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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Suva administrator sprung

The latest to join the corruption queue is the Suva Special administrator, Chandu Umaria, who has in recent days advertised and appointed new directors of Finance/HRM. 

All the new appointments to the Suva City Council are without proper qualifications and are his buddies, who frequently drink with him at Merchants club in Suva.

Umaria is also charging a commission of 10% on the base amount on all renewed contracts of the sub-contracts for the Council. A recent example is the contract of Highway Stabilizers for tar sealing Suva city boundary, which was cancelled and given to his buddies company (a small time provider of gravel) at a cost of more than 45% than that of Highway Stabilizers.

We can also confirm that Umaria is running a professional “casting couch” racket with his drinking buddies from the Merchant Club by employing young beautiful girls at the Suva City Council.  Every week you will see new girls working at reception and other departments.  

As wise men have said, “in a kingdom of evil, corruption will prevail”.


Tiger Balm said...

Good on ya C4.5. This man has always been corrupt, even pre-2006 days when he was mayor. Always had deals going on that wud benefit him.

His actions after the coup was the ultimate betrayal to his nfp party, when he sided with baini and became a goon.

All those who have benefited from the regime are Goons - non violent goons.

Got a new name for them, let's start calling them Agge Peeche Goons.

Anonymous said...

For one who is impressed with his own words and loves the sound of his own voice; are we at all surprised for this to surface of him?

Anonymous said...

this guy wasnt even supposed to be there. he is a unqualified military stooge. Last administrator resigned cause the person they recommended for CEO after advert and interviews was stopped by military council including Ului Mara. Thats why Mara is a fake democracy fighter cause he is only revealing a few things. He also didnt reveal Qilihos burning of Judge Wards house cause they are close friends.

Valley Tiger said...

Another age peeche goon is Praveen Bala from Ba.A Former deposed NFP Mayor who is the current Lautoka City Administrator.

Lets us publish all this goons name from FLP, SDL and NFP.

1. Umaria Chandu (Illegal SCC)
2. Praveen Bala(Illegal LCC)
3. Vayeshnoi(Illegal Minister)
3. Arveen Dutt (3SA Carpets, FIRCA)
4. Rajesh Choro Singh(FSC Manager)
5. Felix Anthony (FNPF Director)
6. Daniel Urai(FNPF Director)
7. Rajeshwar Singh(HFC Director)
8 Sasi Singh (CDP,FNPF Director)
9. Ajit Godagoda(CJ, Srilanka Consul,FNPF,FIRCA)
10 Rohit Kishore (USP,HFC,PS Lands)
11.Vijay Naidu (USP,Coconut Board)
12.Tom Rickets (FNPF,TFL,HFC)
13.All the Charter Farter members

Please add more names.

Anonymous said...

This is corruption of the junta.

He is sweet talker but very smooth bribe taker.

Smart guy who will outwit the junta and make his monies fast and easy right under their nose.

Ficak is sleep.

Anonymous said...

check his deals with chales wakeam in suva city advertising deals.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7.18pm - please dont insult FSC - Rajesh Chor Singh in NZ doesnt know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Valley Tiger - please add Ba Motor Parts and John Sami to this list

Anonymous said...

Valley Boy - Arvin does a good job in laying carpet - you insult his intelligence

Anonymous said...

Is that how Arvin got carpet knee burns! I thought he was doing something else. Arvin please keep on laying on the carpets oops keeping laying the carpets.

Anonymous said...

The most famous City Junglee now came into spotlight. Jhatu Chandu Bimaria,

Valley Tiger said...

THe goons list includes one Rajesh Chor Singh who was appointed as a Marketing Manager at Fiji Sports Council (FSC) by Military appointed board which consisted of Rajendra Chaudary, Arvind Dutt.
And the Jewel thief was the illegal minister of Youth and Sports who appointed the board members.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This guy would have been an official /senior member of Fiji Labor Party if he was a bigger crook. To become a FLP senior you have to be like Chaudary/ Veshnoi

Anonymous said...

Few years back, Umaria contested the Mayoral seat with Peni Volavola of SDL. FLP voted in VOLAVOLA despite Umaria been known commonly then as the BESTEVER past Mayor of Suva.
People said Umaria would have got the vote if he was member of some Chaudary farmers union.
You have to be like Chaudary/Veshnoi to get their support

Anonymous said...

Chodu Jhatu Bimaria is an old Toorak goon who used to work for Jim Ahkoy for donkeys years (no pun intended), no integrity, no morality nor school.
He is the biggest joke in Suva, just ask around Merchants club as being a illegal mayor/administrator. Buy him double wisky and then see what can happen.
He loves his voice and believes his own crap.
Big choro this fella. Keep away.
Ask the seasoned dodgy people in toorak know enough about him to keep at arms length.

Anonymous said...

was NFP candidate for 1991 and 2001 and 2006 elections, thats wat NFP is good for.

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