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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More evidence of Bainimarama's evil acts with revelation of the arsonist behind the attack on home of former high court judge

ROAMING FREE: Arsonist Sitiveni Qiliho.
By Victor Lal

It can now be revealed that the arsonist behind the Deuba fire and the burning of the villa of Justice Ward, was none other than Sitiveni Qiliho, who was CSO Operations, and the dictator Frank Bainimarama's right-hand man. 

He used an RFMF van but with a private number plate, when he arrived with his military goons to burn down the villa.

To date, the Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime has not prosecuted anyone, for how and why should they – for it was one of their own very own terror chief and arsonist who torched Justice Ward’s villa to the ground as an act of intimidation and revenge - a pattern still widely pervasive in Fiji since the treasonous 2006 coup.

WARD: Now working in the West Indies.
Why was Justice Ward’s property targeted? His property was targeted because the Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime wanted to intimidate and destroy whosoever they perceived as their potential enemies. In Justice Ward’s case, the treasonist Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum had, in May 2007, called on the President of the Fiji Court of Appeal, Justice Ward, to resign.

In a statement Khaiyum had claimed that Justice Ward supported Suva lawyer Graham Leung of Howards, and wrote a letter to LAWASIA questioning as to why its president Mah Weng Kwai, had taken the post of commissioner on at the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

According to Khaiyum, on May 30, 2007 Justice Ward wrote that the events of December 5 was a ‘coup”, that our “President has no power to make laws” and consequently made “judgments about FICAC”.  Khaiyum said Justice Ward wrote to LAWASIA on the letterhead of the Court of Appeal questioning as to why Mah had taken the position.  Khaiyum had not elaborated on the contents of the letter.

It can also be revealed that Qiliho was behind the threats to SDL leader and former prime minister Laisenia Qarase. He also received a phone call on 28 August 2007, in which a person who identified himself as calling from the Fiji Military Forces Camp threatened that he (Qarase) would be killed on arrival, if he returned to Suva. The terror thug behind the death threats against Qarase was none other than Sitiveni Tukaituraga Qiliho.

Editor's Note: See the full story on Coupfoupointfive's Facebook (Qiliho behind arson attack on former high court judge's villa) or open the link below.

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Anonymous said...

Well it pays to KISSASS,this is the same siti that got sent back from Sinai for adultry....thats the problem when you dont know if you are Fijian or European!

Anonymous said...

The adopted son of Bishop Qilio of the church of England......what a Bloody Burning shame!!!

Anonymous said...

Qiliho had an affair with a female military officer and made her pregnant. Others were discharged for adultery but not Franks masi polo

Anonymous said...

Fiji & Taukei's....

You see this is the kind of work that this illegal regime/military pursue because they are idle and mental blocks & fixed on evil.

Our proud militay was founded on profound & prudent objectives by our forefathers/turaga's and those who cared about their beloved people & country. These bastards don't care. They're only there for themselves because they have not earned it but stole leadership and even killed to get where they are now. Really sad Fiji.

Siti, mark my word, we will pray for you,. cause God loves all his people. Qiliho we will pary for you & Frank & Aiyaz & all current illegal regime leaders including big thugs like Naz Shameem & Nur bano for Gods forgiveness.

But please do Fiji proud as well by educating yourself with some self righteous belief to understand the meaning of respect.

If not God will punish you & all your kawa, you & your gentiles will be shamed in public. all your kawa's will be mad and the public will have the last laugh.

Do not do unto others what you don't want done unto you.

Justice Ward, your fire upon Siti will come from heaven,it will burn his heart from within as long as he lives. God is looking.

Anonymous said...

Qiliho is Uluis close friend,,,,beer buddies, womanising, coro etc .,,,,they very close.
Question: why didnt Ului say anything about this? Why is he not exposing all? Me thinks he is using the dem movement to further his political goal to replace frank. He is still protecting his friends who committed crimes ,,,,I mean why only name frank during the assault and not qiliho who also committed criminal acts??? Ului must come clean.

Fiji no longer Fiji said...

FICAC IS A JOKE... And so is the independent legal services commissioner. the latest hearings are a joke. They will find against Sahu Khan even though they have no jurisdiction to try him. ASK IS GOING AFTER SAHU KHAN .....

Anonymous said...

gilio did it but who all are responsible banana inthe ayzhole ayzhole shoud hav quit when he say this kind of tactics,gilio id know as the big banana massi polo and n not sanctioned for his adultery but his female officer was decommisioned it takes 2to tango bloody coward burning a house a civillan would be jailed4 this hypocrite bastard

by i believe in karma

Anonymous said...

There is no election in 2014.

Who will stand in the party if the dictator forms one and who will vote for him, definitely not chiefs who he told to go and dring home brew under mangoooo dree not christians not unions not workers in fiji not any FNPF pensioner not any labor or SDL supporters who are 80% of the people who will vote not any person or group that has been vitimised.

Dictator cant return to QEB as governments will call investigation on him he cant become president cos no school and bush man cant be prime minister cant win election so either he hang himself with the puppet master or give themselves up now for trial. now or later he must stand trial whiich is of national importance to break the coup culture in fiji.

Any party needs to campign on FNPF pension rate reinstatement and will win election and the fijians who show support to him now will give him the limuri shock at the ballot box.

he will soon face limuri from his QEB men and civilian who see the ship sinking, he aint god.

The end is near and justice will be done and good riddance cos fiji will go bankrupt and ceded to another nation unless junta of thugs end comes soon.

He is sunken vessel and only holds himself dictator on borrowed time until PER, remove PER then see the buturaki fun.

Anonymous said...

Court refuses FNPF injunction motion
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Suva High Court has refused an injunction motion by the Fiji National Provident Fund – against a human rights redress case brought by David Burness.

Burness is claiming that the FNPF review which is intended to cut his pension by 64% is a breach of his right to live in old age with dignity as well as discrimination on the ground of age.

FNPF lawyers sought the injunction - however the High Court refused it on the grounds that it had national significance.

The Court has given Burness 21 days to amend his application – as the one initially filed had no evidence of his rights being violated by the FNPF review.

Burness’s lawyer - Dr Shaista Shameem says they will make sure the Court has all the information it needs to make an informed decision on the human rights implications of the proposed reforms.

Report by : Elenoa Osborne

Anonymous said...

The puppet master is interferring with the FNPF case in court.

Is the judge blind and does not know how the human rights of fiji pensioners are affected by 65% reduction in pension contracted rate???????????

Who is teeling him not to decide on the case giving time for the junta to decree the reduction in pension????

The fiji legal system is not independant and these sri lankan judges must be kicked out of fiji who are working for the junta.

Anonymous said...

The dictatorship and the junta will fall as the oppostion is now fiji wide and all over pacific and international.

PER is only thing that keeps junta in power and even that will not work shortly.

the junta cronies many are ready to jump ship cos the ship is sinking and they dont want to stand trial with the dictator.

cassva patch is the only destiny of the dictator unless he wants a safer destiny which is naboro maximum security where from being king he will be watching out for his ring.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting work of cowards, hiding behind these murders,arsons,beatings. How many more lives are they going to ruin. " RISE UP PEOPLE OF FIJI"

Anonymous said...

God bless all these courageous people who have stood up in the past and present to face the wrath of an illegal government.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is moving in fiji by the junta of thugs.

Look at the lie of 2 billion will be injected in fiji economy from namosi copper mine.

Fiji economy will collapse with such injection.

All mining companies are overseas owned and will take the natural resource and profit out of fiji with nothing but some employment.

Nothing is moving, look at the unemployment, look at state of nation heading to distaster and bnackruptcy.

Anonymous said...

What is happening? The same military men who were supposed to be protecting us are now turning into thugs.....

MAO said...

Tukaituraga's biological father was Bishop Jabez Bryce. Api Qiliho was just a Father in the Anglican church at the time and was brought in to marry Tukaituraga's mother to cover up the dirty deed and be the fall guy. Tukaituraga only started using Qiliho after the death of his mother.

gonenicakau said...

Correctly siti qilio is a bastard. Given the fact her mother had a son with Father Bryce.
What a pity. He is not a Fijian by blood.

Anonymous said...

Justice Ward, women, men & children, beaten, homes burnt, loved ones dead, army and their supporters will be served justice & when that time comes may the good lord serve justice to what they deserve!

Anonymous said...

I went to school with this guy and he was siti qiliho in primary school.

Anonymous said...

He is an ex Xavier College student and was known as sitiveni qilio.

gonenicakau said...

Remember the break at Laisa Digitaki's place near Suvavou where there this peace protesters were based.
The break in and damage was done by a hit squad based at Togalevu. Other it squad will be moving around looking for victms to attack. Roko Ului can verify the hit suad based at Togalevu.
In the case of Laisa Digitaki's house damage two military twin cabs in private number plates cme with ruthless soldiers who committed the act.
Surely Qilio was there Hitler

Anonymous said...

O Qilio se o cebo, who damn cares about this coward of the decade who goes around burning a retiree's home under the cover of darkness!

Please keep the spotlight on the slimy bastard until he is locked in jail and the key thrown out! Na luveni qauri ka mata-vaka-sese..!!!

Anonymous said...

in a few years when fiji goes back to democratic rule, this stupid fool will oneday find himself in jail......
tamata ulukau qori..

Anonymous said...

for ya information all military guys that got kicked out from the army in regards to lasa i tuba etc, are given jobs back by voreqe not in the army but with other govt deprtmnt, levu ga na bullshit nei frank,,pretending to be a good famly man, sega ni kila o na mrs during his time in the navy he was one of the biggest lasa i tuba captain of the fiji navy, moce boko ga o poor mary