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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sources: trouble at Lautoka and Penang mills

LAUTOKA SUGAR MILL: TCTS is down according to sources.

REASSURANCES: Khan with Sojitz Corporation members. Sojitz is responsible for sugar exports to Japan.

Serious problems have been detected at Lautoka and Penang sugar mills - despite the esteemed FSC executive chairman, Abdul Khan, assuring and reassuring cane farmers and the people of Fiji that all is well.

Indications are the 2011 season could well be the worst ever on record, even worse than the disastrous 2010 season.
Sources say five weeks into crushing, and the Lautoka Mill is registering TCTS (tonnes cane to tonnes sugar) of 18:1. This means it takes 18 tonnes of cane to produce 1 ton of sugar. This is a big drop from the heyday of the industry when TCTS used to hover around 8:1.

Despite this dismal performance Khan has told the Fiji Times "this is to be expected, this early on in the season".
We think not, especially when the crushing season is only 20 weeks long.
Troubling, too, is the refusal of the FSC to divulge TCTS figures for Rarawai and Penang, although reliable sources say TCTS at both mills are close to that of Lautoka.
Most will agree that this is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with immediately because the livelihoods of too many people and the economy is at stake.
The setting up of the Sugar Ministry in Lautoka is a positive step but it begs the question: How effective is this move when the situation at our mills continues on a downward spiral?'
Khan has also told the Fiji Times the first shipment of sugar for United Kingdom buyers Tate and Lyle is scheduled for next month, saying the ship is expected at the Lautoka Wharf in August if all goes to plan.

"The first shipment is scheduled between August 5 and 15 and the tonnage would be approximately 29,000 tonnes," he said.

Khan also reckons local sugar should hit supermarket shelves at the beginning of next month and that the price of sugar will drop.


Anonymous said...

The AG should let his pet PS Public Enterprise have a go at the sugar industry. Maybe she can "con" them and herself out of the idea that it is all a mess and could even convince the world that it will be reaping profits soon. That would be really nice for Fiji if it would be true. But EcoBank tells another story........ all blow and no go!!

Anonymous said...

Khan another conman like John Prasad from NZ.
Who was working in south island in energy sector.
No job in NZ than ran to fiji with the help of ASK/Robert Khan to secure job with FSC.
Kana Loto Taliban.

Anonymous said...

What can you say about recent negative development in the sugar industry despite the shifting of the Sugar Ministry to Lautoka to be closer to the action when its Government management is led by deficient dimwitted decrepit half educated mortician-looking nitwits?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you choose your stooges to be in control of business (and not allow the "processes" that are within the company and what these made these companies great in the first place, run their affairs).
Hence FSC will fail.
FNPF will fail
Fijian Holdings will fail.
Air Pacific will fail
The Police will fail
Lau Provincial Council will fail.
Fiji Rugby will fail
etc etc.
As long as you have illegal and non-procedural interferance into these structures, they will always fail.

Fiji will go to the dogs and there will be more and more corruption in the coming months and years.
We must get rid of these two evil men Bainimarama and Khaiyum, NOW!.

-Valataka na Dina.

Sugar Sugar. said...

Puzzling thing about all this is that it was all so avoidable - should have never reached this stage. More Ground Hog Year than Ground Hog Day. How Abdul Khan and current Board continually retain their positions remains a mystery?

Anonymous said...

Abdul Khan is a pervert who had no job in NZ and was trying hard to sell power generators to FSC. Now he is the chairman he is going to setup a co-gen power plant at Rarawai mill where he will sell the plant through a 3rd party and rake millions as his cut.
Recently, he struck a under the table deal with LEC company for the Labasa mill pollution pond. The pollution pond was awarded for $4million where Abdul Khan is making $1 million as his cut. Can;t FICAC and other people see this corruption????????