshwar Singh.

Suddenly, the regime can access and make public the salaries and gratuities paid to the unionists while refusing to stump up its own pay slips for the exorbitant monies it's paying itself, not to mention the other excesses it is indulging in or the many kickbacks and backhanders the hierarchy are benefiting from.

Khaiyum has also continued with the lies to media that the current illegal government of Frank Bainimarama has not introduced measures that have harmed Fiji workers. Really?

The New Zealand Council of Trade Union seems to have been rattled by Air Pacific's threat of legal action but it's hoped the Australian unions can see through the propaganda and stand up to the threats and support the people of Fiji as they deserve to be supported.


Anonymous said...

how pathetic these intel and police officers and the rest of the fijian man with no balls. waiting for the workers and the Aust and NZ workers to go on strike for them. HELLO.....how about you get off your asses and do something about the situatiion, rather than hiding behind others. Don;t expect others overseas to fight to free Fiji. Fiji can only be free from these despotics if the people in Fiji remove them , whether thru a popular uprising or through a sucession of democratic elections.
Since I cant see a pop uprising happenening in the next coupple of years, than you Fiji deserves to have baini and thigs in power and allow them to to dictate the terms and conditions for a return to democratic rule.

Anonymous said...

AK and FB could not achieve anything in the last 5 years in government. There never achieve anything. They will create a big mess and run away from it. To save Fiji we need free and fair elections now.

Anonymous said...

yes and talking about it without doing anything about it will not make it happen.

Anonymous said...

AK and FB has promised they will not contest 2014 elections as they have already served in the interim regime.

Anonymous said...

It's all about self preservation now, play the blame game create false illusion, take focus off oneself, feed the public with information that is irrelevant ( propaganda ) ak & bai this is the final roll of the dice. They have tried fear and realized it only works for a short period so intruduce Plan 2 propaganda . Distort the truth, blame others, relveal personal information, while the whole time hoping and praying that no one will focus on them. Finger pointing just remember when pointing the finger four is pointing back at u. So ak & bai time is running out. Run run run that's what u bitches will do

Anonymous said...

What happen to all the itaukei before when there was anything said against the fijian people or the chiefs there was aprising and indians were intimidated and threatend sugar cane burnt,temples attacked,people robbed and raped. What happening now when the gun is pointed against you then the sona is big as the Suva harbour. Wake up and show your kaiviti power now kua na rere tiko. Sa lako ivei na noqu vanua nanoqu lotu kei noqu mataniti. Kua na lave tiko na sulu.
Dua na tamata na vulagi na kai muslim sa lewa tiko na noda vanua sa vacava do qaravi koya.

O na tagi i muri ke vaka o na seqa ni cakava vua e dua na ka mei maroroi na noda vanua lomani ko viti....isalei isalei.

Anonymous said...

Look at that picture of kum face, that pic tells a thousand stories, lair, conman, psychopath, meglamainac, despair, why won't these idiots believe me I'm a good and honest man,look at me I'm holding a straight face, I'm not a sociopath, and the list goes on

Anonymous said...

AK only words that should be coming out of your mouth the date of free aand fair elections, nothing more. You have no mandate to receive your 1 million dollar salary. Remember you will have to pay this back when there is an elected government.

TURUKAWA said...

What a farce those guys are AG & FB?

i just want to laugh out loud and yeah i am laughing now that this perception of a union strike global wide has rattle this illegal govt. They just dont have a solid foundation to stand on and think rationally any more.The word PANIC is starting to appear in their simple minds.

This is has really tell us the true sorry state this wannabe illegal govt is,very much worried to come up with a solution if this union threat of a strike comes through globally.

This will and can cripple bainimaramas govt if a blockade is engaged on fiji. This can also see the crumbling of Bai's govt and we will see supporters deserting him like rats in a shipwrecked boat.

If this happens,we will suffer in fiji for a while but i belive it will be the betterment and future for fiji.

i just cannot wait to see the day of reckoning happens..cannot wait.

for those that dont support this illegal govt in the PSC,just keep working but keep recording all the illegal things that is happening in evry govt dept so all evidence can be collected and used against those pigs that have deformed and raped fiji and his people.

Thumbs up to Democracy and go the FIJI UNION!!UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

Keep The Faith said...

Well if Aiyaz can get selective amnesia where his legal oath as an officer of the court is concerned, a lie here, there and everywhere means nothing to him. The illegal and treasonous military regime, as Anon 9:55pm points out, is all about self-preservation these days.

What escapes him is that every public lie is recorded and he will have to face up to every single one of them.

As the day's and lies go on, it just makes his rap sheet longer and longer.

He will be lucky if, when he is charged for treason, many of US do not acquire selective amnesia and forget that death by hanging is a violation of the right to life -- the protection of which, in the 1997 Constitution, he adamantly tries to kill at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Don’t forget the illegal PS Labour Taito Waqa (supporter of the coup because he can’t find a job elsewhere) for advising illegal AG on labour issues against the union movement. Taito is also a board member of FNPF himself who loves to hear himself speak senseless. He is the culprit behind the scenes also also trying to reduce the pension.

Anonymous said...

Can the puppet master tell the world how much he costs, why is 700000 paid to him and the hand puppet, how many benefits he recives and how much paid in secret to the aunty for the payroll, and why should people of fiji pay this when they not elected but only exist beacuse of PER and by force of gun?

Unions are elected and union leaders have mandate to speak and act in the interest of their memebers and national interest.

Challenge the junta of thugs to bring on the decrees to take away worker rights and abolish FNPF?

What is the non sense of being paid directors fees, who hasnt been paid and is this service free, and was paproved by the boards and no theft.

The scams of junta is what the dictator and the puppet master must stand trial for.

Anonymous said...

How much is the MININFO Ms gobells remuneration package??????????????

She is getting paid close to 400000 in AUD dollars.

Why are fiji tax payers paying this?

Can the illegal puppet master and tin pot dictator publicaly announce how much theyr recived in salaries since 2006 and how much in bribes?????

The people are not fools and are laughing at these circus gang of thugs calling itself a government, prime miniester and AG- bull....

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is well known for his selective memory. It came into play during his recent interviews with overseas media where he was clearly telling the biggest porkies out. Sadly, he believes it all and will do all he can to protect the good thing he has going with Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum is getting 700000 along with hand puppet and ms gobells gets more than 400000 package as an expatriate.

The people of fiji have not elected these people and why should fiji taxpayers pay these?

The unions leaders salary and benefits is approved by the union council and members in AGM.

There is democracy in the unions but the junta is dictatorship of 11 thugs using a 50 men thugs as bodyguards in army uniforms.

needed is a pacific solution of international sanctions on the fiji junta to drive it out of power and put them on trial.

a fmf cell has been formed for trumped up charges on all union leaders and classified as enemy of state.

The war has began and time for cassva patch for the dictator and the time for workers and people power revolution in fiji.

Which civil servant who hasnt has a pay rise since 2006 and no COLA for last 6 years and no appeal to EC will want to finish FPSA??

The junta response is a joke and laughing matter, wait till your pay becomes public?

Anonymous said...

This junta of thugs who are doing scams are lamu, they dont have guts to allow a public rally or march or union march and keep PER and media censorship and bodyguards and talk tough.,

Remove these and then see the peopl power. people are 800000 and time is up, the endgame is coming.

it is clear lot of supputers of the junta are ready to jump ship and will betray the puppet master and puppet at anytime who are in dream land that all is well and continue to play god.

Aussie Cobber said...

Khaiyum corrupt to the core and can't fighh his own battles. has to call on an australian woman to help him...coooeee!

Anonymous said...

The 700,000 won't save his neck when democracy returns to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Who in fiji has the puppet master consulted and who has approved for the FNPF pension to be cut by 65% and all worker rights and unions be abolised????????????????

The answer is no one.

The fight against the junta is of every worker and every person in fiji.

The junta is only 11 thugs gang with 50 bodyguards who are past convicts in army uniform.

It time for people power, who wants people charter- no one.

mary said...

It seems that kulina doing the talking, what happened to the under schooled Voreqe??? nobodys writting his speeches??or struggling to breathe as the noose is tightening... ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Selfish as it is, the regime never expected the unionists to act; and now that the unions are mobilising action within its network, it is cutting through their insecure arses!! what say aiyarse! E mosi?

Anonymous said...

Hey AG, need help to dig your own grave let me know I will be glad to help.

Anonymous said...

is that fiji's mr bean....the liar.

Anonymous said...

The photo.
That is a freemason look. Whoever took that photo knows it, A signal picture. The photographer is in the know.

Anonymous said...

what Rajeshwar Singh gets paid and what he drives is no bodies business. Its the memebrs who have given him that benefit and its the members who decide what he gets.

Look at Rajeshwar Singh's record as FPSA General Secretary.

The multi million dollar sports city complex is the result of hardwork by Rajesh. Today its reaping benefits for its members.

Ask civil servants the respect and support they have for Rajesh. They will never back a gov which has been raping the rights of workers especially civil servants against Rajesh wh has stood firmly by their members.

To FPSA members: stand firm by your leader otherwise prepare for disaster for you and your families under this regime.

Anonymous said...

This dictor led government just print their side of story while they cencor the other stories,which is just basicly truth about their dirty tactics.It is therefore advisable that all readers do share whats goin on in this blog with their family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse is asking union leaders to be loyal to Fiji!!! every citizen of this country is loyal to Fiji but not to these pips who have siezed power and pretend to be elected leaders of the country.
those who stand up to these thugs are loyal to Fiji.
the sad scenario is that FB is away overseas and Aiyarse is acting prime minister. they must be very confident of their support - so they should be when you have a military which is licking Aiyarses balls. I am ashamed of people like Natuva, Mosese Tagi bokola, Jone (3FIR Command)and Naivalarua. and to Inoke Kubuabola - You will die a lonely man! i dont know how your wife and children are living a respectable life knowing a person who could make a difference is just in there to dip into the pie.

Anonymous said...

me sticky dabe saraga i matana dua nai vacu nona side toka mai va ya

convolutedexperiment said...

How does someone implicated in bomb making to blow up Nadi Airport in 2000, escape prosecution and prison, oh yeah, by running away to Australia !

How then, does the same person become a Lawyer and why hasn't he subsequently been disbarred from the Australian Lawyers Registry in Australia?

How does the same person become an Attorney General, and under what Legal mandate?

Just why have Fijians accepted this arsehole back into their Society, and just what do they expect this bastard to do now he has returned ?

Who stole the Dynamite and other Explosives from the Gold Mines just before the coup ?

Why was the Helicopter which flew Fijian Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister, Mr.Qarase to safely to the outer Islands and over Military road blocks, seen to explode before hitting the Ocean off Nadi, the same day it took Mr.Qarase over those same road blocks, and the Pilot killed ?

Fiji coup's 1st. casualty ? :-



Anonymous said...

Fiji will not even smell democracy again, because Kai Viti, Itaukei sa levu Ulukau, Ravarava and good for nothing. We can't even stand up and fight for our right, be aggresive, RUM, and other desperate Fijians running away overseas to save their balls and forget their kinsmen and beloved Fiji.

Anonymous said...

o'lei bloggers. Sa rauta... too much frustration will kill you all. it wont be the government of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

look at the Voaka Lai lai

Anonymous said...

$70k for screwing Fiji...pig

Anonymous said...

@Annon 2.44... bottling it up would kill them... pressing release buttom every now and then is good for the health... lols..

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.16
It was never rajesh's money or his vision that built the FPSA complex, it is the wage earners' money and their collective unity. The ones who ride buses to work and live from pay day to pay day, whilst rajesh drives around in a european SUV.
The FPSA complex is a model of what FJ as a country and its people can do and have always done, support and elect leaders. It is the leaders who fail the people because of their greed and need for power(unionism and politics), they all lie, steal and corrupt.
The quest now should not be to bring those old farts back, let them ride taxis and lose their houses to the banks. The quest should be to prepare the next generation of leaders to be smart, honest, vigilant and loyal for FJ and her people.

Anonymous said...

Isa lei Fiji, your sons plenty vosa BUT NO galanas! Only can drink kava and wear uniform like the rugby team.