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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Police commissioner falls foul of officers after opening honey farms in the north

Fresh calls for Fiji Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, to resign after revelations the Brigadier General is busy launching a new business venture in the North.

Naivalurua has honey farm ventures in Nalawa and Nakorotubu districts, partly funded by a $3000 donation  from police welfare funds.

Insiders say the venture shows Naivalurua does not understand his role and is incompetent. 

"Fiji Police Force is a institution under the illegal government sworn to serve and protect the nation and its people. Its their primary and only role! But while officers are getting attacked and standards are deteriorating, Naivalurua is busy with his new business initiative."
North records the highest number of cases of violence and rape throughout the year and sources say police should be curbing crime and awareness. 

Says a police source: "The basis of FPF is the rule of law and maybe the PM must remind the Commissioner that he is no longer in prison and yellow ribbon projects where inmates are taught business to help them when they get out. What will police officers get from this business and where will the proceeds go?
"Under this Compol, police officers are suffering from having no basic allowance, no acting allowance, no basic equipment, no vision and strategy to combat crime and    police officers are getting assaulted."

Sources says it's essential to wake Fiji up to the fact that Commissioner has no plan and vision for the police force. "Ask any police officer you meet on the street, the basic question: what’s your strategy to combat crime this year? His answer will be .. hmmmm .. we don't know where FPF is headed!!!
"Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua has shown nothing constructive to the FPF and he is the one who takes orders from PM and AG what to do everyday and has no brains of his own. That is why the FPF and its officers are being made mockery everyday.
"Business venture in Fiji police is a direct breach of police standing orders and primary police duties and FPF has no business in gaining any monetary benefits because the government gives 78 million each year for police to look after the nation.
"This act clearly shows that someone is trying to gain monetary benefits or clearly reflects that the Compol is incompetent to be at the helm of the force."


  1. when you come from outside thats what you do deviate from the primary role,same with teleni and savua I wounder how the army guys will feel if a cop is made the commander.He even doesnt know the judges rules,writing statements and interveiw process so best to start collecting honey which they are doing virturely but atleast by joing the police he is more straight forward. (half of you will not get it anyway think about it)

  2. this is the most corrupt and incompetent police commissioner ever. god help fiji.

  3. The last COMPOL was a dancer and danced his way to china, this COMPOL is no brains and absolute idiot who has made mockery of the police force. He is yellow ribbon and business venture madman. All police officers and him are civil servants who are subject to PSC ACT and regulations and to run a business is serious breach.

    This COMPOL must be kicked out by PSC now and FICAKE must charge him for abuse of office misconduct in public office and corruption cos he wants to personal benefit from the business.

    Look at the state of the nation and here we have a incompetent COMPOL and business manda.

  4. conflict of interest.

  5. Compol needs Pranic Healing to Fix all the Law and disorder created by Bainivuaka and co.

    Contact sashi Mahendra Singh at CDP Suva

  6. The honey is to sweeten the corrupt practises of the noe illegal Police force.
    But its sour to the eyes of the public.
    Probably better to try arts for ease of police sketching of suspects and places of concern.
    The whole illegal regime will soon depart.
    Thumbs up for democracy.

  7. This is what happen when we have incompetent military officers running gov bodies. Vore is a good example, he doesn't know what's his role in a civil gov. They think they can run the country with their little military education.

  8. All the CORRUPT military officer's are taking up all the Ministry Postings in this Evil Corrupt Illegal Government run by this MENTALLY RETARD DICTATOR Bainivuaka.... BUNCH OF LOW LIFES AND CREEDY BASTARDS!!!!

  9. This is what you get from coups in fiji, a bunch of dumb thugs calling themselves prime minsiter, ministers, commissioners.

    These are good for nothing men, who have taken the jobs to earn salary and bribes nothing for Fiji

    Fiji will go back 20 years from these few thugs junta who are out to make millions by crooking.

  10. compol like his boss ag/bai filling the pockets.

  11. Compol has mad eyes

  12. Rajesh@8.45pm - you never acted corruptley in power, you really served the govt on the day.

  13. Jake says..

    Fiji stop complaining, do something about these thugs and corrupt people.

    Talking about corruption...this is tonnes corruption.

    from the head to the tail....

  14. Police Commissioner is just another thug of the illegal junta.He should behind prison bars not in front of them.

  15. If the Police are busy working on the Honey Farm but who's mending the Police post and doing street patrol? NooooooooooBody but the Criminal.... only in FIJI.....

  16. I suppose that is what to expect of all corrupt officers that live off the bread crumps of a dictator. Iowane is like every other professional soldiers that have left the army, are only making a mockery of that once revered institution. Roko Ului is now like a voice in the wilderness after realizing too late.

  17. this is what is expected from a corrupt regime

  18. this fella is just another puppet..
    taking orders from the puppet master khaiyum..

  19. Talk about corruption in the Police Force.

  20. Perhaps the Fijian beekeepers can be the new Fijian Police Force. Use their bees to attack the criminals. What a terrible joke Fiji has become under this illegal junta.

  21. Police officers now opting to buy new new uniforms as none left in the stock,

    No buttons, old uniforms, few pairs,less pay-below poverty line.......low morale


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