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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sources: Bainimarama looking to hold elections early to get the jump on rivals

WAITING: When will Fiji get the fair and free elections it deserves?

It's being suggested Fiji's illegal dictator Frank Bainimarama is preparing to spring surprise elections on the country, perhaps as early as next year.

The self-appointed prime minister is spending millions of dollars in all of the provinces, promising bags of goodies in what some observers say is a sure sign of campaigning or electioneering.

Sources say Bainimarama has also asked the Bureau of Statistics for a census count as soon as possible and that it will take at least three months to pull together the population figures. They're suggesting early next year as when he'll hurl an unexpected election on the country.

He will of course resort to defending the early election by saying it's what Fiji citizens and the international community have been asking for all along.

Going to the polls unexpectedly will entrench the illegal rule of the Bainimarama junta and Fiji and all who support her must be aware of this. The self-appointed military leader is trying to survive and will fight dirty to succeed.  

And with SDL and the Fiji Labour Party clearly not having any real leaders and ill-prepared for an early election, Bainimarama is expected to romp home.

Sources say he's been getting advice from Foreign Minister, Inoke Kubuabola, one of the key advisors who it has been said has been trying to convince the dictator to declare early elections.

The surprise elections have one ultimate end: To allow Bainimarama to stay in power. And sources say once he wins the poll, the United States, Australia, Europe and New Zealand will have no option but to ease sanctions and withdraw support from Roko Ului Mara, who will be let out to dry.

In recent weeks, Bainimarama and his underhand illegal attorney, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, have both reiterated elections will be held in 2014. Intelligence information, however, suggests he has a more cunning plan.

The electronic elections will of course be rigged. It's believed a team from Indonesia will be in Fiji this week. Readers will recall Bainimarama visited Indonesia earlier this year and discussed similarities between the two countries and how Indonesia could help Fiji hold elections.

Sources say Bainimarama has, meanwhile, already put into key positions army personnel in the Electoral Commission which will allow his election campaign to get underway without disruption, even with the involvement of the United Nations. Sources say he has a huge advantage over Mara and the pro-democracy movement, thanks to the estimated millions he's throwing around.

Sources also say there will be no defeating Bainimarama with SDL and FLP being ill-prepared to go to the polls. Former military officer, Roko Ului Mara, who has been campaigning against Bainimarama say he'll have no chance. They say battles are won on actual battle fields not by virtual warfare from abroad.

Bainimarama's security means the longevity of the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum as well. The very same Khaiyum who a few days ago trying to get his own people on the FINTEL board. 

The Commerce Commission was forced to intervene in a dispute between FINTEL and Telecom Fijii after FINTEL pulled the plug on TFL’s internet cables.


  1. Jake says.....






  2. And we can thank illegal and treasonous NGO's like CCF for supporting the regime by bringing in "experts" to discuss legal options for a new constitution such as "Presidential Elections" like Indonesia.

    What arrogance! On who's behalf does CCF speak (can we have a count please and not the token "workshop snaps").

    And secondly why is the EU funding such entities like CCF, that continue to trample on citizens rights under the cloak of "the voice of civil society"?

    We'd like to encourage all Fijians in Europe to question their MPs in the EU Parliament about how they can fund just as illegal and treasonous entities like CCF with your taxpaying $$.

  3. So resolutions and recommendations from the Charter would assist finalise a new constitution to legit the early elections?.

    Smart move, Ratu Inoke.

    So, what now of the pro-democracy movements?..well, we suggest they contest the elections..or do they wanna wait until Bainimarama and Aiyaz grandchildren also make their millions in the decades ahead.

    .Still, my challenge to Col Pio Tikoduadua stands.

  4. His time is very very near

    he will be gone well before that!

  5. Promises made for provincial development is only a rewind of the agriculture scam that followed coup 2000.

    Then he'd better hurrup with Elections before the crumble caves in on him... and you don't have very much time, Frank!

  6. Who cares when is the election, election is election...as long as we have an election....nobody wants the SDL and FLP too...if Frank wins it fair and square than....thats it! The sooner the better.

    Thumbs up for Democracy.

  7. Frank keeps shifting the goal post, what's to stop him doing the same thing again, post elections ?

    So let's say the SDL Party wins the Elections, what will the Rogue Commander do then ?

    Perhaps Frank and Aiyaz are relying on the fact that the intellects have all but left Fiji, leaving behind a band of gullible, uneducated sheep to follow him.

    It's a good strategy by Aiyaz and sets Fiji up to become the 1st. Islamic State in the World with Aiyaz as its Caliph.

  8. Anon 9:22 - the point here is it won't be fair and square as the Pig is vote buying. I suggest the Political parties put aside their differences and make a united stand agains the Pig to ensure he doesn't win the elections as he has proven to be a disaster for the country and this country will not be able to handle having any more of his rubbish leadership. Obviously the illegal regime will make all the rules to suit themselves and will be trying to get Qarase and Chaudary out of the picture!

  9. can someone give a brief on FINTEL and Telecom saga. I have missed it all

  10. can someone give a brief on FINTEL and Telecom saga. I have missed it all

  11. So what happens to all those on Fijis Most Wanted list- Rajesh Singh, Ratu Mara and the others who want to contest the elections - do they go back and face the music or contest from here - interesting thought.

  12. Frank /AG all lamu now.
    They dont want to end up in naboro.jail.
    they have put fiji huge debt .
    they have reap the tax payers dollars and fill the piggy bank of bai/ag/cronies.
    fiji people should wake up and kick the cronies/ag/bai out now.

  13. C4.5 Please take note. BREAKING NEWS

    The Australian Government has granted extradition of RUM and he will be deported by the 12th July. This has come to me from a senior government person who works in the AG's office. The SG worked all weekend on the papers and they are going to swap with Rocco Leo. My person is trying to get the official papers but they are locked up. The Aus Foreign Affairs has made all staff sign a 'discourse confidential agreement' basically they can not discuss this until the paperwork is exchanged and RUM is in Fiji.

    We need to stop this happening, spread the word, if the media get hold of this we might be able to keep him in Australia.

  14. @ Anon 9:22am...You sound just like Frank and co..you dont care about the ppl of Fiji who are struggle to make ends meet...If you have nothing constructive to say..just shut up...you are clearly showing your ignorance and ulukau like Frank....
    If the illigal OM is going to anounce an early election, he will lose...because those who are going to oppose him have all the information that they will use during the campaing to topple him and send him to Naboro...Despite the millions of $$$ which he is using to hoodwink the rural ppl...come campaining time..FB will be suprised that the ppl will turn against him once they know the real truth about his leadership and how he has thrown out all the institutions that guarantees the civil liberties and human rights, church and chiefs and robbing the poor ppl pf my beloved Fiji....
    Wake up Fijians!!!! Yadra mai..Sa kua na moce!!!!!

  15. Election now or sooner and we will be able to see and trace all the financial misdeed and in true Democracy he had no choice but to answer all the question regarding all his Wages ($700G) and foreign Bank Loan... Time for the true TRANSPARENCY FVB, ASK & The payroll Aunty ... Now you will try run but you cannot hide..

  16. The writing is on the wall with the economy on the verge of collapse, credibility of the regime at stake with practically no one willing to consider their extradition requests for RUM, and pressure being applied by the international community on the regime's human rights abuses.

    I am inclined to think that the regime knows that they have less than 12 months to survive with the situation getting worse by the day.

    They think that they are popular but are being mistaken.

    Look at what's happened in Thailand, with the opposition winning the election despite threats from the military. The same will happen in Fiji.

    I say to the illegal Bainimarama regime, bring it on! The quicker Fiji has elections the better, and the quicker regime members will find their way to prison.

  17. this puppet belongs to vore and cut-to aiyas who does not understand about election and the process of democracy. i suggest you talk to Tata for better options.

  18. Geez you're all suckers. Bocimarama is only making fun of you guys. He's only syaing it to appease the critics and give him more time to make more money illegally. So Semi Meow keep on dreaming.

  19. This obviously is the most unfair and non-free elections if there ever was one. It is saddening to note that FB has bought himself an unfair advantage and if he should win, he will avoid a prison sentence. I said this before, and I will say it again - they guy MUST WIN to avoid going to jail. There is no guarantee that votes will be counted correctly and the whole election stinks of corruption already. He may as well pocket millions of election funds now, save everyone time, money and effort in running elections and just say "he won unanimously!!!

  20. No way frank and kaiyum will hold elections under other peoples terms. The rules will be devised to save them from going to Naboro later.
    Note that Nazi war criminals are still being taken to court in 2011.
    This is why RUM and JB shud have led a revolt while they were there instead of joining the pro dems which is slowly fading away.

  21. he'll be gone b4 election..anon @ 922am POTE....

  22. 100% sure Bainimarama's government will win the next election.

  23. It's all hot air. Frank will never allow an election until he has got a foolproof scheme to win the "election" with his lackeys as candidates; others would be disqualified for one reason or another; FICAC & trumped-up charges with bought forein judges on his side.
    He may fool the western powers by making suitable "announcements' of progressing with the drafting of the new constituion etc, etc.
    Old fox will not allow a free election & a likelihood of a court martial & hanging.

  24. GET IT!


  25. Let their be an election for Bai to form and lead one party and Ulumara to lead another.

  26. Vinaka. Very good to hear. We want elections without the influence of chiefs and church. Lets see what Aust and NZ say when Frank gets elected. Isa lei!

  27. FB said that no one person will be a board member in more then one institution. Apparently, AG has breached this by appointing his cahoots, Kodakoda, Narsey & Shashi Singh to 3 boards. FNPF,ATH,TFL and now to FINTEL. Imagine the allowances they are getting. Moce Jo......

  28. It appears we try our darndest to prempt everything Bainimarama does- so it makes good reading. Whilst it is true that there are various points you have raised may be legit , i question the fact that Roko Ului does not in any way pose a threat to Bainimarama or to Fiji-simply for the fact he has not given us a single droplet of new information and secondly he is tarnished by his deeds!Has anyone seen any documents that Roko Ului claims that will release as time moves on? If Roko Ului does have documents to implicate Bainimarama & others there is the danger he sourced those documents from those high up in the Ministry-now wouldn't that put some very close relatives/inlaws of his who once held those Senior positions in a very dangerous situation?
    We are now pre-suppposing that if the elections will be rigged because we have the Indonesian Govt involved-now whose to blame for that Fiji? Remember when they had elections and the SDL won Lavenia Padarath complained about several irregularities to the Observers they didn't do a thing and the SDL candidates had a good laugh about it later, as hey got away with it. Australia & NZ had a far better chance to help Fiji when they knew how the SDL Govt was getting off track but continued to suppport it-wasn't Howards Chief Political Advisor in Fiji doing all the planning? Now tell me about Neutrality-why would Howard and mob be so visibly involved unless they felt that their interest was threatened? The question is by WHOM? Australia & NZ say that they do not want to be butting into Pacific politics, but where they are now in the Pacific, how many countries are they running? Is Bouganville the next-Vietnam for them? The Australians are now so bitter about whats happening in Fiji but they seem to forget they were party to the facts that they knew well in advance what was coming -HAS ANYONE EVER ASKED HOW MANY AUSTRALIAN ARMY OFFICERS WERE IN THE CAMP AT NABUA BEFORE ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE THERE? One would have thought they were living in Australia with such great numbers! They even had Specialist forces soldiers. Today they all remain silent especially Australia-as if they had nothing to do with the state Fiji is now in? It was a simple case of them under estimating the Fijian mind. One would have thought they had learnt their lesson in Vietnam-where the very people they thought they were fighting with supported them. Some only came to know years after that war that their "supporters" were none other than the Vietcongs"! We all seem to talk a lot about USA’ s role around the world & the problems it brings well guess what the Aussie are not too far away from them. If you want to know how dirty these Govt will get just look at the Julian Moti saga been played out-not a word from any news media or TV station-its as if it never occurred –now who can command such power to make that happen-and you want to tell me –that this is DEMOCRACY AT WORK! History repeats itself when we do not want to learn its bitter lessons the same is true for Fiji! Dri Yani.


    Don't any of you get it yet?
    It would be a completely useless exercise to have an election and still end up with Banana and Sayes kiayummybum ruling by decree with NO constitution and the PER hanging over your head.
    All of which would mean that tourists would still stay away, while serious investors would laugh at the possibility of investing their money in Fiji.. . . .
    All while the wrong people would still be in prison, whilst the gang of crooks milked the country, pouring the peoples money into their O'seas Bank Accounts.
    If they lifted the PER it would not be long before the people would be demonstrating in the streets and then the paranoid crooks would re-instate the PER.
    -Sydney Tourist

  30. You guys are never happy. You've been screaming for an election. Now, you say he's going to give you one. But you're still not happy. Moral of the story. Be careful what you ask for!

  31. The CAT is out of the bag, this is true, as the new constitution has already been made, will be rubberstamped under PER and sudden e vote one day election called. Qarase and Choudi have been set up by trumped up charges and so cant contest elections so dictator wins by default. Scams worse then agri-33million have started to buy votes but the dictator is in for a suprise for the liumuri to come from the people- his time is up and all parties must start election campaign now.

  32. There is secret military cell that has set up a new political party with manifesto and candidates with the dictator as leader, the trick is to suddenly call election and hold it in one day and scam the e vote and win big time.

    Elections must be held before FLP and SDL leaders are freed by courts

    All poltical opposition persons are on the Enemy of the State hitlist to criminalise them anyhow so cant contest election.

    New consitution is done - any person who has a criminal conviction or proceedings by a law enforcement agency cant contest the election or not a fit and proper person deemed by the supervisor of elections.

    Elections by suprise, fraud and scam will happen- no free and fair election will happen in fiji.

  33. Even if he gives millions and millions during his election campaign Voreqe will NEVER win an election.

    Rigged ??? Hmm.......Fiftyfifty

  34. Even if he gives millions and millions during his election campaign Voreqe will NEVER win an election.

    Rigged ??? Hmm.......Fiftyfifty

  35. Look at their past record - statement?

    Vore & his cronies such as Nalatikau - Khaiyum simply cannot be trusted - if you believe for one minute they will voluntarily surrender power and face the consequences (murder - theft charges etc)your a fool - however should elections be called? They must be open & transparent and held UN supervision.

  36. @ Anonymous 7:49 AM (Jake)!

    What mandate have you got to lecture the i taukei on matters that are culturally entwined in the system of governance and set-up of the i taukei insititution?

    On reading your text, it is obvious that you either belong to some half-caste, wanna-be, disoriented ethnic group or you are part of the susu - madrai, kaiviti (wanna be kaivalagi) type with distorting mindsets.

    Please refrain from counselling those that are part of the traditional instituions that made Fiji what it is today.

    God Bless Fiji


  37. OK dear folks... here is an interesting post extracted from one of the blogsites. I am compelled to share it here with you all.

    Dear Bloggers,

    I received the following information from a very credible source in Fiji. Very interesting development indeed.

    1. "There is clear evidence that Fiji is being run by the illegal AG and Ben Naliva. Frank and Mary will not only travel to Singapore but from there to China where both will undergo medical examinations. Mary is also very sick. As of November last year when he was airlifted to China for urgent attention, there was a very tearful farewell between Ben and Aiyarse at Nadi. Aiyarse sobbing Ben, look after him and Ben promising to call and report every day. From the time of Rt Epeli Ganilau's resignation that was all handled between Ben and AG, and now they are running everything. Frank's heart is failing him.

    2. Story 2. All Lau delegates to delayed Lau Bose Ni Yasana should be aware that the Iloilovatu is high and dry on the reef at Oneata that Frank had reversed the decision made by the late Turaga Tui Nayau. Not sure the name of the reef, it was in the media lately. They should also be aware not to support the candidate being touted by the illegal regime but listen to their elders from the Vanua.

    3. Story 3. All FDFM in Fiji, including those posting on Matavuvale should be aware of a Chinese ship docked at the wharf in Suva. There are 3 soldiers from the army signals on the boat around the clock listening to all conversations on what are classified as "Persons of Interest" SDL and people of Rewa loyal to the Roko Tui Dreketi should be very careful of what they say on their cell phones.

    4. Story 3. Permanent Secretary to the PM Pio Tikoduadua (is that his name) has been diagnosed with brain cancer in India and has not returned to duty in several months. Some sources say the cancer is inoperable, lying in hospital with skull cap open.

    5. Story 5. Sorry about the wrong number on the last story. Please all freedom fighters, must add Dixon Seeto and David Phligger (Air Pac boss, please get spelling of his name correct) on the list of rogues, they are destroying this country slowly.

    6. Story 6. Aslam Khan of Vodafone, husband of Nazhat Shameem, is now a suspected money launderer for Muslim terrorists. He was detained and thoroughly strip-searched in Los Angeles on arrival last month. Full body cavity search. Should be on all friendly government watchlist. Using Vodafone equipment buying as cover. UNQUOTE

  38. this is a very, very dangerous time that dictatorship is going to have a strangle hold on fiji for years to come if it is allowed to happen.

    when all things are done and fijians are owners of no land and VKB ceased.

    then it will be too late for evryone of any race living in fiji to rise up against this tyrany.no western country will help fiji if franks is allowed to continue.Frank will use brothers against brothers,family against families,province against province to have an absolute rule of fiji.

    Just remember what happen in haiti when the country was run by the dictatorship of the Duvalier family in 1957 to 1986. He stayed in power by enlisting an organization known as Tontons Macoutes ("Bogeymen"), which maintained order by terrorizing the populace.This he has done now with his army special group as we all know led by ben Naliva.

    let this be known,they will be more blood shed if FB continues to rule.

    It has to be stopped with violence and be used as the last resort if all things else have failed.

    a man who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

    thumbs up to democracy!!

  39. If you believe Illegal Dictators Regime, will hold Fair and honest Fijian Democratic Elections than you must believe in tooth fairies and flying pigs. Any elections run by a Dictator Any where in the world are always rigged so the Dictator wins the election because if the Dictator loses they will be in prison or worse.

  40. Election day is drawing near and a Chinese guy asks his American boyfriend about American election; 'oh! In the US we have elections every 4 years, how about in China?'. The Chinese guy replied rather shyly; 'in China mainland we haf election evely morning, is worse in winter!'

  41. 9.22am 4/7 you have zero knowledge how a country is run u vore's puppet.stop giving your rubbish advise and let the free and fair election take place and dumps like you will be in naboro. u dont deserve to say thumps up,this thumb can be harmful to u.

  42. @ Turukawa...."a man who lives by the sword SHOULD DIE by the sword"...RISE THE TRUE SONS OF FIJI

  43. Hello!!…..nothing…nothing stops this Dictator, Rear Admiral Bainimarama and his Co Prime Minister to whip up a decree to call an election in October 2011…nothing, (not even the goose whose mum forgot to tell him about me and still loves my name.)

    Nothing stops them from selecting the Military Officers now in Public life to stand as candidates…and groom the budding officers as next line of Permanent Secretaries…

    Constitution to set the rules and goal post for the elections??...too easy…..may be in final drafting stages..oh..and in place of the GCC, a multi ethnic supreme body may now be fashioned in the equation.

    So..who’se going to stand against the Dictator Rear Admiral?..Co PM Aiyaz??...Brig Aziz??..Commodore Pastor Teleni??..Commander Kean??..Col Leweni?....anyone…..no one in Australia, NZ,US, Timbuktu??..oh..ok..let’s all shup up then!!!

    Too much hot air and anonymous blogging to nothingness!!...waste time!!

  44. The Lord said, "TRUST ME, I will repay." We can trust the Lord to have the last say, no matter what VB/ASK try and do. They are living on borrowed time.

  45. Anon@2.32PM. NZ and Aust won't give a phuck if Vuaka is elected. However, you Fijians will have to live with it.

  46. ahh elections to be organised by a tactical mind? i foresee Baini taking up the presidents chair and leaving the cabinet open to who ever wins the elections...only to be answerable to the president himself...what other way out?

  47. hahahaha!!!! Early Elections "to get a jump on his rivals"? He certainly won't be getting a jump on voters, that's for sure! This man does not realise there are people who DESPISE him!

    And more so, will his failing health carry him through? I don't think so, Frank!

  48. Who will sign the writ of elections? I don't think our President will. Not until the country is truly ready.. as it is political parties are denied their right for any form of campaign while he trotts around the country with his false promises. Who's the fool to go to the polls to cast their vote when we all know the country is NOT prepared!

  49. This picture clearly demonstrates one thing ie SCAM voters in the ques are pocket full by NFP & Y P Reddy. Please action file number: CID/HQ/DEP128-2010.tolo vore and cut to.

  50. My fellow Christian brothers..........as much as it hurts everyday we see our beloved country fall deeper and deeper into the pit Yeshua is coming soon, prepare yourself..... for he is coming to take us home.......latest documentary from Israel shows the rebuilding of Temple on the temple mounts.... the ornaments, treasures, the attires, and 4000 Jewish man are now undertaking a studies of priesthood.....KEEP PRAYING FOR FIJI!!

  51. FLP is ready..bring it on.

  52. We talk so bad about China because its involved in giving Fiji loans so things can happen on the ground but no one complains about the loans taken out by the USA from China nor how China buys Aussie minerals, coal & land! No Human Rights, No Elections!! In short we have double standards all around. Now the UK Govt has jumped on the band wagon of getting loans from China-has anyone said a thing? Fact is China has no elections nor is it a Democracy but it appears to be giving money out and loans to all the other Democracies around the world! Am i missing something here? Is what i am saying true or is this part of my imagination?? All the DEMOCRACIES appear to be bankrupt- AND AT PRESENT they all living off the hard earned sweat of a so called COMMUNIST country ie low paid workers in China?? So what's the big problem of China being in FIJI?? If anything we should be complaining about Aussie Govt dealing with CHINA? No-ummmm! No wonder we are all confused! Maybe what we need in Fiji is a type of Govt where we can become rich middle class or upper class as quickly as those in China have become! Now thats food for thought and for Fiji and this can really happen much quicker as we have a smaller population? Now thats really thinking outside the box? No! Well we have tried so many different types of Democracies in Fiji and they all seemed to have failed us-coup after coup after coup, after coup & and .5!Thats C4.5!Maybe its time we tried a Communist Govt? No? Why not? Well they not doing to bad in China-i don't see too many rich upper class people or middle class migating overseas? Have you? Now has anyone seen an elections happening in Saudi Arabia? Dubai? They all seem to be happy! Some may say we need freedom of choice, freedom of this & that-where has that got Fiji but into, but disgruntled politicians & supporters planning coups when they lose an election? So what have another elections & hope and pray nothing happens afterwards - i don't for one minute believe elections will ever solve Fijis problems-simply because we can't accept anyone else ie another race leading the country no running the country except a Fijian!Did i say something wrong?? Herein lies the core of our problem-when we wise enough to understand that than solutions come very, very easily! BUT you won't jump up & down and make a big noise in Aussie or NZ to say that only the Indigenous people of these two countries should be running the country-or do you? DOUBLE STANDARDS?? Sa qai vei calati ga vaka levu na ka oqoqa ra tai!Dri Yani!

  53. @ wanna be Semi Meo of 2.32PM...look son, your mum lied to you..I am NOT your biological father...but please, keep using my name as soon you'll be brave, sanctified, free and liberated from under the “bele ni sari” you're hiding under....now, run to mummy as you can not play with us big boys….and wipe your nose!!

    ..so, who’s going to stand against Fiji Co-Prime Ministers and the politically sodden Military officers??

    They may not need a writ to legit an early election….only a half page Decree…..or may be another diversion fed into the coconut wireless to distract the mega spending spree by the Rear Admiral and his nucleus family..or the high blood pressure now suffered by civil servants vying to meet the Rear Admiral’s wild and unrealistic promised for immediate cure to all request from his Island hopping with our blessed 300 Isles…I bet, he’ll meet his match of “lailai na dina, lebu na bosa” when he lands in the Kingdom of Gau in his proposed tour of the Lomaiviti group..

  54. @ SEMI MEO 09.28

    Your stupid comment remind me of Titanic, "NOTHING COULD STOP FRANK". YOU TRUE??? O DINA SE VEIWALI GA??? Tovolea mo lotu vakavinaka to know that nothing is impossible to God. Your small loud voice hoisting Frank and his illegal regime that nothing could stop him and them from what and what is just daylight stupidity.

  55. I see itaukei men getting 7yrs for aggravated robbery and stealing $2700. Abt bloody time harsh sentences were given out.

  56. If elections held next year I will vote for Fiji's hero - Frank. Long live Voreqe - Fiji's Che Guavara.

  57. Kanti tappoooopooooJuly 6, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    If election is this year then frank gets my vote!

  58. @ SEMI MEO 09.28

    Your stupid comment remind me of Titanic, "NOTHING COULD STOP FRANK". YOU TRUE??? O DINA SE VEIWALI GA??? Tovolea mo lotu vakavinaka to know that nothing is impossible to God. Your small loud voice hoisting Frank and his illegal regime that nothing could stop him and them from what and what is just daylight stupidity.

    @faceless and nameless coward "wanna be christian saint" of 5, 2011 8:54 PM....so what are you and your passive praying religious nuts gonna do to stop elections next year??

    Sa macala ga ni o "lotu vakavinaka" tiko ka o uci koya ga na nomu kalou rere...masu vakalevu vua de o na qai nanuma na yacamu..

    Ia, na nemami Kalou na so tale, e Kalou qaqa ka sega ni rerevaka na lili luva i wale ena Kauveilatai..ka volai e caka na YACANA!!!!!

    All we are saying is that God almighty will NOT personally come and remove Fiji's Co Prime Ministers..only humans...with a name and a face could via elections or popular revolt..

    in the meantime?...NOTHING....stops them rulling Fiji for the next 20 years as a seditious regime and evil dictatorship...NOTHING!!

  59. Winning an election is no gurantee from having to serve a long prison sentence.Do you honestly think that Bai would be conned by the snake, Kubuabola into an early election?

    Besides,Bai is petrified of election failure because the noose beckons at Korovou."Rai ki Beqa" will be the last words ringing in his ears.

  60. @ SEMI MEO 10.10.

    My point is not about who has a Name vs Nameless but about your NOTHING. Now, you turned and agreed with me that there is SOMETHING WHICH IS GOD, THAT WAS MY POINT. Sivia nomu veiladeyaki. If you agree that there is SOMETHING WHICH IS GOD, then his operatives will be revealed in due course, of course with a Name with Time. Some today are still arguing that God himself didnot sink Titanic but Ice....... that is in physical/visable sense, same s u r doing bt in spritual sense, we say IT WAS GOD, as would be the case for Fiji.

    Mind you, why you are saying that NOTHING will stop them for the next 20yrs, know y, cos people like Semi Meo, with face and name (big deal) can do NOTHING. So keep your NOTHING!!! Sa Dri Yani.

  61. Semi Meo as I can remember you were one of the people that stood up against this dictatorship from the beginning, it's sad to see you change ur stance now. Sa kua mada na Jutasa tiko.

  62. If they are going to have elections in 2014 then by now political parties who want to participate should be registering. Candidates for respective positions ought to be registered and the PER to be lifted so that potential leaders can go out to the people and campaign se va'evei? or do they have to campaign to the soldiers to get their vote??

  63. @Anon...July 6, 2011 10:36 PM...na qase, sa medre la na yame, kua na vosa..you seem to think in Fijian and attempt blog in Ingeelish...and end up in the Kinoya whirlpool…where I think your evil god lurks around…

    Ratu Borogaga…drau veiteke kei Bainimarama me qai caqeta na mumu o kei Jutasa!!

    For the 5,79980 timeth, Read all my blogs since Jan 2007..always stand for pathway back to sanity and never ever support any sedition act..

    …drau veikati kei nomu yaca…


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