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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Latest to be taken in: Suva travel agent related by marriage to Roko Ului's cousin

The illegal regime is again going after people connected to Roko Ului Mara, who is currently in New Zealand trying to raise awareness about the deteriorating situation in Fiji.

Desmond Slatter, the owner of the Suva-based JAD travel agency, has now been taken in for questioning.

Slatter is married to a cousin of Tony Fulman (pictured above), a friend of Mara.

His crime? Mara's ticket from Australia to New Zealand was organised by JAD Travel and the ticket was bought by Fulman by credit card.

Slatter was picked up on Friday afternoon and is still in custody.

The lesson in learning? It is now illegal to conduct your normal business in Fiji if you are related to the wrong people.
Mara's wife and family members were interviewed several times after he fled Fiji for Tonga.


Anonymous said...

Free Desmond, leave him alone, he's got nothing to do with the sorry bunch of blockheads holding this nation to ransom. The world should be watching very closely, even the UN must now be held accountable for continuing to hire a military that is perpetrating human rights violations and abuse on innocent people like Desmond. How long, how long Lord must these people continue with their thuggish terrorist behaviour?

Anonymous said...

Can someone give his/her credit card to Mara so he can organise his own travel online. Please his our man on the ground lets give him all the support he can get.

God Bless Fiji!

convolutedexperiment said...

The ship is sinking fast.
The tune played by the ships band on the open deck of the Titanic as it sank into the sea on its maiden (1st.) voyage.

The owner refused to allow a proper allocation of life jackets and life boats because it would have taken up too much space on the deck !

Apparently, they said before it sailed, that it was unsinkable, so the fable goes anyway !

Frank Bainimarama and his ship :-

Anonymous said...

How many turned up to RUM meeting tonight. No vakachi's pliz, real numbers please

UN gone to the dogs said...

The UN under the incompetent inarticulate Ban Ki Moon has gone to the dogs. How can it continue to employ Fiji military thugs and human rights abusers?

Anonymous said...

FREE DESMOND SLATTER he has nothing to do with RUM's campaign, only running his business. AUSSIE,NZ,UN or any other contacts out there reading this blog, PLEASE HELP FIJI and its PEOPLE!!

Anonymous said...

Vore,frank or cranky what seems to be the problem....huh...i thought you said that Rt Tevita would be another voice in the wilderness or are you stalking him like a crazy fan!!! LMFAO

Anonymous said...

If u dont have any money dont travel.
What happened to the Aust FDM money suli daunitutu and pita???,,,,,they should pay his travel as they invited him.
Mai kuri tale ni leqa!!!

Anonymous said...

Aha!!! The usual Mara style - living on other peoples' money to keep up appearances! The way things are going I just feel so sorry for the Mara clan, they get to be exposed more & more - just confirms what we all know! Was just wondering how is Roko Ului supporting himself all this time?
@ Anon 8.43pm - pls give your credit card to Roko Ului first.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe, Khaiyum, Mataivalu ni Solisona & Ovesa Cicilevu - Do not mess with the Kailoma as we have GUTS and will stand up for our innocent family member.

We will lead the charge to bring Fiji back to Democracy through the power of the people and God Almighty.

Stealth. said...

The Great Race.

Not about Fulman - its Felix & friends - will they also fall victim to theirs hosts cold temptations? Or will they return?
Only one cert - whichever team arrives back in Nadi first - both will carry heavy international baggage.

convolutedexperiment said...

No wonder there is no investment going on in Fiji.
Another nail in the Regime's coffin.
You would think that by now, they would have learnt about bad publicity.

Anonymous said...

Quite clearly Ratu Tevita Mara's crusade is cutting right through the regime's insecure heart!

Its all over guys!!!

Give us back our country!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't RUM on the run have his own credit card

Anonymous said...

credit cards & assets have all been freezed....

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:24.

Yes - also aquired new Naitasiri mati ni vanua.

semimiau said...

The only people that worries about the redit card are these bunch of bullies.Kaiviti cares because they got no money.They use all of it in their ogas.When they see an opportunity of getting a free feed like all these ulukau army officers (getting a free quid )why not.The same are of those who make a quid out of all these mess kaidia,kailoma & kaiviti.
Who cares I can give my credit to Mara for at least his action seems to stir some feathers up in these illegal governments' leadership.
I wonder when will this stinky commosion ends how and when. My solution through the gun fullstop.It seems that only the people in Fiji can solve these problem.It looks okay from the ground so I believe they wanted to be run by these bullies so let them suffer the consequences.Look at Egypt,Libya and hope that they can learn from it.I am happy in Australia and glad to be moving my family over 12 years ago.

Anonymous said...

It can only be Gods will.

To show the nature and reach of this despotic regime and how it daily becomes more neurotic.

Anonymous said...

Where is frank ?

Anonymous said...

Where is Ballu Khan the millionaire? Maybe he can give RUM a Sup Credit card.

Anonymous said...

Poor Desmond!

convolutedexperiment said...

RUM is running on Faith in God and Frank is either in South Africa or in China getting surgery !

Anonymous said...


Please do not use vulgur langauge in this forum.

Who are you to swear at the hard working policeman and military personnel of Fiji?

The indigenous Fijians have been protecting their Kailoma brothers and sisters for years now.

The Kailoma have been spoiling the relationships between Fijians and other races, and please do not say that you guys have GUTS - what GUTS? You guys have been protected by the Indigenous Fijians all this time - Kua na viavialevu!!!

Please stop it right now, before we will explain to you where is your true standing in the social structure of Fiji!!!

You are saying that "We will lead the charge to bring Fiji back to Democracy through the power of the people and God Almighty.

If you talk about the God Almighty, then please stop swearing!


July 24, 2011 7:56 AM

Keep The Faith said...

How did the illegal and treasonous military regime discover that Fullman's credit card paid for this journey?

This should be a private electronic transaction between 2 parties and it looks like there are only two possibilities:

(a) someone within JAD leaked this info
(b) the regime are tracking electronic transactions with help

Anonymous said...

Desmonds rights have ben violated!

The regime has no right to interfere in Desmonds affairs in running his travel business.

He has contributed to this bloody economy faithfully and succcessfully all these many years.

How dare these illegal twits detain him???
...bloody shits!!

Leave him alone-, Desmond uses his businesss credit card to pay for urgent fares while the clients moneys are being paid to him through the banks systems etc....

Bloody ulukaus!

Just because Bai and Ass are scared shit of Mara- they see him as a threat...they are frightened ...they are trying to punish citizens who have contact with Mara!

What a shame- I am disgusted.
The quicker the Unions act the better to stop this dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.38am - I wouldn't even bet on those union leaders barking overseas - they were the thieves that encouraged Bai ... to start his thieving business (FNPF, Natadola, etc) now they have taken off, so what happened?

Not rocket science. said...

@ Memo ACTU leaders.

Anytime an overseas union delegation express's genuine fear about returning home because of threats from an incumbent & illegal military dictatorship you know somethings wrong?

Anonymous said...

Be Warned! Military is able to read text messages sent via Vodafone. ASS-LAM is AG's sweetie and gives access this is why many people have been taken in to camp for questioning. Also the CEO ANZ Fiji is in direct support of regime. He too will pay the price. You can run but you cant hide. Like the dumb stupid illegal PM and his stupid illegal AG who, like Hitler, thinks they will regin a thousand hears, yeah we will hunt you down the like the dogs you are. You and your families, British army or not. You will all stand trial.

Anonymous said...

@10.34 am... Yes, we are all glad that these trade unionists have seen the "light"- finally... Ului too.
Once a bad boy, now jumped the fence... he has seen better sense.
...so let move forward together..stop sqeaking about "the wrongs they did".. let move on together...

Anonymous said...

Roko Lui’s buddy Siti Qiliho has been named in RFN by Victor Lal as the man who burned down Justice Wards house in Deuba. Wonder what Rooko Lui knows and still hasnt told us.
He sure knows a lot but why is he hiding what he knows about the deaths, assoults and arson attacks??????

Anonymous said...

12.47PM July 26

Nevermind about the information Roko Ului holds about the past activities of the Military. Dou qarauna ga... dou kakua ni moce... e ca ni dou na la'i yadra mai na loma ni cell mai nakeba.

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