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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuilaepa: Bainimarama lying about holding 2014 elections

TUILAEPA: You can only do so much for Fiji.
Doubts the military dictatorship will hold elections in 2014 has surfaced again with the Prime Minister of Samoa saying Fiji's illegal leader is lying and won't be going anywhere for years.

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi told AAP he believes Voreqe Bainimarama  doesn't appear to be seriously working towards elections.

Bainimarama promised elections in 2009 but backed off saying Fiji was not ready to go to the polls. He has since floated 2014 as the new election date but it's widely believed the regime does not want to relinquish power.

The illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum (pictured below) and the illegal solicitor general, Christopher Pryde (bottom pic), are now in charge of the supposed 2014 election and critics say this does not bode well for the country.

Sources have also told Coupfourpointfive they believe the regime plans to spring a surprise election on the nation early next year.

The illegal MINFO chief, Sharon Smith Johns, told AAP plans for 2014 elections still stood and comments by naysayers are "completely irrelevant".
 "It shows a lack of understanding from certain individuals regarding the progress that Fiji is making with regards to reforms, and demonstrates a low level of understanding of the impact these reforms are positively having on the country."

But Tuilaepa says: "What the interim leader has been telling us is all lies. I don't think there's been any progress made. And 2014 is a target which no one would take very seriously because of the contrary actions which the government has taken, like filling positions in the civil service with personnel from the military.
"It's simply not realistic to come to 2014 and tell these people who have been firmly entrenched in the top echelons of the government to go back to the barracks. I don't think he's planning to go anywhere for many years to come."

Fiji's pro-democracy movement in Australia plans to make a push for support at the Pacific Islands Forum in September but Fiji may not get the time or attention it wants with the meeting having a number of more practical and winnable issues to tackle.

Tuilaepa says he didn't expect any progress that would allow Fiji to rejoin the regional meetings.

"It is the urgent wish of every forum member that Fiji comes back to the fold to rejoin the forum but you can only do so much. It's up to the Fijians to decide what their status is." (original source AAP)


Anonymous said...

Claims Fiji censored death of kiwi to not scare tourists

26/07/2011 21:40:01

There are claims Fiji's military regime are heavily censoring the fatal beating of a New Zealand businessman in Fiji this month.

Tony Groom died on July 15th and his funeral was held recently.

The allegations come from an anti regime blog site, Coup Four and a Half, with it's sources in Suva claiming they have been warned not to report the details.

A police investigation is under way but there are no suspects.

But Fiji government spokeswoman, Sharon Smith-Jones, says claims the deaths had been censored were untrue.

She says the blog site isn't a credible source.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs knows of the death and has offered it's assistance.

Newstal ZB

Anonymous said...

thats right........ because if he losses he will be charges and taken to naboro.......with all his chor junta.......

Anonymous said...

talofa lava...PM...down with tyranny.....taliban and suckers....

Anonymous said...

This is true. Where is the evidence that fiji is going to hold elections in 2014? There is none.

Dictator only trying to get EU grants for sugar and lying like 2009 elections.

Who will vote for this thug calling himself pm under PER and force? Unions, workers, FNPF pensioners, Chiefs, Methodists, SDL/Labor supporters who are 80% of the polpulation- none will vote for the dictator?

Question is who will want to contest the election in his party?

The fijians showing support at present are smarter than the no school dumb and will give him a liumuri at the ballot box.

Either way he stands trial and goes to his destiny which is naboro maximum.

He cant go QEB as the governments will investigate and charge him and he cant be president as he has no real respect.

He cant win election so he will want to go to hell the long way he aint going anywayre and telling lies ubtil he is removed by force or he bankrupts Fiji and hands himself and the puppet master to stand trial and face justice.

The guy is a thug and crook - remeber the 200000 leave pay and 700000 salary.

Frank said...

I have been saying to you guys all along, there will be no elections in 2014. Why do you have to ask Tuilaepa, just ask me. You must be dreaming that I will give power so easily, after all I have done for Fiji. I nearly lost my life, protecting Fiji from the terrorists. If I am on a 1 M dollar salary, I deserve it. You want me to like Rabuka is at the moment.. peniless.

Anonymous said...

The tin pot dictator cant even write a speech and decide on policy can he speak in parliment?

There is no election in 2014 but coups forced by him.

Anonymous said...


semimiau said...

I had mentioned before its up to the fiji people in fiji to fix their problem.If they are lamu to stand up for themslves then let it be.Only they hold the key to democracy.I hope they will learn from the middle east uprisings.Mass strike is needed and lots of demonstration.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if there is an election in 2014. Travel bans will remain for the illegal regime, military and their families indefinitely. Expect more severe trade sanctions to be imposed. Fiji, your fate is in your hands.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Frank..Fiji has had a few true Fiji statesmen who died penniless. Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna was one of them. Thanks to the Rabuka Government for acknowledging the late Tui Lau’s meritorious contribution to modern Fiji by proving a home for the late Chief’s wife in Muanikau.

Better to live and pass on penniless than amass wealth through usury, deceit and lies and rot in hell!.....

Major General SL Rabuka has many times over sought forgiveness from the people of Fiji. Many have forgiven this granddad from Drekeniwai village, and have moved on. He has within his might and means attempted restitution as one of Fiji’s very practical and approachable Prime Minister and thence after in public and private life. Nor is he perfect like the rest of us.

..oh..and get the laughing Samoan out off anything to do with Fiji…especially when he may at times elevates himself to a prestigious sub white status within the Forum…of course we have a fair idea about Forums own rivalry…

Fiji do not need to be reminded by a foreigner that the 2014 are in doubt...

and gooses and foreigner trouble makers like @SEMIMIAU should be told to go back to Afganastan desert...not in Fiji where every single life is precious!!

Semi Pussy said...

@Semi Meo, you idiot!!! Tuilaepa is a very clever man, he holds a masters degree from Auckland University. Now Semi Pussy, what does Vuakamarama have? Again you are confused, so please take your pills Semi.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Pussy 4:04 PM



"Tuilaepa is a very clever man, he holds a masters degree from Auckland University. Now Semi Pussy, what does Vuakamarama have?"

Precisely. Polynesians much smarter than Fijians in general and Tuilaepa much much smarter than Vuakamarama who is actually a retard, as RUM has pointed out:

"What does affect the running of the country is his fragile mental state. He does not have the intellectual capacity to deal with the simplest problems. That is where Khaiyum comes in, he whispers an answer in Bainimarama’s ear and before you can say “Christopher Pryde Solicitor General” the country finds itself with another badly thought out decree."


Jimoni said...

At least the Samoana PM is man enough to call Bainimarama what he is...a damn liar through and through.

gonenicakau said...

Rabuka maybe penniless but enjoy life in his village. Harvesting his own dalo, yaqona, cassava, yams, vegetables etc. has his honey farm and buys other farmers honey pack and sell. He can live a simple life.
His grandchildren eat waci poki every sunday. No steak, chicken etc.
He started of asa hatred person but existed as reform person

SEMI MEO said...

Let us not be fooled. This laughing Samoan is a politician and of course have his own agenda. The once popular Hub of the Pacific is now decimated and obviously in politically and economically instable, thanks to the Fiji’s Coup culture.

Fiji’s prolonged absence from the Forum serves Tuilepa’s interest so well…his present lead role as wanna be pacific Island deputy sheriff to Aust/NZ will evaporate in the Samoan sun once Fiji reenters the Forum.

His continued rhetoric only angers Fiji’s Co Prime Ministers; of course Mr. Tuilakepa is now an expert in kneejerk reaction by the Rear Admiral….now Fiji’s Co Prime Ministers may be cooking up a decree for a permanent autocratic Military backed regime for ever more in Fiji….

oh..@Semi Pussy..why in the world did your parents give you that name…it fits though, a frightened pussy ..no face..but…. “mata vaka vusi!!.

Yours truly does not need a blooming pill to go to sleep..though you my friend need a cocktail of pills to cure your memory loss and assist remember your real name....

Anonymous said...

The Samoan PM is telling us something that all us Fijian already know...NO ELECTIONS IN 2014.

Anonymous said...

The Samoan Pot Belly PM should just worry about his own Polynesian backyard and not to bother about us Melanesian Royal Blood. Non Kai Viti should keep out of Fiji' crisis and we don't need your half cent contribution.
Fiji will resolve all this problem amicably when the time is right as I have been saying for sometime.
Viti Na noqu Viti.

Anonymous said...

Cmdr Bainivuaka is afraid, he knows that he'll never win the election.
all his trying to do is buy time so that he can accumulate alot of wealth and migrate to a country that doesnt share an extradion treaty with fiji..