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Thursday, July 21, 2011

NZ MP reflects on Mara visit

My conversation with Tevita Mara
by Keith Locke
This morning I had a good talk with Tevita Mara, the Fijian colonel who split from Bainimarama, about how to speed up the return to democracy to Fiji.

Tevita Mara supports stronger action against the regime. We agreed that one effective measure would be to stop Fijian troops participating in UN peacekeeping operations. These missions only put money into the army coffers, and enlarge the military beyond what is required in the island nation. Mr Mara also favours more effective sanctions on the regime.

He is trying to get Pacific leaders to work for change, particularly in the Pacific Island Forum. Hopefully his meetings with New Zealand officials this week advance this prospect.

He didn’t overrate his individual role, and said he had no political ambitions himself – which is not something you can always take as gospel.

There is something of a division in the pro-democracy movement in New Zealand around his visit. The Coalition for Democracy in Fiji doesn’t think he should have been given a temporary visa, and and now wants the New Zealand Police to investigate him under the Crimes of Torture Act. Mr Mara’s response to me was that he was willing to front up to the people of Fiji for whatever he has done in the past, when the time comes. 
To see the video of Roko Ului Mara's latest speech from the Sydney rally click on the following link:
 Part 2:


  1. Hang on Tevita,Judging by your comments,I can conclude that you are only acting to serve your own self interest. There is no regard at all of ordinary citizens.As far Iam concern you dont have the support of all silent majority of the people of Fiji. To conclude stop throwing stones when you leave in a Glass House.

  2. The U.N. and the Governments of America, Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand have been lobbied for the past 4 1/2 years to stop Peace Keeping Deployments from Fiji, nothing has changed.

    As much as I support Ratu Ului Mara's efforts, I don't understand why stronger sanctions were not taken prior to his visit to New Zealand.

  3. Majority of soldiers in peacekeeping duty are trying to make money for their families.

    Why is this former soldier trying to penalise those who are less fortunate than him.

  4. RUM is just joke - he just doesnt have what it takes,,,,,,,
    He has no credibility in Fiji and in legal govt.
    His speeches are repetitive and lacks depth,,,,,no genuine remorse there. Even his aunt doesn't wanna speak to him.
    Where is Rt Finau anyway?
    People better look beyond these Maras, Chodrys, Urais etc etc.

  5. anon @ 1018am so that we can get this regime on its knees...ulukau

  6. clean yourself first, na gone i tuba mera mai laurai!!!

  7. i do not understand why people hate Fiji so much I only conclude that they were the ones benefiting from the previous goverments and now their party is being spoilt......there should be some pride in Fiji i do not think that this people writing this blog have any love for Fiji

  8. Anon at 8.13am your name wouldnt be aiyaz bocimarama or frank kaidia is it!!!!

  9. Ului aside, our immediate objective is to topple the current illegal regime.

    If Mara and Baledrokadroka can help us obliterate the illegal regime so much the better, and they are welcome to join us.

    As individuals they are more useful in this fight than most of us individually. We welcome them.

    Banishing Vore is our priority now. So welcome Ului to Aotearoa.

  10. these ratu needs to go back to fiji stop wasting everybodys time...

  11. We are living in a Political World now. Before we dont take much interests in what is going on around us.
    Only when we realise or know what is going around us then we know why things happen and the reasons behind it.
    He may not have the silent majority as someone has said. That is his opinion, not from any poll taken to ask the ppl of Fiji.
    Someone else said that other countries have asked the UN to stop employing Fiji Military pers in PK. Nothing has happened and at the same time if it happens we feel sorry for the poor soldiers and their family.
    Another friend brought up his strained relationship with his aunt.
    Its interesting to read the different ideas ppl come up with when commenting on this site.
    Some are personal, some are hatred, some come up with solutions and others doesn't make any sense at all.
    The question is, Do we want our country to be ruled by this illegal regime?
    It will be a simple YES/No depending on what we believe in or how we felt about the current regime.
    For myself, I dont believe in this illegal regime because of it tainted record and illegal Decrees it is shoving down the throat of the citizens of Fiji. Denying the citizen their Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Torture of Civillians, Killing of Civillians.
    For the above to be stopped no one is bld enough to stand up in Fiji and tell the illegal regime to stop the illegal activities it is carrying out. We all know what happen to those who have tried.
    So the most effective way is to take it abroad and let the whole world know about the real situation in Fiji and they will take action to cripple the regime.
    That is the only option that we have. Otherwise we will be ruled by this stupid Bainimarama and his arrogant AG.
    Thumbs Up To democracy!!!!!

  12. Sorry Mafi, But I have to ask you when was the last you went to Fiji? When you mingle with the people on the ground back at home, the word they give you is the best thing ever happend in the entire history of Democracy. Roads being built to remote locations, electricity to places where they could dream of in their lifetime before they perish.To cut the story short let the developments go through and wait to cast your vote in 2014. Lets have parity for once whereby we can bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the Ratus and the commoner, the failed politicians and ordinary citizens, the classroom colonels and the private soldiers and the list goes on and am still counting.

  13. At Anon 5:59 all I see are squatter settlements spreading and cost of basic necessities accruing. Our water problems have no end in sight, our roads are deplorable when compared to other Pacific nations like Samoa. So, please dont brag about these recent whimsical infrustructure developments. Our children and grandchildren will be ever paying to patch up bodgie jobs and kick backs given to shoddy foreign companies who cant even get approval in their own countries. People wake up from your slumber, we should never settle for the rhetoric and spin rubbish thats being dished out by AG and his and his ignorant PM. We deserve better, rather than spiralling down the drain. Thumbs Up to Democracy!!!

  14. Mafi and Anon 6.55pm...
    The problem here is you are not here in fiji to witness what really is happening here....
    try to be realistic in the development within fiji...
    You are hell bent in belittling this Gvt....
    We need to try and change our mindset
    ....because we can't change wat has happened

  15. Seems some people already made up their minds; either pro Baini or anti- baini. Bugger the facts or what is right or wrong!
    I've just returned from Fiji - albeit viti levu only - and can vouch that the country has gone backwards since the coups; every trip I find things worse than before; more poverty, infra-sructure going to the dogs - roads, water-supply, electricity,sugar industry, agriculture, fisheries, mining, goverment services, corruption, beggars everywhere. The only improvement I noticed was cell-phones - even the school-kids have them. (How they pay for them is a mystery).
    Seriously coups dont do any good to any country; however it does benefit some - the ones in power and their lackeys.The sooner this military government is replaced by one elected by the people the better. Maras or chaudharys need not be in the forefront - or even in the shadows; whoever, the people elect let them govern.
    Lastly Baini will not go unless compelled to do so both from inside and outside the country.

  16. At Anon 6:55, Democracy is dead and buried in Fiji.Stop wasting your time there your input alone on this blogg will get you protection visa somewhere in amongst the boat people at Christmas island or Villawood detention centre. So stop whinging about deplorable roads. Those roads were built by you and your so called corrupt champion for democracy. In the meantime lets concentrate on building roads to ru ral dwellers who deserve more than those who reside in the cities.I have woken from slumber and I have decided to support the developments back home and not the self servings democracy fighters.

  17. At Anon July 21, 2011 8:42 PM

    well said

  18. Kinoya Kid I cant speak for Mafi, however, I witness what I am on about. I pay rates and water bills too, let alone what I have to feed my family and for them to have some resemblance of a decent life. We dont have to carry on down this path to destroy whatever little we have left. Removing this illegal regime will be our only salvation. Thumbs Up to Democracy, I reiterate again and again!!

  19. price of rewa butter just went up

  20. Anon 9.01pm...
    Isa..feel sorry for you...you have to work hard my friend....the only problem is your mindset to change and than you can see the light ahead...
    Change your Mindset my friend...
    God Bless

  21. Price of everything has gone up silently

  22. Just got back form Fiji and it is an ECONOMIC TIME BOMB ready to explode..but alas BainiKhaiyum and their lackeys drive around in Pajeros enjoying the high life they STOLE and are hanging onto now for dear life.

    SOME major road developments BUT the side roads and other roads are riddled with POT HOLES families can even use as lovos. ANd the water...well a family member has recently been diagnosed with feacal matter in their PEE from drinking TAP WATER in Fiji..ALERT! ALERT!

  23. kinoya kid, i ask god to please bless you and to open your blind eyes and see what this illigal regime is doing .....god please help this poor kinoya kid.......god bless you

  24. Kinoya kid my mind sees the crap thats being dished out, yours, unfortunately cant see beyond your nose. My hip pocket is telling me this cannot go on forever, or we will all end up in Veiquawa settlement if there is any room left.

  25. Kinoya Kid, You Rock!!. Thank you for staying positive


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