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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bainimarama gives Methodist Church leaders until noon today to step down

The scaredy cat illegal government of Frank Bainimarama is trying to force key leaders of the Methodist Church to step down before next week's expected 1000-strong conference.

Sources say Bainimarama has given the President of the Methodist Church, Reverend Ame Tugaue, and General Secretary, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, as well Reverend  Manasa Lasaro until noon today to step down.

They say the trio have been told not to attend the meeting and he wants an interim chair of his choice to preside over the conference.

Sources say Bainimarama has his own nominations for the Presidency and Secretary General.

They say the Church is firm in its resolve not to bow down to the dictator's request and intimidating tactics.

The military team have also requested the Methodist Church to endorse the People's Charter on the first day of the conference otherwise they will cancel the rest of the conference.

Coupfourpointfive last week revealed key Methodist Church leaders were being taken in and being spoken to by the military junta, worried they might be 'making trouble' at its conference.

Ministers were being grilled about the conference, its agenda and possible protests.

It was also urging the Methodist Church to 'promote unity and equality' with military spokesperson Colonel Neumi Leweni telling Fiji Village 'the RFMF has been reliably informed that there are elements within the church that have been planning to utilize the upcoming church conference to instigate instability.'

He said "the law will take its course if a member or delegate of the Methodist Church of Fiji conference engages in any unlawful activities".

Leweni said the church Secretary has been told the meeting will be cancelled if members deviate from the original agenda.

It looks like the military dictatorship is extremely rattled by the thought of the Methodist Church, which along with the GCC, media and now unions, it has tried to crush so it can continue to run Fiji unelected, meeting next week for the first time since conferences were cancelled in 2007.


Vanua. said...

Begining of the End...

This is where the real protest should take place - a week to organise & moblise.

Hafiz Khan-suva said...

No,No,No don't back off. Now or never.I am with guys.don't have to worry.

Anonymous said...

Dont play with fire Bainimarama that is your mistake brother you are dealing with Gods people waraka namaka JIUTASA ISIKARIOTI ena kacabote na ketemu lakomai tuba nomui wawa era na kania na manumanu.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 if the said information is at it is, then it is such a poor and sad state we are heading towards too. I beg the clerics too be firm and not to deviate from their call to stand for a just society.

Anonymous said...

This is the time for the gods people to show their power without fear as the lord protects those that stand up to fight injustices.
The vanua and the lotu should get rid of the corrupt matanitu that is illegal. This illegal goverment is now showing fractures in its rank and file,so bring it down people.No gun army or any Police will be able to contain the crowd as they will all be outnumbered by the show of peoples power.

Anonymous said...

What an Idiot.

Now the Methodists have a genuine reason to call on the support of their Congregation to Remove the Frightened disillusioned Evil Nothing.

The Army is alone against the GCC, Methodists, Unions and the Indigenous Fijians.

This Idiot and his band of Thieves and goons wants to Micromanage and politisise the Church.

This is the last straw. John the Baptist, Paul , Stephens and many others died for God and Church. Chiefs were killed, exiled and removed forcefully for the Vanua. Unionists were killed, jailed and beaten for the rights of the Workers. The humble Indigenou fijians were Pulled by the like thugs to protect their inherent rights.

No force in Fij can resist this concoction when Enough is Enough.

Anonymous said...

E Nice Ga Re.............

Sa Yaco na Rere

Anonymous said...

voreqe n leweni - drau yavu tamata dau mateni no lotu!

Mafi...USA said...

These military ppl are crazy and stupid. It clearlt shows their lack of respect and academic knowledge of the Political world that they are in. They create their own demise....sorry for them.
Neumi L:eweni the band-boy...I dont know wheather he understand what he is saying or jsut simply showing his no school mindset. He said that the meeting will be cancelled if they discuss anything about the political situation in Fiji.
And yet they are forcing the meeting to accept the Illegal people's Charter. That is a political issue... Frank and his boci spokesman are just the same stupid unqualified military officers and they think that they know it all from the advice of the con-illegal AG and the arrogant military council....
They are just arrogant under the rule of the guns...after all this is over, we will see their real lamusona asses..
They will face the music and I thank Mrs. Tuisolia for documenting everything that is happening in Fiji.
Democracy will win and we will see those vakateratera with the gun when this is all over....
Frank Bainivore...you wanted to save your own skin and more will follow you to Naboro..that is if you survive an uprising.
And for the Illegal AG and all those military officers who are torturing the civillians, your day will come....Ben Naliva and Siti Qilio...and all you puppet boys, you will face the music..
The military wants to play with fire,, be prepared for more military burials....More will falll through God's wrath....
Thumbs Up to Democracy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is the tin pot dictator?

Its kaiyum who is ordering the methodist church.

God is bigger than the junta a dozen gang of thugs.

Methodist church must join the unions and workers and march and arrest the junta and put on trial and send to naboro for life.

Fiji must be freed by god people by people power of 800000 people against a dozen corrupt thugs junta.

Anonymous said...

Methodist church and people of fiji who all beleive in god need people power.

Who elected and voted for people charter????? No one did.

No people charter only people power .

A people revolution to arrest the junta of thugs and send them to gail for life for crimes and corruption.

Anonymous said...

only 1000 methodist men and women who fear god and not the evil,corrupt junta dictator to do citizen arrest and put him and the cronies on trial.

the junta is only a gang-12 corrupt and frighten men.

They will run inside the cassava patch like last time.

The people must arrest the junta.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First the decree to remove union leaders. Now the church leaders. Regime's time is up.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Wow what a stupid dictator...you are playing with fire. The people of God will always win. Your satanic rule will fall. You Kaiyum and shameem and the rest are pushing for a quicker walk into Korovou prison. You are so kuku Bainikhaiyum.....you are pushing your limit.....you are testing the people of Fiji....you are kaput.....you stupid puppet....uneducated and bringing my lovely Fiji to the ruins. Please remember that we the people of Fiji are tolerant people and we can survive your stupid rule. Once you and your cronies are down and out we will rebuild Fiji. We will show you how we can get together and build a better Fiji. We will not steal money from the gov as you did....we will pick a leader who will not practice nepotism as you did....we will have a leader who will have a vision for Fiji....we will pick a leader who will educate the children of Fiji....we will pick a leader who will provide for the poor people of Fiji....we will pick a leader who will be fair to its people.....we will pick a leader who is not a puppet....we will pick a leader who does not rule by the barrel of a gun....we will pick a leader who will practice democracy....who will have a vision for the future....etc, etc....your regime just do not have the qualities we need in Fiji....your regime stinks and rots.....you are bringing Fiji down.

We will eventually win. You are abusing the poor peoples tax money by satisfying your greeds...Your family has wasted enough of our hard earned tax....You have brought most of our nice families to the ruins. You have made Fiji a less educated society....You have brought corruption of the highest order to Fiji....You and your croonies time will be over soon...I dont know what is going on in your schizophrenic mind....I am angry....yes I am because you have brought the name of my beloved country down and have ruined the good futures of our children.

To Shameem and Khaiyums......I must say to you that you are the crookest lawyers I have ever seen...I used to look up to you...now I just cant wait for the time for you two to go to prison....and I will celebrate.

Please come closer democracy

Anonymous said...

Era na raica na nomu sotia niko sa tomi tavaya vaka mataka e Nasese sa yali tu na yalomu.

mark manning said...

It looks like the Regime has gone full circle now, prophesied its own doom and met its match .
A very Biblical ending to Frank and Co. :-


Anonymous said...

Joker says..

Hey Lewenski what unity & equality are your bloody suckers and thugs talking about.

You guys are law breakers yourself idiots.

Frank has destroyed the Vanua, church, Fijian culture, veiwekani & the taukei people.

He has killed and ruined people's lives..
what else does this mongrel leader want....waraka namaka.

rere tiko vei-iko.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe is digging his own grave!!!A wicked man in deed is the likes of Voreqe, who believes he has the right to control everything & everybody, what a pathetic bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

August 19, 2011“I don’t know anything on this. Tell him to give his claims in writing,” RFMF spokesman Lt Colonel Neumi Leweni
by fijitoday
Give claims in writing: Leweni tells church

The Fijian government is not aware of any phone call made to the Methodist Church leaders asking them not to lead the upcoming annual conference says RFMF spokesman Lt Colonel Neumi Leweni.

His comment follows claims by church assistant general secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra.

“I don’t know anything on this. Tell him to give his claims in writing,” he told FijiLive.

However, Nawadra said the church council will be meeting with their leaders this afternoon to decide what measures to take next.

The annual conference starts next week Tuesday.

By Nasik Swami and Farzana Nisha

Anonymous said...

Voreqe and idiot leading a bunch of idiot and fools,showing off a circus with lunatic criminals as clowns to the international community that are at the helm of a goverment. Sa rere tiko na kailoma fruit salad vata kei na nona ai lalal butabutako. Kania tioko na nailavo ni matanitu tamata sega nai tovo kei sega ni vuli. O sa tiko na vanua buto o na mate ga na vanua buto.

E na vamatei Voreqe ko yadrava koya tiko. Tamata lamulamu sona levu.

Anonymous said...

The men in the FMF will support the church for the citizen arrest of the junta and dictator and public trial.

Anonymous said...

glory to god .time coming to the end of ask taliban and bai/cronies.
come on church leaders/vanua/gcc/union/hindus declare the holy war on this idiots.
god will fight your battle with you.
kick this illegal govt out.
our prayers will be ans soon.
god bless fiji people.
in the name of god/country.

Anonymous said...

to all Methodist brothers and sisters ,this is our only chance to prove we are for FIJI and not any Satan,please come in numbers instead of 1000,can we make it10,000

Anonymous said...

Hey Bai ni marama, you can force the outer but not the inner or rather the body but not the soul, very sorry bro, God will look into that.
Waz uuuuuup !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Methodist Church, fully subscribed and I support the current leadership. My request to Church Leaders not to kow-tow or give in to Bainimarama and his military regime when it comes to direct interference with the Church even if it means no-Annual Conference for the next 40years.

Let us look at the capacity of the current military regime, they are so young, lack of experience, lack of education, lack of life, just too small to recognise. They only have guns, arrogance and stupidity and now they flex their tiny muscles in front of a gigantic body.

Leweni sa rauta mada na ulukau tiko vata kei Voreqe. Just wake up from your stupidity and non-sense and see how evil and disastrous you two are. The church has every right from God to discuss about politics because humanity does not exist in duality just like God as we are his image. My spiritual conscience cannot be in duality where I would be both the Good and the Evil, however it helps me to understand and behave in a physical and political world. So, just leave the Methodist alone, let our Elders have their Conference and discuss issues affecting us as their members, especially the current political situation in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

What Democracy??

Democracy is a foreign flower!

That was exactly the slogan of the the Methos in 1987 & 2000!!

Maybe they have eventually seen the light!

Anonymous said...

ENUFF IS ENUFF . . how long Lord, how long?
The arrogance of these fools is breathtaking.
... banana must be getting his dicktator lessons from the communist chinese. For many decades the red chinese have locked up christians for as long as 20 years for attending prayer meetings or running a church service in a manner not government approved.

The church leaders should defy these criminals and refuse to bow to the interfering tactics that the devil has put into their minds.
Even communist now recognise that they have nothing to fear from christians if they run an honest government ... woops ! that is impossible for these 2 morons.It is far too late for them to do anything to redeem themsrlves with any kind of good will act.
... so, stand up to them and challenge their idiotic nonsense and then the Fijian people will be forced to recognise that there is now only one way for Fiji to throw off this moronic satanic cookoo criminal duo.
... we must all do our little bit to bring about the pressure that ends it all.... these blogs are one of those ways.
-Sydney Tourist

TURUKAWA said...

This is exactly what everyone has been waiting for!!

The big confrontation between the church and bainimarama.

Stupid,silly chess move kaiyum & bai..TIMES IS UP!!

Run forest run!!


kiwilad said...

Well Baini will ensure his lackeys are elected/appointed to run the methodist church. He has got rid of all other fijian institutions either by threat or bribe. Unfortunately, the past record of the methodist church supporting 87 & 2000 coups dont help their cause. Lasoro & others who raved & threatened people - especially the indians - with calling fiji a christian nation & only for the christians (fijians) was anti-god acts. Now seeking god's help is futile for god will not listen to people who don't follow the god's law of being just & considerate to all his creatures.
The only way to get rid of baini is mass revolt of the people; but will it happen now or wait for another 10 years.
Incidentally, he has already got rid of warden narsey, agreat apin in his butt. Wonder when will he be charged for sedition?

Anonymous said...

Bai wants to replace the leadership of the Methodist church with his choices.
So I guess they have to appoint,
Reverend Khaiyum
Deconess Neumi Lewena
Deconees Shameem
Treasurer Nur Bano
and Vuaka as the man that walks around with the stick beating up the little kids.

Anonymous said...

@annon 1.48pm.....democracy pls come closer!!!!.You gotta reach out taciqu..action on your part is waranted otherwise democracy will keep staring you in the face..Qaraunia vina!!ei lala qa du tata vali boto.

NaDina said...

If it's happening, then that is what the Lord wants.... unless you think my all-powerful God has no control over what happens on earth.

Anonymous said...

The dictator is trying to use and manipulate the Church to further his own political future. This is sacrilege against God and His people. The Church leaders must ignore these directives.

Anonymous said...

Sa qai rere mai ko Pita.

Anonymous said...

Vakamadua na bully tactics. Baini has no soul at all. No respect and no values! How long will we put up with this.....let me guess....forever?! Unless we put our foot down and do what needs to be done, this is just the tip of the iceberg and we should be prepared for the worse.

Anonymous said...

Acts 5:29 says "We must obey God rather than human beings."
To the Methodist Church Leaders:
Whomever God has laid in your heart to appoint as Leader , you appoint that one.

Do not fear Leweni.
God will get rid of him soon.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

It's all from Aiyaz...why listen to this bloody corrupt muslim shaming the muslim community...Going against the Methodist church is going against the Lord and he also let a white man like Dave Pfliger change the laws of our country and make things worse for the people despite how they say it will benefit all.The Lord will punish them all and their families for generations to come...attack that American Bastard and do it until his last breath!!!Allah will strike Kaiyum down once and for all and he will miss out on his next role in Shrek!!

semimiau said...

Again "Enough is enough" show these bastards we are not gutless. Fijians lets fight them now or we are going to be shits forever.Please someone in Fiji stand up and organise something.Only an Army less than 5000 people with guns has no answers to 500000 people with knives,stones etc.

Koi Waimaro said...

@ Paula Raequkai

The difference between The Lord Jesus Christ and the Methodist Church, is that The Methodist Church is a religious family while The Lord Jesus Christ is a man of Faith. The Churches today are to be careful that they do not become too religious and forget the real and true Faith in the God Almighty. The God Almighty send his Prophets and the Church to evangelise Fiji and its people, but the people Vanua-lised the Church. Today the Methodist Church have Grog-alised the Christian beliefs and fragilized the Faith. Yes drink grog but not to the extreme and become 'mata kanikani'.

God wants people to have Faith in him and serve the Church, NOT have faith in the Church and serve him. God brought different races to Fiji to be Christanised. But instead, we castrate them, suppressed their rights, brand them as the Manifestation of the Devil.
We had national Fasting by all the Christian churches in 1987 for the God Almighty to elect his chosen to govern Fiji. The Labour Party won, consequently, the Methodist Church led the influence to overthrow the government. Where is the Faith. All is now history, shelved but not forgotten.
Let’s forget the fight, it won’t take us anywhere.....lets concentrate on the divine intervention and assistance. Let’s not grab the power that is only reserved for the God Almighty. Remember when David had the grand opportunity to kill King Saul, he did not, but left it for the God Almighty to make the judgement.
This is our Fiji...... its Fiji for All and All for Fiji. Creating instability will only lead to bloodshed, loss of families, poverty, death, pain and excruciating agony. Calling for foreign intervention will make us foreigners in our own land. The foreign forces will be the power. And these foreign forces will not be Christian believers.
Lets forget the powers of the past, this is the new world. Gone are the days of the Ma’afu era, the Cakobau era, the Mara era, the GCC era....... It now you and me; Tomu, Ting, Anil, John and the ‘tawa vanuas’.
This is our era........its happening in Lybia and Syra and other countries where heredity is promoted to keep the ruling family in power.
To the Grassroots.............Wake Up.........Wake Up..........Wake Up.

Lets support the present government and move forward. Lets not play God.

Koi Waimaro

Koi Waimaro said...

Hahahahah .........fight and fight and fight and fight.

No farting against thunder.

Ha hhahaha.....

Vakaloloma dina ..........

paula raqeukai said...

@Koi Waimaro

really appreciate your comments and insight bro...I am not a supporter of the maras, ganilaus,mahends, qarases, baledrokadrokas or any past heritage leaders...my opinion is simply to uphold the truth and the truth will set-Fiji FREE...I am a born-again Christian and my faith is centered on the Lord Jesus Christ and not the church that I belong...I do not believe in confrontation or fight as you seem to be clearly highlighting in yr comments but simply uphold the TRUTH that the evil dictator and his followers are trying to impose on everyone in Fiji by simply saying the TRUTH and lets forgive each other for the wrongs that had been committed... I hope you'll understand...a peaceful forgiveness is what we want and not tyrant dictatorship....the Lord has allowed VB and his cronies to rule Fiji since 5/12/06 may be...I don't know and neither was anyone only HIM...but one thing was vividly clear and that is for you to read Romans 1:28-32... I hope I clear myself to you and your cronies....I believe everybody in Fiji is trying their very best to support the government via dialogue and reconciliations but the illegal leaders are not cooperating and instead continue to impose some decrees that hinders any positive developments....the grassroots people must not be used as sacrifice lambs....."the Lord is my shepherd...God Bless you and Fiji...

Anonymous said...

well said waimaro.....only thing to add is.the world is heading towards a new breed of race.....its locally known as the "KAILOMA" race.soon there wiil be NO MORE FIJIANS..NO MORE INDIANS..NO MORE CHINESE...ONLY KAILOMAS.
one big happy family.

Koi Waimaro said...

@ Paula Raqeukai

Thank you... you are a real Christian man of faith.And a man of great courage.

I will never forget your name and you certainly command my respect.

I will read Romans 1: 28-32.

May God Bless you too, your beloved family and Fiji.

Koi Waimaro

Koi Waimaro said...

@ Anon Aug 21 ,10.27pm

Leqa gona ni ra sa rui yalewa rairai totoka dina. Me da sauni keda vinaka ga ka da yalo savasava.

Remember - All Fiji for One and One Fiji for All.

May God Bless you and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

"The military team have also requested the Methodist Church to endorse the People's Charter on the first day of the conference otherwise they will cancel the rest of the conference."
If this is how the Military regime wishes to run this country, then very very sorry!!!! The basis of Good Governance depends on how you serve your people(below average) and not how you dictate terms and conditions!!!....If in this case, as per PSInf has been stating all along on your service, well, the people of Fiji are not that stupid.....we know where to draw the line and the Methodist church have clearly stated that!!!

Thumbs Up to Democracy!!!!

Concern Citizen2020.

paula raqeukai said...

@Koi Waimaro

Vinakavakalevu bro...may the spirit of the Lord always be with you and your family as we struggle together to make Fiji the home for everybody...our destiny has already been designed by Him...it is for us to realize it and achieve it through His ways...

John 14:6 "Jesus answered him, I am the way the truth and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me".

God Bless our beloved Fiji...

Anonymous said...

why cancell the methordist church confrence,firstly you are not christian,not methordist church,not kai viti and sega ni teve.

Anonymous said...

the trend: you want to please the rural people of the development you are giving out, and yet you tell them that they can have their church conf. when their talatala, tuirara,and turaga ni vanua arrive in suva at the expences of the rural people, then you cancell the very meeting they lookfoward to.imagine the feeling of this people.
you increase our pay and condition of work, thank you very much,no one has ever done that,but remember we living in urban will cater for them during their stay and see that they go back safely with a few things to take back.
imagine the feeling of us people