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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Australian democracy movement calls on Fiji Methodist Church to defy regime

The New South Wales chapter of the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement is urging the senior clergy of Fiji's Methodist Church to defy the military regime's last-minute ban on this week's Conference.

Chapter spokesperson Pita Waqatairewa says Church leaders should press ahead with the meet.

“It  is  time  the  Methodist  Church's  senior  clergy  adhere  to  the  old  saying when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

"As Christians and as shepherds ministering to the flock, it is high time the senior clergy demonstrate to persecuted church members what faith is all about.”

FDFM's NSW chapter has also applauded a group calling itself Viti Revolution Forces, whose members have been spraying anti-regime graffiti in urban centres across Fiji.

Waqatairewa commended what he described as the group's young members, saying they had bravely paved the way for open defiance against Frank Bainimarama's unelected government.

VRF's slogans call for a revolution, calling Bainimarama  a “murderer”, “liar” and “evil”.

“By their actions, these young people have clearly demonstrated that they are prepared to place their own lives at very serious risk.

“They have shown by their actions that they have been pushed to their limits and have simply had enough of the repressive and heavy-handed policies of the military regime.

“These are young people who are so distressed about their future that they have been pushed into doing something about it.

“Now is the time for the Church to show their steadfast faith in standing up against tyranny and upholding human dignity by saying 'enough is enough, Bainimarama go back to camp'.”

Waqatairewa says it is an inescapable fact of life in Fiji that the church and politics “go hand in hand”.

“With Christians, their involvement in politics is unavoidable. Reading the Bible from cover to cover, it tells many stories and contains many examples of politics and how the early Judeo-Christian Churches were heavily involved in politics.

“The old Testament contains a long history of the church, the patriarchs of our faith, the children of Israel and the nation state of Israel."

“It is a chronicle of a call to the ancient Hebrew Nation, a people and a community. The New Testament is about the new Israel.

“Former  President  of  the  Methodist  Church  of  Fiji,  Reverend  Josateki Koroi defined it as a natural expression of the first fellowship under the power of the Holy Spirit to share all things in common."

Waqatairewa says Bainimarama well knows the Church and the unions pose the biggest threat to his regime and says the Methodist Church and other religious groups should work together with trade union leaders, the community and traditional leaders to “openly defy the regime's blatant abuse of human rights”.


Anonymous said...

This is just impertinent. Waqatairewa has no right to lecture the Methodists on anything. They're doing their bit. Leave them alone to get on with it. The risk with this kind of statement is that it proves the church is an active political player when it's in no one's interests for this to happen. It's just playing right into Baini's arms.

Anonymous said...

all i wanna say that Military of today are doing their job according their will..and let me specify them that we are the younger generation will take action on what happens tour church leader in the comnig future...for they shall suffer what they started.

Anonymous said...

So is this saying that the Church commends those that deface public property ?

Anonymous said...

Esa sivia ga na vosa....We in Fiji are sick of people from overseas trying to incite and tell us what to do yet they are not here to champion the rights...Come over please and speak out...Be here and lead...Stop shouting from the wilderness cause your voice is not heard and a mere fart in the wind...LAKO MAI...IT CAN BE DONE...Give up your family, your lives, your everything to lead us out of the rut we are in but be here to feel our pain, our suffering...hearing about it is not enough, sympathizing is not enough...talking is not enough...we need fighters with courage to stand up and be followed..

Anonymous said...

It is a hell of a life we are living in Fiji right now...a life that has been dominated by Nashat Shameem (NS) as the behind-the-scene Puppeteer, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum (ASK)as the Puppet, and Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama (JVB) as the Puppet Figurehead who acts on the whims of the Puppeteer and the Puppet through the Dumb Fiji Military (DFM).

Yes, this is the life we now live in Fiji...being led by a bunch of arrogant, conniving, cunning, self righteous, selfish, cronyistic, snobbish, 'matauvatu' 'ulukau', 'lamulamu' partially educated group who had actually achieved nothing before they got to rule by default...

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see a BOOOO for Rabuka by Methodist members in Auckland on Independence Day.

Methodist should be there with a flag to say 1987 coup was wrong and which gave mindset to all coups in Fiji.

If they can demonstrate this fact then there will be a faster way to achieve democracy back home.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of people in Fiji do not realize is.....ASIO ,NZSIS & the foriegn Affairs of both Countries are keeping a close watch on what is happening in Fiji. Frank, Aiyaz, Aziz ,the Shameem sister's and front playing Army Officers are being dossiered and records kept.These people must realize there will come a time when travel abroad will result in proscecution & deportation back to Fiji to face the courts there following elections. Australia has treaties with Countries like Singapore where these peoples off shore assets & bank accounts can be & will be seized. What these folk dont realize is that there will be consequences down the track for their actions.I can tell you now that Canberra & Wellington have zero tolerance for the Bainimarama military regime.If I were a part of that regime I would consider that my future held very & very bleak opportunities. Both in Fiji & more particularly outside of it.Frank everytime you pull someone in for questioning & apply a travel ban,...whilst it might not make the Press there, This intel is passed on to overseas intel agencies, noted & IT IS YET ANOTHER NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Today is not available. Does anyone know what the problem is. Is it just a technical issue or is the regime blocking it again.
Will welcome any insight into what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Any Commissioned Officer in the FMF who is carrying a position of respontibilty under this Gvt must surely be aware that his tenure is temporary & his future not looking good. Just a question of time before he will be back on the village cassava patch. Less pension and most likely a proscection for aiding & abetting a military coup.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha @ Anon 11.09 ...No way we Methodists will give a "BOOOO" for Rabuka in Auckland on Independence Day.....

That defies our doctrine of FORGIVENESS for a man who has repented and has tried to do right ever since.

Anyhow I don't think you should be worried about things back in our home since NZ is now your home.

Wish Rabuka the best in his tour to Auckland.

mark manning said...

I've heard that homosexual behaviour has increased and is practiced openly in Fiji now.
But there has also been an increase in associated behaviour such as child prostitution etc.
This is a direct consequence of the break down of Law and order and the Social Fabric of the Fijian Society.
Is this the Fiji you want for your children ?

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 11:20.

Unfortunately untrue - both countries have continually contributed to Viti's ongoing misery by their failure to take any action whatsoever against their own citizens who have aided and abetted this regime. Australia's inaction in this area is particular galling given its past close association with Fiji - a sad reflection both on DFAT incompetetence - Rudd's lack of leadership - & interest.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.09am
It is sad to hear that someone is still talking about something that has nothing to do with what is happening right now in Fiji. You're still thinking about what happened 24 years a go and it is a concern. You definitely need counselling. Get over it as we cannot change the past but collectively with faith, hope and positive perseverence, you and I can shape the future for our generations to come. Get over it - Fiji has moved on my friend. Even Rambo has had a change of heart and you know that. Sour grapes is cancerous and it can cause early death. In other words Rabuka's upcoming trip to NZ has nothing to do with the Methodist church. It is for the Kaiviti community in NZ to sort that out because they had approved his coming. Whether you and Voreqe like it or not the Methodist church of Fiji as an institution of belivers in the tinity, like it had done in 1835 will continue to play an important role in bringing peace, tolerance, selfless sevice and enlightenment to the friendly people of Fiji. God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRECY IS A FORIEGN FLOWER-wrong soil heheheheh

Anonymous said...

The day Itaukei become REAL christians and discover CONSCIENCE,then Fiji will become the way the world should be...till then they are like Taliban who hide their evil actions under the guise of Islam and here in Fiji the iTaukei do the same and hide behind christianity....sad....sad

Anonymous said...

Vandalism is a crime. Spray painting on the famous roadside billboards and bus stops is uncalled for and only children do that. My fear that innnocent people will be the target while Viti something be hiding between their balls for fear of bai & co. If you have the balls to do it, please show yourself.

Anonymous said...

@Taukei 11.49am

It is obvious that you don't know the constitution of Australia as it applies to its citizens. We all know most of VB's advisors are citizens of Australia. Some of them are in fact not sleeping well right now knowing that they have committed a crime by giving advice or supported a tin pot mentally unstable dictator who is against Australia. For these people to be prosecuted under Aussie law, DFAT/ASIO/AFP needs concrete evidence (rather than hearsay) to prove their criminal activities. If their crime is very serious they can be jailed and/or deported. You may have some concrete evidence which you can send to these agencies.

Anonymous said...

The only way you can get rid of the ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT is to STOP paying them to stay in power.If we all just stopped paying our taxes,npf,rates etc.... there only source of income right now !!!Without money they will lose power ,with out money they wouldnt be able to afford to keep the miltary boys and police on there side ,Without money they wouldnt be able to afford there luxury lifestyle.Without money they are finished. Its not going to make much difference to the poor fiji citizens who are already living of the land and sea because we cant afford to buy basic items like bread ,butter and tea. The Economy is already f...ked .We are just all so stupid that we have kept them Afloat this long. So come on every body ,rise up grow some balls and STOP paying for a bunch of boys who one day decide they wanted to become the leader and we just all sat there and let them.
God Bless Fiji. :(

Tim2 said...

@Taukei @ 11:20....
sad to say I have to agree with you. They're casting a passing 'glimpse' and their foreign policy generally is not very sophisticated.
I speak from a perspective where members of my own family have/are part of that "intelligence' community.
The feintest glimmer of hope is a NZ PM (whose motivation is questionable - possible a gigantic SUCK) is thinking about assisting Julia's refugee/asylum seeker problem.
Then there is a McCully....(God save us!)
Let's here from Stephen Smith!
Australia and NZ have ALWAYS had options to do something more substantial in terms of sanctions.
The fact that they have been as pathetic as they have been has simply allowed a crew of folk to suggest they are not working and therefore we need lift them. Problem is they were NEVER very smart to begin with: they didn't target the economic gains and benefits the junta supporters were benefiting from; they did target the likes of seasonal workers; and despite many actually KNOWING what Frank was all about (right from the start), they never really targeted him.
A Namby Pamby response. Bullshit and Jellybeans in fact.
ASIO and the SIS aren't exactly stupid, it's just that they've droppped the ball because they consider Fiji comparatively 'small fry'.
I wonder what their excuses will be when it comes time to clean up the mess.

Taukei. said...

@ Anon. 11:49.
Can only conclude from your post your eitheir completely ignorant about what has transpired in Fiji or your a DFAT (Rudd) employee - possibly both? ADF personel risked & in some cases lost their lives because of this tyrants lust for power - your claim that the appropiate AUS agencies are not aware of these peoples traitorous activities is completely false as I and many others have lobbied this issue with the appropiate ANZ authorities over a number of years.

Let me assure you that its a well known fact within certain circles that the dysfunctional organisation (ASIS) currently masquerading as an "intelligence community" within AUS is more transfixed with recruiting like minded "pin up boys" from its British counterpart than pursuing AUS long term national interests.

Anonymous said...

Each time I see the developments of the fight for freedom in Libya, I know there is hope for Fiji but the Q is when will the citizens say enough is enough? After 42 years like Libya, when the majority are living in poverty (despite Libya being one of the highest suppliers of crude oil in the world). I feel people are supporting FB not because they believe he is doing wonders for Fiji's economy or for his oratory skills but because
1. It is payback for the coups of the past
2. They hated the Qarase government
3. They are just purely opportunist who will do anything to get ahead
4. They are not visionaries and cannot see beyond the immediate future and what fb is doing to Fiji
5. They can only respond to commands and cant think on their own
6. They have this notion that they are really helping out
7. They like to see their taxes used without question or accountability
8. But most of all I think are the lack of options available at this stage. No one is really taking leadership to take on this wannabe government head on.
Libyans formed rebel forces, will we? What will it take to bring fb's wannabe government down?

Anonymous said...

FDFM should get itself to Fiji and work with the people on the ground there before it starts telling the Church what to do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.29pm...The only 'Tamata Lamulamu' is the one that relies on the GUN, RIFLES, SHOT GUN AND FIRE-ARMS to control people...you are one of them being in the Military...Military = Lamulamu + Fire-arms

Anonymous said...

No wonder Pio is not saying much after all he was always a"puppet" of Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

FDFM is already operating on the grounds in Fiji and funding activities there. Watch closely what is happening!!!

and more will come.

Pina Wani said...

@ AUS and NZ Intel/MFAT/NZSIS/SIOS etc, etc.

It is a well known fact that Fiji is a financial vacuum cleaner to Australia and NZ and the 2006 coup was just a "means to the end" for businessmen that backed this coup.

YP Reddy (NZ), Tabua Investment (AUS), Naisoso (NZ) etc (mostly NZ and Aus citizens apart from a few Muslims, Chinese, Shri Lankans such as Kodakoda)all benefited from the various Decrees such as the Land Bank, Income Tax Decree 2009 with questionable million dollars tax claims.
It is therefore obvious that NZ and Australia are just "window dressing and shopping" on the abuse of human rights in Fiji since their citizens (with political influence in NZ, Australia and Fiji)are involved and have benefited immensely from Fiji's coffers.(Refer to C4.5 Reports on Questionable Tax Claims etc)

Apart from that, it is obvious that NZ and the Australian governments are turning a blind eye to allow their citizens such as Pryde (NZ), Sharon Smith Jones (Aus), John Prasad (NZ), John Sami (NZ), Sada Reddy (NZ) etc to move in and out of their respective borders into Fiji without being apprehended despite all the intelligence information of their involvement with the current regime and dubious dealings in Fiji. Influential figures such as that of a former Governor General of NZ with a property on top of Musket Cove in Malolo and providing advice on anti return of the proprietorship rights of the qoliqoli to the Fijians. There are other foreign influence that are well known to us that are causing political instability to the Fijian society.
The exchanges in Diplomatic expulsion of NZ, Australian with their Fijian counterparts are all part of a big conspiracy and deceptive circle to shadow and mirror multi million deals that have been exchanged. It is all about money and maximization of resources.
We are also well aware that the intervention of Aus and NZ will be for the protection and continuous expansion of these business interests with second or last priority to the rights and aspirations of the indigenous and other human rights. After the intervention, the raping of the Fijian heritage rights and lack of financial democracy will continue with a different face and different image but with the same old devils.
Therefore, it will be no surprise if the actions of the VRF will be condemned again by a NZ Party just as that when Roko Ului's (and now Rabuka's) trip to NZ were condemned and turning a blind eye to the current abuse of human rights by the regime.
Fijians might seems to be innocent and simple like their ancestors but time has changed and we are not as gullible as before. The "racist", "accused by victim" conspiracy etc, will not deter us now from claiming back what is really our God given proprietary heritage rights.
It is obvious as well that the Aus and NZ governments are not supporting the Labour Movements in their countries because of that same conspiracy.