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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Roko Ului Mara to up the ante

The former leader of the 3FIR, Roko Ului Mara, says he intends to "issue a series of releases in more detail than before, dealing in sequence with issues of vital concern."
In a statement he says the first release concerns the efforts by the illegal regime to extradite his back to Fiji to face torture and prosecution at the hands of the regime, and a "trial"by courts who can in no way be called independent.

"The alleged Attorney General of Fiji, in his supreme arrogance, has assumed that he has a mandate to call for the extradition from overseas of a dissenter such as myself. 

What he has omitted duly to consider is that, his regime being absolutely illegal, there is no prospect whatever of his succeeding in that malicious venture.

"The alleged Attorney General has no lawful authority for anything that he has done or caused to be done in Fiji. He is Attorney General in name only, by force of arms and by defiance of the Supreme Law of Fiji. It is not therefore surprising that he has no mandate outside Fiji either, and that  democratic institutions overseas will not acquiesce in his manoeuvres.

"I have enjoyed a warm welcome in the countries which I have visited since my escape from the dictator. I am very well aware, and the alleged Attorney General must by now also be aware, that his pleas for my extradition will not avail. Right will triumph.

"The alleged Attorney General has boasted that he will file an extradition application for me to any country that I visit. I warmly invite and welcome him to attempt to carry out this malicious exercise. It will only result in his embarrassment and humiliation."

Roko Ului says he will continue undeterred with his campaign. 

The former army officer is expected to travel to Samoa next.


  1. The rejection by NZ, Aust, Samoa, Tonga to allow the extradition of Ratu Tevita shows that Khaiyum is not recognised by these countries. All in all, this clearly proves after five years of illegal rule, Frank and Khaiyum are still regarded as 'liper' government which no one would touch or engage.

    Why? simple because of corruption and absence of rule of law in Fiji.

    Khaiyum is a failure and nothing can change this fact.


  3. Bring back Francis - Rajesh knows what it means.

  4. Power to Maras - they deserve to rule again but without chor Indian wannabes like Raju and Rajesh

  5. Mara's visit to Sahil Shahs house last friday with Felix and Rajesh proves that grog can keep everybody together - power to real democracy crusadrers - time to go Bani.


    A former Fiji army officer who has fled his homeland doubts there will be elections there in 2014.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Ratu Tevita Mara left Fiji in May after being charged with sedition and treason.

    He is visiting New Zealand to meet Foreign Affairs officials.

    Colonel Mara told Sunday Morning that it's unlikely that Commodore Frank Bainimarama will follow through on his government's plan to hold general elections in three years.

    He said a major reason Commodore Bainimarama won't hold elections is because it could lead to him being charged for his involvement in the coup in 2000.

    Colonel Mara also said that he believes if elections do happen, they will not be free and fair.

    He said New Zealand should widen its sanctions against Fiji to help bring an end to the regime.

    However, he said, even then it would take a hugely significant event for the Fiji people to rise up.

    Listen to more from Colonel Mara on Sunday Morning

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  7. They must be laughing their heads off around the world at illegal Fijian junta trying to use legal system to try extradite a person when they have no legal standing at all. It is a big fat joke.

  8. Get ready for another one of those lengthy press releases from ministry of misinformation full of smart english vocabs of Utopia and the likes..from fijis illegal attorney General that has never evan won a case in court during his short stint as a lawyer before he shot to embarrasing shame in a coup..haahaa..everybody laugh @ the wannabe lawyer with cheap credentials that thinks he could change laws and make laws out of a treasonous act..haahaahaa..

  9. cut out the pre shows Ului and give us the real deal,,,,,,,,,so far its a lot of hot air and no substance,,,,,,,,now he is teaming up with the Labour cronies,,,,,never apologised to Qarase so far,,,,,,,
    all talk no acion = no result!

  10. Could RUM clarify to the people of Fiji, the allegation about the affair with Waisale Serevi's wife, which ultimately caused the breakdown of the maestro's household?

    Small has shed blood, sweat and tears for our beloved country, and RUM needs to explain comprehensively to the people of Fiji this evil conduct, so that whatever he is explaining may hold some water.

    Otherwise, you are wasting your time, but get ready to face the consequences.


  11. Bai and Kai should be ashamed of themselves.
    Oh what are joke man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sa rauta mada na via vakarerevaki tiko.

  12. Too much talk ...small workshop...go back home and face what you all started...mara ..bai..should be in Naboro.. the both of you...cut the bullshit out...

  13. Let us stick to the issue, do not bring his personal issues here, we all have our downfalls, lets focus on the political issues rather than trying to combine his personal issues with politics

  14. Vinaka RUM keep on pressing and dont listen to the failed critics like NFP [ not for people] CHORs.

  15. very well said...

    annon - 7:31am...

  16. What a joke it is running an illegal goverment and pretending as if it is geniune and real. It is like having a jolly ride in a stolen car and when the fuel dries up abandon it.That will be the end result when the finaces come to an end the illegal junat will escape.
    The current regime is a disgrace and embarrssemnet to the international cummunity. What an idiot is Frank trying to engage with the International community when he does not have the capability and ability an uneducated halfcast.
    A bloody fruit salad family having a free ride on the expences of the tax payers. This curse will haunt you and your family wannabe ratu you baku.

  17. What has FLP done brought about coups , chors plus chammars and bagaroos.

    Their adultorous leader has a lot to explain who is currently in hiding.

  18. Khaiyum is a joke, no one wil ever recognize his authority.

  19. Mara should join forces with another fugitive in Dr Sahu Khan who is hiding in NZ - maybe both can visit leaders with their stories. Send them back and lets get some clean and honest people to fight the democracy cause.

  20. anon 7.31am
    we dont want immorals amd hypocrites as leaders........what wrong with that fool?? if u dont have personal standards how can u lead a nation? Go clean a toilet instead!

  21. @ anon 6.33pm..Did he ever say that he wanted to lead fiji??..No.. get your facts right he is just coming out with the truth about the illegality of this government..

  22. The SDL government was also an illegal government.
    Qarase should have given the reigns back to Labour after the Chandrika Prasad case.

    I guess it was too late, because Qarase as the caretaker PM had embezzled $30m of government funds to buy votes through the Agriculture scam and $20m of government funds loaned to FHL to be converted to grant.

  23. Be a real man Ului Mara. What have you achieved so far? Nothing but a self pity exercise to save your dirty linen. We don't need a mara blood to run our country again. Perhaps you can ask the laughing samoans for a piece of land for you and your family.

  24. @8:51 PM. A U out of your forking mind? How was SDL illegal when it was elected?
    Just because Choro's government was illegally ousted and not thereafter REINSTATED does not mean that SDL was illegal. Once fresh elections are held, then that's it. New elected government comes in. END OF STORY.

  25. interesting indeed!

  26. Roko Ului is starting to sound like the statesman we need to lead us out of the morass where we are now stuck. What he has to do is keep himself above the petty jealousies of lesser leaders. He doesn’t need to worry about proving himself to anybody or anything but the memory of his late father, the turaga Tui Nayau. We need someone like him who can rise above gossip and backstabbing.

  27. To Navosavakadu, unfortunately, he is the one who is instigating the backstabbing and gossipping....unbecoming of a Turaga.

  28. Mara....wat U are doing in trying to gather support for your cause and that is to save your own ass...
    Wat else or wat lies you are about to brain wash those people you are trying to gather support from....
    Your picture shows how worried you are because you really lost a lot of weight....Vakaloloma
    You seek support from the Union Guys....the people you use to hate during your Military life...
    Sa vakacava qo? .....Vakaloloma dina

  29. A@11.25. yes the SDL became illegal, after the court ruling, but they would not revert the leadersip to to the Coalition Government.

    that's how it was illegal.


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