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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vodafone Fiji continues to try to hide illegal activity

HAND IN HAND: Vodafone Fiji working complicitly with the illegal regime.

VODAFONE REWARDED: The usually absent Lionel Yee fronts to defend company.

Vodafone Fiji insists that  "No military personnel in the history of Vodafone Fiji, throughout Fiji's history of political instability, have ever been permitted to enter our exchange nor monitor calls."

It has also trotted out its chair, Lionel Yee, to defend the reputation of its CEO, Aslam Khan, after our recent story about Khan and others carrying money in and out of the country for the regime and being stopped in a United States airport.

We would like to ask this: Why is the Vodafone chairman verifying the C4.5 story .... why not the CEO? The public has never heard from the chairman until now and everyone knows Vodafone via Aslam Khan.  

We would also like to reveal this information: There are documents and tapes with ASP Rogo at Fiji Police ( IT special division) that have audio recording and tapping of mobile phones and that Vodafone charges "an arm and a leg" for minutes to tap into the systems on requests that are always authorized by the Commissioner of Police. We say the Vodafone chairman is lying!

Vodafone Fiji rubbishes allegations leveled against the company  (Fiji Village Publish date/time: 18/07/2011 [13:11]): Vodafone Fiji clarified that no military personnel in the history of the mobile phone company have ever been permitted to enter Vodafone’s exchange or monitor calls. Vodafone Fiji’s Chairman, Lionel Yee said the company also does not have the technological capabilities to allow mobile phones to be tapped or intercepted. Yee said there is no legislation in Fiji that permitted the interception or monitoring of calls by state agents unlike countries such as Australia and New Zealand which have an Interception Act. He said mobile phone billing records are only released to the Director CID’s office on production of a court order such as a search warrant. Meanwhile Yee also said it has become necessary to issue a statement in response to false published statements about their Managing Director, Aslam Khan and Vodafone Fiji. Yee stated that Aslam Khan has never been detained in the United States. He also said that Khan has never been frisked in the US by State Agents of the US at anytime, and neither Khan nor Vodafone is involved in financing terrorist activities or terrorism. Lionel Yee stated that Khan has been at the helm of Vodafone Fiji for the last 17 years with an impeccable record and distinguished professional career. He also said that Khan is a respected business executive and member of the community. Story by: Vijay Narayan


Anonymous said...

parse the partial language of the denial:
Vodafone Fiji insists that "No military personnel in the history of Vodafone Fiji, throughout Fiji's history of political instability, have ever been permitted to enter our exchange nor monitor calls."

This was written by a lawyer. It means that no military officer ever performed the actual monitoring. It does not mean that the monitoring was not done on the orders of the military.

Anonymous said...

Lionel Yee - do your home work before backing up someone you don't really know..........

Anonymous said...

lionel lee is a liar.like his boss bai/ag.

Anonymous said...

In brief what Yee and Aslam are trying to say is provide concrete evidence on the allegations. I say this is fair and so what is left is to provide proof. There you go !

Anonymous said...

Wonder how the mobile phones in UK were hacked. Maybe vodafone Fiji has some technolgy that can sold to UK.

Speak to anyone in fiji from OS and everyone think that the call is getting taped. Only when we speak via skype when they speak freely.

Anonymous said...

to many liar's in this regime ...

Anonymous said...

Waiting for K to Make Fiji a Muslim state and to introduce shraia law

Vularua said...

Military need not intercept mobiles. Vodaphone is capable of intercepting mobile calls on demand by the military...everybody knows the military have no expertice to do the job.

Yee do you think we are stupid????

You and Vore are however stupid as suggested by your stupid comments!!!!

Anonymous said...

And now for Lionel Yee to reveal how much his ex_employer( FNPF, meaning Fiji's workers) put into FNPF for him, and how much in pensions he has collected so far !!

Anonymous said...

Aslam Khan and his lawyer wife were and are the key advisors to Vore and thugs. All mobile phones of SDL goverment members were monitored with the help of Arse Khan.The reason was the the goverment was about to bring in another mobile phone company which was a great threat to Voda phone so Aslam Khan and his wife were succesful in protecting the Voda phone company at the expence of the poor and down troden people of Fiji. You will not be soared mate with together with that witch looking sister in-law of yours Aslam our memeories are not short. Only advise is to try and secure yourselve a home some where in Afganistan,Iran or Pakistan because we wont boter to look for you over there you criminal CEO.

Aslam you will answer to the people of Fiji no matter how many mobile phones you give to people in power and authirity. Your wrong doings will surface and you will end up in prison together with your wife and sister in-law so at least keep some two radios that will be handy for you mob in the prison cell at least you can pray to your lethal wife in arabic. You katoo.

Keep The Faith said...

This just goes to show how self-upped Lionel Yee was all along. He conveniently sits on the fence and is now working behind the scenes advising pensioners about the FNPF reforms because he is one of those that FNPF is referring to as enjoying pension rates far exceeding what they put in.

In this saga he has been wheeled out to demean himself and micro-manage bad PR. A role far beyond that of a Chairman of the board. Yee, through this response will find himself holding the baby and having to defend this issue forever more - even in a court of law one day.

Yee is unscrupulous and a clear indication is how (professional ethics be damned) he can he now sit on the Vodafone board after enjoying access to inner business workings of competitors Telecom and ATH. Vodafone because it is partially owned by Telecom, does not permit Telecom, a national company, to offer cellular telephone products even though they themselves creatively diversified their one license with INKK.

No matter. Digicel is trail-blazing ahead and the power is in the hands of cellular phone customers. It is that simple:


And they forget that Digicel has the backing of the World Bank:


If they dare try to crowd Digicel out, customers are not stupid and will take their money to a company that shares their values.

Here's a clue Aslam - the trust of your customers is the absolute capital investment of good business practice. And you continue to blow that at every opportunity by sidling up to the illegal and treasonous military regime who do not and can not control how customers spend their money.

Click, clack, boom.

Anonymous said...

Digicel wanted to make their own gateway in Fiji Comms. But arrived too late because of the regime is controlling everything. yeah Arse Khan and Arse Yee dominant in every aspect of the game. denial of every truth needs to be revealed.
C4.5 why don't you ask Digicel why they were denied on most of their applications in Fiji.

dou taroga mada na taro qori vei Digicel me qai laurai na nodrau lasu tiko na boci qori.

Anonymous said...

CutTo Aslam he is telling you were the bullet will strike.

HasLee said...

It's all very well for Aslam to deny the allegations. But that does not prove the said allegations are not true. It is open knowledge that his wife has illegal access to all the resources of Vodafone in her evil work for the regime and is being abetted by Aslam all the way. How can it be otherwise? The Vodafone brand is being thoroughly tainted by all the shit from Mrs Aslam. If Vodafone wants to see its image flushed down the toilet, then I suppose its their funeral.
Now Lionel Yee is also a toilet bowl resident. He is the one who started the rot at FNPF by ripping the fund off and becoming a millionaire from all the money he stole from FNPF. He also made a fortune from his scores of directors fees and the perpetual free business trips he took all the time and somehow always passed through Sydney where his family leave. With over 30 board directorship and being always overseas for over two weeks every month, when did he ever have time to run the FNPF? Yee signed for Aslam because he is as corrupt as the other and is trying to play both sides. This hookworm must be eliminated to stop such parasites sucking more blood from a sick country.

Anonymous said...