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Monday, July 25, 2011

Source: Fiji police ready to support international union action

UNHAPPY FORCE: Inhumane conditions driving senior officers to consider walking off the job.

TARGET: Air Pacific and Qantas.
Information sent to Coupfourpointfive shows police officers are now looking at walking off the job if industrial action takes place in Fiji as some trade unions are hoping.

An inside source says the escalation of the current union campaign to get offshore affiliates involved in planned industrial action against Qantas and Air Pacific, is being monitored and followed closely with interest, by police officers.

Fiji's police have long been unhappy with the shabby working conditions and lack of resources, including having to dip into their own pockets for basic work  things like paper and uniforms.

A source says some 30 senior officers above the rank of inspector (IP) have resolved that if the unions will go on strike,"we together with 50% policemen from all divisions will join them to show our support and voice concern."

The source says officers are made to work 12 hours shifts with no protective equipment and are also required to do other shifts without any allowance. 

He says the police also continue to work with  no standard equipment and without even stationery for police files. Police officers are also forced to buy their own footwear and uniform, pay for their case files photocopy with failure resulting in disciplinary action from senior officers.


convolutedexperiment said...

The Police should be planning their own assault and arrest against the Regime and its supporters in conjunction with Soldiers sympathetic to their cause !

The time for dialogue with these criminals is over.

Anonymous said...

This will be the history come on you brave officers stand up for your rights, there is nothing wrong in fighting for your right.

Anonymous said...

How much more do you policemen want to see- while you struggle with your poor conditions of work, Bai family & Ayazz & Aunty Nur Bano& mama Latifa, and Iowane enjoying the high life, earning ridiculous amount of money, milking the economy for their own gains??????????????
We did say, the time will come wen the people will have enough of this- its about time now......

UNIONS BIND TOGETHER- people power will shift these greedy buggers out.

National strike is the only way- Peoples Rights to return to the people- Voter rights to return to the people!!

Anonymous said...

Police and Army Officers should strike now and support the unions.

Anonymous said...

Nurses are about to be put on 12 hour shifts and they are not going to be paid overtime anymore.

This is extremely disruptive to family life not to mention that patient care will be compromised.

We have OHS laws and laws to protect the public from overtired workers that may compromise the safety of fellow citizens.

KAI VITI said...

sad to say,,,,,,,,,,
everyone in Fiji are okay with the regime.people now believe in what they see not what they hear.we in our Fiji do not wanna go back for another pay cut,another start,another five ten years of struggling,life is good now children got free bus fare,elders have food on the table, squatters lease their peace of land,rural community now have roads,tap water,electricity.no need for another go back,we better move forward from here.for you undecided come for a visit in our beloved Fiji witness the developments now taking place. haven't seen it in my past 30 years it took five years for the regime.come see it in your own eyes...

Anonymous said...

No workers rights and no rights to complain about working conditions. Fiji is turning into the HELL Hole of the Pacific. The only thing that illegal Dictator has accomplished,

Anonymous said...

Their faces/expressions say it all!! OPPRESSION...and we are too scared to do anything about it!! So sad to see this in Fiji.

FijiBlue said...


Anonymous said...

Kai Viti you must be Baini for sure, what bloody development your on about? Recently we have had only insignificant token developments on our roads,which is to appease people who cant see the blatant pillaging of the public purse by Aiass and Baini. Aiass and Bainida are setting up their families for riches, while the people of Fiji all getting duped by their lies. Meanwhile, only the current and future tax payers of Fiji will pay all the corrupt developments and scams for generations to come. Thumbs Up for Democracy!

Anonymous said...


Semi Meow said...

The expressions on the faces of the two up at the front say it all. Fiji has gone from a laughing stock to outright lunacy. And the sad part is, the people of Fiji are not doing anything about it. There's just talk and no substance. The army and the police are effectively one body, controlled by a freak Vuaka and his freak son Aiyarsehole. Come on people of Fiji, start an uprising and you will realise help from outside will come in. See what happened in Libya, people power will oust this freak Vuaka and he will face justice.

convolutedexperiment said...

Fiji, moving forward , to the past !

Anonymous said...

Who is to blame if your perpsective is that all thats happening is ZERO?

Anonymous said...

Message to Rajesh Singh.

Please stop your irritating comments.

If you have something constructive
then blog.

Why do you have to use so many alias (Kai Suva etc).

Anonymous said...

The police took an oath to protect the people, but that is now clearly only for show. Like COMPOL they only good at looking pretty in uniform. The honour of the past heroes of the police force are saddly being over run by the gutless self-preserving COMPOL and the actions of his idiotic senior officers. God save Fiji.

Yogesh Rajesh said...

Rajesh Singh....No matter how many sulus you wear; you will also be Indian (This is not a bad thing, as I am Indian). Why are you trying to be something you're not???.....Just accept who you are, and be proud like the rest of us. we are Fiji Citizens; all of us!!! Comment Edited-C4.5

Varani. said...

Picture woth a thousand word.

"When constabulary duty's to be done - a policeman's lot is not a happy one".

Check out photo?

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