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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Removal of Lau chair will help foster Bainimarama's plan to become president

All that has been said about the treachery of the dictator, Frank Bainimarama, has come to pass with the replacement of Adi Ateca on the Lau Provincial Council with his puppet chairman, Filipe Bole.

The coup leader will now ensure that no Mara will ever stand in his way.

Adi Ateca's outburst that Lau will not support the People's  Charter is not news as it was expected with all the Mara family throwing their support behind her. Intelligence information had tipped months earlier the Mara clan would denounce the Charter.

The voice of the Mara family has now been officially killed in Fiji, leaving just the First Lady and the President in the official channels. The outburst and support of the First  Lady to the Lau chair on Wednesday has shifted the next target to the President.

He is next to go to totally eradicate the Mara disease “as the illegal AG terms it” whether we people of Fiji like it or not. After that, Bainimarama will resume the president position as he will have the support of all 14 provinces as he puts his choice of chairman and they will all support him to become president, an excellent strategy to side step the GCC.

After resuming the President post, Bainimarama will slowly take out PER as there is no threat on him on the ground. He is in absolute command of the army, police and prisons. By next year he will declare elections and his party will run to win.

The illegal AG is already acting PM – he is getting the required exposure in PM position and is also gearing up for elections.

The grim reality is that, the illegal PM will take out anyone who is opposed to him and his self-appointed government and will do the same to any opposition parties who plan to run for elections. He has nothing to fear and he has successfully tested the waters when he is away overseas and travelling – there will be no uprising!


  1. Great that you've finally accepted the reality in Fiji. Yes, there will be no uprising. And there will be no more Maras using their chiefly status to lord it over the rest. These people aren't worthy to carry their father's name. Now, he was the real thing. They are pretenders, especially the Tongan catamite Tevita.

  2. King Nebuchadnezzar returns in the 21st century in the form of a Fijian dictator. History always repeats.

  3. The plot is for dictator to become president and have command of the army, police,FICAKE, prisons and National Intellegence Burueu and the government by veto power in the consitution. He cant survive any other way and will use the excuse of the people charter not followed to do another coup and say he needs another 10 years as illegal pm to finish the job.

  4. It is not over yet! His day will come. He has already started to fill the pain but is pretending that all is good. The world is watching. The cancer will slowly eat away his brain cells because he is not immortal. The game is still on. The prayers of the silent majority will bear fruition soon. Power to the people. Destroy the devil!God bless Fiji.

  5. When the EVIL DICTATOR becomes prsident. His full name will be President VOREQE CONMAN MUBARAK-QADAFFI BAINIVUAKA TAMATA MACAWA.... Sperm of the Devil..

  6. I just read in the Fijilive news that the Fiji Govt has been given the light to review Timor govt of Corrruption. I am not surprised that the UN delegation may approve that the Fiji Illegal govt is foolowing all UN sactioned regulations. They held talks with the very ppl in govt that are loyal to the Illegal govt.
    I know that they have presented a report which is totally different from what the people of Fiji are going through.
    To Illegal PM, AG, COMPOL, Shameem, Solicitor general, you will all face the music for presenting fake reports on the abuse of Human rights and Corruption. You are all corrupt, arrogant and thieves.
    What a fake....

  7. Doesn't it just feel like a hopeless and helpless situation to be in? God be with us all!

  8. Bai/AG taliban have plans and fijians are sleeping.
    When gcc/church will wake up and fight this dictators.
    if not fijian are gone and we have talibans running the govt/Bai the president.

  9. Isa...If nothing is going to happen this year, then this site is a waste...what will current leaders holding prominent position in the govertnment and various institutions do?
    When my time come, when i grow Old, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!
    So sad to see this kind of politics, just hope that my Fiji is not Going to be another Libya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. According to what I read yesterday in the FT, Lau's population will be under 5000 in 2050. Urban drift. Maybe the uprising will happen somewhere else then...

  11. Voreqe for president? If he survives the next coming weeks!

  12. what else is there to stop this guy from advansing,it seem's like he can do anything n everything and no one can stop him,i just hope that somebody in the military could say enough is enough,cmon guy think of the futureof your kids. moce mada

  13. C4.5 Well written

  14. There you go Tevita Mara... here are yr family's two puppets on the rise far above yr expectations. Oqo o rau dou a vueta cake mai me rau sa mai veiliutaki ena neimami matanitu na i taukei e viti.

    Hard pill to swallow!

    I feel the country would still give the defected (and defunct) colonel the time and space. But, for the life of me, I, for one, do not want to see this Epeli Ganilau ever rise up again. He's now showed the country that he lacks wisdom and lacks good judgement. poor leadership qualities.

    sa kua yani o iko... vinaka cake o Adi Ateca. ia, me dou se tei rawati voreqe mada.

    oilei... na cala cava mada eda a cakava me meda mai sotakaya tu kina na bula voravora ena ligadrau na kawa tamata 'qo.

    ni yalovinaka na lewe i Viti ni yadra cake mai!!! esa totolo na kadre na wabosucu!

  15. It is clear from day one that Bainivuaka will ascend that throne. So what are we going to do. Lets revolt before our country goes to the dogs. Revolution could have started with Lau provincial council underm Adi Ateca. Some money Lauans decided to side with the government. One thing I tell my fellow LaunsDou na oca na waraka na veivuke mai na matanitu qo. Vinaka cake meda vala. Me kawaboko o Bainimarama

  16. Baini and Khaiyum's days are numbered, they are on their way out. His lust for the presidency will never happen, he will be shot before that happens, same for the covetous Khaiyum.

  17. Who would have thought that within 5 years, Fijians would have as their Leader, a demented Psychopath and Indian Moslem running their Country ?

  18. Lets not get to carried away! If i recall Roko Ului was one of the 'main boy' or Champions of the Charter-he even convinced the people of Lau, in some quarters he forced it upon them! I did not hear anything from Adi Ateca then so whats changed Adi-that you now no longer support the Charter? As for the Presidency -it does not make any sense to me for Frank to wnat the position-after all the power lies in the Military Commander and he is not stupid to let that go! Or am i wrong?Dri Yani

  19. Anonymous July 14, 2011 11:51 PM

    I think you jealous of the Maras. Drau veicai i Voreqe

  20. Its kinda funny as we stood and watch helplessly. We need some sacrifice people. JUST DO IT!!!!

  21. Some one mention Muslims . . .
    running the country ?
    I bet 98% of Fijians have no idea what goes on in countries ruled by Muslims, in regards to Christians . . look up the web site www.thereligionofpeace.com
    . . there you will read about the sickening daily attrocities committed by Muslims against any body, but especially christians.
    Inform yourself - become aware.

  22. good frank is the man!

  23. THE TRUTH in the next 2 Years in Fiji in Bainimarama Command!!
    This is what is going to happen when Bainimara accends the Throne as President of fiji..he has learned very well while in the Chilean Navy.
    They say that Frank only reached Form 4 level of education and to rise through the Navy & Army Ranks to where he is now, i doubt that all his NCO & platoon commander whould not have realised that he was a snivelling coward and very intelligent enough to con,buy & use people to assume total authority to where he is, as of today..he has to be taken out...full stop or Fiji will suffer for the next generation.
    His main dream(as he dreams a lot)to be the main Liberator(whether by hook or crook) of the common fijian people in the 21st centry and his antics to be recorded into Fiji Archives & History of fiji.

    He does not belivce in the Fijian Chiefly system anymore,his antics will be "oh chiefs will be only ok in the villages not in town or city life". This will be one of his main downfall if he does not respect the land and the people(or the tagi/kudru ni vanua will kill him slowly).

    For all those coup & army supportes or sapota's reading this,please take time and read the column below as this will or can really paint the real picture of this evil that you have created in what is coming to fiji..sleep well coup supporters and dream of the rainbow snake Degei to terrorise the realm of your dreams every night!!! Turukawa has spoken..

    Chile: The State and Revolution
    ON THE morning of September 11, 1998—the 25th anniversary of the military coup that brought Gen. Augusto Pinochet to power—Chileans awakened to a scene that vividly recalled the terrible events of 25 years ago. The center of Santiago was again under military occupation. Clouds of tear gas polluted the air for blocks around downtown as police rioted against crowds of people who dared to commemorate the victims of the coup.

    Demonstrators hoped to march past the La Moneda presidential palace on the side of the building with the door through which President Allende’s bullet-ridden body was removed after Pinochet’s soldiers murdered him during the coup. But the leaders of Chile’s present-day civilian government prohibited the protest, calling it a plot by “extremist and subversive” groups—phrases all too closely associated with the Pinochet dictatorship.1 The government unleashed police terror instead. At least two demonstrators were killed and 180 people arrested. A revolutionary socialist living in Santiago reported that “the vast majority of the violence was provoked by the police, who did not hesitate to spray water, shoot tear gas and throw objects at a mainly peaceful crowd which included children and the elderly.”

    The coup was conducted with extraordinary savagery. Thousands were raped, subjected to inhuman torture, starved, abused, murdered. In the following 12 months 30,000 people were killed.

    They were the best and Most courageous leaders of their class, systematically picked off with sophisticated foreign intelligence help.

    And they were not just killed—they were torn apart, to warn and terrify the next generation.

    The rest were dealt with arbitrarily, to terrorize the population and give graphic notice that the new regime would give no quarter. That was the significance of the maimed bodies that floated every morning along Santiago’s River Mapocho.3

    Thousands of Chilean leftists, including some in foreign exile, were later hunted down and murdered by Pinochet’s secret police during the 1970s and 1980s.

    Well,it's chilling tale but was true and this i have dreamt that can/will happen in fiji too.History does repeat itself in any country around the world, even in Fiji in real time now.It's the copy cats are the worse..


    sa dri yani...VALATAKA NA DINA THUMBS UP!!

  24. Well Fiji,now it is your call.The rest of the world can only look on.You the people can decide your future or be subsumed by self centred self interested people who are now running the country.Be very very clear the choice as to where your country goes from here is YOURS.Once you were warriors.Now........?

  25. God is watching and will intervene when people turn to Him and ask for His help. The God of the Christian people, Jesus Christ, will do the unexpected and no army will be able to protect Baini/Ayass from HIM! When all look hopelessly in favor of Baini/Asss, then He will act.


  26. To those who are losing hope, please remember that God is watching. Bainimara has done to God what no other leader of this country has done and God will do worse to him that he did to others before him. Remember what happened to King Saul!

  27. I think history might be favourable in its judgement of Kaiyum and Bai. They might be seen as the agency that eradicated feudal oppression of the Fijian people.

  28. We are going around in circles.

    Ther is only one sure solution.

    Voreqe has to be toppled by force, by public mass movement in the form of public demonstrations, disobedience and industrial strikes to cripple the country.

    Violent suppression by the regime to be matched with same and physical response.

  29. You will all notice that in history, very few uprisings happened in archipelagos made of hundreds of islands and where most of the population is spread in countless tiny villages. There are only a few urban centres, most of them very small.

    Somehow, in Fiji, geography is an ennemy of revolutions. The only area of Fiji where a revolution could start would be Suva - maybe Nadi because of its strategic importance - but then a concentration of military personnel in those places is probably enough to keep peace and order.

  30. Hey people, Voreqe can become president,don't you remember 'Rambo' takalaka style? No man, No law, No war can stop him. vacava ya?????????????. Sa yawa o Vore.

  31. My sympathies to my "Tovata's"..Time now to bring in Takavesi and Vakatalai...I am here ready to heed your calls,..Ului, stop the pussy footing..aiyaz kaimuslim has put all of us to the sword..he will only be put down by the sword..he as a muslim only knows about "an eye for an eye" mentality...once out, only then will jvb be made useless. couldn't help notice the camaraderie between these idiots in the diplomatic corp and the regime sympathizers...tu mai TuTe, sa gauna oqo meda taura tale na noda vanua, yaragi ga me yaco rawa mai e noda...the only way to remove these idiots is by force..come on boys, wake up and stop these nonsense once and for all! We owe it to our kids...time for those that don't respect us to make way! Ni sega na nodra dui delaniyavu, sa rauta me sega ni mosi vei ira na veivakararawataki e bikai keda tu nai taukei ena gauna saraga oqo.

  32. Bul Bul says...

    Lets not cry now Fiji & MARA family.

    You had the opportunity to dethrone Frank & Aiyaz but no brains & guts. The inter-locking relations would have done it for Fiji but busy with personal ego's & fail to see what is best for Fiji.
    lets have a look...

    1. Epeli Ganilau (was actg PM & Min for Home Affairs)
    & Adi Ateca Mara Ganilau
    2. Ratu Epli nailatikau (Commander in Chief) & Adi Koila Mara ( sly adviser)
    3. Rok0 Ului Mara (had the guns)
    4. Adi Elenoa & kana loto Aisake Taito
    5. & so on

    So what happened family.....Aiyaz now rules & laughing at you all.

    Moce Viti

  33. Operation sasamaki prevails and continues in Fiji. Equal opportunity for all people and rid of the class system that has stunted the growth of the Fijian people. People will prosper by the sweat of their brows not by their names.

  34. Dont loose hope folks.....There is a sigh of relief around the corner.Just watch and pray that there wont be alot of bloodshed or your loved ones are spared from all this......
    This government wont run much longer.....but will be shorter.
    Thanks to Jesus...Amen!!!!
    Thumbs up for democracy!!!

  35. Fijian identity is not inextricably linked to Fijian chiefs. That is a constructed idea and smacks of slavery.This is a watershed moment.The yoke of feudalism is being cast off. We are entering a new paradigm where Fijians are free at last.Emeni.

  36. Voreqe is already the president of Fiji. Ratu Nailatikau is just sitting on that chair as a puppet, Bainimarama yields the real power. Me kua ni moqe o Ratu Epeli de qai tukuni vei koya me taura nona livi lol!!

  37. I hope this current care taker Governemnt is re- elected in 2014. They have shown great fight and resilience in keeping the economy afloat and invester confidence and building a stonger independant Fiji. Everyone in Fiji is happy and goes on with life. So happy for the villagers and those in rural communities who have benefited so much from this Government.

  38. Only a small number of kai Tailevu supports this Kaisi. His ways are ways of a fucked up grey matter personality who has no conscience left in the corridores of his mind.His mind no longer controls his behavior. It is controlled in the deeper layers of his Anus. We stand in support of removing the dictators. Suliasi Daunitutu's dvd has been widely distributed in Tailevu. We are seeing the corrupt activities of this Bastards. We are matching it with the warnings of Suli's dvds. Suli's dvd needs to be massively reproduced and distributed to all Fijian villages. If you have internet than watch it on Youtube.If you have a copy of the dvd please burn and disrtibute it silently in the both rural & urban for people to know the truth.It will have a rippling effect.

  39. @Bati

    Agree 100% with Bati. The question is how, what can we do. We used the existing organised workers' union.

    The vanua and its traditional leadership have shown their colours and that they are toothless, and quite clear that the chiefs only exist for personal gains with no pain.

    A golden opportunity now exists. That is in our response to resolving the planned destruction and elimination by this illegal regime of the workers' union movement.

    General workers' rolling strike to bring down the illegal regime to its knees.

    No doubt the regime will use force to restore order and the PEOPLE will be forced to respond and mobilise nation-wide in civil disobedience which may erupt in violence.

    This will escalate to national revolt and uprising which should be responded to with equal force with ultimate aim of toppling Vore . If he resists he must be dethroned forcefully...its the only language he understands.

    I am quite sure we in the highlands of Viti Levu will play our part to the max. Bring it on we are ready.

  40. It's clear from all the public relations that Voreqe is doing he's obviously gunning for the Presidential position. Trying to gain support from illiterate fijian villagers before installing himself on the throne.

  41. Am supporting Anon on the 16/07/11 at 1030hrs.....was on the Lau Provincial Meetings on Tuesday & Wednesday in Nadi & asking a few Lauans about the welcoming ceremony that they did when BainiPuaka visits the Yatu Lau...well they told me "ME VALA GA YANI...GAUNA NI VEIDIGIDIGI A KOROSI LEVU ENA VALA.....no one will vote for Him.......hhhh.. THUMPS UP FOR DEMOCRACY.

  42. Comments going to waste because people not following the rules-C4.5

  43. Mafi...USA...
    Why are you so hell bent in wat the UN is doing...what do you know of the abuse of human rights in Fiji....
    Those working in the UN are not blind to wat's happening in Fiji and most of those working there are Aussies and Kiwis....
    Fiji soldiers uniqueness is above the rest and can't be replaced by any other soldiers around the world...they have't got the weapons...but they have the guts to carry out the duties assigned to them in war torn countries....
    That's why the UN can't leave out Fiji because of their capabilities...

  44. A Bainipuaka ga a bainipuaka.

  45. Kinoya Kid.For your info the UN office in Suva is so dreaming of peaceful resolutions.They have turn a blind eye to peoples complaint about abuses because you do it cowardly and hide it well but no so professional. Think 2wice before u comment the uniqueness of Fijian Soldiers because you not. You two- faced backstabbers and a stupid idiots. You know y? You only accepted peacekeeping missions because you need the money - You not Profesional peacekeepers because you cannot even maintain peace within yourselves - live alone in the military camp - as witness by the number of coups and the number of corrupt activities and abusese done by the military. You potray to the whole world your smiling faces but beneath those smiling faces are chaos.

    You mentioned you have the guts to carry on what you do. Again because you need the money.You are only strong with the gun in your hand. Real strength will be seen if you utilise your resources, control the financial markets and the Economy and your country is in your hands.Right now there is so much disputes in your fragmenated families, clans, sub clans and villages and so forth and you cant even turn the disputes into possible solutions. And you qualify yourself as the best peacekeepers in the world. Think before you talk.... Mr TWO FACE BACKSTABBER.

  46. Anon 7.52am
    My friend, I'm only enlightening you what other countries are saying. You may say wat ever you want to say but at the end of the day ....wat others think that counts...Who are you to undermine wat the sons of this Nation has archived..they archived that thru sweat and blood and also 50 plus thru peace.
    What have U contributed to the Nation?
    The service of our unique military pers are needed thru out the war torn countries around the world...we must all be proud of them...
    They are the proud sons and daughters of this Nation...why hate them...
    They are doing proud for their motherland...and you?
    Wea are U from and who are U working for?
    We are proud of our sons archivements.Wat has happened has happened and nobody can change that. Wat the UN Officials have decided is their perogative and non of your business...

  47. Fiji soldiers are professional Peace keepers all over the World...just to enhunce your corrupt mindset..
    They have been recognized world over for their uniqueness and professional approach in carrying out their work...
    They are professional soldiers in their own right recognized world over and thats why the UN can't go without Fiji...You may think otherwise but they are recognized by others as professionals...
    God Bless

  48. @ Kinoiya kid..
    You know nothing about the tainted reputation about the best PK in the world you are bragging about....
    If what you are saying is what you know..I know more about the dark side of the very PK you are talking about...
    They come home to Fiji with suit cases of sourvenirs for their families with their credit balances left behind with the poor local ppl in Lebanon.
    They were involved in a Liqour racketeering in Lebanon whilst on active duty.
    They were involved in Human trafficking for bringing home a Lebanese woman who was impregnated by a married man. She was brought over to Fiji with what I believe to be a poor young man from Beqa. He was used to cover for the married man. The poor guy didnt know anything about his rights being abused. I think I have to start looking for the poor guy and advice him to sue the Military for that...
    Those are the things that those ppl from other countries dont know about the best PK you are bragging about.
    They have abused the human rights of their own countrymen and women and children and trying to entice the whole world that they are the best.
    Why cant and didnt do the same at home. Thay are just doing that for the sake of money but not for the Love of and the understanding of the word PEACEKEEPING!!!!
    AS I've said, I know more about the History of Fiji's participation in Peacekeeping and I have reliable sources that have confirmed to me that all I have shown above are legitimate. They did happen and the whole world never knew about it..
    I know when they read this, they will be able to know the real colur of the PK who are deemed to be the best. May be to your standard...but not mine....and what the UN HQ didn't really know happens right under their nose...
    As for you Kinoya Kid...You have to go and check your facts @ the whirlpool near Kinoya village...
    Is that enough for you????
    I have more to divulge but not to someone who doesn't know the facts of the issue being discussed.
    You sound like you are still in the service dude!!!!

  49. You have to Admit. The prick is learning!!!!

    Nazi Germany, officially the Greater German Reich or the Third Reich,[3] is the name commonly used to refer to the state of Germany from 1933 to 1945, when it was a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.
    On 30 January 1933, Adolf Hitler legally became Chancellor of Germany, appointed by President Paul von Hindenburg. Although he initially headed a coalition government, he quickly made Hindenburg a figurehead and eliminated his non-Nazi partners. The Nazi regime restored economic prosperity and ended mass unemployment using heavy military spending while suppressing labor unions and strikes. The return of prosperity gave the regime enormous popularity and made his rule mostly unchallenged, although resistance grew after the onset of military aggression, culminating in the failed 20 July plot in 1944. The Gestapo (secret state police) under Heinrich Himmler destroyed the liberal, Socialist and Communist opposition and persecuted the Jews, attempting to force them into exile while taking their property. The Party took control of the courts, local government, and all civic organizations except the Protestant and Catholic churches.[4] All expressions of public opinion were controlled by Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who made effective use of film, mass rallies, and Hitler's skillful oratory.[5]
    The Nazi state idolized Hitler as its Führer ("Leader"), centralizing all power in his hands. Nazi propaganda centered on Hitler and was quite effective in creating what historians call the "Hitler Myth" – that Hitler was all-wise and that any mistakes or failures by others would be corrected when brought to his attention. In reality, Hitler had a narrow range of interests and decision-making was diffused among overlapping, feuding power centers; on some issues he was passive, simply assenting to pressures from whoever had his ear. All top officials still reported to Hitler and followed his basic policies, but they had considerable autonomy on a daily basis.[6]

  50. Mafi, what you are saying is true..I'm not going to dispute that...you can;t bring that few falts of a few to tarnish the hard work, of all those who gave their lives for the name of their country and Peace,
    We are all human beings but different mindset.
    Just for your info...All those involve were taken to task for their actions...
    The vision of the UN as a whole is different..it rates Fiji Soldiers as Professional PKs..either you like it or not is tour perogative.....
    God Bless Fiji


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