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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NZ democracy group files police complaint against Roko Ului Mara

The New Zealand based group, the Coalition for Democracy, has released the following statement

Coalition for Democracy in Fiji files a police complaint against Tevita Mara under the Crimes of Torture Act

The New Zealand based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji (CDF) today filed a criminal complaint with the NZ Police against former Lt Colonel Tevita Mara for his alleged role in the torture of hundreds of Fiji citizens.

The CDF is adamant that those like Tevita Mara who are accused of serious allegations of torture on Fiji civilians must be held to account in an independent, impartial and fair justice system.

The New Zealand justice system, under the NZ Crimes of Torture Act (1989), and the UN Convention against Torture, which NZ has ratified, provides for the arrest, investigation and prosecution of crimes against torture committed outside New Zealand by non New Zealand citizens.

The former Lt Colonel, who fled Fiji to Tonga on the 20th May after facing charges of sedition, was recently granted a five day New Zealand entry visa by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, despite strong opposition from pro-democracy and human rights groups in New Zealand and Fiji.

CDF spokesperson Nik Naidu said that they are aware that he is due to arrive in New Zealand, tonight, 19 July 2011.

“It is the legal duty of the of the NZ Police, under the Crimes of Torture Act to investigate Mr Mara as a matter of public interest, as New Zealand guards and safeguards its human rights protections and minimum standards against its neighbours’ flagrant actions against and assaults on human rights of its citizens,” said Mr Naidu.

CDF stated that “there are reasonable grounds to believe that Mr Mara has allegedly committed an act of torture in Fiji, and therefore it is incumbent on the NZ Police to immediately launch an impartial and effective investigation in compliance with the obligations and duties under the Crimes of Torture Act 1989 and Crimes Act”.

Mr Naidu cautions “that the torture and human rights abuse by the military that is arbitrary and prevalent against defenceless Fiji civilians will only stop if governments such as NZ are prepared to honour their commitment and legal obligation under international and domestic human rights laws to prosecute those such as Tevita Mara for alleged crimes of torture”.

CDF states that the filing of the police complaint against Tevita Mara is based on several reasons:

*Regardless of the rank or position of the person (s). If they are alleged to have been involved directly or indirectly in the torture of Fijian civilians, they will be subject to the lodgment of criminal complaints under the relevant NZ laws, once they enter NZ jurisdiction.

 *After the first military coup in 1987, the military coup leader, Sitiveni Rabuka gave himself and his supporters immunity from prosecution. The same applied in the coup of 2000, and prior to the abrogation of the Fiji 1997 constitution in 2009, the former Fijian President passed a decree giving everyone involved in the coup blanket immunity. The military regime is in the process of drafting a new Constitution, which among its key provisions will give those involved in the coup and in the formation of the regime immunity from prosecution. This will irrevocably mean that those such as Tevita Mara and others like him accused of alleged torture will never be held to account in a court of law in Fiji, under the proposed new Constitution.

 It is imperative therefore that a strong message be sent to those in the military regime that in countries such as NZ that has existing laws that allow for the arrest and prosecution for crimes against Torture, there will be no immunity against such crimes, despite giving themselves immunity in Fiji.

Ultimately, the aim of this criminal complaint against former Lt Colonel Tevita Mara is to stop the use of torture by the military regime against Fiji civilians.

Mr Naidu says that on the domestic and international stage, New Zealand, despite its relative size, has a proud and pioneering history of advocating and defending human rights.

Therefore the NZ government in protecting its domestic and importantly international reputation as being a defender of human rights cannot allow political expediency to dictate how it treats the criminal complaint against Tevita Mara.

To allow those like Tevita Mara, allegedly accused of gross human rights abuse and  torture to enter and leave New Zealand with impunity will send a dangerous signal to that the NZ government provides a safe haven for those accused and involved in crimes of torture.

Additional Information
*Copy of formal Police letter of complaint against Tevita Mara
*Information Brief on Tevita Mara and Crimes of Torture Act
*Fiji Torture Victim Statement


  1. In simple terms Nik is working for BainiKaiyum...NZ govt should first investigate Nik's intention behind the cover of democracy....

  2. this is insignificant.

    nik playing double standards..

    simple war theory is 'enemies enemies are friends',hence mara is our friend now

    end of story

  3. Nik Naidu what is your problem? we are trying hard here to topple the ILLEGAL REGIME and you have other AGENDAS on the table. We are all advocating for RESTORATION OF DEMOCRACY by getting RUM to support our cause. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO FRAGMENTATE ALL OF US?? WHY? WHY? What are you trying to prove?? RUM will be answerable to his activitie in FJ when we back to a Democratic GOVT.GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO ADVOCATE FOR THE PEOPLE.

  4. murray mccullys words - nz will reward those who leave the regime.

    nik,stop making a fool of your self once again..

    nik,stop making a fool of your self once again..

  5. Is this bloke trying to make a name for himself a wana be hero and who is he? And he does not represent the general public? Make a name on your own time and not at the expense of the people of Fiji. In simple English go get rooted ..........

  6. Definitely. One should look at the court papers in Fiji when nik naidu was taken in for his actions. The judge was justice rooney. The court papers is under Nikhil Naidu. In The court papers it states that Naz Shameem is Nikhil Naidus sister in law.

    What a revelation. Google Nikhil Naidu and it will come up. Is this why Nik Naidu is so hell bent on working against Mara

  7. Ps. This niki bloke get a real name first carrying a girls name and secondly why isn't he calling for MC's arrest for stealing 2 million dollars fron the people of Fiji.

  8. nik,this is simply insane!

  9. Roko Ului is doing a big favour by campaigning against this dictator.

    NZ should send Nik back to fiji and accept RU into NZ.

  10. nik,will you lodge a similar complain for robert khan and john prasad.. they brought in millions from the fbcl upgrade scam

  11. I only hope the NZ government won't bend the rules again

  12. I only hope the NZ government won't ignore this, or it will be another case like the animal farm where some animals are more equal than others

  13. Nick is doing a great job.
    By now saying sorry anf being nice does not take away the pain suffered as a result of mara.

  14. Backoff naidu! There is also a police complaint against you for trying to stop the campaign for democracy for Fiji!!! Just backoff!

  15. Nik, super hero get a life.

  16. Lets not use this forum to push the two deomcracy groups - good on Nic for doing this - he is only person who has stood tall in all the coups - the reality is that Mara was key to those Fijian boys being murdered by the military - this is like supporting Gaddafis Hench man - Its obvious that Rajesh Singhs democracy movement has been up staged once again so its all sour comments on Naidus quick and smart thinking - please Boys, keep to the job of freeing Fiji for fijians, not for yourself gain.

  17. Well done Nick.

  18. Very good Nikhil....Can you lodge one against Frank and NZ can allow Frank to the Rugby World Cup. We can save cost and have them both standing together on the joint charge.

    What a good idea. Go on add his name so we can join your democracy group!

  19. Rajesh - please stop writing stupid things about Nick Naidu when you should stick to the issue - IRD and WINZ closing in Brother. Time to go and fight democracy in Aust.Mara deserves justice, not freedom as Rajesh wants.Your next chief Mara can join your old chief from tailevu in jail. Fugitive Shau Khan in Auckland for Oceania meetings today - maybe he can have grog session with Mara.
    Democracy for Fijians but not with this indian based politics please - both Nick and Rajesh.

  20. I hope that Nik Naidu will also file complaints against YP Reddy for hotel tax 55% refundable scam and money laundering; John Prasad for the FNPF fortnightly bond floating scam in order to pay civil servants; Sada Reddy for the inside trading prior knowledge of the 20% devaluation of the Fijian dollar and the remittance to NZ of $800,000; Robert Khan's money laundering of part of the FDB loan for the FBC renovation; etc, etc.
    Yes of course Annon 8.55pm, it is really a case of the animal farm where some ANIMALS are more equal than others.
    Dou na vavi,sa kilai nomuni vunivuni, yavu kawa ca.

  21. nik means stole in kiwi english

  22. I think that NZ and Australia are using Fiji's current scenario to strenghthen their own political and economical prowess, not forgetting the resources within Fiji's EEZ.
    Remember US and Nicaragua, US and Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras etc

    I just amazed that those who were initialy part of the current Fiji regime and hold importamt positions are now roaming freely in Australia and also NZ...What a Joke!!!lol.

    Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony, JB, Ului Mara. Recently, we have seen Chaudary Junior and Chaudary Senior etc.

    These same people were behind and provided support for the current regime in Fiji then!!!what now!!

    To the pro-democracy activists:

    You are guys are blind and disoriented....the blind leading the blind.


  23. The way these two groups, purporting to restore democracy in Fiji are behaving,they will both soon have no supporters, atleast not from those of us who have chosen to live here in Fiji.

  24. What funny comments. I read it to have a good laugh. We pick and choose and want what suits us, otherwise they are plain stupid.

    One common in all this is that Nick Naidu has not steered the course. Filing a torture case against RUM is because he is coming to NZ. PM is not going there so it would be stuppid to file one against him.

    Nick, good on you for calling a spade a spade.

  25. Ok Arrest Rt Tevita Mara when he arrives in NZ and people can go visit him and hear what he has to say during visiting hours. After that say your goodbyes as he will be going back to Tonga in the next Tongan Copra boat.

  26. MBHS ( RUM)VS GRAMMER(NIC) VS NO SCHOOL(RAJESH) - all bunch of clowns with self interest - we need to get smarter people to lead us with no agendas and educated like Sir Jone or Madam Imrana.

  27. Nik dont talk about RUM unless if you have served fiji under the military regime.
    They are taking orders and their families are involved in this as hostages, Everyone is a victim in the military regime and you cannot go against the orders. The one who should answer honestly are the people who stole money from the people of FIJI like your friends,yourself,MP's of fiji now and The two main people handling all this corruption is your friends Khaiyum and Bainimarama.
    Question:Nik are you working under Bainimarama/Khaiyum pay package???
    Answer:Of course you are or else you would not be running against what RUM has revealed instead you are trying to shut his mouth up and hiding the one thing that everyone wants to know the TRUTH!!!!!!!

  28. My understanding is that a proper complaint must be lodged with the police by a person who has suffered under the hands of RUM. Moreover, there must also be sufficient "evidence" for an arrest to occur.
    It seems this is all a big show; nothing of any substance.
    It would be interesting if RUM were actually apprehended, charged and put on trial; then we would at least hear his explanations in the courts.
    To digress; the so called movements for democracy in NZ & Aussie are a ragtag lots without any convincing leadership nor support. One should not loose too much sleep over what is happening.
    To nik & brick I say enjoy your limelights when there is an opportunity; who knows tomorrow you may be dead!

  29. kiwilad....go read the act...before you open your Gob..u might surprise yourself and learn something new!!

  30. Kaiviti in AfghanJuly 20, 2011 at 3:08 AM

    very good Nik.... NZ should do something to Roko Ului Mara if no than they will be called o safe haven for people running away from cahrges......

    GOOD JOB NIK........

  31. no ex pro regime sapotas shud have been allowed to join pro dems,,,,,it has discredited the movement,,,,,,
    what a joke!

  32. why now at making an arrest application for Tevita Mara. Wat about those people that are ex CRW and RFMF personals who are there in NZ and were member of the RFMF in 2000 and also in 2006 but later deemed resigned from the force. They should also be charged for torture...now there is a bad picture painted by the CDF...they are just trying to save their asses and not the people who are already suffering back hia in Fiji. Let the fijian people in Fiji deal with the return to democracy issue... why don't you people who are out of Fiji stay out of anything thats happening back hia at home

  33. We should respect New Zealand and her laws.

    But if they do investigate and prosecute non NZ citizens who committed human rights abuses and Torture than they should relax their travel ban and allow our Touring Netball supporters that went to Singapore and would be and want -to- be 2011 Rugby World Cup supporters to NZ. Se vakacava Mo Tikoitoga????.....hhhhmmmm, vaka ko na rere, e????

  34. I say don't give him the attention ignor him best outcome this is what he wants so ppl don't post anymore respons to he article

  35. Surely if anyone were to file or lodge a complaint on behalf of a group or association, they would need to also show documentation that there is majority consensus by association members? Might be interesting to see who else agreed that RUM be charged

  36. One should ask, why didn't this group take this step 2 years ago when the atrocities were occurring ?

  37. @ anon 7.12am, Absolutely right. Have you got other name list of 2006 and 2000 boys in NZ that are guilty also?

    Can you give it on this blog so Nik can add their names also. Make sure you give supporting doc's so that the charge stands up in court.

    Or is it that Nik has an affidavit from a victim so needs no majority member consensus from his CDF?

    What is interesting is that democracy is at its best here on the blog! One against Frank too o.k. Nik!

  38. Nik Naidu and bunch of self proclaimed highly educated idiots RUM is in NZ and what is NZ police doing about Nik Naidu's complaint. I am reliably informed that the report has been flushed in the toilet.Nik has been formally informed.
    sa duka.


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