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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vayeshnoi rejects jewellery debt but two others say he owes them money as well

FORMER MP: Facing more allegations.
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi has been in touch to deny he ran off to New Zealand to seek political asylum after failing to pay for $50,000 worth of jewellery with a dud cheque, but other businesses have come forward to say he owes them money as well.

Coupfourpointfive revealed on July the 14th the former Labour Party MP and regime supporter had fled Fiji to Auckland where he was seeking political asylum but had left under a cloud.

Vayeshnoi was accused by a Sigatoka jeweller of taking $50,000 worth of jewellery from his shop, using a bounced cheque to pay for the purchase. The cheque was made out from a bank account that had been closed months earlier. The matter was reported to Sigatoka police but Vayeshnoi had already left the country.

Information obtained by Coupfourpointfive now shows Vayeshnoi is accused by two others from his hometown of Sigatoka of also owing them money. Sources say he took $7000 from a man in Nadrala and $25,000 from a businessman named Sadhu Singh in Cuvu.

Sources say Vayeshnoi called Mr Singh to pick up the repayment from his home in Olosara knowing full well he would be in Auckland that day. When Mr Singh went to his home in May at 3 o'clock, he found the gate closed. A neighbour told him Vayeshnoi had already left for NZ with his wife and son. 

The same thing had happened with the Sigatoka jeweller who says he lost $50,000 worth of jewellery to Vayeshnoi. The business man had gone to the bank to cash the cheque only to be told there was no money in the account. Vayeshnoi had gone to New Zealand by then.

The owner of Bhavani Gold Industries Ltd had been a good friend of the former Sports and Youth Minister and had previously cashed his cheques while an MP until the December 2006 coup.  In December 2010, Vayeshnoi also gave the shop owner a cheque but post-dated it by six months, telling him to keep it and that he would cash the cheque as per the date on it.

An email signed by a Lehk Ram Vayeshnoi after our July 14th story said "To whom it may concern, There is no truth in your story posted this afternoon regarding allegations of defrauding a jeweller.  I have not purchased a single jewelry from Bhavani Jewellers as stated in the story. I am on a holiday visit to NZ and not to seek political asylum as stated in the article. However, it is true that in June 2010 Coup 4.5 had alleged me in the NBF saga without any truth in it."

Vayeshnoi was refering to a story about people who had borrowed money from NBF and had not paid back the funds. On our list was one Lekh Ram who borrowed $23,000 from the NBF’s Sigatoka branch and we had asked the question: Is he the Sigatoka farmer Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi, who represented the FLP from the Nadroga Indian Communal Constituency in 1992, 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2006 elections? Vayeshnoi was quick to write in to say it wasn't him. We took his word for it.

Vayeshonoi also insists he is only holidaying in Auckland. But Coupfourpointfive has it on good authority he is seeking longer residency than that, and that another former Labour Party MP is helping him to apply for political asylum. Vayeshnoi's bid to opt out of Fiji has pretty much been confirmed by the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, who has said he is aware of reports about the application but cannot discuss individual cases.

While the reported fraud has left people in Fiji upset, in New Zealand people there are angry at what they say is Vayeshnoi's gall to seek political asylum in spite of his very close association and history (he once described Bainimarama and the 2006 coup as God-sent) with the military dictatorship.


Anonymous said...

sanjeev pal took a loan of 500thousand from sdl menba george shiu raj what is firca and ficac doing former mp is famous loan shark and money lender lives off crop lien

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the loyal chamcha of Bendi?.How come the watermelon farmer of Sigatoka speaking the Nadrogan dialect has abanoned his people to seek refuge overseas. Another hypocrit and false pretender.
Another chor like his leader. The truth is now coming up and their true colours are noe being exposed to the people of Fiji and overseas.
A bunch of idiots and unqulified peoples representative.

The man who was so trusted by his leader to drive him to secret locations for romance hows that?

Anonymous said...

Well now he realises the tin pot dictator coup is not god sent but only for his personal gain and corruption look at the scams running and how these not done anything

so is vaseynoi going to fight or be a lose hiding in the valley road.

lest see what he got or un away to nz

Anonymous said...

Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi is a Labour MP and not SDL. By the way most of the Labour candidate were in for money..nothing less...using sugar and racial line as their political gimmick for their continue enjoyment in political life with its lucrative perks. We have seen Mahen with his AUD2million which he used the poor to market for this fund collection from India and pocket it instead of distributing it to the poor and now we ave Lekh, Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh with their thousands of dollars in perks whilst in the FNPF board for their temporary reward for their support towards the Banimarama Government...It is all about Money and Power..nothing more and nothing less. Hopefully our present regime wont ponder longer on this disgusting greedy behaviour of love of money and power by withholding the rights of the people to choose their own leaders to govern them. If those in the regime don't like people to come uninvited in their individual household and take leadership over their children and spouse on their expenses , than they will also understand our position of someone coming into our leadership without invitation of the people through the ballot box. Let's hope that good sense prevail in the minds of our gun trotters leaders that you are occupying an Office that you got it by force, violence, coup , intimidation and bully. If you really to be legit, than please get the mandate of the Fiji people to continue your wishes relating to the affairs of our country. Since the present regime started in the wrong foot of the law, we will continue to see people following their footsteps as we are just harvesting (lawbreakers) of what our leadership sowing (illegal action ) of their coming to power. It will never end of this deteriorating law and order situation as evil has infiltrate of the high office of our land. We have a practising gay holding the highest office of our land, we have a drunkard holding the President Office and we have a sour, bitter, angry man holding the PM Office who rule on fear, terror and intimidating against those who thinks differ from him. What good this nation is heading when the characteristics of our leader are God's principle basher and human pleaser. It will get worse since our inflation rate are now jumping to 8.7% and it will continue to grow as the Australian Union are ready to the contest the injunction. If the Regime is assured of the support they have as they proclaimed with the censorship media, than they should call for people mandate with one vote to test their creditability. If not than they are just bunch of cowards who use similar Hitler propaganda methodology to promote loads of lies to the citizens of Fiji.

Coup 4.5 said...

Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi is a former Labour Party MP, not SDL as we incorrectly said.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Get the thieving bastard back to Fiji and arrest him as soon as he gets of the plane.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, "God Sent"..

where is his mate, John Prasad and Robert Khan...?

Anonymous said...

He was key Labour Party Minister who did the most damage to multi party cabinet.

Anonymous said...

The poor and illiterate boy and his Labour Party thugs deserve to enjoy some free life at the Naboro Five Star Hotel.

Anonymous said...

These guys destroyed the future of so many innocent people, and then run away. They do not deserve any protection. He just has a big mouth.

Delusion of Grandeur said...

Once a 'cockroach always a cockroach! I can't believe that the people of his constiuency voted a cockroach in as an MP. The same can be said for the majority of the members of the Labour, SDL,SVT etc, etc.. When naming all these people don't forget Kenneth Zinck who was also in this mix.

Anonymous said...

mahens MC chaudary s 2 million is now worth more than 6million fiji dollars and counting interest every day MC chor saal malik is watching beta

Anonymous said...

*Dr. Sahu Khan
*Rajendra Chaudhary
*Mr. Vayeshnoyi
*Sam Speight
*Ului Mara

Who knows, time come when the current THUGS will follow suits after they have done the damage and REALITY of who they are comes to the open

convolutedexperiment said...

People in New Zealand should lobby the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister to have this guys Asylum rejected and have him deported back to Fiji.
This will set an example for other crooks in Fiji, but it's up to Fijians in New Zealand to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

People like Vayeshnoi, Felix Athnony, Chaudary Senior and Junior, Daniel Urai, and others...some in previous governments and others in the current regime have been utliizing their dual residential status to cross the floor and present their differing status of allegience when the need arises.

Today, they declare their full allegience to Fiji..and when rain begins to fall in Fiji, they turn to NZ and Australia..where the sun is shining..and the main determinants of their allegience is Paisa...Na i lavo..Saqamoli!!

I think that it is about time that Australia and NZ look seriously into this matter, and also of dual citizenship, because some of those activists, former MP's, some current MP's and senior civil servants, union reps, businessmen and women..who have been highlighted in this blog all hold dual residential and citizesnhip status.

Now, that piece of document authorizes the ease movement between Fiji, NZ and Australia and some even hold US and Canada PR.

Just look at Chaudhary senior's case...Go to India and grab some from there, fly to Australia, bank it there and come and spin around in Fiji...what a joke!!! The ease of how he is entering NZ,Australia and even back to Fiji is ashtonishing!! wow!!

I am requesting the Australia, NZ, US and Canadian goverments to properly assess these people's current immigration status and revoke their papers, especially when there are written evidence of allegience elsewhere.

Other wise, the Fiji government should revoke their current Fiji Immigration status, because it can acertained that they should not be "trusted" for non-allegiance.

God bless Fiji


Anonymous said...

Thes fallows are giving the Chaudary family a BAD Name!

Anonymous said...

LEKH is a small fish compared to y p reddy./bai/ag.

Th Oracle said...

Unfortunately, the people of Fiji have succumbed to burden of trying to survive under the harsh economic conditions imposed on us by the illegal regime and the misguided direction they're leading us in.
We, the people of Fiji no longer have the strength or the willpower to get ourselves out of the cesspool of deceit, thuggery, treachery, corruption and daylight robbery that we face from Bainimarama and company.
So, in a way, we deserve the rut we're in - just like we usually deserve the elected government we end up with because of our own indecisions when swayed by smart-talking, loud-mouthed politicians.
There's talk of Roko Ului receiving support for a Tongan invasion of Fiji.
And the band of merry-men, currently surounding Roko Ului in Australia and New Zealand, sadly, don't offer us any hope towards actions to overthrow Bainimarama. Most of them are failed and corrupt politicians, barely-educated and bloated unionists trying to gain foreign sympathy and related refugee visas.
Meanwhile, we, the people of Fiji, because of our own inaction here at home, continue to not just watch, but actively slide together with our suppressors, into the slime pit with our rapidly eroding economy.
God Bless Fiji and may he give us GENUINE leaders who have the courage to speak for their people and not use forked tongues to re-line their already worn out pockets.

Anonymous said...

send him back to fiji. sort out his deeds and than back to new zealand . We need honest people here.

Anonymous said...

I am not really surprised at what Vayeshnoi has done. He is a great pretender and a self righteous half educated little man who has no respect for others who are better educated than him.

By "hook he came into the political limelight and my gosh, by crook he is exposing the true character that he had tried so hard to hide.

Vayeshnoi, you cannot con more perceptive and observant people who saw through your facade.

The curse of the nation is upon you for you had done really bad things while in politics and in the Military Government of Bainimarama.

Youths of the nation still cannot forget what you and Vilimone Baledrokdroka had done to their development programes which were used to be runned by the Ministry of Youth. You unilaterally took them and converted them into the NYSS without consulting who know more about youth programmes.

You have been caught out but your accomplice Vilimone Balidrokadroka still manages to keep on hoodwinking those in authority. His time will come for the present Government will soon realize that he is only big at the mouth, and how ineffective the National Employment Centre is. The youth programmes of yester years were more effective than Vili Baledrokadroka's NEC.

I really do not know what Vili Baledrokadroka or even PS Taito Waqa is doing when one considers the waywardness and expensive tastes of Managers running NEC. They have really learnt their lessons and taken their cue from Vili Bale.

Vili Bale-kade-drokadroka had done the same thing with the IHRDPEP' LAPI Sub Programme; promoting favouritism biasness in the approval of assistance leaning in more ways than one to SDA members and others he knew personally...he did not produce and had worked outside his terms of reference, hence the termination of his contract by the National Planning office. Again he continued with his wayward ways under the National Youth Service Scheme.


I challenge the Government and FICAC to look into these two programmes..................

VereBau. said...

Human Trafficking in The Pacific.

Kiwi's should stop mucking around. Just put him on a raft - point him towards his real destination AUS.
RUM flee's to Tonga - they give him to NZ - NZ passes him on to AUS - AUS - US. AUS just stuck Viti with a crazy cult leader called Leo - maybe Viti could give them to NZ? Then hopefully Leo and friends could then be assigned passage on Vayeshnoi's said raft?

Anonymous said...

can someone put on the blog all coup apologist address here in NZ..I personally want to see them..

Anonymous said...

Vinaka 10:06...I feel you son

Anonymous said...

Jessy says;

WE know where John Prasad, John Sami, Francis Narayan, Sada Reddy, Lehk Ram, RUM, Robert Khan etc stays.

Thieves - Felix, Dan Urai, Rajeshwar Singh we also know but they all said they returning to Fiji to fix the illegal regime up for flse promiss etc..

RATU SERU said...

F@@@ the lot of them they have just mugged every tax paying Fijian out there.

NZ n AUS should send the lot of them back and just leave Fiji to the Fijian citizens to sort out

Anonymous said...

Luveni ululau,,,,dual citizenship is allowed now.

Anonymous said...

That was all to get the votes!
NFP never had crooks like Labour.
VOTE FOR FLP- send donations for the poor to honest leader of Indians in FIJI- Mr Mahen Chaudary! of to LEKH Veshnoi or Gaffer Ahmed or any FLP officials.

Anonymous said...

Bichaara Vaysnoi, is this guy the same person who called on thechair during political dialog forum that his party with only another party were the two credible party that the chair should be discussing political future of Fiji with?

...and we are asking to replace one chor with another.... where really is going to be the new beginning for Fiji when every mouth that opens, there is a story of chor that sticks to them!

Anonymous said...

Hey, come on FICAC and PM's Office...I'm cdertain you are reading BLOG C4.5 in this forum.

Your offices have been challenged to investigate the IHRDPEP's Lapi Sub programme and the Vatukoula Funding Assistance under Vilimone Bale-kade-drokadroka and the con-job on the origin of NYSS under Vayeshnoi and again Vilimone Bale-kade-drokadroka.

Investigate and find the rot there-in. Department of Youth officials will be ready to give information on these schemes. Do not forget the role of Poasa Ravea in this becuase he allowed th rot to occur.

VereBau. said...

@ Anon 9:14.

Tales from good ship Drua.

"There was quiet and unrest amongst all taukei shipmates aboard this particular dark morning - for during the night a great truth had slowly been revealed - now 5 years into its epic exploring voyage navigated by the great 'bati ni wai Gau Vore' in his bold quest for great new worlds astride his new Taveuni built Drua 'Viti' it had become colectively apparent too all but a select few that not only were they still heading in the wrong direction - they had been for some considerable time? Now all instinctively understood what must be done - but where amongst their ranks would they find a matanivanua brave enough who would go and tell him?".

Anonymous said...

george shiu raj the pusher who promotes himself as ratu joje? what an ass!

Anonymous said...

This illeterate man's guru was his cousin the editor of shanti dut who taught him how to wear trousers.