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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rape allegation against Chaudhry Junior dropped but questions remain

The woman who claimed Rajendra Chaudhry raped her has been charged with giving false information after she withdrew her complaint.

She appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court on Tuesday and has been bailed to appear in court at the beginning of next month.

But the following questions need to be asked: 

1) Why didn't Rajendra Chaudhry return from Australia before the woman withdrew her complainant? If he had not done anything wrong, he had nothing to fear. 

2) And how did the father, M P Chaudhry, know the complainant was withdrawn by the woman last week? The day he mentioned it was the same day the woman came to Suva to be interviewed, ie last Wednesday. Chaudhry was in Ba that day.


  1. The question is not why chaoudry did not return from oz before complaint was withdrawan but why the complaint was withdrawn and who made the woman give the false compliant. No one needs to return from anywhere just beacuse a complaint is made but in this case it is clear that the puppet master is behing framing all oppostion persons. if there is truth in the complaint why did the police not charge for offences and its public knowledge of the framing that is going around

  2. Challenge the police or anyone to charge if any truth. The politics commissioner would not spare him for rape or dozen charges but there is no evidence or truth in rape complaint and the state would look like a fool. The fact is the woman was bought to make allegation but backed out.

    Who complaints about who who cares.

  3. Rajendra knows very well that the judicial system in fiji is dysfunctional and one sided..

  4. Justice at last .
    MPC is smarter than anyone in fiji politics.
    BAI/AG bite the dust.

  5. Drug meddling woman is doing so for money. So Senior knows before hand that the case has been withdrawn because he appears to have contacted the girl....Has he paid her family some of the Hariana money?

  6. MP must have pai the woman and made promises as long as she changes her report........hahahahahaha

  7. This is another side of the game of running the country.
    If you dont want somebody,get another to lay trump up charges so that he could get all sorts of negative publicity and incarcerated.

  8. Its called a bribe...

  9. Complainant is accompanied by a female acquintance of RPC everywhere.....It is definately a bribe......


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