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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sources: Roadblocks as Fiji police search for 'coup operatives'

ON THE GROUND:  Reports of intense police activity.

Intelligence information has revealed roadblocks have been erected in Suva as a result of police trying to capture two Europeans believed to be 'coup operatives.' Sources say a coup is being planned and will happen soon.

The 'operatives' are believed to be travelling in a rental twin cab and have been seen photographing key installations around Fiji. The Europeans have apparently been seen at the naval base, FEA, Telecom, police stations and the hydroelectric project at Monasavu.
It's believed the alarm was raised on Sunday but police have so far failed to capture the operatives. Sources say the police RT is scrambling with activity as officers try to locate the men but authorities have so far been unsuccessful in tracing the men.

Sources also say the files on the illegal prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, have now been removed from the Fiji police archives of the police commissioner Ioane Naivalurura, and have been sent to Australia. The files are also understood to be with former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara, who with supporters is preparing a case against Bainimarama in The Hague for the ICC.


  1. Frank, your days are numbered.

    While you are on holiday, better have a look at your "Dream" home in hong kong...

  2. they will get you aiyaz... and frank, run, lets see how far you can run!

  3. If europeans were involved, would they be driving round together photographing security installations, in a black country? This is obviously not the work of professional security people. Most likely, a red herring!!

  4. Is this for real? Or just another case of "when the cat's away, the mice will play?"
    I hope to my Maker that this time around something happens!
    Chain the whole lotta them.. Not in Naboro please. On one of them uninhbited islands without high ground. In case of a tsunami there's no chance of finding them ever again
    I say good riddance to waste of space!!!!

  5. well, atleast now we need people to show their anger at the regime!

    where is the GCC and the church?

  6. Only states can take and file complaints to the ICC: not individuals.

  7. Isa au loloma..God bless Fiji..

  8. bai and faiyas run to mt everest or in indonesia because they will hide the two of you and also do not forget your extented family too.bokola

  9. Let us hope democracy supporters in Fiji help out.

    Get ready with plans to burn down bridges, police stations, power infrastructures....using every materials, match, benzine, bottles for moltoves, stones, slings etc.

    Create environment to help the two coup scouts..hide them...make sure nobody knows

  10. Ioane NoValourHereJuly 5, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    The police won't try very hard. On any "politically ordered" investigation CID are doing just enough to not to get their asses kicked but not enough to solve them.

    They are fed up of being ordered around by soldiers who know nothing about police work and interfering with their investigations in unhelpful ways.

    They are also angry Ioane "NoValourHere" will not support his own officers but always comes down on the side of the military.

    This is the first instance in Fiji of people working to rule because of their dislike for the regime.

    We need more working to rule and small mistakes from PSC to slowly bring the regime to its knees.

  11. ROFLMAO. Paranoia much.

    This must be, yet again, another a dramatic roll-out of power and might aimed at something else - FNPF outcry maybe?

    If they were "coup operatives" they are certainly of the el-cheapo variety because there is satellite technology available to take those pix (and even the faces of the military goons manning them).

  12. cut to go and hide in the mosque

  13. can two men make a coup?

    Anyway the junta is made up of 11 men only?

  14. Insane!! they are creating their own fears..."fears of the unknown" someone is paranoid!!

  15. Gotta see it to believe it.

  16. what a bunch of stupid coupsters! already caught even before anything happens,,,,just like RUM - LOSERS!

  17. Vinaka vakalevu Turaga na sauma na neimami masu! Deliverance is here people of Fiji.

    Luke 21:28
    "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

  18. Freedom is on the Horizon...let's not forget to pray for our country and to ask God for wise leaders for Fiji...
    I believe the best for Fiji will come after this illegal regime is toppled and the illegal PM and his puppet master are in jail for life. Plus all his goons in the military who are part of the terrorising group. Send all the military personel holding key position in govet back to the barracks before disbanding the military for good. Take away all the weapons..Its good that we only have police like in Tonga, Samoa and other Pacific Islanders.
    If the military is going to exist and the weapon remains at QEB, the Coup culuture will alaways be there and opportunists will use the military for future destabilising of the country and the innoccent ppl suffer...
    What Frank has done has tarnished the image and the reputation that the Fiji Military Forces is known for..Now when the FMF is mentioned, what springs to the mind of the ppl is COUP masters instead of The Best Jungle Warriors which they were known for.
    What a shame...Ben Naliva..get ready to run with your stupid commander and your cousin Illegal AG...Your father, SGT Naliva is surely ashamed of your actions...
    It is time to rise..Thumbs up for Democracy!!!!!

  19. SAS in operation.
    ISA run frank/ag .
    your days are coming to the end.
    this sas funded by atma maharaj/santa maharaj brothers.
    moce frank/ag .we have change boat now.

  20. not long now....
    your run is coming to an end Bainimarama and co...


    Fiji loss to Trinidad and Tobago to forego quarterfinals
    Publish date/time: 05/07/2011 [17:13]

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    Share The Fiji Netball team has lost to Trinidad and Tobago 58-40 in their second pool game in the World Netball Championship this afternoon.

    It also means the 5th seeded Fiji side will now miss the main quarterfinal and will feature for the 9th to 16th place in the World Netball Championships.

    The Matila Waqanidrola captained side struggled to find their form from the opening quarter when they were down 14-11 and at halftime Trindad and Tobago led 27-23.

    In the 3rd quarter like last night the Fiji side fell apart where Trinidad and Tobago extended their lead to 41-29.

    In the last quarter, Trinidad and Tobago showed they mean business with a 58-40 win against Fiji.

    Waqanidrola said they failed to start well and at the end had to pay the price.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    Fiji will now play Wales tomorrow in their last pool game.

  22. Yeah right - this is only fodder for the regime's justification for our daily menu of PER and more PER. All created by themselves to scare themselves.

  23. they must be on bicycles.lol

  24. Back to the future !
    Roadblocks around Suva, May 2006 elections !

  25. the two you are looking for are just there,can't you see them??? oilei, sa maumau na ins.

  26. The sooner the better..as soon as he disembarks from the plane from singapore..arrest him and put him in jail to await national enquiry..The president then calls for general elections..simple..

  27. All the military is having in mind is COUP..Why are they assuming that anyone taking pictures is going to conduct a COUP..Now they are afraid of someone outside the military staging a COUP..
    Fear will only be instilled in people who are guilty. The military have all the weapons in the country. Where does this fear comes from then??? Who are they trying to protect???
    I understand that the military pers are trying all their best to protect their stupid Commander because he has secured their jobs. But they ignore to understand the consequences that the country is facing and the future generation have already been burdened with by the actions of their Commander.
    I am so so sorry for you guys...
    The curse of the ppl of Fiji is upon you because of your support for the commander who has no moral values for Human rights, civil liberties, freedom of speech and has taken away the indigenous rights of the Fijian ppl by allowing the illegal AG to dictate terms and come up with all BS Decrees. They are doing all these to protect themselves and have made themselves millionaires. And you FMF personel...you are just making meagre..just hoodwinked....you guys are suffering in silence....and you allow it to happen...
    So sad...



  29. Let's see who got 2 balls to do it.
    Don't just spread rumours.

  30. Now day dreamers. First we had free-riders, exploitors, kana waca, viavia, vulituraga and now we got day dreamers.
    So desperate are some that they can not wait to get back into power, well you can dream because if free, that's how most you that was thrown out by the 2006 coup use to live, free and kana waca.

  31. Only the truth should be embraced; it is comforting and will release all from their sins. The Bible is always a revelation.

    Yes, everything has a beginning and ending. All manly and earthly pursuits always come to an end and only ALMIGHTY GOD is everlasting.

    JVB, AZK, Nashat the Sham, and the Muslim Connection should be aware of this biblical truth. The Muslim Connection is what most Fiji Citizens seem to not realize manipulating things all over the machinery of Government.

    The anger of illegitimate Ishmael of the Bible still haunts us Christians today. In fact they will never rest until his illegitimacy is revenged throughout all generations. THIS IS WHAT FIJI SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF.


  32. Catch 'im Poppy!! Catch 'im Poppy!!......Ia!....Ia!!....Ia!!!...

    Go get them guys!!! You have Fiji's Blessing!!!!

    Let's put an end to this Dictatorship Rule!! We are so fed up of all their abuses and sick of the arrogance!!!!

    Thumbs Up Fiji!!!!!!!

  33. Catch 'im Poppy!! Catch 'im Poppy!!......Ia!....Ia!!....Ia!!!...

    Go get them guys!!! You have Fiji's Blessing!!!!

    Let's put an end to this Dictatorship Rule!! We are so fed up of all their abuses and sick of the arrogance!!!!

    Thumbs Up Fiji!!!!!!!

  34. Road block in flagstaff,laucala bay,others.
    time for dictator and cronies to run and hide.

  35. SCOOOOOP!!!
    Yawa o kemudou C4.5!

    Those guys may also attempt to block yr site. But keep it coming, guys! Well done.. Well done.

    Roko Ului working behind the scenes, aye.

    OK, the timing of Elections is OUR call, Voreqe. The end for you is nigh

  36. Logic defies the so-called Kaivalagi "coup operatives" or spies. Of course any fair-skinnned foreigner taking snap-shots of Electrical installations and other non-tourism photo-snapping views.

    Whoever they were from or foreign agencies should have had the intelligence to secure or hire people of that country in this case Fiji to spy for them. This way the locals would have blended in without rousing suspicions!!!!

    It does not take rocket science to think this up !!!!!

  37. bai get those 2 n spankwire.com theme
    one day mafatu

  38. EUROPEANS ? ?
    Sound like a couple of tourists, or maybe some guys from a real estate agency getting ready to sell Fiji to the Communist Chinese.
    ... oh! hang on, Banana is going to GIVE it to them, isn't he?
    Here is a novel idea ... hows about all you guys in uniform, running around like chooks with their heads cut off ... find someone/ANYONE who wants to put an end to all this farcical nonsense, take them with an escort (sirens and flashing lights)straight to Sayes Khiyummybums hideout and help them put an end to it all.
    ---They don't have to be a "coup operative" ... anybody will do ...ask yourselves "are we sick of being made look fools in the sight of our own people" ... "YES" is the chorused answer. Well! what are you waiting for stop acting like a bunch of retarded monkeys, ... "duh! do what the boss says, do what the boss say, ok boss duh!-put up another road block-now scratch my bum, duh! pick my nose, yes boss, no boss, duh!. . SSS TTTTT OO PPPP
    S S T O O P P
    S T O O P P
    S T O O P
    S T O O P
    SSS T 00 P
    YES, STOP ...
    ARREST THAT THIEVING BARSTARD. you know where he is, GO GET HIM!!!!.
    Get him while Bananana is away spending your pension money, yes your money, then Yummybum out of the way, Banana will most likely never come back. If he dares to show his face back in Fiji again, you will have no trouble taking the poor old man by the hand to his retirement home at Naboro.
    Come on guys, what are you waiting for?---------------------
    -Sydney Tourist

  39. Any coup agaist Frank will only result in violence and disorder and innocent FMF soldiers and civilians in Fiji will suffer the most. Democracy should only be restored through peaceful means not through a coup. Those supporting a coup against Frank are nothing but a few anti Indian racist SDL losers now conveniently acting like pro democracy supporters who never believed in democracy in the first place.

  40. Looks like you have nothing better to report C4.5. Do you really think 2 palagis will execute a coup? What about 2 lamusonas Driti and Mara? It is Frank all the way, there is no stopping him, and you know that too.

  41. shaista shameem you are a true champion.you action for the pensioners and challenge against the illegal govt of aiyas [cut to] size is commendable.nazat shammem and aiyas[cut to] will crook the hard earned money by the dedicated workers of fiji only on the advise of nur bano ali. you are getting full support of the public,dont leave the crooks.

  42. Iam pleading all the big mouth chiefs to pull your sulu and act now against aiyas[sliced].if you miss this chance then keep on talking around yaqona tanoa and dream you lamulamu sona levu's.tucake and toso u vutu sona.its time for action.i only wish if qaranivalu was out.

  43. 11.46pm 5/7/11
    i can now confirm that you are one of the arses of vore and taliban.how much did you take to make this kind of cowedly comment. tell vore to divide military in 50/50 indian & fijian and then see the fun u puff stop making mischievous comments and stay under petticoat

  44. If there is any place where few dollars are left is FNPF.now the sliced is eying on that as that's the last savior for them. DR Shammem dont let this crooks touch that money.

  45. @ANOYMOUS 11.46 PM
    Over exaggeration !!!!!

  46. The two photographers are Moro from Beqa and Kau from Vugalei.

    They are after Voreqe's backside to explore like those soldiers did to Speight. The duo's inbuilt gun would teach the dictator some manners

  47. The definition of a coup is the removal of a democratically elected government. Frank's government is not elected and therefore their removal cannot be termed as a coup as their very existence has already been determined by the courts as been ILLEGAL!!!

  48. Paranoia sets in when you know you have done something wrong, you are in the wrong and you ARE PLAIN WRONG and stupid!! Or in other words - you are BAINIMARAMA. Maybe they cannot find those caucasian tourists (I wouldn't say European as that denotes they are specically from Europe...unless our "unintelligent" officers are positive the operatives are from Europe) as the Tongan Navy has plucked them from the seas off Kadavu, right under the nose of the sleeping, grogified Fiji Navy!

  49. bla bla bla nothing will happen...this time next week...it will be the same story.....and this will go on for eternity!

    We don't need a kaivalagi to do this for us. Fiji needs to unite against this madness. Only us "Fijians" can solve our problems. We need to start now what are we waiting for?

  50. There was a Cruise Boat in Suva & Frank was beside himself trying to catch a couple of European Spies who were reported taking photos of strategic sites such as the Barracks the markets & the Naval Base.
    Two European spies with a taste for curry were known to be responsible .Frankie Bainimarama was beside himself , but couldn't find them . Eventually, he turned to the attorney general
    'How many curry shops are there in Suva ?' asked Frank.
    'Twenty seven ,' he was told.
    Then, give me Twenty seven of our brightest Army officers.'
    He was given Twenty seven of his brightest Army officers ..
    Towards evening the two European curry loving spies were caught.
    'How did you do it?' Frank was astonished.
    'Simple,' replied the AG . 'I put a RFMF Officer outside every Curry Shop and told him that if he saw two European coming out with greasy fingers it would them.'

  51. Definition of a Banana Picker ..
    someone who supports Bainimaramama
    ... someone like Sayes Khiyummybum
    "lets not have another coup, there might be violence" - duh they are raping the entire country ... while yummybum goes out to the Signals and has it off with Rita. Has Rita told you to have a STD test? you better have your wife tested also Yummybum, you sleezy moron.
    I am sure that the vast majority of Fijians are not "Banana Pickers". They can see through all these criminally minded decrees designed to keep the nation stealers in power and keep the military cowering like silly monkeys at their every bidding.
    ...any "banana Picker" commenting on this site are easy to spot, duh!
    ... how much longer?
    -Sydney Tourist

  52. One would think C4.5 has good reason for revealing this information at this ttime.

  53. @ Anon 7:42am...What stired you up mate??? You didn't say anything constructive but simply showing how stupid and ignorance you are...
    If those were the words that your parents taught you then am sorry to say that it is so sad...
    To the owner of the site..Please you made it clear that you won'nt condone any msg with Vulgar swears and yet this kinda comment is very distasteful...
    Thanks and please post something constructive..if not...just shut up!!!!!
    All we want and all we are looking fwd to is a way out of this mess and the return of Democracy to Our beloved country..
    Thumbs Up For Democracy!!!!!

  54. the 10.17 joke ...
    shouldn't the punch line read that they arrested 54 european men - 2 from each curry shop?
    ...that would be funny
    -Sydney Tourist

  55. Sounds like rau na ciri doing their rounds, ha ha! What childishness and utter nonsense! Dua la na tavidi ratou tavasa na ovisa kei na army! Ni tudei mada ni tu vakatagane! How can two whites taking photos at certain locations be planning a coup? What coo-coo brains! That comes from too much scare-mongering, fear-mongering and rumor-mongering mongerels!! Sa rairaica mai na roadblocks dou cakava tiko- blockheads!!

  56. Only a few chiefs are real chiefs who had the balls to go against this madness. One of them is the Qaranivalu....he should be our president when this is all over. Na Turaga dina ya...valataka na galala ni lewe ni vanua o Viti. Kena vo sivia ga na vosa kei na vakamacala sona.

  57. Europeans???

    I hope the EU Commission in Suva is reading this post!

  58. C4.5 who is this Semi Koroilavesau? he always tell everyone here in Nadi that he's Frank's advisor.

  59. @ Anon 1:27am Koroilavesau is one one of the directors of Captain Cook Cruises. He is a former naval officer.

  60. Oi so that's why everyone in Denarau marina saying he's VB's top adviser @ Anon 12:45PM

  61. Maybe the Kailomas planning a coup..fed up with all the talk and rubbish...haha

  62. It is so courageous to be swearing at people under Anonymous. It's obvious you are military because u cannot do the same in the face of Roko Ului and Pita Driti.

    I support the Turaga Qaranivalu to be President with a good adviser to guide him, George Speight as Prime Minister, all CRW soldiers in jail to be given relevant responsible positions.

    I advise Fiji to look into our jails and identify all those good courageous honest educated people; do not forget them but they must meet a set of competencies and one competency is their decisiveness and courage...


  63. We kailomas dnt actually bother...literally as the name you all coined for us suggests, we're in the 'middle' ryt??? Coups are for extremists on both sides of the divides...

  64. This is no longer about race and religion ......... This is about traitors and thieves trying to justify their actions and they come in all colours and sizes ..... E sega tale ga ni ve kilai i ke na nomu Ratu se Raja, e sega ni rogo i ke na kena tagi na toa mai Nukunitabua ...... These fallas have been feeding us the same bullshit year after year, 'The Great Council of Thieves' and this Governments 'Road Map To Daylight Robbery' .......... its all the same ....... we're just too submissive and respectfull to do anything against this Government which will be our very downfall

  65. Whats the fuss with the real esate in Fiji getting sold the Chinese, in Aussie they didn't even pay for any of the Real Estate from the Indigenous population. It was just a simple case of put a few markers up to say it was you land and hey presto its yours. After all it was classified as "Empty Land" or "Unoccupied Land" At least the Chinese are paying good money!


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