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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

British unions to ask UK sugar giant to press Fiji dictatorhsip to end labour rights abuse

More international trade union muscle coming Fiji's way. United Kingdom umbrella union urges giant London refinery, Tate and Lyle, to take up Fiji cause. See story below from the Trades Union Council website.

Unions press Tate & Lyle to challenge work rights abuses in Fiji


The GMB and TUC are today (Monday) calling on Tate & Lyle sugar refineries in London to challenge the Fijian military government to end the rapidly escalating labour rights abuses in the country.


Last Wednesday (3 August), President of the Fiji Trades Union Congress Daniel Urai and another union leader were arrested on charges of holding a union meeting without a permit.

On the same day, the military government introduced the Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree, which, according to the Fiji Trades Union Congress, 'will effectively abolish all trade unions in Fiji'.

The decree bans the right of unions to represent workers in collective bargaining and effectively prohibits industrial action, among other restrictions. It voids all current collective bargaining agreements within 60 days and cancels all wages council orders relating to minimum terms and conditions of work in key national industries.

Tate & Lyle in the UK has significant leverage over the regime in Fiji, purchasing 100 per cent of its sugar exports. The military government has a controlling stake in the industry, which is the country's biggest exporter and source of employment. Many labour rights abuses have taken place in the sugar industry.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber and GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny, whose union represents workers at Tate & Lyle in London, wrote to management on Friday (5 August), calling on them to press the military government to end the labour rights abuses in the country.

Brendan Barber said: 'People would be horrified to know that the sugar in their cup of tea this morning may be propping up Fijian generals busy jailing or harassing ordinary working people. Now this new decree is tearing up decent working conditions for Fijians, and is a death sentence for their trade unions.

'The dictatorship is totally dependent on its trade with Tate & Lyle here in London. The company need to use this enormous leverage over them to press the Fijian government to respect human rights.'

Paul Kenny said: 'Tate & Lyle is a good employer here in Britain. We are calling on it to make sure that workers in the cane fields and sugar mills in Fiji where it sources from can enjoy the same decent working conditions.

'Tate & Lyle publicly claim to be 'operating to high social, ethical and environmental standards in all circumstances'. Let's hope it can now put those words into action.'


Feral Fiji Military said...

Time to close down tourism and what is left of the sugar industry. Like all military junta's, Fiji's feral military will have to learn the hard way.

Vanua. said...

History proves that dictators and dictatorships such as this are all driven by an all consuming ego of their leader(polite way of saying mad). In their world everyone else is wrong - they and they only know what path their people must - and will take.

Anyone with any simple common sense can see the measures the regime has attempted to impose on Fijian workers are both draconian and provocative - from another bigone era.

Which only leaves the dictators reaction when their duly informed about things such as this?

Being told what to do by others - especially outsiders has never sat well with these people - guess its a lesson their about to learn.

Something else has been overlooked in all this - Tait & Lyle is US owned.

Anonymous said...

Time for the UN to send all Fijian soldiers back home.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:50pm.

...Can't do that. The Arab league which is a friend of Fiji controls all operations in the middle east under the guise of the UN.

Food for thought!

Anonymous said...

Jackie Chan,

All illegal regime members and their stoogers are bloody suckers of tax payers aND BUNCH OF ROTTEN LIERS.

Nepotism at its highest...so much name blaming...your pants is full of veka.....its eve seen in hotel rooms....

Anonymous said...

Screw the arseholes. And can someone tell ASK that no one else but he believes that he knows it all. Bloody arrogant sob says he will clarify to ILO delegation. AH.'

Mukesh said...

I wish to tell the people of Fiji to raise their voice and put it throughout Europe where Tate & Lyle sells its product. Use European media and inform the customers of Tate & Lyle where they claims that they buy products from countries where there is no exploitation of labour. By doing this it fatches premium price for its product. Remember this company does not only sell sugar, it sell other commodities like coffee, etc.

Anonymous said...

Methodist church be aware there are FMF intel officers inside the church kick them out details coming soon

Anonymous said...

The methodist church must use its 400000 people power and march and do citizen arrest of the gang of thugs and put on trial and save the nation.

Anonymous said...

international sanctions on fiji now a must to cripple the junta of thugs

short term pain but long term gain for fiji to save the people and fiji from chaos and bankruptcy

people must stand up and figh the dozen junta thugs who have hijacked fiji and are doing massive scams corruption

Anonymous said...

Stop the sugar import by overseas importer

ban the loading and unloading of all goods to and from fiji by sea and air

kick out all army from UN

get IMF and world and ADB to call on the loans to fiji

ban loading of fuel to fiji

in one week the junta tin pot dictator will be sprinting in the cassava patch his final destiny with his sulu flying high

action must be taken now PER or what

Who elected these gang of thugs-no one

so all people must give the people power to these thugs and chase them to stand trial for their crimes.

who elected the puppet master he must not escape and final decree must be to send him to naboro maximum for life for his human rights abuse.

Anonymous said...

Time for the rest of the world to boycott Fiji. Bring the illegal Regime to its Knees. UN should ban all soldiers and officials.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, i wonder i wonder??????Is there light at the end of all of this or just darkness!!

Shenaaz said...

This is my humble request to all union reps please be united and tell the illegal administration not to play politics with the people of fiji.sa cuka ni matanitu.

Riaz Khaiyum said...

My dear friend let me correct you. my brother is very well known as Pinky Khaiyum not as pinky khan.

Anonymous said...

I only see total darkness for our paradise. We have spoken for too long. What has happen to RUM?

Anonymous said...

International support is coming albeit too slowly....but history has shown that dictatorships always fall.

Anonymous said...

Just do not touch the sugar loaded ship from Fiji at London port and refuse to service the Air Pacific flights in Australia and New Zealand.
The illegal goverment will then feel the power of solidarity and the rights of workers should be spelt out.

Just bring them to their knees and they will just drop their guns and will run with their sulus on their head.
The criminally corrupt regimes time is just running out fast they should not be allowed to escape Fiji,which they are planning to do.
It is suspected that they both intend to escape to Dubai.