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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roko Ului replies to Fiji Coalition: I am sorry Nik will not be part of the democracy talks

Roko Ului Mara issued the following statement to  Coupfourpointfive in response to the decision by the Fiji Coalition for Democracy decision to file a claim about the former 3FIR Commander with NZ Police.

I am surprised by this action by Nik. We had been having a very cordial email exchange about meeting in New Zealand. I will quote his last sentence from his last email to me.

“We would like to see all people and organisations with a positive interest in Fiji working together to find an acceptable solution for the future of Fiji.”

I am not sure what has changed with Nik but there have been questions in the past about Nik’s motivations. I think this clearly shows he is attempting to disrupt my trip in New Zealand. The question we have to ask ourselves is why is he trying to disrupt attempts to move Fiji back to democracy? Is it just to give himself some recognition and publicity or is there a more sinister motive behind this attempt to have me investigated by the NZ police. Is he doing this to help Bainimarama? I can’t answer those questions.

One thing we should also bear in mind is that allegedly Nik, along with Khaiyum the Illegal Attorney General, was one of the bomb makers in the 1987 coup. He once worked closely with the Khaiyum the puppet Master. Perhaps he is having his strings pulled and is dancing to his master’s tune once again.

I have got a packed trip to New Zealand; I am expecting to meet a large number of true democracy supporters in the next few days. I am sure we will have many constructive conversations and we will take some major steps towards bringing democracy back to Fiji. I am only sorry that Nik will not be part of those conversations. My aim is to unite all of the Pro Democracy movements and to work together towards our common goal of bringing democracy back to Fiji.

Violence and torture have taken place under the Bainimarama regime. As I have said before, I have not personally taken part in any form of physical abuse.

I am also fully expecting to answer to the people of Fiji when we have restored democracy to the people.

Ratu Tevita Mara


Anonymous said...

Grow up Mara - this is what Democracy is all about - Freedom of speech - it seems you still have your military blood doing your thinking.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish from RUM - did he go to the same school(none)as Rajesh - we need to work as one to win this fight - Nick is only standing as a true democracy crusader since 1987 - he isnt one that changes camp to suit.

Anonymous said...

excellent comments!

great work roko ului!!

Anonymous said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

If you havent seen the agenda for RUMs meeting on Saturday in AK, you will get the biggest laugh when its revealed that wanna be Fiji Indian NZ MP Rajen Prasad is speaking on the day ( Sahu Khans best friend )and Rajesh is talking on behalf of Qarasai - what a joke - one who cannot speak Fijian and the other who cant speak English. Another chodoo supporter Satish Chand is speaking for labour - when will we get more credible people rather than one fugitive,one failing NZ politican, one failed grog bowl politician and one of chodoos dog. Bring back Tarakinini.

Anonymous said...

Dr Rajen Prasad is a disgrace for all Fijians - this man is a clown - RUM needs to stand alone in his fight - no winning points in NZ election year please

Anonymous said...

please leave your personal agendas.likes and dislikes aside and focus on what has happened to our beloved country over the last five years of arbitrary rule. We all have mistakes in discerning the characters behind the names. It is crystal clear now the that the persons behind this despicable regime have no conscience, morals and are products of extremism and egoism. I live in fiji and have witnessed the moral and social decay of our society. Persons in power now,if allowed to remain in power,will not abdicate by normal means, therefore all the contemporary opponents irrespective of their past associations must be supported and encouraged for the return of sanity and decency to the nation that we all cherish.

Anonymous said...

You are a hypocrit, Mara. You did things as it suited you then and you are doing things as it suits you now.

I cant belive how people are still believing him! This also brings up the question that if Bainimarama comes up and says, lets fight Aiyaz coz he manipulated me and that "I have not personally taken part in any physical abuse", you will believe him and take his words as gospel?

Come on people, common sense is not sold in the market and for that very same reason it is not common. Fight for the right but find out WHAT IS RIGHT first.

Anonymous said...

Tarakinikini is as guilty as sin for his part in the 2000 mutiny for which his chief is doing time. Filipopo may not be a fugitive but while Frank's around, he cannot enter the country. Drotaka tiko na nomu mai lewai gonei.

Anonymous said...

Please do not attack the person, attack the issue at hand.......

Anonymous said...

What has Sahu Khan's friendship got to do with NZ Labour Party invitee to speak at the meeting?

If friends to anyone is to go by, then why is President Ratu Ului's brother-in-law sitting there.

Fiji is small and democrcay has no boundaries whether they are or are not your friends.

If Rajesh and Satish are reading messages for others is no relevance to the meeting druming support for democracy.

What is worse - for Rajen to be a friend of Sahu or for Frank's daughter to be CEO of Fiji Sports Council who gave millions for 4 flood lights for something that can be done for $600k?

Degei said...

Nik Naidu from the start publisized his attemp to stop NZ Govt issuing travel visa to Ului.

He ashamedly ambarrased himself publicly in this as NZ Govt disregarded the musings of this flotsan and jetsam driftwood from Fiji.

He has a peculiar disregard of our common objective to remove the illegal regime and return democracy in Fiji now. We therefore need to work with those who abandoned Vore, who will be far more effective than Nik's morribund band of wannabes nobodies.

Now he is at it again. We expect the same appropriate dismissive disregard from the NZ Govt.

convolutedexperiment said...

Let he who is without sin, cast the 1st. stone !

Let's unite and utilise Ratu Ului Mara's brave stance against Frank and his Regime.

Whether people agree with him or not, this is not the time nor the place to allow our differences to interfere in this righteous fight against the Evil and oppression which has engulfed and all but wiped our Indigenous Fiji.

This is not the time for righteous indignation.

Anonymous said...

can you publish the time and place for Tevita Mara public meetings in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

Can someone among the organisers of RUM's meetings in Aukcland and Wellington please tell us the venues and times of the meetings please! Can we please try to unite for the sake of our people back home who are relying on us? All these bickering and back-biting while common has no place right now in our united efforts for some progress towards strategies we can use to wrestle power back from the current corrupt regime.

Anonymous said...

Jacket says...

Hey guys Nick has a point BUT...

I can smell a rat here ..... & only time will tell.

Dr Rajen Prasad MP said...

There is no truth to the claim that I will be speaking at the "Free Fiji Rally" in Auckland on Saturday. I have made some constructive proposals for a way forward elsewhere and will progress that as best I can. It is not appropriate for me to address such a rally. Dr Rajen Prasad MP

Anonymous said...

@ Anony, July 20,2011 9:43am
Where did you get this bullshit information from? "sivia na vakilakila," don't say anything that you don't know.

Anonymous said...

Dr Rajen Prasad was going to speak at the Public Meeting in Auckland organised by the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement NZ Inc. This had been agreed to by his leader, Labour Party leader - Phil Goff and had been organised for some time now. However, Dr Rajen pulled out yesterday through a phone call to FDFMNZ Secretary Rajesh. He said that he was pulling out because the FDFMNZ flier advertising the meeting on Saturday had ''Free Fiji Rally.'' The meeting in Auckland this Saturday will have many other speakers and we will not be distracted by this. There is a lot of work to be done to progress a return to democracy for Fiji. This will be a good meeting to bring all Fijians together and hear from Ratu Tevita Mara about happenings in Fiji. There will also be an update on the economic situation in Fiji. Look forward to this.

Journo said...

Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement New Zealand
Public meeting with Ratu Tevita Mara in Auckland this Saturday, 23 July 2011.
Time:5pm start
Venue: Papatoetoe Town Hall, 35 St George Street, Old Papatoetoe. A number of speakers including Felix Anthony and Peter Conway - Secretary of NZ Council of Trade Unions.
All Welcome! Entertainment will include two Meke's.
Refreshment provided after the formal programme. T-shirts sold at the door at $20(M/L/XL/XXL), only limited number, so first come first serve basis.
Will also be a donation plate.

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