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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Commonwealth head 'regrets' status quo in Fiji

The Commonwealth Secretary General, Kamlesh Sharma, says the international body regrets the lack of progress in restoring democracy to Fiji.

Sharma will be at next week's Pacific Island Forum in New Zealand and says, unfortunately, the status quo remains in Fiji.

Since Fiji's suspension from the Commonwealth, there have been more human rights abuses, the beating of citizens including trade unionists, and more decrees aimed at marginalising worker rights and human rights.

Asked if the Commonwealth was considering tougher sanctions, Sharma said: "Fiji remains suspended from the Commonwealth and is actively on the agenda of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group of foreign ministers (CMAG), whose recommendations continue to inform the Commonwealth's approach. CMAG regrets the lack of progress toward the restoration of democracy in Fiji, and is strongly concerned about the continued imposition of the Public Emergency Regulation, and reports of human rights abuses.

"While the suspension remains in place, the Commonwealth continues to seek constructive engagement with the Government of Fiji to support and encourage steps toward the return to civilian constitutional democracy, as well as respect for human rights and the rule of law. Meanwhile, individual Commonwealth members make their own decisions about any bilateral measures they may take in relation to Fiji."

The host of this year's Forum, New Zealand, has said the problems of Fiji will not be discussed at the gathering but members of the Australian democracy movement, Suliasi Daunitutu and Roko Ului Mara, from Tonga, intend to attend and lobby leaders.

Sharma told Coupfourpointfive, the Commonwealth is an observer to the Forum and as such, does not have a role in determining the agenda for Forum meetings. But he said: "The situation in Fiji will undoubtedly be among the issues discussed by Forum Leaders, among a large number of important regional matters likely to be on their agenda."

Fiji's trade unions are now looking to the ILO, which recently sent a delegation to Fiji, for support in the face of the regime's more recent decrees.

Sharma says the Commonwealth is aware of the ILO visit to Suva. "The Commonwealth works closely with a number of other international organisations to find avenues towards improving the prospects for the people of Fiji. We have noted the recent visit of the ILO to Fiji but have not had any direct discussion with the ILO to date."

The general secretary of the United Nations, Ban ki Moon, will also be in New Zealand for the Forum.

Mara has applied for a visa to attend the forum in Auckland.


mark manning said...

The U.N. should return Fiji Peace Keepers and Police immediately and install the U.N. in Fiji before violent protests and riots begin.

Vanua. said...

Understand where he (they) are coming from - change in Viti must come (start) from "within".

Anonymous said...

Nothing much will happen-if it had to happen it should have happened long ago! The same old same old!

Tappoo said...

And put Bai, AG and their clans in jail whilst peace is restored in the country.

Anonymous said...

To the Sec Gen: The point of just giving lip-service has expired.
We here in Fiji need determined and decisive action - No more niceties, no more diplomacy. These illegal people do NOT know what it means. We have suffered enough!!!!
I have said it before, and I will say it again - When the shit hits the ceiling, please, please do not then attempt to come tour rescue. It would have been far, far too late by then!! History has proven that it is better to be PROACTIVE than to be REACTIVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

We the indigenous people of Fiji are genuinely and truly FED -Up with comments like the Sec Gen and the UN have as of late been expressing.
Either stand up AND ACT OR sit down and SHUT UP!! Period. We do not condone all this Diplomatic niceties!!

Mike Waters said...

It seems Tappoo is feeling scared and writing anti regime notes here. I say put them in jail with Bai, ASK and the other illegal regime gangs!

Anonymous said...

To the Sec Gen Commonwealth - Whilst in Auckland for the meeting, please propose some DEFINITIVE action to be taken against this Illegal Regime. Stop pussy-footing around our predicament here in Fiji. Grab the bull by the horns and get some action done!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.44pm..please dont believe Tappoo's are going to be writing on this blog site. They are not scared as they have AG as their friend in power. They fully aware the people of Fiji will never do anything and make any change.

Anonymous said...

no point in ului being at forum as nothing else can be done by forum.
ului better off in fiji to lead a revolt and make use of his military skills....we dont want more talkers too many already!

Anonymous said...

Secretary General - please take note, the people are suffering, have had enough. What are you waiting for? Show some empathy for FIJI, or do you wait till deaths occur then you jump in??

Arek Malik dekho hai!!

Anonymous said...

time for the U.S to send in the aircraft and missles. take out this evil fijian junta.

Anonymous said...

GO VRF! Now you are talking!!