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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daniel Urai out on bail after Nadi court appearance

Trade unionist Daniel Urai appeared in court a short time ago and has been bailed at large. A regime statement says he was charged with unlawful assembly but it's believed that in the Nadi Magistrates Court he was charged with one count of incitement. Dinesh Gounder appeared with him and has also been released. They are to reappear next month.

(Thursday 04 August 2011, No:1563/MOI)
Unionists charged with unlawful assembly

The Fiji Police Force has confirmed that unionist  Mr Daniel Urai  and a Dinesh Gounder  appeared at the Nadi Magistrate Court at 1.30pm this afternoon charged with a count of unlawful assembly. They have been released on bailed and are due to  re-appear at court on September 2, 2011.

According to the police, the individuals were conducting a union meeting without a permit as required in the Public Emergency Regulations or PER.

Ministry of Information permanent secretary Ms Sharon Smith-Johns said that it is clear that these unionists  failed to gather support from union members overseas and are now targeting local union members in an attempt to undermine government reforms.

“We would like to remind members of the public that the PER is still in force and should be observed,” Ms Smith-Johns said. “The law is clear in this regard and it’s a simple process of applying for a permit”, she added.


  1. what meeting is MInfo Nympho talking about? Anybody know?

  2. If Dinesh has been taken in who else will have to watch who they are 'meeting' with

  3. Its a war now, the will to fight is bigger than the gun and PER. Workers right and people rights is more important then guns and PER under guise of a false and farce people charter. This charging only increases the solidarity and will of people and workers of fiji to fight, assemble, march and strike nationwide and arrest the junta and put on trial for their crimes and corruption.

    Look at the will of the people of Eygpt they have wheeled the ill health, moral bankrupt and corrupt dictator into court on hospital bed and same will be done by the people of fiji to the dictator, puppet master and gang of thugs junta.

    PER or no PER, charge or no charge, time to arrest this junta and lock them at naboro.

    Worker and people of fiji must strike nationwide and oppose the junta.

    We are 800000 the junta of thugs is gang of a dozen cowards.

  4. Remove the PER and then see the power of the people explode, the junta cowards are like hiding under skirts.

    Remove PER and let methodist do AGM and unions march- junta will be extint in one hour.

  5. International sanctions on fiji is now a must- air and sea except medicine and food no goods must be loaded and unloaded and all air and sea ports workers in fiji must go on strike.

    a nationwide strike is needed in fiji to cripple the junta and do a citizen arrest on the dictator and puppet master.

    people power and people revolution is now a must.

    no other way, beleive in cause not method.

    PER or no PER, charge no charge, the dictator will run in cassava patch one more final time- his destiny-final.

  6. The oppressive regime is similar to the terrorist regime of Mubarak. No wonder all the comments are anti muslims cause its the Shameems, Banos, Mohameds, Khans, Aziz, running the regime.
    Ala hu akbar.

  7. Simple process indeed but a waste of time because for union meeting no permit will be issued.

  8. Breaking News

    The fiji junta and its dictator have sucesfuly done a chicken coup on KFC, which has closed down all its 3 outlets due to PER and ecnomic distaster created by the tin pot no school dictator.

  9. Workers in civil service and private sector have started go slow, sick leave, oppose people charter, absence from work, meeting, plan march, plan national strike, leak all junta corruption.

    Workers have power and united we stand divided we fall.

    Who is the dictator and puppet master to take away the rights and laws of workers??

    Who elected them, no one.

  10. Let's not mix issues. I don't support govt but Elvis has done the right thing in not allowing KFC ingredients. KFC not doing well as competition by Ravin is beating them hands donw. Well done Wishbone.

  11. It's a pity that the so-called people who comment in this blog lack basic understanding of what the government is trying to achieve. Urai and Felix has tried to shut down the economy. Off course, they will be taken to task. Let the Charter and 2014 elections proceed with these people from union.

  12. the gestapo minister of info, smith john is doing a grand job of misleading people. she knows that no permit will be granted so what's the point of applying. moreover she should be in aussie & leave the dirty work to one of the army boys or arsekhaiyum's father considering both his sons are riding the gravy train. anyway the writing 7 releases are done by the backroom shameem sisters; they clever as they travel nz, aussie, & us often & dont want to be balck-listed.

  13. serves them right for trying to destroy economy - where is RUM?? ,,,time to show he is a real soldier and save his Labour Party friends.

  14. Simple..just engage a good lawyer for Mr.Urai and his Union friend..the rest of us move on..

    Now…what next??...oh..that PER is set in concrete!!..we only hope that no twin PER decree is cooked up to scrutinize religious organisation from expressing their divine right to preach and pray against the evils of Fiji…some evil prevalent in the governing of our nation.…that will be the Co PM’s biggest mistake…as they will be fighting with God Himself..

  15. Ms Smith-Johns said. “The law is clear in this regard and it’s a simple process of applying for a permit”, she added".

    Ms Smith-John< what LAW are you talking about you? as it is, this Govt is absolutely lawless. Power to the People....

  16. Smith: always thought Australians were fair people until you came along. You are just another liar. Obviously lining your pocket with poor peoples sweat money.

    There is no law so what are you talking about. One day when all this crumbles, you will be a nobody back in Australia instead of the high flying misinformation that our beloved country has had the greatest misfortune to have had. Go back to your country and never return to what you have tried to destroy.

  17. It is time. Dat snake dat spits venom is upon the clouds that drifts. Abel v Cain. 4521. It is I.

  18. Who is Ms Johns "riding" now?. No wonder her husband committed suicide in Lautoka.RIP. as for you Sharon your days with your harems are numbered. no country will save you. Remember Minister for Info in Iraq, Mr Tareq aziz and all his bullshit? well you're heading the same direction. watchout.


  20. URAI....
    Lets see how you will face up to your action.....

  21. @ Meo

    If it was that simple than no one would care. But it is far more complex than that; for one why do they need a permit when they were merely doing their jobs to meet an employee regarding a disciplinary action. By the way a good lawyer costs money, apart from the time wasted attending court for such idiocracy.

  22. U.S. bars entry of rights abusers and announces plan to prevent and respond to mass atrocities

    In an effort to combat atrocities and ensure that the US does not become a safe haven for serious violators of human rights, President Obama yesterday issued a proclamation barring individuals who organise or participate in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of human rights from entering the US.
    In parallel to the ban, the White House also announced a plan aimed at helping to prevent and respond to mass atrocities and genocide worldwide. The new "Atrocities Prevention Board" will be charged with developing a range of U.S. responses to mass human rights violations. The panel will also study how to better coordinate those efforts among various government agencies.
    In a statement, Obama said, “66 years since the Holocaust and 17 years after Rwanda, the United States still lacks a comprehensive policy framework and a corresponding interagency mechanism for preventing and responding to mass atrocities and ge

  23. @ Jieke..you and I my friend may not afford a lawyer...however, globe trotting unionist like Mr. Urai have socialist lawyer at their disposal.

    ..last post should read...Co Prime Ministers may be fighting against God...the only god they may be fighting with is king Lucifer...


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