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Monday, July 11, 2011

Rajendra Chauhdry rape complainant believed to have paid $17,000 in legal fees

The media has quoted Police Commissioner Iowana Naivalarua as saying police will interview Rajendra Chaudhry upon his return to Fiji from Australia. Naivalarua has told the media a woman has made certain allegations against Rajendra Chaudhry but has not stated what the allegations are.

Coupfourpointfive reported on the 26th of June that Rajendra, a Suva based lawyer and son of Fiji Labour Party leader and the former Finance and Sugar Minister in Frank Bainimarama's regime, is alleged to have raped the woman, an Indian national. Rajendra Chaudhry was the woman's lawyer defending her over allegations of possessing cocaine at Nadi Airport.

Chaudhry Junior provided accommodation to the woman and secured her bail.

Since 26th June when we broke the story, our sources have been gathering more information and we can confirm the following details:

1) The woman's name is Muskan Balaggan and the accommodation Rajendra Chaudhry provided was in his own home
2) The woman has told police she has paid $17,000 in legal fees
3) The woman is now staying with a Sikh family in Rakiraki
4) The woman came to Suva on Wednesday July the 6th but her interview was suspended after an hour because her lawyer Simione Valenitabua (now employed in Rajendra Chaudhry's law firm, was unavailable).
5) On Friday the woman appeared in the Suva High Court and according to a Fiji Times report had earlier made an application for Rajendra Chaudhry to no longer represent her. According to the report the application was heard when the Suva lawyer was in Australia.

In another twist, Mahendra Chaudhry has been telling his remaining few close associates that the woman has written a letter and withdrawn her complaint against his son. He has been telling his associates that a certain "Indian Minister" is behind what he describes as a plot to get his son charged. There are two Indians by ethnicity in Bainimarama's regime; Neil Sharma and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. 

Another source earlier told Coupfourpointfive the woman who has made the rape allegations met with Khaiyum on two two occasions and that it was only after these meetings that she made the allegations against Chaudhry.

That source claims she has been promised immunity from prosecution if she testifies against Chaudhry and has been promised a flight home back to India.


convolutedexperiment said...

Some people will do anything and say anything to either make a dollar or to save a dollar.
As for Aiyaz, it's time someone taught this guy a serious lesson.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry Senior, Have you offered some cash from the funds collected for victims of 2000 coup that you got recorded in your tax explanations to get the charges withdrawn?

Who is telling the truth here? how do we trust your credibility and how did she manage to see Khaiyum when Rajen was still representing her and still in Fiji. Did Rajen organise meeting with Khaiyum?

It appears that she already paid her fees of $17,000 so there was no extra fee in bring her pants down also.

Rajen should have made prior arrangement on this extra fee for accomodation cost!

Your credibility is already known from the use of public funds that you said you kept in trust with yourself, but started gifting them to your kids.

So who should trust your side of the story!

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Sega na Dina said...

It is really sad and disheartening for some people to stoop that low, by telling lies in trying to pull people down. Truth will always prevail no matter how much you want to supress it, it will always show out. I wonder if these people have any consciouse at all. There is one lookin down from above who sees everything and nothing absolutely nothing is HIDDEN in his eyes, he sees everything, and each one of us will reap whatever we sow.
Thank you Father for giving us individual time to repent otherwise the fire of Hell is waiting to pay for all inequaties.

Anonymous said...

AG again in the scene.
High time some one teach this illegal ASK lesson on illegal oath/treason/others.
Why ASK meet the lady.
This is a frame job on Rajendra from AG ASK..
Bai/ASK is framing all people they hate like Driti/Mara/MPC /others.
I wont be suprised i will be next one..
Time for us to kick this ag/bai out.
Justice cannot be served with this judges controlled by ASK.
When they will charge Y P Reddy.File with CID HQ

Anonymous said...

Rajen is in North Ryde and travels between North Ryde and Old Toongabbie.

Sa said...

will rajen return or no n wea is that sahu khan?

Anonymous said...

Aiyas your father crook heaps of money from public accounts committee when he was the chairman and now its your turn to make as much as you can. dont forget you are not too far away from the target ie jail

Anonymous said...

Ok lets for just a minute put our thinking caps on.Now this Indian National leaves Fiji-what if she then goes to the newspapers etc in the Indian media and says all the charges against Chaudry was trumpted up by the so called Indo-Fijian Ministers? Can you imagine what will happen then?
All the past allegations of corrupt charges, police & judicial involvement will now have to be believed or not? The question is who gains from such a small win in getting Chaudary charged and whose the biggest LOSER certainly not Chaudhry-its the whole Govt that loses out or i am i wrong? Funny thing is Rajendra has not said a word-now kinda suprising for someone who is so "cleaver" and always has a smart remark on everything. I think this is an opportunity for Fiji to have a Nelson Mandela-not that we have anyone in the same category. Rajendra needs to go and face the music-the case will be in an open court & time for us to have a Leader stand up & we have a cause to fight for.The last one we thought would stand & face the music, in the form of an Army Colonel who took off.He has done his rounds of Australia & NZ & Tonga-next trip is most probably USA? When he can't even get his foot in the door with Ministers here-waht the hell is he going to achieve in USA beats me-what does he want to meet the Obama. The former Army Colonel is only recognised in Tonga & Samoa right now!??? As the ancestor saying goes"Vanavana na vula na demu se boi da..Tali talia na tobe...

Anonymous said...

Chodry said 2 indians.....i thot all were fijians now and there were no indians,,,,,,,

grown up said...

@ Sega na dina

How sad that the white people's religion made you that childish. Those who do good because they want to go to 'paradise' and are not doing wrong because they fear 'hell' are nothing but children. You must grow up. have you ever heard about philosophy, the art of thinking?

Anonymous said...

This is clear set up by the junta for trumped up charges to destroy the opposition, they will resort to dirty tactics for anyone they classify as enemy of the state. the junta will bribe people to charge all opponents to disqualify as election candidates.

This is how desparate the junta is cos they know if they dnt win election they all will go gail.

Anonymous said...

The trumped up charges the junta pulling on all its enemies of the state like this one, the wheel will turn around in time to come and junta will be charged for its crimes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reads like a Bollywood movie.

Anonymous said...

Chaudary junior went to Aust before the police complaint. Can c4.5 confirm this?

If so, why did he run away?

free and independent judiciary hahahahahahah said...

has the regime blocked this site? i personally think rajendra's fees are very cheap in defending a drug peddler. and cocaine at that. will the police investigate aiyas for promising this druggist immunity and safe passage to india? isnt it also a case of trying to pervert the course of justice? isnt aiyas effectively interfering in the judical system by making promises that would undermine the state's case against the drug peddler? it also confirms whispers around the halls of justice of aiyas's continued interference with the judiciary. on a passing note, and i could be wrong, but isnt rajendra chaudhry still the drug peddler's lawyer? his firm appeared for her last monday in lautoka? interesting times. one thing is for sure - the judiciary is well and truely compromised.

Anonymous said...

These are still allegations without proof yet and how dumb is the commisioner of Police to comment on the issue when it is still allegations anyway..shows us that this commisioner is so stupid on Police PR..

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of the free...wake up Fijians...they will always sell, buy or deny for a living - they have been doing it for generations whilst you think the truth will prevail...when - when you see JC come out of the sky - STOP THE SCAM..started by the missionaries...??? Today the truth is bought...lies are bought...its the free world we live in...wake up from your slumber. If you itaukei want to defeat them...move away from your 'enslavement of guilt'... ITaukei

Anonymous said...

The illegal AG assets must be checked by future government as he is pocketing lot of kickbacks from ASCO/BSP deal, Tapoo deal and many corrupt contracts approved by him.

He must stand trial for his crimes, including the election fraud and scam that he is now doing.

He controls entire Fiji and anything he wants is done, SDL and Labor must start the fight now.

Anonymous said...

aiyaz this is just insane..

not a big fan of rajen,but this is just ridiculous...

aiyaz,how low you can go..

Anonymous said...

Illegal Puppet master, Kaiyum is hehind the move to criminalise rajendra chaudhry and the dictator has him classified as an enemy of the state.

The new consitution has provision for persons who are crimnal ruled by a court, or have proceeding by by any law enforcement agency or not fit and proper person can contest election.

So all SDL and FLP persons and other will be targetted to be framed with trumped up charges, no rules barred by the puppet masters legal system.

Lets see which seat the puppet master stands in for the election?

Anonymous said...

What a nosense of a story. AG too busy doing important things.Biggest arrival of tourist ever last month. Thanks to the people of aust n nz for not listening to the immature govt of yrs. Highest foreign reserves in fijis history of 1.6B achieved.

Anonymous said...

If rajen is in north ryde then what are you doing there.dont say you are another undercover for the illegal attorney general

Anonymous said...

Can we have an open political debate between Rajendra Pal Chaudhry and Aiyas Khaiyum. The public to decide who is capable and the winner shall lead a multiracial political party to the next general election.

Anonymous said...


SEMI MEO said...

The worse fool on earth, worse than the 2 Co Prime Ministers spending spree is he/she that sadly claims there is no God…yep, a fool whose over glorified philosophical reasoning’s and warped egocentric world view will not and cannot untangle him/her from the sulfur burning pits of hell.

Unfortunately, a few live in denial, blocking their sense from all obvious perception of the divine deity. Stubborn to the core; philosophically they are fools!!

It is not uncommon to receive a retainer of 17K, given the complexity of case may extend to Immigration matters which may now be the intent of the alleged drug trafficker. But… the consular services from her own Embassy??..that is another matter…

Anonymous said...

@ grown up
July 11, 2011 5:15 PM

You do really need to grow up and get informed. Your comment on white man's religion shows your ignorance. That so called white man religion religion started in the middle east.There are people in this day and age worshipping cows, dogs, snakes, fish, elephants, the moon, the sun the stars. They imagine the moon and the stars talk to them so they write about it and call it astrology. There is something intriguing about what is unfolding in Fiji. Let it roll.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:42 pm

Need you ask? And it certainly is NOT BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY - that is the minor(est) of issues currently in the SO CALLED Fiji Kangaroo Courts!

Still confused? Go talk (if you still can) to the departing Sri Lankan legal wigs! Better still, talk to Saki and his wife!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a sorry state this country is in! And what an insult to Dr Neil Sharma to have his name up with this bastard of man who is known to all to be manipulating the justice system! Quite clearly, Dr Sharma is in this regime NOT for the dollar he earns but for the love of the profession he belongs to!

Yes, I get it.. they only have the same ethnicity but definitely do not share the corrupt ideals of that power hungry mongrel.

Aiyarse your days are numbered!

Anonymous said...

@ grown up .5.15pm- What whitw men religion you are talking about and your philosiphical thinking will only take you to hell. The religion of white men always make foolish things of this world to shame the wise and weak things of this world to shame the strong- You and your philoshical thinking will bow to the white men's religion, you wait and see the day will come, this world will not last for ever, enjoy your fire!!!!! Moce Jo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Always remember Rajen Chaudhary, Mahen Chaudhary, Rajesh Singh, Felix Anthony, the entire defected Labour Party supported this regime; why cry foul now!!! Because the arrows are pointing your way!!!Opportunists and mongrels who continue to scavenge!! Read the FT and other news media after 2006 coup....these were the ones on the high ride and all taukeis were forgotten...what goes around comes around!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.38am y u resorting to name calling. Don't u have an argument for toursim numbers? Why weren't the sdl backed fvb able to get the same numbers into Fiji with a stable democracy. Yes we now why! Cos they were clueless.

Anonymous said...

I am only assuming Chaudhary Junior will/can tap into Senior funds stashed in Aussie Banks for QC to fight his case in Fiji, or better still being a smart aleck lawyer himself present himself and defend the charges if he has the nut(s).

RUM is not a lawyer, his issue is different and complicated given military, chief and family background.

Bottom line - all out to milk, more the Chaudrary clan than RUM + Co as RUM has roots too embedded in Fiji whereas the others, only nepotism and fine weather friends as per pre Speight govt. Some people have not forgotten how key and close high powered and high paid appointments were made in THE Chaudhary REGIME. All the same for most of us - who cares, only wish is for these fleas to get off the provebial and let all cummunities grass roots people enjoy some peace for a change. After all Fiji is no Sudan or Libya - oops,

A lot of talkfest on the site now, cannot see the light we saw a month ago. Cannot be bothered and just getting on with life as it was, taitai and kana moce.

Soup rice said...

LOL @ Semi Meo.

How can a Christian criticize the Fiji govt? If you believe in God, then you believe that he is omnipotent and omnipresent, and that everything that is happening is his plan. If you believe in God, why are you attacking the man who he chose to lead us?

Or do you believe that God doesn't control what happens on this earth? YOu think you know better then God, and want to remove the person he put as the Prime Minister? Are *YOU* trying to play God?

You criticise the person who rejects God, but you don't see that in rejecting Gods plan, you too are rejecting God. Matthew 7:5.

Anonymous said...

@Soup Rice
Are you saying that the Brits shouldn't have fought Hitler because he was trying to be Ruler of Britain.

Soup Rice with chicken said...

Of course they shouldn't have. Hitler couldn't be the ruler of Germany unless God wanted it that way.

God decided to burn men women and children who were jews, and he chose Hitler to carry out his plan.
This is nothing new. There are a dozen times in the bible that God decided to wipe out entire civilisations. Are you saying that God is wrong to do that? Do you think you know better than God?

A true Christian who has read the bible will know it says in black and white, that ever happens on this planet is Gods plan.

SEMI MEO said...

@Soup rice….not only are your warped theological views ‘souped” but also tossed salad of married of confusion.

First, we do not chuck valuable pearls in front of snorting swines, hence, Biblical theology is too sanctified to be discussed with some faceless and nameless wanna be Christians, let alone pretend Christians who mis-quote the Word of God like their god the unemployed cherubim, Lucifer.

We have nothing to say to you as you seem set in your deception. Your kind breath on the letter of the word like your filthy faced Lucifer..seems you distance yourself from the spirit of the Word..the letter kills, my friend..the letter kills!!

For the last time...Your god has just lied to you that our God would stoop to condone any seditious act..oh…you forgot the very first attempt of a Coup was against God almighty Himself…yep..you tinny wee god Lucifer with 1/3 members of the angles wanna takeover..result?…the other 2/3 righteous ones kicked their backside outa heaven…..fell from grace and continue to look for resting place to call home..look in the mirror..one has taken resident in you, hence, controlling your “Christianity”!!..wake up my friend…seek help from credible “Talatala, Pastor or Priest.

But again, you’ve done us all a bit of favour to confirm the spiritual confusion in beloved Fiji..as we always say..each Sunday or in prayer meetings..(1)The Military Padre concocts their congregation in all the battalions scattered around Fiji and peace keeping overseas to pray for the longevity of my tauvu Rear Admirals’ reign of terror over Fijis poor and wealth to the chosen few!! (2)Other mainline Churches beseeching God to instantly remove the rot and the present Fiji Governemtn. (2) Other churches passively pray” Me da masu ga” “Lord let your will be done”..same prayer for 5 loong years now (3) Some Mosques praying Hajii Aiyuz be kept in good health as is their license continue lead Fiji (2) Mandir in poor locality may be praying for the land Bank to be generous …confusion…confusion..

May be, only “ The effectual fervent prayer of (the) righteous.. availeth much”…..…WHERE ARE THEY?????..our people are "souped" and suffering…and that is NOT God’s will!!

...se va'evei "suvu raisi" waicala??

Soup Rice with Uvi said...

Warai Semi, warai.

Semi Meo: "First, we do not chuck valuable pearls in front of snorting swines, hence, Biblical theology is too sanctified to be discussed with some faceless and nameless wanna be Christians".

You sound like a typical Christian, who knows who God is, but doesn't know God. Perhaps you should consider putting aside the old testament and reading the works of Jesus Christ. He would be so sad to hear you say that his work and words should not be discussed with "wanna be christians". Jesus loved the nameless and the faceless, and the prostitutes and the beggars. He was saddened by the people like you, who made for themselves large buildings for worship, but ignored the poor and the needy. No wonder you are in Australia, with the big business scammers aka Hillsong.

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.

Semi Meow said...

Thou shall not lie Semi Meo. You switched allegiance like the Suva weather.

Anonymous said...

@grownup you forgot to mention some people worship their Vu's-what the problem of what you want to worship, be it a cow, a Vu or a tree!

Anonymous said...

SoupRice what you say hits the NAIL on BANG ON THE HEAD! Problem is those that think they know the Bible haven't the foggiest clue who and why they were written. Every thing that happens on this EARTH happens because God has willed it to happen!Problem with the various translation in the Bible it keeps changing words so that the real meaning of the word is made to sound more "pleasant" to fit in with modern day thinking that is-just as the concept of a "Loving God" is now proposed!Here is the quote from Isaia REMEMBER this is a re-translated TEXT " I am the Lord and there is no other.
I form the light and create darkness
I make WEAL and Create WOE
I am the Lord who do all these things.
Good & evil are two sides of the same curtain!

SEMI MEO said...

@ suvu da ni puaka and anomymous..dsame person....Oilei...me da mai dro...sa ra basu ba mai na vuaka!!

Let us all pray for the soul of this son of satan...

Ratu Borogaga said...

Donu nomuni vakamacala Ratu Semi Meo, it isn't God's will for us to suffer.

Roti Cury with Plenty Vetsin said...

@Ratu Borogaga,
Have you read the bible yet? Suffering is what God wants for us. The path to him is not wide and easy, it's narrow and covered with thorns.

@Semi Meo,
See I was right all along. You do indeed think you are God. Only God has the right to judge, and yet you pass judgement on others, calling them swine. Pai karaik, sa yawa 'o Semi Meo, the self proclaimed god.

Anonymous said...

@Soup Rice
If you walked into a place of Worship
and saw people doing corrupt business deals and ripping people off. What would you do?

I know exactly what you would do. You would say that it was "God's will" and then kneel and pray that God would do something!

Well, WHAT DID JESUS DO?. Did He pray? NO!
He made a whip and He whipped them , left , right and centre.

If you saw Slavery, what would you do?

I know what you'd do. You would kneel and pray and say it's God's will.

Well what did Abraham Lincoln do? A man , who read his Bible, and said that everyman is born "free" and "equal" and he fought and killed, inorder that slaves might be free.

If you saw someone bashing your mother or stealing your brother's property , would you stop them??? Because that is exactly what Bai is doing.
or are you going to just stand there and just keep praying.

I think you should read the Bible again.Cover to cover. And let the Bible intepret itself.

-Valataka na Dina.

Hugs not Punches said...

I like this debate because it shows something very clearly..

That the Bible is used as a tool by anyone to achieve their goals.

If I want to support Bainimarama and his stooges, I can very easily do so by cherry-picking verses from the Bible that support that, as "Soup Rice" did.

If I want to oppose Bainimarama, I can also very easily find verses in the Bible to argue my case, just like "Valataka na Dina" has done.

The bible suits everybody, a lover and a hater can both use it to achieve their ends.

This is the danger of mixing religion and politics like has always been done by the Methodist church and recently by the Catholic church.

Use the Bible to enrich your personal life and strengthen your connection with your family and with God. Don't use it as a tool to fight your political wars.

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