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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Robberies occuring right under nose of ill-equipped Fiji officers

MR TRALALA STILL AT IT: COMPOL continues his merry way oblivious to woes of police force and unattended crime.

Remember the above picture we published on the Fiji Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurura,  dancing on the streets with two ladies in our Namadi police last month (Coupfourpointfive Monday, May 30th)

Breaking news is that there have been four robbers last week - just opposite the police post but the officers didn’t have any standard equipment to stop the robbers. All the houses that were broken into belonged to businessmen.

Reports sent to us show that when the alarm was raised the police officers couldn’t even chase the robbers because they couldn’t see in the dark! Readers will remember earlier stories about the dire state of the police force at the moment. Sources have revealed the 700-strong Fiji Police is ill-equipped and lack basic resources like spare uniforms, handcuffs with officers using expired pepper spray.
Informers also say almost 90% of police officer are without any handcuffs or protective gear when they head out to patrol the streets. According to one officer: "The standard equipments of the Fiji Police are either not in stock, expired or not being purchased because there is no money."


  1. Nice dance compol.
    When you will charge the boss Bai/ASK/Cronies for treason.
    Prove fiji public now.

  2. don't know whats in his mind ..dancing on the road side.....lialia..compol....ltka kid.

  3. Hey give the bloke a chance to prove himself. Try putting yourself in his shoes...would you do a better job.

  4. yes..give me the job so that I investigate vore...how about..??

  5. why are military people running the country?? Only experience they have are manning road blocks in lebanon and Sinai for a few years and they "THINK" they can do a better job than those who are really experienced in the jobs.This is what happens when you put "MONKEYS" to do a human beings job...Dancing on The Streets!!.."LEQA"

  6. Wane......pls remember and respect your training and status from Sandhurst. It's not too late. Follow Saubulinayau's example and do the right thing. Redeem yourself, before you get dereemed.


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