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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Samoa PM: NZ and Australia need to quadruple sanctions on Fiji

The issue of sanctions against Fiji has popped up again during a meeting in Apia between the Samoan Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielelagaoi, and New Zealand's Foreign Affairs minister, Murray McCully.
McCully is visiting Samoa as part of his annual Pacific mission.

At a press conference, Tuilaepa was asked about the situation in Fiji and made the following observation. "I think the New Zealand and Australia are too soft, they should be quadrupling or increasing their sanctions 10 times." 

He said ordinary people would not suffer because they grew their own food and fished from the sea, the only people to be affected would be those who supported the illegal military government. 

Tuilaepa said the Pacific was often likened to the situation in Africa where soldier "roam the countryside and kill people left, right and centre and steal their property... that doesn't happen in the Pacific". 

He said Fiji would deal with it's own problems but would need time to sort it out for itself and everyone else must have patience.

"The Fijians will eventually solve their own problems by talking, waiting, rest, talking, eat, talk again, eventually they will solve their problems themselves." 

McCully said Tuilaepa's strong words showed it was not New Zealand and Australia pushing other Pacific nations to speak out against Fiji, as the leadership there often claims. (original source Stuff.co.nz)


convolutedexperiment said...

At last, some reality finally creeping into the situation in Fiji.

Bring on the increased sanctions, stop tourism, stop peace keeping deployments, bring in the United Nations Peace Keeping Troops to take control, issue Warrants for the arrests of those responsible for Human Rights Abuses and prosecute all involved in and supporting the coup as well as those who took posts in the coup.

It's time to pay the Piper folks !

convolutedexperiment said...

The late Lou Rawls, 4 octave range :-

A regime is a regime said...

Yet again the PM of Samoa has bent over the tinpot hand puppet of Fiji and given him a well aimed 'serve'. The Fiji military puppet regime under its leader khaiyum is taking Fiji nowhere except to the naisoso swamp. Until this cancerous regime controlled by intruders is removed Fiji will continue to slide into oblivion. Sanctions against regime must be substantially increased immediately.
As for the fools who call a regime a 'government'? One only has to look at their background to see their irrelevance.

Lutunasoba said...

Absolutely correct Tuilaepa. NZ and rest of world must tighten boycot on Fiji 100 times.

Include exclusion of Fiji military from UN assignments.

Villagers will survive on resource from the land and when suburban population reach boiling point they will hit the roof and will execute the illegal dictator

Anonymous said...

Last I checked not many people in Fiji could survive merely by fishing and growing their own food but then again tuilapea probably knows more about Fiji than us Fijians ourself.He seems to be the expert on what to do with Fiji around these blogs

Anonymous said...

Can the Samoan PM bring democracy to his own country before lashing out at Fiji.All he wants is for Samoa to become the hub of the Pacific which will never happen.

Anonymous said...

At least Tuilapea knows the score. These treasonous traitors in Fiji will only bow to strong arm stuff - like they hand out to others.

Fiji Observer said...

Samoa's PM upfront guy and more importantly is an ELECTED PM.

SEMI MEO said...

What does this laughing Samoan know about the socio economic situation of our people?.Reading a few academic reports from NGO’s who hardly leave the comfort of their air-condition office and his own pathetic ill informed summation of our situation??

He says our people will survive from crops and fishing…..over 80% of root crops , vegetables etc and marine produce are exported to overseas markets....some to feed his own Samoan people overseas who then send money to sustain the economy of Samoa, given their largest foreign earner for over 5o years.

As a Pacific Leader, we thought he would suggest humane and pacific way of resolving Fiji's situation..a legacy we think he champions?

..or may be he was overwhelmed by the hefty cheque give by NZ and a further promise of probable migration quarto to Samoanise NZ Cities…or still shocked by the thrashing of his Manu Samoa Rugby team recently.

Any sanction will only result in malnutrition, heighten poverty, increase in petty crime and pandemic corruption and sadly, may result in unnecessary loss of precious Fiji human lives..

Come on…let’s talk..together and …and please keep this laughing Samoan far far away from anything to do with our beloved Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji doesn't need aust n nz. We getting closer to other now. We got a wonderful report by UN to counter corruption. UN appointed us to overseas and audit Timor. Great achievement AG. Well done. Death to aust and NZ.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

The samoan PM is doing what other so called Ratu and Tuis of Viti the supposedly true leaders of should be doing, say it as it is supposed to be said. They must all be desparate for the development coffers that they have sucked up to Baini and his cronies. As one of the ordinary itaukei, I thank the Samoan PM for championing the course of ordinary Pasifikans related in blood and spirit. If I may also ask the PM to do it too when he goes to the UN meeting and other important forums rather then just this blog site. Long live Mr Tuilaepa! and Thumbs Up to Democracy!

Mafi..USA said...

@ Semi Meo....The Samoan PM is talking sense..he knows what he is talking about and what he says is true. If Fiji takes the stance of depending on their traditional food to survive if the International sanctions are increased, they will survive while the Illegal govt will look for ways to survive.
You said that he is a laughing Samoan...of course he may be laughing,but, at the same time he cares about Fiji.The lost of the Samoan rugby team has nothing to do with the issue being brought up by the honourable PM.
I believe you need to relook at yourself and try to understand the crux of the issue before commenting.
You seemed to be on FB's side...

Anonymous said...

@ Samoan PM; please do not comment on the Fiji situation. Fix up your problems first - ie like the missing tsunami charity fund amounting to more than $100m. Maybe Samoa needs a coup to oust corrupt practices by the PM. It maybe undemocratic, but you have to realise that the people elect people on good faith and if they conduct corrupt practices, then then that good has been compromised therefore the process has to be reversed - have a coup and stop further corrupt practices. An elected government does not have the manadate to mis-use public funds.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.31.
Death to Aus and NZ? Death to you fat and useless military, getting fat and nearing NCD terminal state on taxpayers money. You die when you can't get your medical ops in Aus and NZ. Go to "other" and see how you go? Haha!!!

Senile Semi Meo said...

Semi Meo, it appears you're jumping fence again old man. Tuilaepa is spot on, Fiji is ruled a mad man. Take your pills Semi.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7.27am. I am talking facts aobtu what the UN said. I dont live in Laalaaa land. I live in Fiji and have to make ends meet.

Fiji needs to succed so we all can succeed. Fiji is doing very well now under JVB.

Highest toursits arrival ever! Highest FR's ever! ...more investment coming our way in terms of Namosi!

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with the laughing Samoan.
The cancerous growth, military junta, leeches on the unknowing host[the Vanua lands,minerals and people]then send out it's invasive abnormal cells[army officers]to occupy and transform the vital organs & systems of the body [ colonels & stooges for minister, departmental secretaries, directors of boards, chairmen of district councils & banks..., the treasury, national superfund, GCC...] until the whole body suffocates and unable to survive because they cannot feed this malignant cancer. It, Fiji,dies a slow death.
UNLESS of course you CUT the tumour out! And the sooner the better!

Anonymous said...

Samoa is NZ's left testicle. You ask any Samoan where their village is, not in Savaii....they will say South Auckland. When Fiji play NZ in Sevens, the Samoans all cheer for NZ.

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