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Saturday, July 23, 2011

More unseen information from FTUC

FTUC has made available exculsively to Coupfourpointfive more details about the efforts of Fiji's illegal regime to rob trade unions of the right to represent workers. 

It has also responsed to a decree aimed at annihilating union activity and ultimately workers.

And Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai have reiterated their defence against regime claims about the handsome allowances they were getting when they were members of FNPF and other boards.


  1. the truth be told about this crooks ag and pm!!

  2. Felix gave legitimacy to the IG by joining it and reaping lots of money. Now he is caLling the pot black.

    My only advise to fellow fijians, the alternative to IG is FLP with MPC and his millions stuffed away and his cronies like Felix, urai and rajeshwar singh who are there for their ownself.

    LQ and SDL are quiet. Maybe, some prominent fijians should join govt. The only way to change things is from the inside.

  3. Felix u can say and write as much as u want! No one is going to listen to you and yr lies. What are going to achieve from being overseas son!

  4. GREAT REPORTING Felix & Urai, we supporting you all in these, Power to the People....

  5. Felix Anthony, you have been i unions for past 20 years. You you guys obstructed the 97 constitution. You supported a coup aganists a democratically elected PM. You do not know what you stand for. You hypocrite, self serving boci. Where have you been all these years.
    People like you have no integrity. Its so hard to create jobs, for people. You were part of this problem, its you who retire. Get some new brains, with fresh ideas.

  6. Jakes says...

    No one should ever ever believe these thugs like Dan Urai & felix & Chaudary.

    This trio cause the huge cost over-runs in natadola resort. Since when did they become financial & investment experts in a billion $$$ organisation like FNPF.

    Frank & Aiyaz this is the problem for chjopping smart, qualified, experience executives in all government/statutory organisations and replacing them with ceronies/dump people.

    In fact can I ask Frank & the military to throw Felix, Dan & MPC in jail as soon as they can.

    You will do justice to FNPF members if you do this.

  7. No elected govt was able to fix these scumbag unions. Well done Frank. Thumbs up to Frank. Let's pay everyone above the minimum required, get tough fines if one doesn't. Get labour dept to audit 20% of all employees every year. This will make unions defunct as members will realise that unions aint no good for us.

  8. The whole lot of them are fat cats - the workers they represent live from pay pack to pay pack and ride the bus while the reps drive around in BMWs and landcruisers. The IG have every reason to shake up this million dollar movement which pampers and feeds a select, manipulative arrogant few.

  9. Let's get rid of the Regime 1st. , then crucify everyone who supported and benefited from it once Democracy is returned !

  10. very good turn out in papatoe, excellant speakers, thank God we have people like felix who stand up and fight for rights.

  11. RUM Felix n the Cats ran away cause now they have no jobs. Did they think about the people when they were in top jobs like Boards and army colonel??? No they treated u like rubbish.
    Now when they got no money they want to use the people.

  12. Challenge the tin pot dictator and illegal AG to open their bank accounts and tax returns and families and associates bank accounts and tax returns in the public and publish it.

    Where is the clean up and transparency????

    The two must be investigated and stand trial for their massive scams, corruption, abuse of office and multiple salaries more than 700000 per year paid in secret by the aunty.


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